Day 43-54

Day 43: Not About Eve

19/4/17 Wednesday 6:34pm
Welcome to Season 2 of the blog. Hopefully it will be more legit than Eve
Harrington. Today’s post is all over the place like Margo Channing.

Glen Waverley Station
I arrived at Glen Waverley Station at 9:10am and saw Iain and the Chua brothers. “Are you taking this train?” I asked.
“We’ll take the next train.”
“Won’t you be late?”
“Everyone else will be late.” – Ethan Dillon Iain
5 minutes later they changed their minds and they walked onto our carriage.

Andrew takes a look around on the train.
“Everyone looks so dead. No one is smiling. Should get them to smile.” – Andrew

“Hern’s probably going to be late. When we were driving I still saw him waiting at the bus stop. Also there was a crash on High Street Road so he’s definitely going to be late.” – Me

I was mingling around Federation Square after getting my name marked off.
Miss van Hulst noticed me.
“Are you in my class?” Miss van Hulst asked me.
I put my hands on my hips and look confused. “No!”

Anton can almost solve a 5×5 Rubiks cube.

I returned a pacer that I took from Jonas from Term 1.

Micah has an amazing haircut. It’s sharper than his English skills.

“Yay are you going to do a blog post today? I miss your blog.” – Danielle
“Yeah me too.” – Me

We head into the cinema.
“Please no talking, we aren’t at the cinemas watching The Fate of the Furious.” – Miss van Hulst

Burn of the day:
“What I want to go after, I go after, I don’t want it to come after me.” – Bill Sampson

Someone fell asleep and was about to start snoring during the lecture but was abruptly woken up by the person beside him.

We finished at 2:15 which was early.

The award of Ultimate Wingman of 2017 goes to Julian Yeoh for the most amazing play of the day.

I ordered a Mocha Frappe from McDonalds. What I received was the worst paid drink I’ve had in my life. The ice was not even crushed properly so when drank it half the cup was still filled with small ice cubes.

However I ate some Cheeky Nandos with the Concert Band Captain. It was nice.

Melbourne Central – train back
Here is a conversation I overheard from a bunch of MHS students on the way back to Glen Station from the city.

“So many people do chem…As long as you don’t get bogged down in the homework you’ll get like 42. I’m aiming for 50.” – Person 1

“I thought physics was gonna be in my top 4 but now I’m tired. I’m just gonna get a 40.” – Person 2
“Hmm..electrolytic cells would be spontaneous. Displacement reactions don’t even technically exist.” – Person 2

“In spesh there was a question like graph the graph of sin inverse (x) cos inverse (x) and using all these formulas they eventually cancel out to equal 1.
But then there’s more bait because it’s inverse sine so it’s more like problem solving s*** and if you can’t see it you’re ****ed.” – Person 1

PS: #letmarkracekierancrosscountry2017

Day 44: False Start/15 seconds too soon

20/4/17 Thursday 5:29pm
Well done to everyone who finished under 20 minutes. Shoutout to James for calling Makar out who was trying to sneak a quote into the blog about the sun not having rays.

I’m sure there’s no rule we learnt in Year 7 about having students in the science lab without a teacher.

I contemplate whether to put on my house badge.
“I don’t want to poke a hole into my jumper.” – Joseph
“Just glue it.” – Micah

“Can I say how much I hate Pearson and IT?” – Mrs Mason
“No you can’t.” – Joseph

“It’s stupid we already know what’s going to happen. Calcium carbonate powder vs calcium carbonate unpowdered.” – Nick
Makar takes a look at the materials at the front.
“One molar vs two molar? It’s pretty sad.” – Makar
“I’ve waited 5 years for this prac. Now’s my chance” – Makar

“Did you here about my story at the train station yesterday?
I was at Glen Waverley Station looking for a toilet so I walked into a café and asked whether I could use their toilet.
The guy said, “No.”
I thought to myself,  ‘like THIS GUY! Like really man you wanna fight.’” – Micah

“Micah’s in the toilet cause he has a stomach ache.” – Joseph
“Was chemistry that bad? Yes?” – Mrs Mason

“Are you going to hashtag let Mark Davies win?” – Khyl
“How about hashtag no.” – Makar

Miss McClimens tells the best stories. I wish I could put them all in here but there’s just too much dialogue for me to remember. English is always amazing.

