Day 30-42

Day 30: Roast >_<

14/03/17 Tuesday (π day) 4:46pm
By the way, all the graphs that were made yesterday were created by me using excel. So no its not copy paste.
1 English 2 Methods 34 Free 56 Chem

“And what did you do on the weekend Micah?” – Mrs Mason
“I went to Lyrebird Camp.” – Micah
“Were there a lot of lyrebirds?” – Mrs Mason
“No there were a lot of moths.” – Micah

“I haven’t been to homeroom for 2 weeks.” – Danielle
“That’s disgraceful.” – Mrs Mason

Miss McClimens baked banana muffins for our class.

Methods >_<
“Oh no we’re getting the SAT back aren’t we.” – Kathryn

“Let’s talk about the SAT. To be honest, quite disappointed.” – Mr Wong >_< “Jasheel was the highest score with 94%. The rest of you are pulling the average down.” – Mr Wong >_<

“What’s this?” *shows student’s work* “I can’t really give anything.” “What’s this?” *shows a graph a student drew* “How is that an inverse?” “What’s this. What’s this.”

“I’m not sorry. In the exam you would probably get the mark, but you no marks because I’m being harsh.” – Mr Wong >_<

“If you drew a graph in pen you lose all the marks for the question. I can’t even be bothered interpreting the graph.” – Mr Wong >_<

Faith was sitting with Naomi T and Noelle, fiddling around with the sand that keeps the footpath together.
Mr Chapman walks past and notices.
“You know what you are? Children of delinquent youth” – Chapman

I got a new vice captain badge from Mrs Hoffman.

“Don’t put this on your blog.” – Bill Jiang, on something related to methods.

Miss McClimens and Obed were playing with Calvin’s spinny thing.
“This is not that relaxing.” – Miss McClimens
“They’ve dropped it 3 times.” – Calvin
*drops it again*
“I think we’ll stop there for today. ” – Obed

“You’re blog inspires me. I only come to school to read your blog.” – Janelle
Shout out to Princey cause she asked for one.

Joon gave me some of his rice. Thanks Joon.

We misplaced a carbon rod and was looking for it. We thought it might have been thrown away.
“Just because there’s lots of carbon dioxide in China doesn’t mean you can throw it away.” – Makar to Neil

During break- “Come with me, I’m going to grab an ice block and put it into my mouth.” – Neil

“Hey everybody stop what you’re doing. We’re looking for David’s diary.” – Mrs Mason
“Found it! Actually its Nick’s” – Makar
“Someone has permission to punch him.” – Mrs Mason to the class

“How do you know who is which chromosomes? You pull their jeans (genes) down.” – Micah

“What are you writing today?” – Joshua P
“Not even mentioned once in your blog.” – Emanuel
“I need to become more famous. I need to stick around Joseph more, and say more stupid things.” – Matt Kaye

“Do you want to learn about economics? I accidently printed 2 copies of this sheet from the library. Do you want it?” – Pamela
“Yeah sure.” – I took the sheet

“Why do we read the DNS in homeroom? We should just read your blog instead. We even have Mrs Mason for homeroom so that would be even better.” – Makar

Shoutout to Darren who beat me by half a mark on the Methods SAT

Day 31: Mr Wrong

15/03/17 Wednesday 3:35pm
Thanks everybody for supporting my blog. It means so much to me!
0 English 12 Spesh 34 Methods

“Where’s Maddie?” – Miss McClimens
“Maddie? she’s sick today” – Tiffany
“Aww poor Maddie.” – Miss McClimens

“On the last week of school Thursday lunch time lets order pizza and discuss All About Eve.” – Miss McClimens

“Jesse how did you get to year 12 without knowing what an oligram is? When you reach the end of year exam: discuss this article and this oligram.” – Miss McClimens

DISCLAIMER: “I’m not promoting the use of marijuana at all, in fact I’m against taking prescribed drugs.” – Mr Woolfe (from Day 23)

Mr Woolfe had to repeat himself again because Julian wasn’t listening.
“Today we’re having a fairly big session. I need you to listen please, not like Julian.” – Mr Woolfe

“You might be thinking what type of marijuana am I on.” – Mr Woolfe
“Marijuana cookies.” – Edwin
“Marijuana cookies.” – Mr Woolfe

“How do you find the derivative of 2^x?” – Julian
“That’s marijuana from methods.” – Mr Woolfe

“Lets take a look at this. This is now on super marijuana.”

“There’s a light at the end of the tunnel they say, that’s if there’s not a train coming the other way.” – Mr Woolfe

“The answer isn’t coming out. My calculator is on marijuana.” – Mr Woolfe

“Now you don’t have to use the marijuana methods way to find the rate of change of the gradient.” – Mr Woolfe

Mr Woolfe accidently knocked his arm against the wall.
“Ahhh. I hit my funny bone. I don’t know why they call it funny bone, it’s just not funny.”

Edwin and Mr Woolfe were discussing the best method to make kimchi.
“Thanks for educating me. Is there anything else I need to buy? I’ll have a go.”

