Day 55 – 64


Day 55: Julian/Choung

8/5/17 Monday 8:12pm
The following first two pieces are written by Julian and David Choung, as I wasn’t here until Period 5&6 Physics.

“You can’t keep abusing your bodies like that, it’s just horrible!” – Mr Woolfe
“You are very sleepy.” – Micah
“I have debating, I’m going to die.” – Julian

“I’ve got a present for all of you guys! Guess what?” – Mr Woolfe
“A cup of coffee.” – Julian
“Last year’s practise sac papers!” – Mr Woolfe
The whole class groans.

“What’s a parametric curve?” – Julian
“A good example of it is PROJECTILE MOTION.” – Mr Woolfe
“I’m getting PTSD.” – Julian
“Bill Jiang was trying to tell me last night for about 30 minutes about why the formula for projectile motion is actually a circular function! But I was not having it!” – Mr Woolfe
“But it is a circular function…” – Julian
Mr Woolfe continues to ramble on about projectile motion.
“I got a circular function too…” – Micah
“I asked Mrs Cho this morning, and told her about how Bill found a circular function graph, and she said ‘OH NOOOOO!‘” – Mr Woolfe
I was so cooked I thought he was imitating David Lee for a second.
“I spend 8 hours last night doing this, please don’t tell me it’s not a circular function.” – Julian in a very dejected manner

“Aww, Josephs sick so there won’t be blog today” – Nick

“Matt week has come to an end.” – Miss McClimens
“Thank you all for making it special.” – Matt
“It’s Talia week!” – Matt as he pulls the stick out of the jar

“Who do you think is more dominant, Bill or Margo? You’re all right, they’re kinda equal.” – Miss McClimens
“They’re so weird.” – Maddy
“Are you serious.” – Danielle, who is done with how every minimal detail in the movie has a whole story of analysis behind it

X is snapchatting a funny punchline in All About Eve,
Bill to Eve: What will you have?
Margo: A milkshake?

Note from Julian: Everyone was absolutely cooked because majority of the class stayed up at night to do work; As a result the quality of jokes and banter has been reduced.

“My laptop died so I lost all my work.” – Ding
“You’re all g, there wasn’t any work to begin with.” – Julian
“My IQ is 10x higher than yours.” – Ding
“10 x 0 is still 0.” – Julian

“Is 180 degrees equal to pi?” – Hern
“You eat too much pie.” – Julian
For some reason everyone though it was funny, Ding laughed the loudest
“Shut up Ding you’re the last person who should be laughing.” – Hern
*even louder laughter*

“Julian why are you so spaz have you finished all your work or something?” – Ben
“Nah i’m just chill because I’ve given up a long time ago.” -Julian
Mrs Cho laughed.

Mrs Cho told us that the poster word count was one thousand words.
“Where’s Ethan?” – Julian
“He’s busy crying because he cant reduce his 5k words to 1k.” – Darren

“Mrs Cho. Where can I find what I need to do?” – David holding up the marking criteria
“What?” – Mrs Cho frowns and gives a very confused look to David.
“You’re holding it David.” – Joseph

“What do you think of our physics class?” – Matt Kaye
“I get a heart attack.” – Mrs Cho
“If your heart beats very fast time dilates so technically you will live longer.” – Y
“Ahhaha yes and I’ll grow shorter.” – Mrs Cho
“You cant grow any shorter because you’re already short.” – Y
The whole class goes crazy.
“Oh no… I’m not that short.” – Mrs Cho while laughing

“I have no clue what I’m doing.” – Julian, slightly confused about the criteria for the logbook
“You’re done!” – Joseph to Julian
“Yeah you are.” – Mrs Cho without even looking up from her desk

PS: I’m glad there wasn’t any Indians in Mr Woolfe’s method’s class today.
PPS: Shoutout Isaac because, “The blog is a thing.”
Also shoutout to Mak for giving me a dumpling.

Day 56: Calvin/Choung/Joanna (Sick Day 2.5)

9/5/17 Friday 5:48pm
I’m sad I wasn’t here for Julian’s debate. The following is from Calvin Hendoro, David Choung, and Joanna Ng.

CALVIN (Before school) 
X nearly decapitated an already injured Miss Chan with a frisbee.
‘Why did you do this X?’
X: ‘I don’t like her.’

CALVIN (Homeroom)
Overheard: ‘I just think the whole incest thing is weird.’

Mrs Tabone: “If you don’t come up with a better quote, you’ll be assigned a random scripture.”

CHOUNG (English)
Miss McClimens: “That’s Margo isn’t it?”
Class: “No…”

There’s a beeping noise.
Miss McClimens: “Its not going to be a bomb.”
Y: “Allahu akbar!!”

CALVIN (Chemistry)
Mrs Mason: “I always thought it was the chandelier’s principle.”
Mrs Mason: “See? Googling it changes it to the chandelier.”

Mrs Mason: “Tomorrow is our last day for revision, Ethan will do lots of revision, I mean Dillon.”

Julian: Mrs Singh rejected my quote
Mr Wong: “What was it?”
Julian: “I want to be so filled with Christ that when a mosquito bites me, it screams ‘there is power in the blood.’”
Mr Wong: “Yeah I agree, I would reject it too.”

Jonas: “What happened to Joey?”
Everyone: “He’s sick.”
Jonas: “What kind of sick?”
Mr Wong: “Something to do with his health.”

Mr Wong writes up displacement, velocity and acceleration on the board.
Matt Kaye: “Physics”
Everyone: “Oh…..Physics.”
Everyone starts mimicking David Lee.
Z: “Oh, David Lee might actually do well then.”

