Day 113: Scholar

18 August 2017 11:10 PM
Just got back home from the Year 12 Prophetic Night at EPIC. If there’s tonnes of errors, my bad I’m too tired to go back and edit.

Before School
I spot Chun Him doing the practice spesh SAC.
“Have you done the practice SAC?” – Chun Him
“Yeah.” – Joseph
“Was it easy?” – Chun Him
“It was okay, there were some questions I couldn’t answer.” – Joseph
“Yeah! Same! I’m screwed!” – Chun Him

“Good morning everyone!” – Mrs Mason
“Good morning.” – class
“Everyone ready for a good life?” – Mrs Mason

“Joseph, you’re a captain, are you doing anything for athletics?” – Mrs Mason
“Hurdles.” – Joseph
“Nathan are you doing anything for athletics?” – Mrs Mason to Nathan
Nathan then proceeds to list like 6 events.
“Wow, getting involved Nathan.” – Mrs Mason
“Aidan, are you coming?” – Mrs Mason
“Why do you doubt me?” – Aidan

Mr Woolfe takes his key and itches his eat with it.
“Mr Woolfe! That’s scary! You could poke your brain and be dead!” – Mrs Mason
“My ear is itchy though.” – Mr Woolfe
“You gave me a fright. That’s really dangerous! Don’t follow Mr Woolfe’s advice.” – Mrs Mason
“I’ll just use my finger then.” – Mr Woolfe

Jasheel comes in to collect money for free dress.
“I forgot to bring my money to homeroom.” – April
“Don’t worry April, you’re just robbing children from Indian Preschools.” – Jasheel

“Ben are you okay?” – Mrs Cho
“Yeah, it’s alright. Jonas stabbed me in the head with a stick.” – Ben

“Where’s Hern?” – Joseph
“Sleeping.” – Chun Him
“What time do you think he’ll come in?” – Matt Kaye
“Maybe 9:30” – Joseph
“Perhaps 9:45. This is what happens in Chem every lesson. What part of the uniform do you think he’ll be missing?” – Matt Kaye

“Micah? Sick? Darren? Sick? Julian? Sick?” – Mrs Cho
“Mrs Cho do you think you’ll be sick next week?” – Chun Him
“Probably, maybe.” – Mrs Cho

“Most of the smart people are away. I should have done that.” – Matt Kaye

“Matt! Why do you keep mumbling to people around you?” – Mrs Cho
“I don’t know. Good question.” – Matt Kaye
“If you keep doing that you’ll have to stand at the back.” – Mrs Cho
“I’ll see.” – Matt Kaye
“No. I will see. If you keep talking you’ll have to go behind and stand.” – Mrs Cho
“ooooooohhhhh” – rest of the physics class

“When you go to ski camp, don’t come back, just stay there.” – Iain to Chun Him

“Neil I know you’re friends with Kim Jong Un.” – Makar
“Where’s Chounggy?” – someone
“Wait, he might be in Korea. Chounggy was away on the same day as when the second missile program started. Coincidence? I think not.” – Makar



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