Mr Wong starts writing on the board.
“Mr Wong you’re writing in pen. Minus 4 marks.” – Calvin

Mr Wong starts solving a question on the board.
Me and Jasheel stare at Mr Wong, looking confused.
“What are you doing Mr Wong? Why are you doing the question like that?”
“Why are you trying to bring the 1 to the other side? What?” – Jasheel
Mr Wong rubs out all his working.
“What are you trying to do?? You make log2(2) equal to 1. Why did you bring the 1 to the other side?” – Joseph
“Mr Wong is just trying to confuse the class.” – Julian
“Oh I never thought about it that way.” – Mr Wong

“Mr Wong you’re wrong you didn’t answer the question.” – Jenny
“You didn’t state the domain and range of the function.”- Joseph
“Mr Wong you’re trying to trick us!” – Julian
Mr Wong writes the domain and range.
“Your infinity symbol isn’t symmetrical.” – Julian

Mr Wong continues writing questions and answers on the board.
“Box your final answer? Why do you have 3 final answers on the board? Whats your final answer? Why do you have all these boxes on the board?” – Joseph
Mr Wong continues to write on the board.
“You lose one mark for each extra box you draw. You lose 2 marks!” – Julian
“I’m drawing boxes to show the different parts of the question.” – Mr Wong

Mr Wong continues to write and draws another box.
“Mr Wong why do you now have 4 final answers?” – Joseph

“Mr Wong I can’t tell whether you’re writing a 4 or a 5.” – Calvin
“Why are you using capitals letters. It’s unreadable!” – Joseph
“Everything’s wrong with Mr Wong. “- Julian

Study Free
“On Facebook I saw your table but I didn’t see my name so I cried myself to sleep.” – Andrew

“Allen you’re eating KFC for lunch?” – Joseph
“Yeah.” – Allen
“Before you SAC?” I asked
“It’s good brain food. Food gives you energy.” – Joy

Prisca told me that she showed her mum my blog. “She didn’t find it funny though. When I told her about David Lee’s jumper she didn’t even laugh and looked like this.” Prisca shows me a blank face.

Emily and Claire were looking at K-Pop videos.
Lani, Kathyrn and Candy stayed back. Julian bought me HSP.

Day 32: Life Coach

16/03/17 Thursday 3:55pm
Happy Birthday to my sister Althea!
0 Methods 1 Physics 2 Chem 3 Bible 4 Chapel 56 Study Free

Julian walks in slightly late and sees the class quietly doing work.
“Is this a test?” asked Julian.
“No it isn’t,” replied Mr Wong, “Or is it..”

“Have you gotten you done your 120 hours?” – Jonas
“Yeah.” – Jasheel
“So Jasheel taxi driver or Uber?” – Someone
“I don’t know what to say” – Jasheel

The physics teacher from the other campus came to observe our class today. Luckily our class was not as crazy as it usually is.

“I have seen some of you not done any work. Actually for some of you I haven’t seen any work.” – Mrs Cho

I see that our class’ work ethic is very questionable.
“Well, I do not want to say anything yet. We’ll just see how everybody does on the spot test.” – Mrs Cho

“Just use common sense.” – Matt K
“Not everybody has that.” – Mrs Cho

“How is that 8?” – Mak
“4 times 2 is 8.” – Mrs Cho

I was trying to recite what Calvin taught me about photosynthesis to Makar.
“Do you even do Biology?” – Life Coach to me
“No.” – Joseph
“Then don’t talk about biology in chem.” – Life Coach
“Well if you didn’t do biology you would be dead.” – Makar

“Back row. That’s too much fun in Chemistry. Do some work.” – Life Coach

“Q equals MC delta T!” – Makar exclaimed to Ethan
“Jonathan calm down.” – Life Coach
“Q equals MC delta T.” – Makar, in a softer tone.

“My eating habits aren’t very good. I ate dinner at 10pm yesterday.” – Joseph
“Joseph you have to eat vegetables. I’m going to bring in a carrot just for you to eat tomorrow.” – Life Coach

Fire Drill
I was still at my locker when the firedrill siren rang.
“Quick quick! Hurry up!” – Lawyer

I go up to line up with 12C
“You’re not in my homeroom.” – Life Coach
I slowly walk away. I am in 12C.
‘No Joseph! I still love you.” – Life Coach
I’m not sure how my life coach forgot that I was in her homeroom.

“Now when I’m married I’ll have plenty of time to practice sex with my wife.” – A certain breakdancer

Study Free
I had a discussion with Mrs Mason and Mrs Higgins about protecting people’s identities in my blog. Wait oops.

Shoutout to Dillon Ethan Mark Iain Hern for trying to make my blog more “creative”.
Shoutout to MegaJeffsta because he typed this sentence
Shoutout to Grace Catros for being in the common room.

“I’m going to bake a cake and it’s going to have vegetables just for you.” – Life Coach
“Noooo.” – Joseph
“Miss McClimens you have to make sure that Joseph eats vegetables.” – Life Coach

Life Coach may bake 36 cakes for Chemistry.

PS: My life coach and lawyer suggested that I try protect people’s identities by not mentioning their name. I don’t mind the idea, but it’ll be much harder to give out shoutouts. I’ll see how it goes perhaps.