Mr Wong: “It will be helpful, I hope, at some point.”

Julian was also preoccupied with a more graphic interpretation of his self portrait from earlier.
Julian: “They’re artistic characters.”

Mr Wong: “Now tell me who hasn’t finished their homework 10 hands go up.”
Mr Wong: “Bad…Bad…Bad…Bad…”

Julian: “So, what’s the debating topic again? I want to prepare for tomorrow.”
Jasheel: “You do know it’s today right?”

Skip to debating at lunch:
*everyone cheers*

JOANNA (Methods)
Mr Woolfe asked Kieran to answer a question
Woolfe: C’mon love. Hit it! (To Kieran)
Everyone laughs.
Woolfe: Sorry I mean ‘mate’.

Mr Woolfe to the guys at the back of the class: “You peanuts!”
Furthermore they were really noisy at one point when it was time to do work.
Nick and Prisca were asking Mr Woolfe a question up the front and then he yelled,”LISTEN YOU PEANUTS AND SHUT UP!”

JOANNA (Chemistry)
Makar: “Have you guys read Harry Potter? Not that you should. But doesn’t Mrs Mason remind you of Professor McGonagall?”

And at the end there was one group who left their prac unpacked up a little
Mrs Mason asked Makar why he wasn’t helping his group clean up.
Makar: “I put all the stuff away. They’re just using my oxygen.

PS: May day is on Thursday and we better get our brownies  (Calvin)
PS: I wonder what it would be like for Mrs Mason to do a blog post (Joseph)

Day 57: Combo Pack

10/5/17 Wednesday 8:22pm

Joseph Wong
Been sick for a while, hopefully I’m well enough to come to school tomorrow. Well here it is. Thank you all so much for contributing today!

James O’Neill
We’re in English and Van Hulst is asking questions about Eve Harrington.
“What do you think of Eve’s figure and looks Mark?”
Without hesitation, ‘Oh she’s beautiful.’

They announced the debating topics for the finals, and seniors is whether
they should tighten the English speaking requirements to acquire a citizenship.
We all waved good-bye to David.

Adam Magrath
Assembly…poverty is a black and white issue.

Emanuel Soetjahjono
METHODS 3&4(This was yesterday)
Ethan got a question wrong at the start of the lesson. Later he asks him another question.
“Can you do it?” – Woolfe dog
Ethan doesn’t respond.
“Oh he’s no good, he’s gone off to the Meadows.”
“This is punishment for your sins.” – Hern
The class laughs.
“Alright then, C’mon Kieran, Hit it love. I mean mate.”
The class laughs harder.

Pamela Lee
This happened yesterday: I was told Mrs Singh wanted to see me because of my Year 12 quote and I thought it didn’t pass for some reason, but she went, “There’s no problem with it. I just wanted to say I feel sorry for you.”

Madeline Aulia
Joanna made cupcakes with whipped cream for Period 0 English and they were very yummy.

Joanna Ng
“I find that I get sleepy when I read the Bible, does that mean the devil doesn’t want me to read it?” – Julian
“It’s not the devil, it’s the Greek translation.” – Mr Woolfe

Jonathan Makar
Walking out of assembly Mark says, “The budget is a scam, the government just wants your money.”

Edward Lim
Iain ripped his pants yesterday.

Basically during EAL we got a break and Y was like “Whoooooo!,”
Then me and Z went downstairs from the library and hes like, “You know Y is like a dog? He gets excited when he gets released from class for a break.”
We then joked Y also liked chasing balls during soccer square.
Later on Y then howled like a dog in class.

David Choung
Julian said in the morning, “We have quadruple maths, Joseph is going to come.”

Danielle Hu
In methods Mr Boys (substitute teacher) kept writing answers with working out on the board and asked, “Has anyone done this? Is it right? How’s my working out?”
And no one cared or answered him.
A and B were whispering and teasing him the way they’d tease Mr Wong.
“He used y here and then f'(x) in the next line, wheres the consistency?”

Julian Yeoh
(Methods) Mr Woolfe came at the start of class and everyone was like “Mr Woofle ”
He was gonna sit next to David but there was no space, so he said, “It’s okay I still love you David, there’s just no room there.”
I said ,”But is there still room for us in your heart?”
“Of course!”
Danielle said, “He’s just like I dreamed.”

Mr Woolfe said he’d be there if anyone needed help but no one needed help, so the class was silent working for 15 mins, and when we started talking Mr Woolfe got angry at us and was like,” Can you guys please be quiet and do work, you have a sac next week for goodness sake.” And everyone went dead silent.

Jeff Hamilton
Period 0 computing was chill as always, very ‘productive’.

Eric Che
Miss Van Hulst: We have a period 0 tomorrow yay!
Everyone: *groans*
Miss Van Hulst: What do you want me to do to make it better? Bring in food?
Me: Yeah bring in some donuts
Someone: Nutella Donuts from Krispy Kreme!
Miss Van Hulst: Nutella donuts where can I get that?
Everyone: 7/11
Miss Van Hulst: Well nutella donuts it is.
(6:29pm) *I received a text from Mrs Van Hulst saying ‘It was so good to have you in class today. Nutella donuts in the morning…Be there or be hungry…*

Miss Van Hulst: What did Eve Harrington as a character do to Margo? *class silent*
Me: She seduced her
*Everyone started laughing*
I was meant to say ‘controlled Margo’ but I said ‘seduced’ instead. (I was so cooked)
Miss Van Hulst: Lets not go into lesbian terms

C and D got a straight detention from Mrs Singh after assembly for wearing the wrong pants.

