Day 107: Chounggy Error

9 August 2017 5:41 PM
Well at least Methods is over.


Makar: Blue
Mrs Mason: Red

“…and the boiling point…”
“You could boil water in the Himalayas and save energy. Climbing would use too much energy. Actually, it would be pretty inefficient. Just like your methods score” – Makar to Ethan
“I used to think I could see through glass and no one else could. I don’t know why.”
“Can you have a pure biscuit?” – Joseph
“Yeah. You can have Hg7. First you start off with a Mars Bar, then you move onto Mercury. You just fill the thing with mercury.” 
“Would you die if you just ate mercury?” – Ethan

“…experimental error…”
“I call that… a Chounggy error.” 
“…random error…”
“The worst error of them all. The Chounggy Error. It happens when you draw Chounggy as your lab partner.”

“…Second type is the bomb calorimeter…”
“Do you know what bomb stands for?”
“…the way the bomb calorimeter works is…”
“Do you know what bomb stands for?”
“What?” – Ethan
“Brother Ockhmedbasta!!!
“…then you press the ignition button…”
“Allah Akbar.”

“…and you don’t want extra food…”
“Do you know who would want extra food? Mark.”
“…and Bob’s your uncle.”
“Bomb’s your uncle?” – Anton
“Don’t make fun of my uncle.”
“…and then we finish the course…”
“And then we panic.”
“Makar! Be more positive.” – Jesse
“Sorry I meant…then you panic.”

I was trying to help set up part 2 of a video that we watched last week.
“Do you mind if I go through your internet history?” – Joseph
“No, I don’t have porn or anything.” – Mrs Mason


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