Day 21-29

Day 21: Appeal

27/02/17 Monday 5:47pm

Mrs Godfree said that we aren’t getting Valedictory Mugs because they were “too old fashioned.” It wasn’t her decision though.
2 Spesh 34 English 56 Physics

“You missed such a good quote this morning.” Darren said to me
So this is what Darren told me:
Khyl tells Mrs Mason how he works at Hungry Jacks
“Don’t get Mr Woolfe started on Hungry Jacks.” – Mrs Mason
“I work at Happy Cup, they’re vegan friendly aren’t they?” – Makar
Makar never fails to miss an opportunity make great comments.

“That’s a good question. I’ve never been asked that question before.” – Mr Woolfe to me.
(The question was whether the double angle formula holds true for negative coefficients)

“The CAS calculator isn’t very good at doing these compound angles” – Mr Woolfe
*Goes to next slide about CAS compound angles*
*Goes to next slide on CAS compound angles*
“Go away.”

“I just sent a message to Bill, I told him we’re doing 3B now we miss you.” – Mr Woolfe

I met up with Mr Hoang to show each other some magic tricks and cardistry.

We’re going to read this article together now, if you look like you’re not paying attention I’ll call your name to read. You see how persuasive that argument is?”
“What language technique is that?” I asked
“Appeal to fear” – Miss McClimens laughs

“This is a dumb question. I think I already know the answer is:
Do you want to split this articles into sections and we’ll go through it in class tomorrow, or complete it for homework tonight?” asked Miss McClimens
“Class tomorrow” was the unanimous reply

“See you on your blog on Thursday.” – Mark Davies

“I’ve got some homework or that I forgot to show you” – Julian
*Does the circle thing*
Mrs Cho laughs “Hey!”
Julian lightly bumps Mrs Cho on the shoulder while they’re both laughing.

“I came to school just for double physics.” – Julian Yeoh

I sat in front of Julian and I would I turn around every time when Julian gave an incorrect answer
“Joseph stop looking at me.” – Julian

“Who can do the question on the board for us? Iain here’s a chance for you to redeem yourself.” – Mrs Cho
The classes starts cheering and chanting and clapping for Iain. However Iain preferred to stay in his seat without completing the question.

“Since David isn’t here can a have a break cause we won’t be messing around?”. – Matt Kaye
“Oh David isn’t here so okay. Oh but Iain has to stay.” – Mrs Cho

Nathan and Matt K were playing slaps during class.
“Hey!” – Mrs Cho
“We’re learning about the action reaction force” – Matt K

“Ben why are you doing maths in physics?” – Mrs Cho, seeing Ben’s further maths textbook open

“Julian and Neil stop talking! You talk too much!” – Mrs Cho
“Communications the key to success.” – Julian

“Julian what’s the answer” – Mrs Cho
“What’s the question?” – Julian

I’m not sure what Micah does during the class, so I decided to listen in on a conversation he was having with Darren.
“This class is a disaster.” – Micah Wong to Darren
“This class is a disaster.” – Darren to me, reaffirming Micah’s point.

Afterschool around 5pm
I walked into the empty common room, and looked through the window into Mrs Mason’s office. There I saw Mrs Mason and Miss Chan laughing hysterically something on the computer. I didn’t say anything and just walked out of the common room.

Day 22: Discharge

28/02/17 Tuesday 4:13pm
A few people were missing today.
12 English 34 Free 56 Chem

We spent the first 10 minutes of the class going through a question Mr Carter left on the board.

“You know what’s happening on Thursday? We’re gonna be opening the clan chest without you.” – Julian to Mr Wong
“I’ll be checking your SAT marks extra carefully.” – Mr Wong

“What more do you want from me?” – Mr Wong
“Something precious.” – Kathryn

“Why does ‘euler’ sound so weird?” – Kathryn
“It’s someone’s name! How would you feel like in 100 years time they found something of yours and called it Kathryn Moran and said it sounded dumb how would you feel?” – Mr Wong

“Mr Wong why aren’t you going to rally day” – Julian
*Quietly* “I wasn’t asked to.”

Study Free
Eric and I went to sit in Mr Hoang’s IT 1&2 class for the whole of period 3. They were learning excel. Then we left.