Day 33: Revert

17/03/17 Friday 4:13pm
To change or not to change?
12 Physics 34 Chem 5 Methods 6 Spesh

“Why aren’t you at beach volleyball?” Mrs Mason asked me
“Because I love chemistry,” I replied.
“Awww that brings joy to my heart.” – Mrs Mason
“But I love physics more.” – Joseph
“Joseph I don’t even know what to say.” – Mrs Mason

“Nathan why are you not at volleyball?” Mrs Mason asked Nathan
“Because I have physics.” – Nathan

“Darren why aren’t you at beach volleyball?” Mrs Mason asked Darren
“I would say chem but I don’t even have chem today.” – Darren

“If you are in chem periods 3 and 4 you will witness Joseph eating a carrot.” – Life Coach.
“I have organic carrots for you if you want.” – Mr Woolfe
“Joseph you don’t look very impressed.” – Mr Woolfe

“I allow my Year 12 students to eat in my class.
“Really? – Life Coach
“They deserve it. They already have enough stress from VCE. If its a double period, during the break I’m happy for them to bring up a cup of tea. Go ahead.” – Mr Woolfe
Mr Woolfe is the best.

“Another productive period of physics since Julian isn’t here.” – Darren

I ate a carrot that my life coach gave to me.

“All the rowdy people are away today so do you have anything to write on your blog?” – Danielle

“There’s nothing bad about Centrelink.” – Matt K
“There’s nothing bad about TAFE.” – David Choung

“Are there any white people in spesh?” – A white person

“I brought lollies for you guys.
Mr Wong holds up a bag of lollies.
“They’re really cheap.” – Mr Wong
“Yeah they’re 2 dollars.” – Danielle
“Yeah they are! How did you know that?” – Mr Wong
“I have them at school.” – Danielle
We pass the lollies around. They get to Calvin.
“These are such a bad quality lolly. I can see why they’re 2 dollars a kilo.” – Calvin

Instead of passing the lollies to Danielle I just hold the bag.
“Please Wycliffe vice captain. Wait I don’t mean it that way. It doesn’t mean anything.” – Danielle
“See it doesn’t mean anything.” – Calvin
“I’m making it worse aren’t I.” – Danielle

“Did you eat your carrot?” –
“You’re going to make a grown man cry. Please tell me that someone remembers the formula for the volume of a cone.” – Mr Woolfe
David Lee – “2 Pi-”
“No no no!” Mr Woolfe slumps against the whiteboared.
“Oh dear I’m going to cry.”
“The formula is pi*r^2*h/3. You goats!”

Goes to next slide – “Now lets see what other horrors they have for us.” – Mr Woolfe

“Kimchi is Korean rocket fuel.” – Mr Woolfe

“I think you’re ready for whiteboard heaven.” Mr Woolfe the throws whiteboard marker into the bin, “Have a nice eternity.”

The class looks tired and distracted.
“I feel like I’m preaching to a funeral right here.” – Mr Woolfe

Daniel Cattermole gave dried crickets to Mrs Mason and Mr Chapman to eat. They ate them.

Day 34: 5 Coins

20/03/17 Monday 6:44pm
I just got back home. I’m going to a chess tournament tomorrow with Bill.
Shoutout to James! Essendon is much better than Collingwood. Mark Davies get out!

I gave the 5 coin puzzle to Julian. He did not solve it in English.
“Julian its been half an hour.” – Danielle

Julian proceeds to give me a ‘puzzle’ as well.
“If you solve this in under 30 seconds you have an IQ of over 100.”
I solve it in under 10 seconds. Terrible measure of IQ.

The other chemisty class took ages to finish their prac. We had to wait outside for them while we were packing up. Good job Dillon Chua!

“Did you know Adolf Hitler believed in flat earth?” – Makar

Our group was first to finish with around 15 minutes left.
“You’re finished already?” – Mrs Mason
“Yeah we’re the best.” – Joseph

I showed the 5 coin puzzle to Micah.
“I’ll show you the solution. See how easy it is?” – Joseph
“The way you present the question is an insult to my intelligence.” – Micah
“Micah I’ve shown you the solution twice. How hard can it be?” – Joseph
Not sure how Micah is feeling right now.

Well done James for using trial and error to solve the coin puzzle. I guess that gets you somewhere in life.

“YES I DID IT!” – Jonas Soh, solving the 5 coin puzzle

Mr Wong says a sentence but the grammar is off.
“Your grammar is wrong.” – Kathryn
“Why are you telling me about every single mistake I make?” – Mr Wong
Hmmm I wonder why…probably because we got roasted in our methods SAT >_<
“But what are you expecting from me? I teach EAL.” – Mr Wong
“Yeah I do EAL.” – Julian
“Julian do you do EAL?” – Mr Wong
“Yeah.” – Julian
“Then you like know…like the standards.” – Mr Wong
“Yeah I know. Actually I don’t do EAL.” – Julian
“Oh I always thought you did EAL.” – Mr Wong

“Everyone remember SOH CAH TOA?” – Mr Wong
“In Year 7 the only reason why I got the award in the lowest maths class was because I beat [someone] on the Soh Cah Toa test.” – Jonas Soh

We watched edrolo for the lesson.

