Day 65 – 86

Day 65: Springvale Market

22/5/17 Monday 11:11pm
Alright everyone, (From wordpress [I can’t see who though]) I can see some of you guys refreshing the page. To put it in proportion, the average times a person has refreshed the page is 4.7 times. (EDIT: 4.8 NOW)
Today’s post is just physics because this has been far by the most rowdy and silly the class has been in the whole year.

Springvale Market (Period 5 Physics)
“Do we want the spot test on Friday or Monday?” – Mrs Cho
Everyone starts shouting “Friday” and “Monday”.
“Let’s have a vote again.” – Joseph
People start shouting again.
“Let’s do it democratically and let Mrs Cho decide.” – Darren
Darren started acting as a dictator and exerted his dominance over a certain white Australian male, Nathan Landsmeer.
Someone also suggested that only citizens of Australia should be entitled to vote, which ruled out most of the class.
This caused an outrage from certain people, which significantly increased the overall noise level of the room.

We were so uncoordinated that we had to have a blind vote instead.
“Everyone close your eyes. We’re going to have a vote.” – Mrs Cho
The vote was 8-10 favouring Monday.
“Friday…Friday…Friday…Friday…Friday…Friday…Friday…Friday…Friday…Friday…Friday…” – Chants the other half of the class.

We set a new record and started 20 minutes late.

“So charge equals work divided by voltage.” – Mrs Cho
“Does that mean our class’s charge level is zero…because we get no work done?”
The class becomes more energetically charged and starts cheering.

“What does doing work mean?” – Mrs Cho
“Mrs Cho, it means you finish!” – Chun Him
Class starts applauding.

Ben Roe was sleeping during the break.

Springvale Market (Period 6 Physics)
Mrs Cho starts teaching.
Hern was hiding then suddenly popped out.
“Where did Hern come from?” – Mrs Cho
“He was hiding behind that door.” – Non-citizen
“What?? I didn’t see the door open how did he get through.”
“When you move very fast you contract.” – Julian
*class turns into Springvale Market*

We played the game where the last person who sat down loses, the stakes were whoever lost had to____________Okami.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” – Neil when someone was trying to put him in his seat
The whole class stopped and laughed.

Some creative ways were employed to be long lasting in the game.
Iain walks up to the very front of the board, literally standing next to the whiteboard.
“Ding why you so close?” – Mrs Cho
“I don’t have glasses so I must stand very close to the board.”
A few other people joined Iain and also came up to the board while Mrs Cho was teaching.
For once it looked like some people were paying attention.
“I don’t get it.” – Mrs Cho

“Is physics maths?” – Matt Kaye
“Physics is not maths.” – Mrs Cho
“Physics is explaining things. Maths is using mathematical concepts to calculate things.” – Matt Kaye
“Then why are there questions where it’s ‘explain why this happens, using calculations.’” – Matt Kaye

In the end, it was a tie for the standing up game. I wonder how that result came to happen.

PS: Shoutout to BTS for winning top artist on BBMA (This was not my idea.)

Day 66: Sense

23/5/17 Tuesday 10:39pm
I won’t have any more SACS this week after tomorrow. Spesh SAC Part A tmr. I hope  I’m ready.

It was Josh week last week, This week it’s Jesse week!
Miss McClimens gave Jesse a special type of brie cheese with honeycomb.
Furthermore, she brought white chocolate macadamia nut cookies and raisin cookies for the whole class!

Danielle takes a raisin cookie.
“Can I put this back?” – Danielle
“Why?” – Joseph
“Because I don’t like raisins.” – Danielle
“No. It’s unhygienic.” – Joseph
Too bad Danielle had to live with eating the raisin cookie.
*10 minutes later*
I look across and see a pile of raisins on Danielle’s desk.
She had taken out all the raisins from the cookie then eaten it.