I went to go play volleyball.
Shoutout to Janelle who was looking for some rapper. (J cole tickets? or something soz I’ve forgotten. Good job)

“You know how Mr Woolfe says Specialist Maths is beautiful? Further is the complete opposite. It’s ugly and unelegant.” – Hern

Makar was spastically poking the fridge.

People were intrigued about my ice water and where shaking it while saying “wahh.”

“Don’t throw batteries in a fire because they explode.” – Mrs Mason
“Let’s do it!” – Makar
“Let’s not.” – Mrs Mason

“Stop talking about Scientology.”- Mrs Mason to Jesse
“..and they have this hierarchy where they-”
“Stop defining Scientology, you’re defying me!”
Mrs Mason tried to go to the next slide but the PowerPoint was unresponsive (not going to the next slide) so she kept banging the keyboard.
“The computer is also defying you.” – Nick Neil

Chem life lessons 101 – Don’t leave your headlights on.

“Thank you Mrs Mason for your generosity.” – Ethan, Makar, Joon.
Not sure how to put this one in context.

I asked Mrs Mason about what she was laughing about with Miss Chan yesterday and she said they were looking at jobs at VCAA.

Day 23: Petulian Weoh

Shoutout to Mr Mason. Happy Birthday Mr Mason!
0 English
12 Spesh
34 Methods
56 Study Free

Shout out to Klara and Christine for bringing Krispy Kreme donuts for the whole class.

“Doctor T is crazy. Don’t make me do Doctor T.” – Mr Woolfe

*whiteboard marker runs out of ink while Mr Woolfe is writing*
“I think you’re going to God.”
*Mr Woolfe throws the whiteboard marker in the bin*
“Happy going to God.”

Julian asks about the circular function solution containing imaginary numbers.
“Julian don’t do this! I’m tired enough as just is. You’re giving me a headache. We’re just dealing with the real set of numbers.” – Mr Woolfe

“But it can be plus and minus three.” – Julian
“Julian! What did you have for breakfast today? Marijuana cookies??” – Mr Woolfe

“Could you just leave your answer like that?” – Julian
“No I don’t think so. I don’t trust VCAA, they’re villains.” – Mr Woolfe

“This question. It’s totally totally on marijuana cookies.” – Mr Woolfe

DISCLAIMER: “I’m not promoting the use of marijuana at all, in fact I’m against taking prescribed drugs.” – Mr Woolfe

“Julian. shh…. Your whispering is like normal people talking.” – Mr Wong
“You would be terrible in solitary confinement because you would always have the need to talk to people.” – Mr Wong

“My ears are blocked because I have the flu.” – Julian

I pass Julian my completed methods sheet.
“Joseph stop showing off.” – Julian

Mr Wong showed the question I created to the class:
Solve for x:     2e^(4(x+1)) – x^(2(x+1)) = -1/8
You can have a go at it if you want. Shoutout to Micah, Mr Wong, Calvin, Anton, and Candy for doing it. Darren idk what to say about your solution.

“VCAA questions are very precious. Once you’ve done them they’re gone.” – Mr Wong

I froze my water bottle in the freezer so the lid was stuck.
“Makar can you open this bottle for me?” I asked Makar.
“Okay yeah I need something for your blog. If I can open this bottle, you have to feature me in your blog for the next 10 days.”
*Makar opens the bottle*
I guess we’ll probably be seeing more Makar.

Study Free
“Why isn’t the air con never on?” – Anton
“Because I don’t like you.” – Mrs Mason
“Do you want to turn the air con on?” -Mrs Mason
“Nah its okay I don’t need.” – Anton
“What???” – Mrs Mason
“It wasn’t a question, I was just commenting.” – Anton
“Sometimes I don’t know when is people are commenting or asking, I always think why do they say this and that. I’ll turn the air con for you.” – Mrs Mason
“Thanks.” – Anton
“But repeat after me: …thank you Mrs Mason for you generosity.” – Mrs Mason
“Thank you Mrs Mason for your generosity.” – Anton

PS: Someone also asked me for a shoutout today but I’ve forgotten who. I’m so sorry. Please let me know lol.

Shower thought: What’s going to happen to the blog when there’s a public holiday? Would I allow for the days to be offset?