Mr Woolfe bought his collared shirt for $3.
How we know? We noticed that the price tag was still on his shirt. He then ripped it off.
“It’s from Kmart.”What a bargain!” – Mr Woolfe

Mr Woolfe tells us about some of the details of our SAC
“Sorry to scare you with this we’re supposed to be happy.”

Mr Woolfe goes over some revision.
“Is this coming back? Like indigestion?”

“If you haven’t ran a long distance in a while, don’t run so fast because you might get sick and vomit. Mr Woolfe is concerned with his students health and wellbeing Mr Woolfe is a shepherd and his students are his sheep.” – Mr Woolfe

“Can’t you use the method that we learnt in the previous chapter?” – Julian
“You could try, but you can come see me for counselling after you have a mathematical freak out.” – Mr Woolfe to Julian

Period 3
Someone spilt milk on Mr Low’s desk.

Mr Carter showed off his rolling pin to me.
“If anyone gets in my way in cross country…” *swing* – Mr Carter

Cross Country
Mr Hodge announced, “You can’t finish the course in under 20 minutes if you walk.”
However, last year he announced the someone proved that it was possible to walk the course in under 20 minutes because they did that.
I went up to him and told him off.
I was that someone.

Bill came fifth for cross country.
“How are you going to get a 50 for spesh then?” – Mr Chapman to Bill

“You didn’t post in the holidays because you needed a break or something. But yesterday I got an email saying that you posted. I thought to myself, ‘Yay school is back.’” – Mr Chapman to me
“You deserve a 50 for English because of your blog. But you won’t get a 50.” – Mr Chapman
Some heroes don’t wear capes.

I start walking out of the study centre.
“Have you uploaded your blog yet?” – Tiff
“No,” – Joseph
“You better do it soon. It’s the highlight of my day.” – Tiff
Shoutout to Tiff for doing a handspring.

PS: #markwasdogged

Day 45: Formal

21/04/17 6:03pm
Yay its the end of the first week back already. I hope you all have a good weekend. Btw shoutout to Jayden Lee.

IT (recess)
I walked into Mr Hallworth’s IT 3&4 class.
“Can I have my old class back? I need to tie my students hans to the keyboard so they start typing an stop talking. All this class does is talk dribble.” – Mr Hallworth

There were some careless mistakes in the physics SAC.
“Instead of squaring x I square rooted x.” – Bill
“Bill you square rooted x? You square root your study score.” – Makar

I start walking to chemistry.
“Joseph come here.” – Harry Paik
I walked over to Harry
“What do you call a black astronaut?” – Harry
I shrug my shoulders.
“An astronaut. Why are you racist? He’s black but he’s still an astronaut. We’re not defined by race. He’s an astronaut.” – Harry
I look over and I’m not sure what to say.
“Harry. Don’t define people by their career. You just see him as an astronaut. I look at people’s heart and not their career.” – Joseph

“Back to Year 10 Formal…” – Mrs Mason
“Mrs Mason do you really want to go to the Year 10 Formal?” – Makar
“No I’ve been to enough of them. I’ve already found my partner.” – Mrs Mason
“What do you think of the Year 10 Formal?” – Nick
“I want to stick myself in the eye with a fork.” – Mrs Mason

Mrs Mason went on to use the analogy of the Year 10 Formal to explain rate of reactions. (I wish I could have written all of it down)

We take a look at the reaction rate curve.
“How do I draw it without a ruler?” – Makar
“You don’t need a ruler to draw a curve.” – Mrs Mason

“…and it stays the same.” – Mr Wong
“You know what else stays the same? Your trophies on Clash Royale.” – Julian

“I take a look around the class and I’m quite worried for you guys because you really need to learn to use the CAS better.” – Mr Wong

Me and Julian call Mr Wong over for some help. Actually it was more to test his knowledge.
“What’s this?” we point to “sign(x)” which is written on the paper.
“Thats modulus, its sign x.”
“No its not Mr Wong, its signum(x). You’re wrong!” – Julian and Joseph

Mr Woolfe was explaining how short intensive exercise is better than long distance running.
“You all look dead from cross country.” – Mr Woolfe
Yeah I’m a bit tired as well, hence lots missing.