PS: If you want to know the puzzle ask Darren tomorrow.
By the way for everyone who knows the solution to the 5 coin puzzle in 5 moves, there’s a solution for 4 moves.

Day 35: The Protagonist, The Guardian, The Legend27

21/03/17 Tuesday 5:19pm
I hope you enjoy today’s read because I did as well.
123456 – CSSN Chess Tournament (We won!)


Observations From Julian Perspective

“I actually contributed to the clan chest” – Mr Wong

Jonas brought snacks for everyone, what a good example of a captain, better than a certain Wycliffe vice captain I know.

I squirted Jasheel with his drink bottle.
“Your privileges are revoked.” – Jasheel
School captain > SRC

“Enjoy the experience.” – Mr Wong (VCAA questions)
Danielle made a joke, I laughed.
“Shhh Julian. Don’t ruin the experience.” – Mr Wong

Calvin’s tea smelt like crap.
The school captain agrees.
School captain > House captain

“Please get it right.” – Mr Wong

“I really need to see Calvin.” – Mrs Tabone
I think she just wanted to try Jonas’ snacks.

“Mr Woolfe is very quirky.” – Mr Wong
“Unfortunately he doesn’t talk about marijuana in front of us.” – Mr Wong

“On the exam can we colour in our graphs and just say it’s a dilated circular function?” – Kathryn
“Hahahaha NO!” – Mr Wong

“They’re a little bit less harsh than me (VCAA)” – Mr Wong
“Anyone want to criticize my graph? I’m glad you’re strict on my graph, if only you were as strict on your own graphs.”
“Those who bear no sin with their graph throw the first stone at mine. That’s right. Go home.”

“Springvale is the standard for dodgy, but Boxhill is reaching that standard.” – Wong

“You’re wrong Mr Wong.” – Kathryn, Matt
“Thank you,” Mr Wong says solemnly.
“He’s singling the people out to know who to mark harshly.” – Jasheel
“Judge and you will be judged. That’s going to be my devotion.” – Mr Wong

“Are you going for CSSN Julian? – Jonas
“Yeah I’ll probably get a detention if I don’t.” – Julian
“What! Who cares, don’t go, they can’t force you, don’t go to the detention either.” – Jonas
“Is this guy really your friend?” – Mr Wong
“You don’t get house points for CSSN. Save your energy for cross country.”

“Everyone is so mean on each other’s graph now.”
“It’s your fault Mr Wong.” – Julian

“Why can Kathryn leave?” – Julian
“She has a music lesson.” – Mr Wong
“I have a music lesson too.” – Jonas and Julian
“I have lunch.” – Jenny

David Choung got 28 on flappy bird.
“BAD BOY!” – Mr Wong

Mr Wong rigged the lotto such that I was chosen to check my HW. This is ridiculous.
“This injustice shall not go unpunished. You shall be slandered on Joseph’s blog.” – Julian


Observations from Micah’s Perspective

Mr Woolfe – “It would be good if you asked to eat in my class.”
Micah – “Ask him if you can eat in his class.”
Julian – “Can I eat in your class?”
Mr Woolfe – “Oh yeah…”
Julian – “YAY!!”

Julian – “Thats pretty Jenky.” (Rational Functions)
Mr Woolfe – “Jenky?”
Julian – “Means kinda interesting but hard…could mean many things.”

Observations from Julian’s Perspective

“Super Korean brain strikes again – with dyed hair!” – Mr Woolfe
“No Julian, all that rice must’ve gone to your brain, you need more kimchi.” – Mr Woolfe

“Umm…” – Edwin
“Um??? Too much kimchi.” – Mr Woolfe

“Julian where are all the asymptotes?” – Mr Woolfe
“y = x squared, and x = 0.” – Julian
“x = 0? Um…” – Mr Woolfe
“Yes, it’s x = 0. You haven’t had enough kimchi.” – Julian
“Oh wow you’re right! Not enough kimchi indeed.” – Mr Woolfe

“I got a message from Bill Jiang.” – Mr Woolfe
*shows the class the photo Bill Jiang sent*
*class laughs*
“They won! They got a medal! Ha ha ha! I got to message him back, two handsome dudes with a medal.”
“Look at Bill’s face, he looks so dead.” – Mr Woolfe

Bill won all his games – unlike a certain Wycliffe vice captain.

Observations From Darren’s Perspective

“Now I want to show you this graph, my coming in for a landing graph.” – Mr Woolfe
*Shows 15 slides*
“Now see the trend? The trend is your friend.” – Mr Woolfe

Julian: “I’m so confused.”
Mr Woolfe: “Why?”
Julian: “I’m so confused.”
Mr Woolfe: “Okay we’ll start again.” *rubs off the whole board*

Day 36: Potential

22/03/17 Wednesday 5:04pm
Shoutout to Eric for buying Julian and I coffee in the morning.
0 Spesh 1 Free 2 Physics 3 English 4 Chem 56 Free


Bill was asked to solve a problem on the board.
“Now go slowly because your mind works at a million miles an hour.” – Mr Woolfe

Edwin was asked to solve the next equation. He also got it correct.
“Oh great one. Oh kimchi eater.” – Mr Woolfe

House Meetings

Wycliffe played gang up tiggy on the oval.

