Day 111: “Special” Assembly

15 August 2017
Thanks to Miss Lynch for writing the blog yesterday!

Julian told all of us that there was assembly this morning. A bunch of us walk up to the gym only to find that no one was there, just a bunch of ‘kids’.
“It’s just a bunch of kids. I mean they’re like Year 8, but like, you know what I mean.” – Obed
Even some of the Year 12 Homeroom teachers were walking with us. We all had to walk back to homeroom.
“He did so well in confusing everyone that even the teachers were confused.” – James
“Julian told us there was assembly.” – bunch of boys
“Why did you listen to Julian?” – Miss Lynch
Everyone laughs.

We walk into homeroom.
“It was all Julian. He said there was assembly.” – Joseph
“Why did you listen to Julian?” – Mrs Mason
“He said a teacher told him.” – Joseph
“It’s still Julian’s fault. I blame Julian. He’s got no excuse.” – Mrs Mason
“He said Jasheel told him.” – Danielle
“AAHAHAHAHAHAAAA” – well all bang the tables

“How’s Music?” – Mrs Mason to Ashlee
“It’s like another free.” – Ashlee
“No, it’s not, it’s hard work.” – April (sounding sarcastic?!)

Walking to Mr Woolfe’s method’s Class
I stand outside the closed door of Miss Pho’s class.
“What’s so interesting?” – Mrs Porter, who is about to open the door to go inside
“It’s cool.” – Joseph
“What’s so cool?” – Mrs Porter
Miss Pho spots me outside then smiles and waves at me, I wave back.
That’s cool.” – Joseph
I walk away.

Mr Woolfe’s Methods Class
I had a free so I decided to investigate the quality of Mr Woolfe’s class. (But to do work as well)

Ethan takes a pencil case from Neil’s table and hits him with it.
“Ethan?! What’s that about?” – Joseph
“He took my pencil case.” – Ethan
“Okay.” – Joseph
“It’s justified.” – Ethan

Someone’s phone goes off in Mr Woolfe class.

“The question says round to the nearest cent, not the nearest 5 cents.” – Mr Woolfe
“You can’t have 3 cents.” – Ethan
“Electronic. You fool!” – Mark

Quality of class behaviour: 5/10
Quality of teaching: 9/10
Overall Rating: 36/50

Common Room
Mr Kynoch made an appearance today.

There were mixed feelings about the biology excursion. Apparently, they didn’t get a Macca’s run, cake or cookies.

Mr Murphy’s explanation on how much a denari was worth did make sense.

It was time to do the Chemistry Prac SAC.

“No Choungy, more chance of success.” – Makar to his group

Everyone’s group has finished but Makar’s group was still doing the prac. His group consisted of Neil, Ethan, Anton and himself.
“Why is your group taking so long?” – Nick
“Just take a look at our group!! We’ve got China, Singapore, Hong Kong and Egypt!” – Makar

Ethan makes a slip-up.
“Ethan! We’ll send you to NS if you keep messing around.” – Makar

They finally finish.
“We’re finally done. I never thought this was possible.” – Makar

We were talking about attendance rates of chemistry.
Chounggy had the lowest attendance rate.
“Chounggy’s an exception.” – Mrs Mason
“He’s not exceptional!” – Makar

PS: I fell asleep in the common room then Mrs Singh woke me up and told me to go home. And yes, Miss McClimens I heard you.
(Note, not feeling all that well)


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