PS: Thanks for Jonas for giving me a haircut today. I’m writing this from his house now lol.

Day 46: Concise

24/4/2017 Monday 5:50pm
I left the sheet where I wrote the quotes in my locker. Perhaps I’ll post that sheet another time if I get round to it.

“Have you marked our physics SACs?” I asked Mrs Cho.
“Yes,” Mrs Cho replied.
“How did David do in his physics SAC?” asked James.
“It’s really bad,” – exclaimed Mrs Cho with a serious expression.
Out of nowhere, quite randomly, David walks towards us and joins the conversation.
“Mrs Cho-”
“David!” Mrs Cho pretends to whack him on the head with a metre ruler that she’s holding.

Some kid ran into me and made me drop half my pie.

David Lee ripped his pants while playing soccer square.

We needed a logbook so a lot of people went out of class to go ask Mrs Mason for one because we heard that she had some exercise books left over from chemistry.
I jumped into her office. “Boo!” I exclaimed.
Mrs Mason handed out the exercise book to me. I grabbed it.
“Wait a minute,” Mrs Mason pulling the exercise book out of my hands.
“Say: May I have the exercise book please,” requested Mrs Mason.
“Actually I don’t need one, thanks.” I replied.
I hear a surprised cry from Mrs Masons office while I bolted out of the common room.

PS: Shoutout to Allen because he gave me one of his chicken fingers.

Day 47: Eleven minus three equals nine

26/04/17 Wednesday 5:09pm
Methods SAT today. Wasn’t too hard. Quite a number of things today so I trimmed it down.

Pre-Period 0
Mr Bawden walks into the common room.
“Are there any mice in here?” – Mr Bawden
Yes there was a mouse in the common room on Monday morning.

Shoutout to Jesse and Talia for bringing food for our class! Egg free classroom? Nah what are you talking about.
Mrs Brockwell (Not sure of spelling) took our class because Miss McClimens was away.

We looked outside and saw the flooded Blink Creek.
“Did anyone have to paddle across the new river?” – Mrs Brockwell

“People normally aren’t this late.” – Joseph
“It’s because they all parked on that side. Nobody brought their bathers.” – Mrs Brockwell

“Are you excited to see me or the food?” – Jesse

Maddie opens the juice, closes it, then shakes the bottle.
“Aren’t you meant to shake it before you open it?” – Joseph
“Not everyone has a brain like you Joseph.” – Maddie

House Meetings
“As you all know we came 4th in cross country.” – Joseph
There is clapping and cheering. Umm…Hooray.

Someone starts talking while Mr Woolfe is speaking.
“Why are you speaking when I’m speaking? Because you’re a sinful young man. But I’ll forgive you.” – Mr Woolfe

No one responds to Mr Woolfe’s questions.
“Are you listening? Wake up Australia.” – Mr Woolfe

Mr Woolfe takes a look at what Edwin is eating.
“What’s in that? I thought you ate kimchi all the time.” – Mr Woolfe
“Yeah it’s got kimchi in that.” – Edwin

Mr Woolfe asks another question and no one responds.
“Everyone seems particularly dead today. Oh well. What a shame.” – Mr Woolfe

“My whiteboard marker isn’t working.” *throws it into the bin* “Go into the bin and die.” – Mr Woolfe

“Is that all you care about? Soccer square.” – Mr Wong to Jonas

“Are you going to study for the Methods SAC or play soccer square?” – Joseph to Jasheel
“Play soccer square.” – Jasheel

