Day 115: Ready Set-

22 August 2017
I thought I would try make the most of our last athletics. The weather was amazing today.

There were a whole bunch of people who didn’t turn up at the start of the day.
“Where are all these people? They should get an afterschool on Monday and Thursday,” muttered Mr Wong

100m Hurdles
“Is it too late to swap events?” – Year 8? Spurgeon girl at the start line.

I always fall over every year near the finish. This year I changed my approach.
“Ready, set-” Mr Hale announced.
Someone false started.
“Ready, set-” Mr Hale fired the ‘gun’.
I started running and jumped over the first hurdle, then the second. I could see that a few people were in front of me. I realised that jumping over the hurdles was slowing me down, so for the rest of the hurdles I just ran straight through them, without bothering to jump over them at all. Nearing the finish line, I was in second place, however, on the last hurdle, I tripped and fell over it, then almost everybody passed me. I ended up coming 6th. But seriously, it’s much faster to just run through them, I just got unlucky at the end.

Serveral people commented on my amazing ‘technique’. Here is one of the comments that I will always remember.
“Are you the guy who ran straight through the hurdles? That was amazing. I’ll never forget you.”- some year 8 kid.

200m Heat 1
“I’m going to jog it.” – Joseph to Edward
“Okay me too.” – Edward
We finished 7th and 8th and crossed the line at the same time, but officially he beat me by 0.07 seconds.

“Mr Wong, look behind us, they’re so good. I don’t know whether I can run that fast.” – Joseph
I sprinted towards the finish line and overtook Nathan.
However, Nathan overtook me and I ended up getting 8th again.
My legs were absolutely dead. I sat down on the curb of the track. I tried getting up but I could not. It was a strange new feeling to me. I was a bit worried because I needed to fill in for long jump next.
“Mr Wong, could I have some water?” I called Mr Wong from a distance
Mr Wong brought me a bottle of water.
“Can you help find someone to fill in for long jump? I don’t think I can do it,” I told Mr Wong.
I still couldn’t stand up. I asked Yan Ling to help me stand up. I wobbled a bit when I stood up.

I walked over to the stands
“Is he okay?” Mr Wong asked.
“He’s not okay,” Yan Ling replied.

Long Jump
Caleb Daff was going to replace me to do Long Jump but he was doing 100m during that time and it was already running behind schedule.

I got 3.90 metres (that’s really bad) because I just could not sprint at all, hence my initial take off velocity was much slower resulting in less horizontal velocity. This is an example of projectile motion. By taking off at such a low velocity, the angle of take off does not majorly affect the distance.
Therefore using the equation d(horizontal) = v*t,
As v decreases, d decreases.

“I read your blog, and I’m going to take it as fiction.” – Mr Wong
“Well I try keep it as accurate as possible, but sometimes I omit things out.” – Joseph

“Can you fill these events? I heard that you were a good runner”- Mr Wong to a Year 8 girl
“Yeah okay.” – Girl
“Just don’t come last.” – Mr Wong
Mr Wong was really keen to win.

“How many people from Year 12 are away today?” I asked Emily
“Around half.”
“I’m proud of our year level.”
“Everyone’s ‘sick’ ”
“That’s right, everyone’s ‘sick’ ”

Special shoutout to Mr Wong for helping ask people to fill out events. Every time I saw him he was always doing something for Wycliffe.



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