Day 106: Foreshadow

8 August 2017 8:37 PM
It’s a pretty busy season for all of us at the moment.

“Let’s do maths during the break.” – Mr Wong

We’ve been doing revision for the SAC tomorrow.
“The SAC is tomorrow.” – Mr Wong
“What??” – Julian, confused

“How do we prepare for the SAC?” – Joseph
“You do the questions.” – Mr Wong
“Can we prepare for the SAC?” – Joseph
“I’m not going to answer.”
“No answer? No method? No marks!” – Julian
“You just want me to say it.” – Mr Wong
“You’re not being a very helpful teacher Mr Wong.” – Julian
(Mr Wong once said, “You can’t prepare for the SAC.”)

“We got a period zero tomorrow.” – Mr Woolfe
“Ohhhhh…..” – everyone
“I feel sleepy thinking about that.” – Julian
“If you go to bed after midnight you’ll turn into a pumpkin.” – Mr Woolfe
“Why aren’t I a pumpkin then?” – Julian
“Just sleep half an hour earlier and when you wake up, you’ll all think, ‘Ohh, we’re going to period zero spesh now!'” – Mr Woolfe
“No one thinks that.” – Julian
“Oh. I must be living in a fantasy land.” – Mr Woolfe

If you want to see the whole methods department blow up, for your method just write:
*writes “NormalCdf(168,∞,100,8)” on the board*


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