Lunch (Soccer Square)
James asked Mr Hoang what he thought of David Lee.
“He’s a fruit loop.” – Mr Hoang

X got told off by Mr Carter for eating his fried rice on the oval. So X put his lunch to the side of the circle in the centre of the oval.
Some kid kicked a soccer ball into X’s lunch. It went flying everywhere.
“Why did you kick it over? Are you going to pay for my lunch?” – X
Mr Carter comes over and asks X to clean it up, bringing a bucket and tongs.
X spent the whole lunch time using tongs to transfer his rice into a bucket.
After the bell went, X went to go pick up his lunch, and knocked it over again, spilling more rice onto the oval.

Methods SAC
I asked Bill for a pencil.
“I use pen not pencil. If Mr Carter takes marks off me, I sue the school.” – Bill
30 seconds later I hear him ask Jeff for a pencil. Yeah good joke Bill.

Most people found Paper 1 quite easy. Someone still hasn’t done the SAT so I can’t talk about it. 11 minus 3 equals 9 though. James can tell you all about that.

After School
I went to Mrs Mason to ask about whether I could not help with touring people for Open Day during Period 1 because I had a physics SAC prac on.
“Also, I haven’t thought of my Year 12 quote yet.” – Joseph
“Joseph-” – Mrs Mason
“They asked me for a Year 12 quote, I couldn’t deliver.” – Joseph
“I won’t allow you to put that as your quote.” – Mrs Mason
“How about, ‘Mrs Mason didn’t allow me to put my Year 12 quote.’”

We walked over to Mr Chapman and he was fine with me going to physics.
I asked for what to say to parents when giving them a tour of the school.
“Don’t tell them you got a 48 for IT and didn’t do any work.” – Mrs Mason
“But I’m just telling the truth.” – Joseph
“Well there are two kinds of truth, selective truth and-” – Mr Chapman
I forgot what he said after, but I’m sure he’s a very smart and honest person.

Day 48: Elephants

27/04/17 Thursday 4:51pm
There’s career games on the careers website.

Methods Period 0
Too bad I was sitting too far away to catch one of the most amazing conversations. There’s more to this so you can go ask Julian himself.
“Are elephants herbivores or carnivores?” – Julian
“Why do you want to know?”
“Because they can’t eat animals by their trunk.” – Julian
“That’s their nose Julian, they use it to pick up stuff.”
“But how else do they chew?” – Julian
“How else? Using their teeth.”
“But elephants only have two teeth.” – Julian
“They’re tusks not teeth Julian.”

Open Day
I took a group of two Asian ladies around the secondary wing, telling them about the pro’s of the school and explaining what each of the rooms were.
Most of the time they were speaking to each other in Chinese.
“Do you have any questions?” I asked at the end.
“No, our English is not very good.”

At the end of Open Day, Calvin brought a tray of scones from the Food Studies room.
Instantly everyone ran over to Calvin, and the tray was empty in less than 7 seconds.
“Now you have a taste of your own medicine.” – Jonas

I walked into the common room.
“Hi Joseph!” – Janelle
I look at Janelle.
“See, look I’m going to be in the blog today.” – Janelle

“Is Ding here?” – Mrs Cho
The class laughs.
“Ding is easier to say. I also have a friend called Ding.” – Mrs Cho

“Stop holding my hand Dillon.” – Nick

“And we can thank the student leaders for making Open Day run smoothly this year.” – Mrs Singh
People start clapping.
“You can stop clapping now.” – Mrs Singh

Mrs Higgins goes up to speak.
“Because Mr Bawden is not here today, we have the next best thing.” – Mrs Higgins
“Sorry, what did you say?” – Mrs Singh jokingly
“Don’t worry I’m just kidding.” – Mrs Higgins

“That group of boys are so annoying. Maybe I should move someone.” – Mrs Higgins
“Mark..Mark…. Mark…” – group of boys
“I was going to say Mark too.” – Mrs Higgins

“There’s also a hair beauty seminar.” – Mrs Higgins
“Mark.” – Makar
“Not for Mark, Jonathan. Maybe for you.” – Mrs Higgins

“I can’t hear you.” – Maddie
“Have some respect.” – Makar
“Maybe if you boys-” – Mrs Higgins
“Mark.. Mark…” – group of boys
“Good luck world with you guys next year.” – Mrs Higgins

“If you have a scholarship and don’t want the money, I’m more than happy to take the money.” – Mrs Higgins

Jasheel goes up to explain the Year 12 video.
“We’re not in any way, going to be mocking the school.” – Jasheel
“Awww….” – bunch of people from the audience

Ethan and Jacob were sharing a seat in Chapel.