Study Free

Adam takes an icy pole from the freezer.
“Do you want an icy pole?” – Adam
“It’s the wrong day for an icy pole.” – Joseph
“It’s never a bad day for an icy pole.” – Adam


Dillon joined our physics class today.
“Dillon you have to get out.” – Mrs Cho
“Yeah Dillon get out,” everyone points to Ethan.
She let him stay though.

Today we got our physics tests back.
“It’s actually quite disappointing. Some of you have to work really hard. Some parts show that you have problems.” – Mrs Cho
“I’m going to go through now so you don’t make the same mistakes.” – Mrs Cho
“Some of you looks like you haven’t learnt the work.” – Mrs Cho
“Basically you got zero marks for projectile motion.” – Mrs Cho

By the way, a helicopter can drop a package upwards.

“Some of you used such a long method to find the angle.” – Mrs Cho
“It’s not about the angle, it’s about the journey.” – Julian

“I nearly got a heart attack when I saw this question.” – Mrs Cho, when looking at the responses of the physics class.

“Are we the worst physics class you’ve ever had?” – Matt K
Mrs Cho sighs.

“Well this class isn’t the best physics class I’ve had. ” – Mrs Cho
“Many of you have the potential to do well. Some of you just have to put in the effort.”

“It’s important to reflect on your mistakes to improve.” – Mrs Cho

On the way to English class

“Mr Wong says he likes opening chests during yard duty.” – James
“A bunch of Year 8’s were opening Year 12 lockers that were left unlocked.” – Edwin


We were put into groups for an English activity. In our group we had Julian, Danielle, Grace Ong and I.
“This is a bad English team. Grace can carry us though.” – Julian
“Oh no.” – Grace Ong

“I’m horrible at English.” – Danielle
“Don’t say you’re horrible.” – Miss McClimens
“I’m horrible.” – Danielle

Miss McClimens has been in school since 3 years old.

Mark Davies do you owe Hern money?

“I’m going to be the cool maths teacher like Mr Woolfe.” – Julian
“I’m going to say I’m not going to check homework, then check homework.” – Julian

“You know my dad reads your blog? He told me, ‘I never knew you were so hyper. I thought you left that all behind in primary.’” – Julian


Ben scoops out some icecream into his cup.
“Do you want some icecream?” – Ben
“It’s the wrong day for icecream.” – Joseph
“It’s never a bad day for icecream.” – Ben

Study Free

Anton, Julian, Jasheel and I played soccer square for whole of lunch + periods 5&6

Day 37: I’m sick lol

23/3/17 Thursday 3:13pm

Interesting. I never wondered what I would write about if this happened.
Here’s some random stuff instead.

The road would be long. He knew he had to finish. Time was passing by him. Quickly. How could he overcome himself? Another second passed. What would he do? What could he do? He knew he couldn’t fall back into the past. He couldn’t fall behind. He had to stay ahead of everything. But he was falling behind. What could he do? How could he maintain the equilibrium of his life? There was no equilibrium. He had to start doing work or the work would be soon devouring him. But how? He was so unfamiliar at eating the elephant a bite at a time, instead of swallowing it whole. Why was it so hard to do something so simple? Why couldn’t he learn to be consistent. Time was catching up to him. There was so much work to be done. It was not procrastination, it was not completing the work at all.

No he was not stressed, but anxious. He was just lazy, yet hard working at the same time. He would always try to remain positive, yet he himself did not know how he felt.

Wellbeing level: 0/0


He was on a train. Outside he saw another train moving past him. How could he tell whether it wasn’t his train that was moving, but the other train. The train he was on was fast relative to others, but others told him to keep going faster.

He did not want to burn out. His train was was a secondary cell, not a primary cell.

On the railway he could see the elephant. His train’s speed was exponentially increasing in the direction of the elephant.

He could not derive what would happen next.

The elephant would not move out of the way.

He crashed.

Day 38: Time to eat the elephant

24/03/17 Friday 4:19pm


I was intently reading over chemistry revision while Mrs Mason was speaking.
“Joseph, what are you distracted with?”
I turn over a page of the chemistry review sheet. I pause for a while.
“I’m not distracted.”
I turn the next page of the review sheet.
“Alright we have different a definition of distraction.”

English Practice SAC


Ethan walks into the class room. “Ethan.” Mrs Cho points at Ethan “You.” – Mrs Cho

Ben may have spilt his drink on Ethan’s textbook.

“Darren, what are you doing?” – Mrs Cho
“Nothing.” – Darren
“Everyone is watching your screen.” – Mrs Cho

Mrs Cho confiscated David Lee’s iPad.
“You sell on ebay?” – Julian
“Yeah I will.” – Mrs Cho jokingly


“You better finish your homework.” – Mr Wong to Julian
“Okay.” – Julian
“That sounded a bit rude.” – Mr Wong
“Oh yeah sorry it did.” – Julian
“But remember that I’m the elder and you’re the member.” – Julian (Clash Royale joke)
“That’s a virtual reality.” – Mr Wong
“But you know what’s real?” – Mr Wong
“What?” – Julian
“Your detention sticker.” – Mr Wong

Chemistry SAC


Yay the spesh test got postponed to Monday next week.