Day 24: Welcome Back

02/03/17 Thursday 4:49pm
If you want to have the best milo ask Jonas to make it for you.
0 Methods 1 Physics 2 Chemistry 3 Bible 4 Chapel 5 Study Free

Year 7 Combined Homeroom
I helped out Jasheel and Ben give some advice to the Year 7s during homeroom.
“Sleep on time. I go to bed at 9:30.” – Jasheel Reddy
“Read lots of books.” – Ben Roe
“Control how much time you spend on gaming, social media and anime.” – Joseph Wong

“Circular motion? I hope your head doesn’t spin.” – Mr Carter

“Mathew stop copying totally.” – Mrs Cho
“I’m not copying totally. I’m cross referencing” – Matt Wo

Ben was studying for his further sac next period.

Micah and I proved that cas calculators are mirrors.

“I’m not trying to I embarrass you but I just want to show you that some of you haven’t even tried to look at the video clips in Edrolo.” – Mrs Cho

“In projectile motion Ethan has viewed 1 out of 21 videos.” – Mrs Cho

“If you don’t understand I class you can see the videos to help you. I don’t see a reason why you don’t understand my teaching in class.” – Mrs Cho

“David give me the iPad!” – Mrs Cho
“But I was using to login to JacPlus!” – David Lee
Mrs Cho walks over to take the iPad, “Never mind.”
No no no not never mind, it’s fine!” – David Lee

“Bill you jealous cause you bad?” – Iain Ding
“It is the first time Iain got a good score for English, he must have worked so ‘hard’. ” – Bill Jiang

“This is probably the best physics lesson Mrs Cho has had this year because Julian isn’t here” – Darren

“We now have the new data book.” – Mrs Mason
“Yeah I saw it yesterday. They give us everything though.” – Makar
“I know.”
“Literally everything.”
“Dumbing the course down.”
“Oh well it’s going to scale down this year.”
*Mrs Mason laughs*

*Makar explains a question to Ethan*
“Jonathan do it without sounding condescending.” – Mrs Mason

“I think we should use radiation to create babies. You could choose how much radiation to put in and they could have 6 fingers. My son’s going to be a superhero. ” – Makar

Study Free
“How did I go on the SAT compared to the class?” I asked Mr Wong (I got 83%)
“You got the highest mark. That’s pretty worrying.” Mr Wong replied.

I went over to outside Mrs Masons office to go hand in my jumper form.
She wasn’t there so I signalled to Mrs Higgins by waving my form, implying that I wanted to put it on her desk.
She nodded.
I tried to open the door put it was locked.
She went over and opened the door for me.
“I’m so mean,” she said in a joking tone, “I’m so mean.”
I replied, “Yes you are,” then immediately closed the door and left.

Mr Wong if you ever read this, I’m am planning to complete:
2A, 2B, 2C, 2D, 2E, 2F, 2G, 3E, 3F, 3G, 3H, 3I, 3J, 4B, 4C, 4D, 4E, 4F, 4G, 4H, 5A, 5B

today/by tomorrow morning. Do people do 22 units in one day? Not sure. DISCLAIMER: Don’t try this at school. Try it at home.

Bye everyone see you tomorrow. Coffee would be nice.

Day 25: Trust Makar

03/03/17 Friday 3:57pm

Roses are Red
Violets are blue
I love Makar
And I know you do too ❤
12 Physics 34 Chemistry 5 Methods 6 Spesh

Julian asks a question. (Which has been just answered.)
“Can someone tell him yes?” – Mrs Cho, looking at the rest of the class.

“Can we turn off the air con? It’s wasting money.” – Mrs Cho
“But it’s not your money.  We’re paying for it. We’re paying for school fees.” – Bunch of people from the class in agreement.

Mrs Cho swings around her keys to explain circular motion.
“I’m very scared about throwing this because it might hit you.
Maybe if I’m angry with David I’ll throw it at him,” joked Mrs Cho.

“There’s no work done because its in a different direction,” Mrs Cho explains.
“David does lots of work but gets no marks,” said Julian.
“…So there is no work done,” Mrs Cho continues.
“Like David.” – Julian

“What if they upside down it?” – Anton Lee

Eric walks into class during the break.
“Eric I miss you!” exclaimed Mrs Mason.
“Really?” asked Eric.
“Would I lie to you? Hows Outdoor Ed?”
“Outdoor is so much easier than chemistry,” replied Eric, “Outdoor has some chemistry…” *pauses* “its got cycles…and stuff.”