Day 58: Return

11/5/17 Thursday 5:16pm
It’s back, bit long. OH WELL ITS NICE TO BE BACK EVERYONE! (Edit: For all of you who subscribed by email, I typed Day 57 by accident.)

“What’s root 19/3 approximately?” – Mr Wong
“2.5!” – Calvin
“That sounds about right.” – Mr Wong
“4.5?” – Jenny
Mr Wong gives that look, pauses, and then politely smiles at Jenny and then continues writing.

Mr Wong writes “10” on the board.
“We’ll use 10 to sub into x.” – Mr Wong
“3 is better.” – Jasheel
Mr Wong rubs out 10 and writes 3.
“School Captain says so.” – Mr Wong
“If you use 10, you get too big numbers.” – Jasheel
“Okay Jasheel.” – Mr Wong

“Let’s use CAS!” – Matt Kaye
“Let’s not use CAS. Matt.” – Mr Wong

“It’s a good exercise!” – Mr Wong
“It’s not a good exercise.” – Calvin
“It’s a great exercise!” – Mr Wong

“You know that e^(i*pi) equals -1″ – Julian
“Yeah that’s a beautiful equation. It’s got all the beautiful numbers, It’s got pi, it’s got e, it’s got negative one, or one, depending on your views.” – Mr Wong

Mr Wong leans on the emergency stop button. (Our class is in one of the science rooms.)
“Oh no did I press the emergency stop cause I was leaning on it and it clicked! Are all of your devices still working?” – Mr Wong

Mr Wong is teaching halfway when an announcement interrupts him.
“And the absolute maxim-”
Mr Wong throws his hands up in the air and starts waving them around in annoyance.

Walking to homeroom
“Mr Chapman will be happy. He said he’s sick of the guest posters.” – Mr Mason
“I made up something about Mark yesterday because you weren’t there. He didn’t even say what I wrote.” – Makar to me

“Mr Woolfe you need to block your ears. ’11W is selling KFC outside S14 this lunchtime.” – Mrs Mason

“Micah what’s your wellbeing level?” – Mrs Mason
“HONG KONG STYLE!” – Micah exclaims while holding up the peace sign

“Ethan? What are you working on?”
“I’m doing the practice SAC.” – Ethan
“Successfully?” – Mrs Mason

“Joseph. Wong. What are you working on?”
“Chapter Review.” – Joseph
“Joanna. Wong-” – Mrs Mason
The class starts laughing.
Mrs Mason realises she made a huge mistake and covers her face with a sheet of paper and doesn’t look at me.

“Steph Prabhakar?” – Mrs Mason
“It’s ‘Prabhakar‘.” – Steph
“You sure?” – Mrs Mason
Not sure what’s gotten into Mrs Mason.

“Erase what you learnt in junior science. The pH scale doesn’t just go from 1 to 14. It can be negative. Zero is also an acceptable pH.” – Mrs Mason
“Mr Chalmers is the head of science, we should make a complaint to him. It’s not a good day for science. You’ve been lying to us for the past 7 years.” – Makar

“John the Baptist was pregnant.” – Obed

“In Further we have to draw graphs in pen.” – Anton

I turned around and saw lots of people sleeping.

“Lets welcome up the worship team.” – Mikala
“Hi. I’m the worship team.” – Mr Johnson
“You’re Christians you have to come up! There’s Tom, he’s going to heaven.” – Mr Johnson

Study Free
I heard from Eric and Edward that Miss Van Hulst bought Nutella donuts for her Period zero class. She brought 20 donuts worth around $57. The person who asked for the donuts wasn’t even there.

I went to the toilet and overheard someone in primary talking to his friend – “Ewwwwww you missed.” – Some primary kid

Common Room
“I heard there’s some peanuts in your class.” – Julian to Mr Woolfe
“Oh yes. The peanut gallery. The class is full of nuts!” – Mr Woolfe
“I’ll give you three guesses.”
“X, Y, and Z.”
“Also, is Mark a peanut?”
“No he’s fine.”
“Also what happened today was I walked out of the class and when I was coming back, out of nowhere a ball flew out of the open door. X ran out to go chase it but I picked it up and said ‘It’s mine.’
Mr Woolfe pulls out a high bounce ball. ‘See!’
At the end of the class he asked, ‘Can I have it back?’
I told him ‘No.’
He was like, ‘Awwwwww.’
He can pick it up from Mr Bawden instead. I’m going there right now to give it to him.” – Mr Woolfe

Mrs Mason’s office
Anton and I go to Mrs Mason’s office to ask what day the Chemistry SAC is on. Inside also is Mrs Higgins and Miss Chan.
“The SAC is on Monday.” – Mrs Mason
“The salmon I gave you is poison. But if you delay the date of the SAC I have something that can slow the rate of reaction.” – Anton
“Then why did you give it to me as well? This is illegal. I have photo evidence.” – Mrs Higgins
“I’m looking forward to reading your blog post today.” – Miss Chan