“So what are some points that the audience shares the same opinion as Margo?” – Miss McClimens
Grace M raises her hand.
“Can I go to the toilet?” – Grace M
“Oh I thought you had insight for the question, yeah sure you can go to the toilet.” – Miss McClimens
Maddie raises her hand.
“Can I go get some tissues?” – Maddie
“Yeah sure! But I thought you were going to share your insight! Does anyone have any insight to the question?!” – Miss McClimens
There is a short silence.

The smell in the MMR was really bad.
“I think it’s either a bunch of animals that died or someone with really bad gastro. Or even worse, both of them: a bunch of animals who died having really bad gastro!” – Miss McClimens

Methods SAC
“I hope you guys enjoy it.” – Mr Carter

“An ester is made from a carboxylic acid…and an alcohol.” – Mrs Mason
“You would know all about that.” – Makar pats Ethan on the back

“They should have a 50 mark question. Name this molecule, and the molecule has all the possible functional groups.” – Makar

Micah takes his glasses off then puts them back on.
“It’s like I’m born again.” – Micah

Cherida was playing the snake game on Joanna’s CAS.
“Cherida!” – Mrs Mason
“Wait-” – Cherida
“Don’t wait me.” – Mrs Mason takes the CAS off Cherida

A bunch of people are looking at David Choung’s laptop.
“David! That looks suspicious. Do some work or I’ll take it off you.” – Mrs Mason

David Choung’s SAC score was a perfect reoccurring decimal.
Makar’s score on the other hand…may have been pretty rubbish.

“Micah what did you get wrong?” – Joseph
We look over at Micah’s paper.
“Even I got this right.” – David Choung

“How did I get this question wrong!” – Makar
“Even I got this right.” – David Choung
The question Makar got wrong involved selecting roman numerals.
(II only, I and II only, I and III only, II and III only)
“I can’t read Roman! I’m very disappointed. Now I’m going to dig holes for a living.” – Makar

PS: Makar learnt how to cure cancer in Biology

Day 67: Bamboozled

24/05/17 Wednesday 10:43pm

SHOUTOUT TO BILL JIANG WHO SAID IF HE DOESN’T GET 100 FOR THE SPESH SAC HE WILL ACTUALLY ______________________(Something that he probably won’t do)

Home (Hacking the CAS)
On my CAS, I completed programming a function that takes a rational function then shows the intercepts, asymptotes, stationary points and POIs.

I spent the rest of the night trying to code a function that reads any function then shows the x and y intercepts, local mins and maxes, points of inflections and asymptotes.

However the CAS freezes for a short while, then solves it.
Either the CAS’s programming efficiency is quite slow, or I’m just giving it too much at one shot .

I also tried finding a good way to key in either gof or fog, then get the calculator to show whether it exists or not. Unfortunately I’m yet to solve that problem.

For certain programs, I have written them so it shows working. For example, there was a certain question in a certain SAC that required you to find the gradient of a point in terms of a certain pronumeral, and had ‘show your working’. They say you can’t just put the thing in the CAS then “BOOM!” out comes the answer from nowhere.

However,  I plugged it into my CAS because it’s already programmed it to show working and just copied straight from my CAS. Boom.
3 mark question in less than 3 seconds. 1 mark per minute? Rubbish.
I also did that in the spesh SAC today. Another 3 marks free of charge. (Bit careless at the end though I do admit.)

On the other hand, I took one look at Further’s textbook and you don’t even need to program anything because most of the functions are already in the CAS. Wait whats a parabola?

rogramming the CAS is allowed by VCAA’s standards. I not that many people dive into it because  coding multiple programs is a long and tedious process.

By the end of October, I plan to  bring an equivalent of a pocket Wolfram Alpha into the Methods and Spesh exams and make all the others schools’ CAS calculators look like a scientific calculator.

From Methods
“I saw a lot of you freeze up during the SAC.” – Mr Wong
“Just like your CAS!” – Calvin to Julian
After Julian got roasted even harder by Calvin and Jasheel, Julian could only comeback with, “I’m never giving you food again Calvin.”