“Don’t mix variables, don’t mix your v’s and u’s. If you want to give the VCAA examiner a heart attack and send them to hospital just mix variables.” – Mr Woolfe

“Every year students go into the exam slaughtering house because they mix v’s and u’s.” – Mr Woolfe

“What’s one more than -2? Don’t say -3” – Mr Woolfe

PS: Trying to write this as quick as possible before I get kicked out of the common room so its a bit rushed.
Soz I was quite grumpy today because of all the assessments lol

Day 39: Control X

27/03/17 Monday 5:47pm
Due to the amount of marks I’m missing on my assessments, not everything will make it into here.


English was filled with lots of fun and insightful discussion.

Today we got our English Practice SACs back
“I’m happy that you told me what I did wrong. But you didn’t really tell me what I did right.” – Julian to Miss McClimens

“I googled Shannon homeless article and found out Elise Elliot is related to Tom Elliot. They’re husband and wife!” – Maddie
“Do you think they sit around and just write articles?” – Miss McClimens
“Yeah trashy ones.” – Maddie

“That bad article writing must have rubbed onto each other.” – Julian


There was nothing much to record today, as most of the class were having their own conversations.

“Physics is going to be filled with lots of informative discussion.” – Ethan

“I’m hoping to finish the lesson today.” – Mrs Cho

“Are you looking forward to parent teacher interviews?” – Matt Kaye
“Not really. You know how many students I have? Over 70. I have all my slots filled up and 2 of my lunch breaks filled up.” – Mrs Cho
“What are you going to say for our physics class?” – Matt Kaye
“It will be the truth and based on your marks.” – Mrs Cho

“Darren you have to help me put some quotes in.” – Joseph
“I can’t. There’s no quotes, there’s no physics class.” – Darren

“This is the worst double physics period I’ve ever had in my life because I did absolutely nothing.” – Julian

The class today was basically filled with ‘informative discussion’ throughout the whole 2 periods. I think special relativity is getting to people.


Some kid spat on one of the chessboards. I wasn’t sure how to react.

Day 40: Deputy/History

29/03/17 Wednesday 5:44pm
Hello Mr Chapman if you’re reading this then you’re a wonderful person. If you’re not reading this you’re still a wonderful person.

Shout out to Grace Ong and Jacinta for making scones for our class!

We analysed how Mr Chapman used a three pronged approach in a form of an email to position the staff to help set up the library, ensure students were punctual to assembly, and enjoy a wonderful lunch.

(I can’t find the sheet where I recorded all the quotes from English today. Sorry  It’ll post it up another time.)

Mr Woolfe gives back our test papers(doesn’t count).
“You can take these back. I’ve got so much paper around my place it’s going mad.” – Mr Woolfe

“You see tan(x) is a little bit hippy, he’s a little alternative.” – Mr Woolfe

Mr Woolfe finishes explaining a question on the board.
“Was that good or was that good?” – Mr Woolfe
“What?” – Julian

“Well this ones were nice and easy.
Wait a minute I got it wrong.
Woolfedog what have you done?
Oh I’m a silly goat I forgot the two.” – Mr Woolfe

“Do you think Bill is a incarnation of your son?” – Julian
“Well Bill’s brain works at a billion miles an hour.” – Mr Woolfe
“At those speeds you get length contraction (physics special relativity)” – Julian
“You know Bill’s brain is very small because of length contraction.” – Julian

“Stamp them(anti-derivatives) under your specialist feet.” – Mr Woolfe *Starts stomping*

The Cambridge text book severely stuffed up the order of the antidiff chapter, making it harder for students to understand.
“Cambridge specialist twits you’ve been smoking. This is the stupid ridiculous Cambridge textbook. This is all Cambridge’s fault for combining these two concepts into one exercise. They’re the ones who are smoking.” – Mr Woolfe

Shout out to the greatest soccer square partner you could have, James O’Neil!

English SAC
Miss McClimens gave us Minties again because apparently peppermint stimulates brain functions.

“How do you use a dictionary?” – Tiffany

After School
“I’m here to fight you.” – Makar to Mrs Mason
“Go ahead.” – Mrs Mason
I’ll just leave it at that. This time you can guess the context!
Also Mrs Mason said she’d bake a cake for our chemistry class tomorrow.

I think Mrs Mason and Mrs Higgins were talking about my blog while Mr Chapman was in her office when he overheard them talking.
Mr Chapman steps into the common room from Mrs Mason’s office.
“Have I been mentioned in your blog before?” – Mr Chapman
“Yes.” – Joseph
Some people overhear.
“Don’t take the blog away.” “It’s the reason I go to school everyday.” “The blog brings inspiration to my life.” – people
(sorry I wasn’t really paying attention to all of this and everything was a blur)

“You need to feature Mr Chapman in your blog.” – Mrs Higgins

“I’m strong, athletic and good looking.” – Mr Chapman
Totally agree.