“You two can have a muffin.” – Mrs Mason throws Anton a chocolate muffin.
“I’m sick, so it’s fine.” – Joseph
“There’s a thing called a knife. You can cut it in two.” – Mrs Mason
“Nah I don’t think it’s good for me cause of my sore throat.” – Joseph
“Chocolate is not good for a sore throat. Are you trying to poison him Mrs Mason?” – Anton
“Stop being a sook! I first I gave you carrot cake and you complained about it, and now I’m giving you a muffin and you’re whining about it as well! Stop being so ungrateful!” – Mrs Mason snatches the muffin from Anton
Mr Hallworth passes by. “Do you want a chocolate?” – Mr Hallworth throws me a Freddo.
“See, look how nice Mr Hallworth is.” – Mrs Mason
“Everyone’s trying to poison me.” – Joseph
“I baked a carrot cake for my chem class because Joseph doesn’t eat enough vegetables. One time I also made him eat a carrot in class.” – Mrs Mason to Miss Chan
“A whole raw carrot? Give him a capsicum next time.” – Miss Chan
“Yeah I’ll bring one in tomorrow. Actually I won’t.” – Mrs Mason
“Bring in an onion. I haven’t eaten raw onion in ages.” – Joseph
“Okay I’ll bring one in tomorrow. But you better do some work in class!” – Mrs Mason
“Nah I’ll just say it’s food poisoning. Then I won’t have to do the SAC on Monday. You’re trying to help me right Mrs Mason? Like that’s the plan right?”
“Yeah sure.” – Mrs Mason

Day 59: Freedom

12/5/17 Friday 6:17pm
This stuff actually take ages to type up. It’s actually as long as an English Essay. Plus I handwrite everything first while everything is happening, then I type it up later.

“You said even spesh people can’t log negative numbers. I’ll show you how.” – Joseph
I go up and write e^(i*pi) = -1
“Therefore, loge(-1) = pi*i” – Joseph
“But it’s got i.” – Mr Wong
“Mr Wong you said even spesh people can’t do this. i is allowed in spesh. What can you say now? I win.” – Joseph
There is a short silence.
“Admit your defeat. Can’t you say anything?” – Julian
“I’ll say everything while marking your SAC.” – Mr Wong
“Unfortunately he doesn’t know how to log a negative number.” – Julian
“shhh….Julian.” – Mr Wong

Julian brings up his exercise book to the front, asking Mr Wong to help him with a question.
Instead, Mr Wong notices that he’s behind on his homework and gives him a detention.
“Julian needs help.” – Mr Wong
“Mr Wong is the reason why I’m going have trust issues for the rest of my life.” – Julian
“Anyone have any questions?” – Mr Wong to the class
No one replies, as was shown by Julian, if you go up to ask for help, he’ll check your homework and give you a detention if it is not complete.
“If you come up for help I won’t give out a detention. I’ll come around and give it to you.” – Mr Wong
Mr Wong immediately walks to Jonas and asks for his diary…without even checking whether he finished the homework or not.

Julian goes to sit back down.
“Mr Wong, do you have my pencil?” – Julian
“Oh yeah..” – Mr Wong
“First he takes my freedom, then he takes my pencil.” – Julian
“That’s like the government.” – Calvin
“Mr Wong couldn’t even run a government.” – Julian
“Mr Wong can take my freedom, but he can’t take my spirit. I’m going to finish these exercises so I can go play soccer square at lunch.” – Julian to himself.
“Stop talking to yourself.” – Danielle
“Yeah [be quiet] Julian.” – Jonas

“You really want to waste my paper.” – Mr Wong
“Well you’re wasting my freedom.” – Julian
“That’s fine I’ve got a lot of paper.” – Mr Wong
“I’ve got a lot of freedom.” – Julian
“Not for long Julian.” – Calvin

“Bill knows how to antidiff x^x.”
“He’s wasting his time. Instead he could have been creating artistic drawings on his CAS.” – Julian
“I would have got 50 for VisCom.” – Julian

I see Mr Hodge wearing a tie and suit while walking to Physics.
“Mr Hodge, has everyone been saying that you look different today?” – Joseph
“If I had a dollar for every time someone said to me today, ‘you look different Mr Hodge.’ ‘Nice suit Mr Hodge.’ I would be a millionaire.” – Mr Hodge

“I’ll be marking your SACs later because it’s a Unit 4 assessment. I’ll give it back to you later.” – Mrs Cho
“Feel free not to give it back.” – Ben Roe

“Anyone who bets with me will lose.” – Bill Jiang

“I can count your physics score with one hand.” – Ethan to Iain
“I can count your IQ with one hand.” – Iain to Ethan

Mrs Cho confiscates a spinner. (tries to at least)
“I’ve been reading about these in the news. These spinners are primary school stuff.” – Mrs Cho
“Well they have the brains of primary school kids.” – Julian

“So it’s 491.19 Newtons.” – Mrs Cho
“Aren’t you forgetting something?” – Joseph
“Its 491.19 NEWTONS- DOWNWARDS!” – Micah
“You’re wrong Mrs Cho!” – Joseph
The class erupts and makes alot of noise.
“But it’s a gravitational field, so its downwards anyway.” – Mrs Cho
“Well then by that logic you should give us the half a mark back on the SAC for not writing downwards.” – Micah
“If Ding Ding got that half a mark he would double his mark.” – Julian

Jasheel comes into our physics class with a camera man.
“Is it okay if we take some fake photographs?” – Camera man (for Citylife)
“Jasheel you’re in physics now. You’ve made the wrong choice.”
What was funny was the camera man seemed to have more control of the class than Mrs Cho.

Mr Preston dogged the boys and refused to shift the goals 4 metres so we could play soccer square, because he had ‘set them up already.’ Hence we could not use any of the centre circles on the oval to play.
We went to the carpark to try play, but that was no good.
After that, we just all charged into the centre of the oval to use the semicircle on the half that wasn’t occupied.
However, they refused to move. (They weren’t even using the space.)
“Go and tell your coordinator.” – Mr Hodge
“Find some tissues to wipe away your tears.” – Mr Chapman
Not happy.