“Nice blog. Can I have a shoutout?” – Sarah Lee
Shoutout to Sarah for asking for a shoutout.

We had special guests Josh and Mel.
Josh asks for Mikala’s snapchat username.
“We’re going to see every snapchat that Mikala has ever sent.” *pause* “Just kidding.” – Josh

“Anyone here heard of MySpace?” – Josh

“I’m not saying all the kids in Wantirna are paedophiles and are fake facebook accounts.” – Josh

“Stop ‘awwwwing’. You’re the weirdest school I’ve ever been to. You’re acting like a bunch of 13 year old girls.” – Josh

Study Free
Some people during their methods break came in and typed this:
Hello everyone
<!–?php Echo “Jeff is the best”; ?
Hello I am Ian Jet Ding I own the Ipad in the common room
(By the way Jeff, your code actually stuffs up the formatting of the blog.)

“I ate 3 scones in the span of 5 minutes.” – Obed

After School
Julian and I were talking to Mrs Cho about our physics scores.
“You’re overconfident and make careless mistakes. But keep trying because you have the brains for it.” – Mrs Cho to Julian

Sarah Lee was squating next to a guitar case on her mobile phone.
“Put this on your blog.” – Jayden Lee
“No don’t.” – Sarah
I start walking off.
“I’ve been telling all the Year 10’s to read your blog.” – Jayden
“I love your blog.” – Sarah

Day 49: Image

28/04/17 Friday 5:45pm
Fact of the day: Chickens don’t sweat.

We were talking about what happened in chapel yesterday.
“I’ve never been sexted. I’m not sure that I’m a good candidate. I’ve never sent a sext or recieved a sext in my life. Am I clean then?” – Mr Woolfe

What could be worse than a chemistry pun?
“A circular function is a meeting in a round building.” – Mrs Mason

Julian drew a portrait of himself on the CAS calculator. Mr Wong was not impressed.
“There are self portraits that are appropriate and self portraits that are not appropriate. This is what the policeman said you shouldn’t send.” – Mr Wong

Specialist Maths
This post has more sentences than the percentage I’m going to get on my spesh test today.

After School
I went to Mrs Mason’s office because I haven’t given her my Year 12 quote.
I told her I was out of ideas. Here were some of the suggestions:
“Be unpredictable as a knight and have the potential of a pawn.” – Julian
“Cheeky Nandos with the ensemble captain.” – Mrs Mason
Currently my quote is: ” ”

“Don’t be hanging around this young man if you care about your reputation.” – Miss Van Hulst to Praba (Person on lockup duty).

PS: Enthusiastically saying “Hello!” to me doesn’t mean you’ll be featured in….wait what?

Day 50: Decreasing

1/05/17 Monday 6:23pm
My Methods score wasn’t too bad.

Today we got our Language Analysis SACs back.
“Any other questions?” – Miss McClimens
“Is there a redemption SAC?” – Maddie

“I doubled my score!” – Julian

Mrs Mason wasn’t here today.