Love Joseph.

Day 41: Missing

30/03/17 Thursday 5:55pm
It’s almost the end of Term 1!

Methods 0
Mrs Mason walks into our class for 3 seconds.
“Ask Mr Wong to bake you a pie.” – Mrs Mason

“I use pens to draw graphs.” – Joseph
Mr Wong did not seem impressed.

Kathryn pointed out a mistake Mr Wong had made on the board.
“Yeah, you’re right.” – Mr Wong
“Did you hear the despair in his voice when he said ‘You’re right?” – Calvin
“It wasn’t despair. I made a deliberate mistake.” – Mr Wong

“You know I sponsored a kid from World Vision. He wrote me a letter saying he was an Arsenal supporter, so I stopped funding him.” – Makar
“I’m serious I can show you the letter.” – Makar
“That sounds so bad. – Joseph
“Of course it’s bad, he’s an Arsenal supporter.” – Makar

“I don’t want a shout out I want to be featured in your blog.” – Janelle

Mr Woolfe reads the DNS.
“11S is doing a fundraiser selling chips and nuggets so please come destroy your health.” – Mr Woolfe

Makar starts talking to Mark while Mr Woolfe is speaking.
“Listen you windbags..” – Mr Woolfe

The bell rings.
“Make yourself sick for the India Preschool Fundraiser.” – Mr Woolfe
“Always full of positivity Mr Woolfe.” – Mrs Mason
“About KFC of course.” – Mr Woolfe

Physics 1
Darren wasn’t here today. He didn’t miss much anyways.

Chemistry 2
“You’re getting your SACS back now.” – Mrs Mason
“It’s time to fight, I’m going to give her a left, right, goodnight.” – Makar

“You know what? I’m done with the school. I’m going to sell oil for the rest of my life.” – Makar

“I don’t care about VCAA. They’re spaz.” – Makar

Makar explains to Mrs Mason about the validity of his results to try get an extra mark.
“It’s time to fight. Nice clothing by the way.” – Makar
Mrs Mason takes a look at his paper.
“No.” – Mrs Mason
“I like biology now.” – Makar


Congratulations to, Mason, Jenny, Ashlee, Adam, Nathan, Chelsea, Sun Sun, Jonathan, Asiah, Derek, Jethro, Isaac, Prisca and Jack Murley for performing great pieces of music for us today. Shout out to Mr George!

“I know you can all sing.” – Mr George

Infront of Jezz and I, there were 5 Year 7 boys sitting in the span of 3 seats. They kept moving around and talking; it was pretty distracting. When they continued to muck around, good old Mr Davidson did the right thing and told them off and moved one of them to a different spot.

Kathryn introduces the next performer.
“Sun Sun…”
She is immediately interrupted by a thunderclap of applause from the audience.

PS: Shout out to James O’Neill because I spelt his name wrong yesterday lol.
PPS: Miss McClimens has an awesome photo you guys should see!

Day 42: The cake has arrived. (Season 1 Finale)

31/3/17 Friday 4:20pm
How fitting for the last day of the month to be the last day of Term 1. I’ll start blogging again when school reopens. Or perhaps something may pop up in the holidays.


Mr Wong is going back to Hong Kong.
“Thankfully I’m not Chinese. He’s gone to Hong Kong to get married again.” – Mr Woolfe

Mikala came into our homeroom to collect the donations.
“We got told if you didn’t bring two dollars you’ll be ripping off the Indian preschools.” – Mikala
“Just like how Jonas got ripped off in Mexico.” – Mrs Mason

“Verse 3 of our scripture says to restore our soul.” – Mrs Mason
“Mr Woolfe knows about taking care of your soul.
No KFC” – Mrs Mason
“No KFC.” – Mr Woolfe

“Forty dollars for bathers?” Mr Woolfe mumbled.
Mr Woolfe swipes right on his iPad.
“That’s ridiculous.” – Mrs Mason

“What are you going to do on the holidays Aidan?” – Mrs Mason
“Uhhh watch YouTube..” – Aidan
“What can you even watch on YouTube?” – Mrs Mason
“You can learn how to fix things around your house on YouTube.” – Mr Woolfe
“When I open YouTube I don’t know what to do” – Mrs Mason
“You can look at any of my 400 mathematical videos I’ve uploaded.” – Mr Woolfe

“What are you going to do on the holidays Micah?” – Mrs Mason
“I’m going to conquer the world.” – Micah
Micah first step was to sit on three chairs which are stacked vertically
“Are you starting by sitting on three chairs?” – Mrs Mason
Micah gives the thumbs up.
The bell rings. Micah starts to dismantle his throne.
“Let’s pray while Micah unconquers the world.” – Mrs Mason


“Where’s Iain Ding?” – Mrs Cho
“He’s at home sleeping.” – David Lee

Iain walks into the classroom and the class cheers for him.
“Ding you sit here. Julian you sit next to Ding.” – Mrs Cho

“I have double physics then double free. My holidays have already begun.” – Julian