“You can unboil an egg.” – Makar goes on to explain how its done
“I’m googling it. I don’t believe it.” – Mrs Mason

I ate a raw onion in chem. Mrs Mason allowed people out their phones to take a photo. (For proof I think). Well here’s a photo sent to me by Anton.
“Every bite you take pains me.” – Jess
“It pains me too.” – Joseph

“Anton do some actual work, not just eating grapes.” – Mrs Mason

“Put your hand up if you want me to print more revision.”
“I’m probably not going to do it.” – Jesse, putting her hand up
“Jesse don’t waste her time.” – Nick

“12D…meet at 12:05, 12E… meet at-” – Makar
“There’s a 12E?” – Makar
The class is confused with Makar’s intelligence. “Yeah there is.” – class
“You know what. It would probably be better if there was no 12E.” – Makar

Mrs Lloyd comes in to come take over for our class during photos.
“Welcome to the Madhouse.” – Mrs Mason

Makar comments on one time where he was trying to get people organised and to listen to him:
“Listen to me I’m Spurgeon Captain.” – Makar
“You mean vice captain.” – Mrs Neil

“How did you rate photos Ethan?” – Mrs Mason
“7/10” – Ethan
“Why 7/10? How could it have gotten an extra 3 point to push it to 10?” – Mrs Mason
“It could have been a more streamline process.” – Ethan

“Okay guys lets do some work-” – Mrs Mason
“I’m going to show you a magic trick.” – Makar

“This looks a bit suspicious. What are you guys doing? Comparing fried rice?” – Miss van Hulst
“No we’re looking at pictures.”
Miss van Hulst walks over. “I hope they’re not naked pictures.”
“No they’re pictures of flowers.”

PS: I ate dinner a while ago, and all I could taste was bitter. Eating raw onion is not a very good idea if you want to enjoy your food.

PPS: I think I got more stuff but I can’t find the sheet, but I think that’s already enough for today.

Day 60: Damage

15/5/17 Monday 6:54pm
Whoops forgot to write this part. Like how I also forgot to take the reciprocal equilibrium constant because I didn’t see it was the reverse reaction.

Julian goes up to Mr Wong to show his completed homework. He then comes back and sits down next to me.
“I’ve got my freedom back.” – Julian to me
“Can I have my marker back?” – Mr Wong
Julian throws the marker back to Mr Wong.
“Sorry I ‘accidentally’ took it.” – Julian
“Like how Mr Wong ‘accidentally’ took your pencil?” – Kathryn
“Like how Julian ‘accidentally’ took my paper.” – Mr Wong
“Like how Mr Wong ‘accidentally’ took my freedom.” – Julian

“So how can you prepare for the SAC?” someone asked.
“You can’t prepare-” – Mr Wong
“We can’t prepare for the SAC?!” – Joseph
“We can’t prepare for the SAC?!” – Julian
The class makes that weird noise. Like jeering or something.
“Wait that’s not what I said, I mean these practice SACs are different style so you can’t really prepare…for the SAC.” – Mr Wong
“You can’t prepare for the SAC!” – Julian
“I can’t believe you guys are in Year 12.” – Mr Wong
Guys you heard it from the legend himself. You can’t prepare for the SAC. >_<

Soccer Square
Iain Ding is a legend.

Mrs Cho gives us the option for our class to do a test this week, or to do it next week.
“Lets take a vote.” – Mrs Cho
Everyone starts shouting and yelling.
“Okay we’ll do this very fast and quick.” – Mrs Cho
“Raise up your hands if you want to have the test this week.”
A few hands go up.
“Put your hand up!” – people who put their hand up
“No don’t put your hand up!” – everyone else
Everyone starts shouting and throwing pencil cases around.
Someone suggests we have Iain Ding decide.
“Iain Ding! Iain Ding! Iain Ding!”
“Next week.” – Iain
People start cheering, people continue shouting. People are banging the tables. David tackles Ethan or something.
Half the class is in opposition of his decision.

“So is it this week or next week?” – Matt Kaye
“I don’t know.” – Mrs Cho
“We’re not even going to finish the syllabus.” – Julian

“Okay everyone! We’re not going to have the test this week or next week.” – Mrs Cho, sounding very dissapointed.
Everyone starts cheering. There is more shouting. It’s been 15 minutes into the class without learning anything. We should have all done the pivot survey for our physics class.

“Mrs Cho! What if you use…fill up using other circle…bracket…in square because it’s not full circle.” – David Lee
Mrs Cho looks confused and pauses for a while.
“I think David’s getting confused because we play soccer square in a circle.” – Matt Kaye

“Can you say the last sentence you said?” – David Lee
Mrs Cho looks confused and pauses for a while.
“Gravitational force is an attraction force…” – Mrs Cho
“The last sentence she said was, ‘Are we all clear?’” – Matt Kaye

Public Boys Toilets
I’ve got a report to make. Two primary’s were banging and swinging the doors of the cubicle next to me. This was for quite a long time as well. I could see the wall vibrate and move next to me. I’m pretty sure that’s property damage.
I heard one of the kids later on say, “I learn karate to protect myself from secondaries.”