“Its increasing, not decreasing, but the book says its decreasing.” – Makar to Ethan
“Yeah, yeah probably.” – Ethan
Makar then goes to check with Micah to confirm.
“Yeah I think it’s increasing.” – Micah
“The book is wrong. VCAA!!!” – Makar shouts
“VCAA didn’t even write the book.” – Nick
“It doesn’t mean I don’t have a right to be angry with them.” – Makar
“You’re always angry with VCAA.” – Jesse

“I bet you Ethan just copied the answers. I bet you 100% that he wrote decreasing.” – Makar
“Nah, I did them all legit. Take a look.” – Ethan
We gather around flick through Ethan’s book to check his answer.
What do you know, his answer was “decreasing.”
“Very disappointing in you Chuman.” – Makar

“I’m pleasantly surprised in how well our class did for the SAT.” – Mr Wong

Mr Wong came over to help someone with one of the questions.
Somehow, Julian was so excited that he crashed into Mr Wong when getting up from his seat.

“I found a new way to wear my tie without doing up my top button.” – X shows his tie
“You still can see it undone.” – Jasheel
“I walked past Mr Chapman 5 times today and he didn’t even notice.” – X
“Mr Chapman isn’t even here today.” – Jasheel

Shoutout to Bill Jiang who has to eat his laptop.

Mrs Cho picked up one of the group’s boxes which had “Physics Prac King”, “Clash King”, and “Sleeping King” written on it.
“Sleeping King?” – Mrs Cho
“You don’t even need to guess who it is.” – Julian
“Iain-” – Mrs Cho

After School (4:45pm)
Anton and I are the only ones left in the common room. Anton looks into Mrs Mason’s office and see that Mrs Higgins is still here.
“Why are you still here?” – Anton, opening the door
“Don’t ask.” – Mrs Higgins
I jump into her office.
“I will ask! Why are you still here Mrs Higgins?!”
“Oh no he’s going to record everything I say.” – Mrs Higgins

Tip Of the Day: Don’t give Mrs Higgins scissors because if you’re not listening to her while she’s speaking to you she’ll cut your earphones.

Day 51: Happiness

2/5/17 Tuesday 4:33pm
Fact of the day: I got rank 15/15 for the most recent spesh test.

Before Snack
“I love your blog.” – Joanna Zhang. Shoutout to Joanna Zhang.

“I’m pretty happy.” – Mr Wong, who didn’t look happy
“You don’t look happy.” – Kathryn
“It doesn’t have to be peacefully happy.” – Mr Wong

“If you drew it like this, it’s still okay. But if it doesn’t even connect, I’m disappointed.” – Mr Wong

“Tyndale people stop talking about Tyndale. We don’t care.” – Mr Wong

“Did you know I drew a badminton racket on my CAS?” – Julian
“Wow.” – Mr Wong, very unenthusiastically

Soccer Square
Shoutout to Calvin for an amazing kick which sent Makar falling to the ground.
Shoutout to Ben Roe who almost ended up being thrown into one of the rubbish bins.

Julian walks over to the rubbish bin the the corner to sharpen his pencil.
“What’s Julian up to now? He’s paying homage to the rubbish bin.” – Mr Woolfe

“Julian stop talking. If I get this question wrong I’m blaming you.” – Mr Woolfe.
Mr Woolfe then gets the question wrong.
“Mr Woolfe is human too.” – Mr Woolfe

PS: Posts will probably get shorter due because I better start paying attention in class to content that’s actually related to the curriculum.

Day 52: Matt Week

3/5/17 Wednesday 6:56pm
Shoutout to Matt Wo because it’s “Matt Week!”

X walks in late.
“You should be getting a detention, but I’ll take pity on you,” grumbled Mr Woolfe.
“I take pity on everyone as well,” Darren said to me.

“The calculator takes a long time to process graphing these integrals,” advised Mr Woolfe, “It’s nice to make the calculator suffer.”

Before House Meetings
“I keep getting told by Jayden to read your blog,” Mr Hallworth told me, “Maybe I should read it.”

“This drink has apple, avocado, zucchini, cucumber…” Miss McClimens held up a bottle of dark green liquid.
“Disgusting,” Julian asserted, “It looks like sewerage water.”

“Every week we’ll pull a name out of the jar and whoever’s name gets pulled out is their “special week”. So we can all do something special for them. For example make them a hot chocolate in the common room. They’ll be the princes and princesses of the week,” said Miss McClimens.
“Miss McClimens is the cure for depression,” commented Julian.