“I feel so great today; like a Chromium ion. 3+.” – Makar

Makar shouts out his answer.
“I’m finished! I win!” – Makar
“Jon. Just calm down.” – Mrs Mason

Mrs Mason explains the answer.
“Does everybody see that? Or are you trusting Makar? Cause that’s a very dangerous place to be.” – Mrs Mason

“I felt really sad while marking your SATs.” – Mr Wong

PS: Guess who wrote the intro at the start.
PSS: I finished 23 units of methods in a day.

Day 26: Who’s Car?

6/3/17 Monday 6:32pm
Shoutout to Eric for asking for a shoutout.
Guess what?
3 English 4 Chem 5 Methods 6 Physics

“Put this in your blog.”- Adam Magrath
*Adam starts dabbing*

“Can’t even write chemical equations and you call yourself a chemist.” – Makar to Ethan

“Maybe I’ll decide the prac groups.” – Mrs Mason
“As long as I’m not with Yi Fan” – Makar
“You’ll probably say that lithium is reduced by chlorine” – Makar to Yi Fan and Ethan

“Are these all VCAA questions? Well I got 100 for all of them except the one that I crossed out.” – Makar

“There was a kidnapping at a school. Lucky he got to his lesson on time. Kid napping. Kid…napping.” – Micah Wong

“Why are bee keepers beautiful?” Micah asked me.
“I don’t know,” I replied.
“Because they say beauty is held in the eye of the beholder.”
*Micah laughs*

“Some of you really have to do something.” – Mrs Cho regarding the work ethic of the class.

“Guess what” asked Micah to Darren.
“Huh?”- Darren
“You got it right.” Micah chuckles furiously.
“You still go through with your jokes even though they failed halfway.” – Darren

Julian touched Darren.
Darren slapped him.
Mrs Cho told Julian to move.
“I have gained a powerful ally.” – Darren

“A teenager was riding a motorcycle and he died in a crash.” – Mrs Cho
“Of course he did.” – David Lee

I showed Micah that : mIcah = 4.18Vahm/R and
mIcah + Wn(O)g = (4.18Vahm + madRgn(O))/R

“That’s what the education tuition organisation found out: which is that the odd number years methods exams are harder than the even number years.” – Bill Jiang

“The school is making new methods SACs just because of me. The school very mean to me they try to destroy me.” – Bill Jiang

“I’ve got a janky question for you.” Julian tried to show Micah his question.
“Go away go away,” replied Micah.

The bell rings, signalling the end of the lesson.
“What did you learn in physics today?” I asked Ethan Chua on the way out.
“Circular motion.” he replied.
“What did you learn about circular motion?”
“The word.”

PS: You got it right.

Day 27: House Swimming

07/03/17 Tuesday 5:17pm
Congratulations to Tyndale for winning!
1234 House Swimming 56 Spesh

House Swimming
Mr Khor was waving around money at the start of swimming.

I saw Mr Low marking tests about preventing smallpox.

Mr Hodge made a public apology to Wycliffe for putting us first for beach ball volley. He also insulted Wycliffe on several occasions. I love the unity and coherence of house swimming.

Tyndale lasted 7 seconds for beach ball volley.
“Tyndale’s performance is the new definition of speechless.” – Mrs Mason

“Tell me one fact about yourself that I don’t know” – Mrs Mason to Eric
“I love chemistry.” – Eric
“I said a fact not a lie.” – Mrs Mason

There were a bunch of Year 7 kids harassing the all the house captains for lollies. They claimed to be in Tyndale, then a few seconds later claimed to be in Wycliffe.

One of the girls toilets didn’t have a sign saying which gender it was. So shout out to Mrs Van Niekerk and Mrs Yeo for sitting outside it for the whole day, preventing boys accidentally walking in.

I’m happy that I didn’t drown during the team swim through.

Specialist Maths
“I’ve never ever smoked marijuana. And I never intend to.” – Mr Woolfe

“It’s 34.99,” Julian answered.
“What’s 34.99? The marijuana cookies?” responded Mr Woolfe.

Mr Woolfe calls link to confirm Neil’s physics checkpoints book order. Mr Woolfe tells Neil that he’ll be helping to pick up the book on his way home. Darren then asks Mr Woolfe whether he can get one too.