Mrs Mason’s office
I walk in and see Mrs Mason and Anton having a conversation. I decide it’s probably best to join in too.
“How was chess?” – Mrs Mason
“Not bad. Marking is terrible.” – I hand my students’ worksheets to her for her to have a look.
“12/12… 11/12… 3/6?!” – Mrs Mason
“You wrote, “Not bad, these were hard.” Were they actually hard?” – Mrs Mason
“No, not really….yeah I don’t know whether to write the score cause I feel bad writing such a low number.” – Joseph
“You have to. You have to let them know that they’re doing RUBBISH!” – Mrs Mason
“Some of them are promising though.” – Joseph
“Then write, ‘promising work’” – Mrs Mason
“But there are some others that aren’t very good.” – Joseph
“Then tell them! RUBBISH! ” – Mrs Mason

“What ATAR are you aiming for Kathryn?” – Mrs Mason
“The best I can do.” – Kathryn
“That’s a rubbish answer! That’s a cop out answer.” – Mrs Mason
(Mrs Mason is looking for a number.)
“**” – Kathryn
“Ahhh that’s good!” – Mrs Mason

“Anton what ATAR do you aim for?” – Mrs Mason
“Over zero.” – Anton
“You can’t even get zero.” – Mrs Mason
“Aim, hypothesis, conclusion. The aim has not been achieved. The results do not support the hypothesis.” – Joseph
“Results Anton, we want results.” – Mrs Mason

“It’s a party.”
Somehow there is Mrs Mason, Miss Chan, Anton, Mr Hallworth, Kathryn, Ben, and Mr Chapman end up crowding in Mrs Mason’s office.

PS: Mr Chapman’s “Quote of the Day” didn’t make it in because I forgot it.
PPS: Ask Mrs Mason what she thinks about the government.

Day 61: Irrelevant

16/05/17 4:43pm Tuesday
I won’t be surprised if you’re reading this to procrastinate doing methods revision.

“Let’s all sit down and do work.” – Mr Wong

Mr Wong gives us a bag of lollies to pass around.
Jasheel accidentally drops the bag on the table and lollies fly out. Calvin promptly snatches a handful.
“Calvin, you’ve had so many!” – Jasheel
“It’s free food.” – Matt Kaye
“It’s not free food, it’s ‘me’ food.” – Calvin

Mr Wong moves Julian to the front (teacher’s table) because he’s talking to much.
“Julian. Irrelevant. Goodness.” – Mr Wong

Julian says something that is irrelevant.
“Julian!” – Mr Wong looks up in the wrong direction
“Julian’s right next to you.” – Calvin

Every time Mr Wong says, ‘Julian’, the class gets quieter.
“Julian and shut up mean the same thing now.” – Calvin

“Julian!” – Mr Wong
“I was talking about modulus.” – Julian
“Irrelevant.” – Mr Wong
A few minutes later Julian says something.
“Julian. Irrelevant.” – Mr Wong

Jenny says something.
“Jenny. Irrelevant.” – Mr Wong

“Everyone listen up for a second. Julian has a good question.” – Mr Wong
“For once?” – Calvin
“Exactly what I said!” – Julian

We see Jenny searching up the Chinese National Anthem on her laptop.
“Jenny. Stop.” – Mr Wong

“Is it better to do the dumb paper about the swimming pool or the Chapter 10 Review?” – Kathryn
“I would say skip Section A of the practice paper and do the rest.” – Mr Wong
“So how can we prepare for the SAC?” – Joseph
“You can’t prepare for the SAC. It’s already well known.” – Mr Wong

X accidently kicked a soccer ball into Mrs Dowling.
“You don’t have to aim hard to hit my bottom” – Mrs Dowling

“The bomber jacket is perfect size. You can fit a vest, and there’s even a pocket for a detonator.” – Makar

“Reverend Lord of substitution. May I please eat in your class?” – Julian
“Yes of course.” – Mr Woolfe

“You should get the prize for the most unusual method of doing this question.” – Mr Woolfe to Joseph and Choung

“The month of May? It’s the great darkness. It’s a tunnel of darkness and depression.” – Mr Woolfe

“I planted 30 pots of garlic.” – Mr Woolfe to Darren and me
“I planted 15 pumpkins on my desk.” – Darren
“On your desk? They’ll take over the room. They’ll take over the world! The vines spread across everywhere!” – Mr Woolfe
Mr Woolfe then announces to the class that he’s planted 30 pots of garlic.
“What was I gonna do with it? They were all going shooting! And it was only 5 dollars for organic garlic. It’s fun watching them grow.” – Mr Woolfe
“How long does it take to grow?” – Julian
“A few months.” – Mr Woolfe
“You know what doesn’t grow everyday?” – Julian
“What?” – Mr Woolfe
“My love for VCAA.” – Julian
“Yeah it gets dimmer by the day.” – Mr Woolfe

“So this is type 1, and type 2. It’s like diabeties.” – Mr Woolfe explaining derivatives

This is how we were taught not to forget to +c when antidiffing.
“Hey mum, don’t forget the seasol,
Hey dad, don’t forget the seasol,
Hey you, don’t forget the c,
Hey you, don’t forget the c,
Otherwise you’ll lose marks,
Otherwise you’ll lose marks,
You’ll feel very bad!” – Mr Woolfe singing
You can go up and ask him to sing it for you.

“What if t is i?” – Julian
“Then we all go home and forget about it.” – Mr Woolfe

“Oh no, I’m getting flashbacks from the physics SAC.” – Julian
“Oh no, not that! Not that dreaded circular function. What planet did you do the prac on?” – Mr Woolfe

“Have you ever forgotten to put plus c?” – Julian
“Oh well, occasionally. You live to regret it.” – Mr Woolfe

“This is absolute murder. If you want to give the examiner epilepsy, just forget to put dx behind the integrand.” – Mr Woolfe

“So how would you approach this question?” – Mr Woolfe
“Make cos squared x equal to half cos two x plus half.” – Bill
“Look at this computer in front of me.” – Mr Woolfe

The back row was making a lot of noise.
“Back row what are you doing? Playing some mahjong?” – Mr Woolfe

We were discussing jumper names. Mr Woolfe now calls Darren, ‘Dazza!’
“You should have made your jumper name Allah Prakbar.” Y to Steph