Miss McClimens pulled Matt Wo’s name out of the jar.
“It’s all about Matt! It’s Matt Week!” said Miss McClimens in an excited tone.

Miss McClimens calls O119 the ‘Horrid Animal Room’.

PE Department
Julian and I went to Mr Hodge to try switch from Tennis into Table Tennis. Darren happened to be there.
“How is table tennis going to be run this year?” Darren asked.
“On tables,” replied Mr Hodge.

“How are you Matt?” asked Mrs Mason to Matt Wo
“Pretty good-” replied Matt.
“I GO TO HOGWARTS!!!” exclaimed Micah Wong.
“Sorry, I’m a bit deaf, can you repeat that again?” asked Mrs Mason.
“I GO TO HOGWARTS!!!” exclaimed Micah Wong.

“That’s my favourite calculator,” Mrs Mason passes a calculator to Obed, “If that goes missing, I’ll go on a rampage.”

“Where are these two losers?” Mr Hodge barges into our chemistry class, spots me, “There’s one of them. You’re in table tennis now.”

The school captain almost ran me over.

After School
Anton, Julian and I went to Eric’s house and played 29 sets of table tennis.

Shoutout to Calvin Hendoro – “IVE BEEN REFRESHING FOR THE PAST HOUR LEGIT” – 6:44pm

Day 53: Okami

4/5/17 Thursday 8:37pm
Soz I’m late and there’s basically nothing about school today.
Also, Happy Birthday to Mr Bawden!

Neil doesn’t show up to period zero.
“Does anyone know what Yi Fan is doing with his life?” – Mrs Mason

“How are you Matt?” – Mrs Mason
“I’m okay.” – Matt
“I’m okay.” – Micah
“Not on your way to Hogwarts?” – Mrs Mason asked Micah
“No I’m going to Buckingham Palace.” – Micah
“They call me Dora the explorer.” – Micah

“We should have a chemistry gauntlet where the lowest 5 SAC marks are kicked out of chemistry.” – Makar

Table Tennis
According to Mrs Raben and Mr Dekker, apparently the amazing Mr Hodge didn’t even change our names to table tennis, so we were still put down for tennis. We were almost kicked off the bus because Julian and I were considered an ‘extra’ team.
But shoutout to Joseph Makar and Daniel Georgy for swapping into tennis at the last minute so we could go play table tennis.

“Why are you relying on this person?” *points to Julian* “He signed you up for the wrong tennis. – Mr Hodge yesterday
Good one Mr Hodge. I can always rely on you to sign me up for the wrong tennis too.

Julian and I were robbed of second and came third in interschool table tennis. We only lost one game to Darren and David Lee because they’re just better than us.

“Today in spesh Mr Woolfe called me a mathematical machine.” – Bill Jiang
I asked him why.
“Because I finished 14 Specialist Paper 1 Practice Exams in one week.”

Okami Restaurant
A bunch of the boys went to Wantirna Mall for a Japanese buffet after doing some physics homework at Knox library.

10 seconds after sitting down, “Are you ready to order?” – Waiter
“Tea or beer?” – Waiter
“See in Chinese restaurants they don’t care about age, they care about money.” – X
However, since we’re all so good, we drank water.

To our surprise, we saw Mrs Chisholm walk into the restaurant. 2 minutes later, we saw Mr Leigh walk into the restaurant.

X kept pouring water into his cup even though his cup was full. None of us were sure what he was doing.
“It was full but I kept pouring.” – X
“X you drunk?” – A

We somehow over ordered and there’s a $15 surcharge for every 200g of wasted food. We had heaps of food left and didn’t know what to do.