“Why can’t we choose our own groups?” – Darren
“Because they’ll be a lot of trouble.” – Mrs Cho
“As is trouble with the average?” – Darren
“Yeah.” – Mr Mason

“What’s a physics prac normally like?” – Julain
“It’s on projectile motion.” – Darren
“At least someone was listening” – Mrs Cho
“Julian.” – The class jeers
“At least I know how to listen.” – David
“David you listen, but still no pass?” – Julian

“I think a couple you just need to realise there’s only 6 months left.” – Mrs Cho

Anonymous is playing games in physics.
“I don’t want anyone to know I’m playing games in physics.” – Anonymous

Mrs Cho gave out chocolate Easter eggs for our class during the break.
“I’m allergic to chocolate so can I get my own food?” – Darren
“Yeah sure. I didn’t know you were allergic to chocolate.” – Mrs Cho
Darren comes back with 2 boxes of sushi. He’s not allergic to chocolate.

Mrs Cho keeps addressing Iain as ‘Ding’.
“Ding? Iain. Not Ding.” – Mrs Cho to herself while offering Iain an Easter egg.

There is a lot of ‘informal discussion’ in class.
“I’m very sure that some of you are going to make mistakes. I know this because these people are not listening and will be penalised for it.” – Mrs Cho


“In Year 7 Mr Wong made us watch a death row documentary for our ‘class party.’ There was blood and stuff, it was disgusting.” – Jesse

“I’ll explain particle collision theory it this way. Recall back to the Year 10 Formal. So you have boys on one side and girls on the other. Micah what’s with that face? You need to collide with the correct orientation. So when you collide with someone head-on, you look into their eyes and then love at first sight. If you collide back to back, wrong orientation so no reaction. So if you’re running around keen and excited, you’ll collide with enough energy and enough collisions and couples will be formed.” – Mrs Mason

“Whats wrong with this computer? It always restarts when I use it.” – Mrs Mason bangs on the keyboard with frustration

The computer shuts down while Mrs Mason is mid-sentence explaining more about the rate of chemical reactions.
“Do we want cake?” – Mrs Mason
“Since Joseph needs to eat more vegetables, I baked a carrot cake for you guys.” – Mrs Mason
“Why can’t you just make another cake.” – Anton
“Why am I met with criticism when I take time to bake a cake for all of you? Anton, I feel for your children. One day they’ll get back home and say ‘I scored a 95% on the test’ and you’ll reply ‘Why didn’t you get 98%.’” – Mrs Mason

Mrs Mason starts cutting and handing out the cake.
“Anyone allergic to anything?” – Mrs Mason
“I’m allergic to food. I photosynthesise.” – Makar

“Neil that was almost a knife to your face.” – Mrs Mason when handing our the cake.

“The more you learn, the less you understand. Neil’s doing it right.”
“Micah are you listening to this? This is how you can conquer the world.” – Mrs Mason

Makar says something very interesting about career advisers.
“Makar, Mrs Higgins is a careers advisor.” – Mrs Mason
“Wait don’t put that in your blog, I like Mrs Higgins.” – Makar

“If we lower P values we can have less spaztic VCAA…” – Makar
“Makar.” – Mrs Mason
“I don’t like VCAA.” – Makar

“What do you call something if it’s to the power of something?” – Makar
“To the power of.” – Julian
“Sorry, we haven’t gotten to powers in Further.” – Makar

“Julian do you still take ADHD pills?” – Makar
“No I don’t need to.” – Julian
“I can tell.” – Makar

Here are some thoughts if Makar was a doctor.
“If your patient stays sick you can get money.” – Makar
“Knock Knock. Who’s there? You have cancer.” – Makar
“Do you still take cancer pills? No? I can tell.” – Makar

Talk goes back onto the topic of particle collision theory.
“Special relativity. If you’re moving faster everything else is moving slower.” – Joseph
“That’s why when you meet the love of your life they say time moves more slowly. Special relativity.” – Mrs Mason

“We don’t do this at Waverley, but back to the Year 10 Formal: A catalyst would be like lowering your standard of acceptability, which would make you more likely when you collide into someone to go ‘ooh hello’ because you’ve lowered your standards.” – Mrs Mason
“Does that mean alcohol is a catalyst?” – Makar
“Yes, but as I said, we don’t do this in Waverley.”

Micah was balancing his pens and David toppled them down.
“Why did you do that?” – Micah
“I’ve never seen Micah so fired up before.” – Mrs Mason
“It’s beautiful.” – Micah

“I’ve had enough of English, I’m going back to Chinese.” – Makar

“I’m sad.” – Joanna
“Why are you sad?” – Mrs Mason
“Because there’s a small rip on my chemistry book.” – Joanna
“That’s sad.” – Mrs Mason

We ended the lesson by watching some of our previous projects we made throughout secondary. (Mythbusters, Sree years, some media trailers)

PS: Thanks to Prisca for spotting all these spelling errors in my blog last night.
PPS: I think James wants another shout out
PPPS: Thank you all for supporting the first season of my blog.
PPPPS: This post is exactly 1200 words long.