“What if the examiner doesn’t know how to use the double derivative method?” – Julian
“But they’re marked twice, so you will be fine.” – Mr Woolfe
“What if you get two birds: two examiners that both don’t do spesh maths?” – Julian
“Send them a box of marajuana cookies.” – Mr Woolfe

Julian kept stressing about the upcoming SACs.
“Stop stressing Julian!” – Mr Woolfe
“Why am I depressed? There’s no way I can save myself.” – Julian
“Yes Julian.” – Bill
“Yes Julian.” – Darren
“Where’s your freedom now?” – Joseph
“It’s gone. It’s been taken by specialist maths.” – Julian

“What was my biggest mistake? Choosing this subject.” – Julian

PS: The common room was empty by 3:50pm (I’m still here)

Day 62: The ‘engineer’ behind all of this obviously didn’t remember doing all this ‘real life application’ in ‘Year 12 Math Methods’ if they had to ask Rita and Lucy for help and then get Winston to do all the work for him

17/05/17 Wednesday 4:48pm
Right. I left the sheets with all the quotes in my locker. It might be a good thing: gotta study for Methods.

House Meetings
Wycliffe played soccer against Finney on the oval today. We had 5 soccer balls in play at the same time.
Some Year 11 kid from Finney kicked me in the knee and tripped me over. It really hurts.

Makar has discovered a new alkane: Bethane

After school
Kathryn, Jessica, Anton and I were watching Mrs Mason mark the Chemistry SACS. We were giving live commentary of how well a person’s answer was, furthermore they could hear us through the window. Then they put a poster to block us from looking in. Then we went to the other door instead. Then we got chased out by Mrs Higgins


PS: Well one of the Methods teachers did teach us that “There’s a light at the end of the tunnel they say, not unless if a train’s coming your way.”

Day 63: Black and White

5/18/17 Thursday 7:22pm
Losing energy cause of all the SAC preparations.

We were doing the homeroom quiz.
“What’s Sir Henry Park know as?” – Mrs Mason
“The Parker?….South Park?” – Makar

“Who wants to run down to hand the quiz in?” – Mrs Mason
“Get someone trustworthy. Nato you’re white.” – Makar recommending Nathan

I hope we got everything correct.

“Have you watched Round the Twist?” – Christine to Miss McClimens
“I’ve watched the opening credits.” – Miss McClimens
“I know one of the mean guys from the show. He used to go to the church that I used to go to. He’s not that mean though. But when he met someone new he would ask three questions and if they didn’t answer the way he liked he wouldn’t talk to them.” – Christine

Darren’s drink bottle contains a suspicious looking drink with green leaves floating inside.
“What’s that? Marijuana tea?” – Joseph to Darren
“Why is everyone asking that? It’s not” – Darren
“It’s not good for your health.” – David Lee
“You’re not good for your health.” – Darren

Matt Wo knocks on the door of the spesh room.
“Can I come study Methods in here because the study centre is too noisy?” – Matt Wo
“Yes of course. You’re always welcome to come to my class.” – Mr Woolfe

“Black or white? It doesn’t matter!” – Obed

“I actually came out of the womb during November two thousand and- Wait no!!” – Miss Pho

“This is my origin story because I’m one of the X-men.” – Miss Pho

“When are you going back to Hong Kong? Bad assumption. More like racist assumption. I’m not from Hong Kong.” – Miss Pho

Mrs Mason went all the way to order coffee along High Street Road, then waited for over 20 minutes for her order. However when she came back, to her utter dismay, she split her coffee on the ground. She immediately cleaned it up with a tea towel so no one would slip and fall. Good on you Mrs Mason.


I saw Mr Chapman getting creamed by a group of Year 12 boys. This was not at all because of something that happened earlier in the year, it was because we were raising funds for the India Preschool.


It’s 3 o’clock.
“We’re going to start.” – Mrs Cho
“On time? I think we’ve started a tradition to start 15 minutes late.” – Matt Kaye

“Either Neil or Ding move to the second row.” – Mrs Cho
“Do rocket paper scissors. Rock paper scissors.” – David Lee
Mrs Cho somehow misheard David’s enthusiastic ‘rocket paper scissors’ for ‘proper seating arrangement’.
“Proper seating arrangement? Yeah we should have one.” – Mrs Cho

“Have we done this question before?” – Mrs Cho
“No we haven’t.” – David Lee
“Okay David tell me how to do the question.” – Mrs Cho
The class cheers for David
“…And so this is the answer.” – Mrs Cho writes it on the board
“No you need to add a three.” – David
“David you good!” – Mrs Cho fixes the answer up
“Thank you.” – David
“It’s wrong.” – Neil
“Shutupshutupsutup!” – David
We spend another few minutes working out the answer.
David finally gets the correct answer.
“Do you get second chances in the SAC?” – Matt Kaye
“Only if you get below 40.” – Darren

“Ethan your results are translated down.” – Darren
“It gets dilated by a factor of 5 from the y axis, so it becomes x divided by 5!” – Bill
“You very funny.” – Ethan
5 minutes later
“It gets dilated by a factor of 0 from the x axis, so it becomes undefined!” – Bill
“Yeah because it’s too high!” – Ethan

“Physics is not maths.” – Mrs Cho

After School
“My life is complete now that I’m in the blog.” – Miss Chan

PS: Shoutout to Mrs Higgins for looking everywhere to try find me a can.

Day 64: Explain

19/05/17 Friday 4:31pm
Hi all I’m typing this from the common room. Have a good weekend! I’ve been typing since the end of school. Yeah that’s how long it actually takes.