“Be patient my son. Patience, patience. Patience my son.” – Mr Woolfe to Bill.
“Mr Woolfe has another son.” – Julian to me

“The quotient rule is bottom d top minus top d bottom over bottom squared.”
“Everyone repeat after me: bottom d top minus top d bottom over bottom squared.”

“Do you believe in aliens Mr Woolfe?” – Julian Yeoh
“I don’t know but I know I’ve met you Julian.” – Mr Woolfe

“So just recapping…”
*moves to next slide*
“What rubbish do I have here.”
*takes a moment to analyse the question*
“Seems like a banger. Let’s just throw it out.”
*moves to the next slide*

“So guys how do you deal with this modulus sign?” – Mr Woolfe
“You pray to God.” – Julian
“Yes you do.”

“Do you want the good news or the bad news?” asked Mr Woolfe
“The bad news.” the class replied.
“We have another lesson tomorrow!” Mr Woolfe exclaimed, “Now the good news! It’s in period zero! It’s not good news!”
Class pauses for a moment because they’re confused.
“We just got baited by Mr Woolfe.” – Julian

PS: I heard yeah the boys

Day 28: (loge(2), 2)

08/03/16 Wednesday 5:11pm
0 Spesh 1 Free 2 Physics 3 English 4 Chemistry 56 Methods SAT

Specialist Maths
“Here comes the herd!” – Mr Woolfe
David and Neil walk in.

“This section is actually… merrrrrrrr…” – Mr Woolfe.

A few people walked in late during period zero.
“Good thing I’m such a nice and compassionate teacher, I’m meant to give you all a detention but I won’t.” – Mr Woolfe

Jeraldine walks in late.
“Uhhhhhhh the detention girl! No it’s alright have a seat.” – Mr Woolfe

“Did you know that Koreans are now the longest living people in the world? They have a average lifespan of 90 years. It must’ve all that kimchi,” Mr Woolfe told the class.
“How do they live so long?” asked Julian
“It’s because they eat kimchi everyday.” replied Mr Woolfe

“Shoutout to Mariah Carey for being a great singer.” – Joon
“Shoutout to Mariah Carey for ruining news years eve.” – Maddie
“Go back to Indonesia with your corrupt prime minister.” – Joon
There was a moment of silence.
“We have a president not a prime minister.” – Maddie

At our table we discussed the location of my house badge, missing.
“Joseph are you vice?” – Julian
“Julian stop talking” – Joseph
“I just wanted to know who’s the actual captain.” – Julian
Rip life being vice.

“Guess what Micah?” – Julian to Micah
“You got it.” – Micah to Julian

“Very triggered, very triggered, very triggered.” – Bill Jiang when looking at some fishy specialist anti-derivative questions.

Mrs Cho walked around checking homework for the first 20 minutes of the lesson.
When Mrs Cho reached David Lee, she had already peeled off a detention sticker for him.
“Mrs Cho you making me a sticker! Mrs Cho why you make me a sticker? Why you make me a sticker!” – David Lee

“Some of you really have to do more work.” – Mrs Cho

“Can you say fluffy dice again?” – Nathan
“Don’t laugh Nato, she can speak more languages than you.” – Ben Roe

“Congratulations for Julian winning swimmer of the day” Miss McClimens announced to the class.
“I recall that when I was swimming you were rooting for Joon” commented Julian.
“What’s house is Joon in and what gross colour are the other houses?” asked Miss McClimens
“Which house won?” asked Julian.

“I read the Lieutenant in a Russian accent.” – Jesse
“I’ll read the first paragraph in an American accent.” – Miss McCLimens

286 people got 0/10 for Reading and Comprehension on the exam.

Miss McClimens told us of a girl who got a perfect score on one of her essays on her exam, 2 A+s for the other 2 essays, 100s on her school coursework and she only got a 43.