Some ideas that were never carried out:
– Fill your mouth full of food and then go to the toilet and spit it out
– Chuck some under the table
– Wrap the food in the serviettes and put it into your pocket

X volunteered to finish a whole plate to teriyaki chicken.
X started putting pieces of chicken into his mouth.
“X! X! X! X! X!” we all chanted.
X ran out of the restaurant.
A few minutes later he came back in and started on the chicken again, this time finishing everything on the plate. “X! X! X! X! X!” we all chanted.
X ran out of the restaurant again. This time he didn’t come back for a very long time.
“I eat anymore chicken I die.” – X

We also played 5 rounds of paper scissors rock and whoever lost had to eat 5 pieces of chicken or 1 sushi.

Y lost and had to eat more sushi.
“I don’t like cucumber. It’s g*****m green! You see this? It’s disgusting! This green s***!” – Y
Obviously this person doesn’t like his green vegetables.

“This is really first world problems man.” – Z
In the end we finished all the food.

After that we ordered 26 scoops of icecream.

Day 54: Career

5/5/17 Friday 11:00pm
Well, it’s still Friday. For those who were panicking about seeing the blog stuck on Day 53: Okami, stop worrying, the blog is just a blog.

We were discussing how many hours we’ve driven and whether anyone has gotten their Ps.
“I haven’t got my Ls yet.” – Danielle
“You mean you failed the test.” – Mark

Joanna and I went to the Torrens University booth, where there was a cycling thing that’s used to make smoothies. We both made one.
“May I ask, what does the drink have to do with the uni?” I asked the lady serving us.
“Absolutely nothing,” the lady replied, “It’s to lure everyone in. It’s pretty effective isn’t it.”

Me and Cattermole walked over to the VCAA booth.
“Do you know how the scaling works?” I asked.
“I have no clue,” replied the lady and gentleman at the booth.
Looks like we’re in good hands.

This year they didn’t have as much free stuff compared to last year.

Bus back to school
The bus driver Terry, was absolutely smoking. He was giving out cigars left and right. (This is metaphoric)
Terry was giving out very interesting questions.
“And what’s the name of the guy who made it all possible?” – Terry
“Allah.” – Makar
“What’s your name?” – Terry
“Muhhamad Ackmed-” – Makar

Study Centre
The bridge of Anton’s nose started bleeding because he got hit in the head by a soccer ball.
Anton shows his nose to Mrs Mason.
“What happened Anton? Did you get into a fight? Who punched you? I’ll punch them back for you,” Mrs Mason exclaimed very passionately.
“It was soccer square,” I told Mrs Mason.
“That’s it I’m banning soccer square.” – Mrs Mason
Anton proceeds to put ice on his nose.
“No don’t put ice on it you’ll get a cold burn!” – Mrs Mason knocks the ice out of Anton’s hands.
Mr Chapman walks into the common room.
“What happened to you Anton?” – Mr Chapman
“I got punched by a black guy.” – Anton
“Really? At this school?” – Mr Chapman
“Just kidding, I was hit by a soccer.” – Anton
“A soccer ball? Was it black?” – Mr Chapman
“Stop being racist.” – Mr Chapman

“Thinking of changing career from being a teacher Mrs Singh?” Mr Chapman asked.
“No I’m too old for that,” replied Mrs Singh

“What are you gonna be?” Mr Chapman asked me.
“An electrical engineer,” I replied.
“What are you gonna be?” Mr Chapman asked Emanuel
“An IT guy,” Emanuel replied.
“What are you gonna be?” Mr Chapman asked Edward.
“Going into nursing,” Edward replied.
“What are you gonna be?” Mr Chapman asked Daniel Cattermole.
“IT help desk,” Cattermole replied.
“You don’t even need to go into uni for that! Even I could do that!” Mr Chapman immitates taking a phone call, “Hello? Yes. Turn it off and on again.”
“What are you gonna be?” Mr Chapman asked Emily
“I’m going to be in heaven,” replied Emily.
“Today?” Anton asked.

“What were you before you became a teacher?” we asked Mr Chapman
“A few things, I used to be a vet and performed surgeries,” replied Mr Chapman
“You don’t need a license for that?” – Anton
“Well no-” – Mr Chapman
“So you’re able to just cut up animals without a license?” – Joseph
“I was an assistant, so I was just helping out.” – Mr Chapman