We didn’t win the homeroom quiz.
“The way they picked the winner was pretty dodgy though. Mr Davidson just put his hand in the box and pulled out the first one and if the first answer was correct they would win the prize.” – Mrs Mason

Mr Chalmers, the Head of Science put some announcement in the DNS.
“Why doesn’t Mr Chalmers teach senior science?” – Danielle
“Do you want me to investigate? I’ll get back to you.” – Mrs Mason

“Anyone have any SACs?” – Mrs Mason
“I got Economics.” – Mark
“So you have no SAC?” – Darren
“Is further still going?”
“Further is 5 periods. It’s still going.” – Khyl
“Methods is also 5 periods.” –
“Spesh starts next week.” – Joseph
“It’s 6 periods.” – Darren
“6 Periods!?” – Mrs Mason
“Yeah we have to one up all the other maths.” – Joseph
“Is one of them an imaginary period?” – Mrs Mason
“It’s a bit more complex.” – Darren

English (Analysing Essays)
“The best way to write good essays is to read 5 bijillion essays. I have 18 bijillion under my belt.” – Miss McClimens

“Just imagine being bold and obnoxious with no support in your intro.” – Miss McClimens

“When you like first get to a camp, you go around discovering the cabins and all the new things and check out the framework of the place. At the end of the week you know the place so well. You forget the outside world, ‘Oh yeah, there’s other people out there.’ Your knowledge of the place is very deep and insightful. So your intro is more of the brash, brazen statements you put forward, and your conclusion is more refined and solidified.” – Miss McClimens

“I’m not sure whether you all remember, those who I taught in Year 10, but an essay is like a hamburger. First you start of with the seeded bun. That’s your intro. Then have the body paragraphs, the lettuce, the meat, all that juicy stuff. But the burger is not complete. You need the bun at the bottom to stop all the ingredients from falling to make it complete. So there’s the bun at the bottom, the conclusion. Your intro and conclusion are still made of the same thing, but the conclusion holds your argument together and brings closure.” – Miss McClimens

“They’re going to have a new lunch order system. If this was an app I would be in trouble.” – Miss McClimens
I pass the flyer about the new lunch order system that I received in homeroom. Miss McClimens continues explaining how the new system will work.
Ben takes out a crumpled and scrunched up flyer that he had thrown in the bin earlier on in the lesson.
“Let’s all order something on Friday! We might overload their system!” – Miss McClimens
Miss McClimens noticed that Maddie was typing on her laptop.
“Are you ordering lunch Maddie?” – Miss McClimens
“No she’s googling ‘All About Eve’.” – Nick
“Yeah I googled All about Eve and clicked on images, theres some Chinese family called ‘All About Eve’.” – Maddie

“What a body, what a voice.” – Miss McClimens introducing body paragraphs

“Why don’t I think that this essay is a 30/30?” – Miss McClimens
“Because Jasheel didn’t write it.” – Julian
“Lesson learned! Class dismissed.” – Miss McClimens

“Your scores were much better than the other campus.” – Mrs Cho
“How can you even do worse than worse?” – Matt Kaye
“Well you have a better teacher!” – Mrs Cho

“I thought this picture was quite cool because it shows the electric field.” – Mrs Cho
“Mrs Cho do you want to set it to your wallpaper?” – David Lee

Mrs Cho asks David to draw the electic field around two negative electrons.
“David is doing the question on the board, and half of the other class is aruging whether ‘我’ means ‘I’.”- Matt Kaye

“David, you need to draw the lines longer.” – Mrs Cho
“Mrs Cho this is not an art.” – David
“I know this is not an art.” – Mrs Cho
“I’m not very good at drawing.” – David

We played the bell sound recording in class to see whether we could leave early.
“Did the bell actually go? That’s so fast.” – Mrs Cho, very confused
“Time is dialated.” – Julian
“Ehhhhhhhhaaaayyyyyyy.” – Class cheers
“No but I’m stationary.” – Mrs Cho

“You may want to pay attention if you didn’t do so well last year.” – Mrs Mason
“What if you’re not going so well this year?” – Makar pats Ethan on the back

“My brother has 21 21 vision.” – Micah

“It’s called the chair formation. Here’s where your head goes. Here’s where the legs go.” – Mrs Mason
“It’s on drugs.” – Micah (I think he said that.)
“The other shape forms the boat. If you flip this part up it becomes the boat.” – Mrs Mason
“Do you ever get good at drawing chairs and boats?” – Nick
“They look like deformed radiated bananas.” – Makar

“It’s trans-” – Mrs Mason
“It’s transgender.” – David Chuong
“I was wondering when someone was going to say that.” – Mrs Mason
“So is this molecule trans or is it cis?” – Mrs Mason
“I don’t know, why don’t you ask it?” – Makar

“Neil are you doing any work?” – Mrs Mason

“Yeah if I become a scientist I’ll make heaps of stupid names and make it all big so the kids have to learn it.” – Makar

“Chlorine is a loner. What type of bond does it form with hydrogen? Dipole dipole.” – Mrs Mason

“Don’t write alchohol as the functional group, it’s wrong.” – Mrs Mason
“Yeah go home you’re drunk.” – Makar to me

“What comes first? C or F?” – Mrs Mason
“For you the F.” – Makar to Ethan

“Spesh is not a real maths.” – Makar
Well he’s half right.

After School
“I didn’t know you wear glasses.” – Pamela
“I don’t they’re blue light glasses, they have no degree.” – Joseph
“Joseph has no degree.” – Emily

“Why are you still here?” – Joseph
“I stuffed up my eco SAC so I don’t want to go home.” – Pamela

PS: David Choung’s eyes are looking pretty round lately