“When we were going through the practice essay, I could sense that people were going, ‘crap!’ because of all this active and passive voice stuff.” – Miss McClimens

“If we said ‘buy object’ is object the subject?” asked Julian
“Julian that’s not even a sentence.” – Miss McClimens

“When writing reports I don’t like passive voice and I don’t like reports.” – Miss McClimens

“There happens to be exactly 23 helping verbs.” – Miss McClimens
*Miss McClimens goes on to list them all*

“Remember in life you make choices. Some are good. Some are bad. You, Neil make a lot of bad choices.” – Makar

Makar looks at a question on the handout.
“The person had a seizure when making this.” – Makar

“I’ll tell you an ancient Chinese proverb. When the world is against you, stand on your head.” – Makar

“How’s methods?” Me to Jezz Lin.
“Can you do my paper for me?” – Jezz

Also, Dillon had a few note worthy comments about his methods teacher.

James told me he was inspired by my blog post of completing 23 units of methods in a day. So he tried to do the same thing. But he told me he only completed one unit.
“I’m not sure what to say. I can’t even say good job. Like, its not a good job.” – Me to James

Methods SAT
Bill Jiang was sitting in the second row, between Mark and James. Mr Carter then decided to move Bill to the front row.

PS: edit: oops wrote day 27 instead of day 28,
edit: I obvs can’t spell Mariah Carey
edit: fixed some phsyics stuff cause jules asked me to

Day 29: Rally

9/3/17 5:54pm Thursday
Yes, I will be posting stuff tomorrow. It will still count as Day 30. Hopefully it’ll be interesting to read.
0 Chemistry 123456 Rally Day: Badminton

“Do you ever think before opening you mouth?” – Mrs Mason to Makar regarding his comment to Neil yesterday.

David Chuong walks into class.
“David Welcome!” – Mrs Mason
Mrs Mason hands him a sheet.
“Say thank you in Korean.” – Mrs Mason

“If you’re going to be away for the SAC you’ll need a medical certificate, or you could get a zero. Either is fine, I don’t mind.” – Mrs Mason
“Chuman you’ll get zero anyway. Save your time.” – Makar to Ethan

We took apart an alkaline battery in chemistry.

“Do you want to join my bomb agency?” – Makar

“I’ll show you how to make a bomb. Put the beaker over the bottle. The glass is a good conductor of electricity and helps with the electrolysis… Get two drops of rubber from the oval. Then you get a pipette or syringe, they are the same thing, both pipette and syringe can be used interchangeably…” – Makar

Makar told us of how he became friends with the VCAA chief examiner for Psychology and pointed out an error in his lecture . The chief examiner agreed with him.
His psych class ended up losing a mark on one of the SACs because of this, and Makar got the mark.

Rally Day: Badminton
Additional info: There was a team with a state badminton player, we lost to them but won every other match so we made the finals.

We had made it to the Grand Final.
We were up against the team we had lost to earlier.
Julian served. The receiving opponent smashed the shuttle down into the left back corner of our court, flying past my head. Julian dived for the shuttle, flicking the shuttle up whilst his body falling down. The shuttle flew over the net.
It was a tough match but we ended up winning after some amazing rallies…and lots of intense warcries by Julian.

“Julian what time is it?” I asked Julian
“It’s time to give me a shout out on your blog.” – Julian
Congrats Julian for helping carry our team to victory.

I walked into Mrs Mason office and we had a conversation about study habits, whilst the whole time Mrs Higgins was also there contributing insightful information to the conversation. Here are some of the things that were said.

“I told him I expect a 95+ ATAR.” – Mrs Mason to Mrs Higgins
“See what’s this? Everyone tells me, ’95? Easy.’ ” I replied.
“Yeah, because I know you have the potential to score high.” – Mrs Mason

“Mrs Higgins, how many hours of homework a night do you think he should be doing?”- Mrs Mason
“Around 4 hours.” – Mrs Higgins
“And how many hours of homework do you do a night?” Mrs Mason asked me.
I held up my hands, forming a circle.
“Well you see there are some nights where I just do 12 hours of homework.” I commented.
“A night doesn’t have 12 hours. It only has 6.” – Mrs Higgins
“What type of night are you sleeping in?” I asked.

“Career advisors. We either make you or break you.” – Mrs Higgins

“Joseph scored very well in IT.” – Mrs Mason
“What score did you get?” asked Mrs Higgins.
“48,” – I replied.
“That’s really good!” – Mrs Higgins
“Well I didn’t do much work.” I replied quietly.
“Joseph! Go away!” Mrs Mason chased me out of her office.

PS: Apologies for yesterday’s post, there were so many errors because it was such a long post and I didn’t have much time to check for mistakes.