Day 108: d x ΔT

10 August 2017 6:18 PM

“Reaction 1?” – Mrs Mason
“Bromine.” – Micah
“Shouldn’t it be HBr?” – Obed
“Oh yes, because if you add Br2 there should be Br2.” – Mrs Mason
“Reaction 2? Neil?” – Mrs Mason
“NaOH.” – Neil
“What!!!” – Micah

“Why can we have a double bond isomer?” – Mrs Mason
Makar is walking into the classroom while the question is being asked.
“Because the double bond restricts movement.” – Makar
“This guy’s too good.” – Micah

“Neil you think you passed? Sorry I shouldn’t have asked that. Bad luck.” – Makar to Neil

“I don’t know why Mr Munyard has 78 slides.” – Mrs Mason
“I don’t know why Mr Munyard teaches Chem. He’s got no track of time that guy.” – Makar

“What’s the molar concentration of cheese snacks?” – Makar
“1289.” – Mrs Mason

“You can find the molar mass of pizza. You go back to the factory.” – Anton
“But one pizza might have two olives, one might have three.” – Mrs Mason
“ooooohhhh” – rest of the class
“Don’t generalise pizza. All it wants is for it to be eaten.” – Makar
“Yeah just burn it and combust it.” – Micah

“You know there’s this new Jewish guy making new physics formulas? Let’s see, Force equals- let me think of the most obscure thing ever. Force equals temperature times distance. If it’s moving with lots of heat when it hits you at a high speed, it will stun you.” – Makar

Darren’s answer is not correct.
“That’s right. I’m never right.” – Darren sighs
The whole class hears him and laughs at him.

“Oh no, it’s this free where everyone does nothing and Mrs Mason always tells us to be quiet.” – Jeremy


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