Day 68: Losing Citizenship

25/05/17 Thursday 11:11pm
Happy Birthday to Mr Woolfe! I hope he a has real day and doesn’t focus on all the complex things in life.

“Who chose the names of the people of the engineers in the SAC? Like Rita and Sally, and Winston?” – Kathryn (Paraphrased to give context)
“Mr Carter did.” – Mr Wong
“You should put our names on the SAC and it’ll make it more interactive and fun.”
“Next section: Mr Wong gets hit by a train.” – Joseph
“Where did that come from?”

“Well there’s a light at the end of the tunnel if it’s not a train.” – Mr Wong
“Mr Woolfe would agree.” – Joseph
“You’re a star!” – Kathryn
“Oh I should have made my Year 12 a quote from one of his videos.” – Jonas

There is a difference between a cusp and a sharp point.
“I did an internet search on the definition of a cusp. I clarified it using Wikipedia.” – Mr Wong
I heard Mr Wong is a very reliable man.

Mr Wong starts solving an equation on the board (by himself).
“Everyone’s got this.” – Mr Wong
“You mean you’ve got this.” – the class

For an important reason, Mr Wong informed us that he wasn’t going to be at house debating.
“I believe in you guys. That’s why I don’t need to be there.” – Mr Wong
“I’m at peace so I can walk away.” – Mr Wong
“You mean walk away from embarrassment.” – Matt Kaye

Hence why Wycliffe plays to  have fun and encourage team spirit because winning is not more important than losing.

An announcement on the DNS tried to emulate the legendary Mr Chalmers.
“Today is a great day for chemistry!” – (I assume Mrs JR)
“They tried.” – Joseph

Today we had some visitors come into our class. However, they were kicked out because they weren’t citizens of our physics class.

Spurgeon is apparently the best house but didn’t even make it past the prelims.
“…and may the best house win…not Spurgeon.” – Mrs Mason

“If on the exam what if they ask: Why is physics important?” – Matt Kaye
“They won’t ask such a question.” – Mrs Cho
“Well how would you answer it though?” – Matt
“Physics explains how everything works. It explains many things, it explains the universe.” – Mrs Cho

“Where’s Micah?” – Mrs Cho
“He’s sick.” – Joseph
“Oh okay.” – Mrs Cho
“He’s sick of this class.” – Julian

“Your fake GPU can’t touch me.” – Ethan to Iain

“Mr Davidson used to be a chem teacher. Now he’s teaching a non-peak VCE subject.” – Makar

“Pray that Wycliffe doesn’t cry on stage.” – Someone

House Debating
“Give us a round of applause.” – Mr Chapman
The audience gives a round of applause.
Someone gives Mr Hoang a box of tissues.
“Give the tissue box a round of applause.” – Mr Chapman
The audience gives a louder round of applause.
“Wow the tissue box got more applause then us. The tissue box can now MC for us.” – Mr Chapman

“It’s a real medal made of metal and painted yellow.” – Mr Chapman describing the prize for the winners

There was a certain segment in the junior debate which I thought was a logistical error. Each speaker should have an equal amount of time to prepare right after the opposition speaker has spoken.

However, after the second speaker of the affirmative team spoke, they decided it would be a good time to make an ‘short’ announcement.
Dr Natsis is invited up to present some awards and congratulate several students for their outstanding achievements.
“Even if you don’t win, it’s the experience that counts.” – Mrs Natsis
“I won’t take much time.” – Mrs Natsis, continues with another annoucement
This announcement has taken more time than the affirmative team’s whole speech.
“One other little thing.” – Mrs Natsis, continues with advertising higher order thinking.
I’m not saying anyone did anything wrong, but from a logistical standpoint they could have improved by having a little ‘higher order thinking’.

“If I look at food I know whether it’s good or not.” – Mr Hoang

“Let me begin by pointing out the very flaws, the very few flaws of the oppositions argument.” – Kathryn

“Put your hand up if you haven’t heard of the word dopamine before.” – Mrs Higgins
“You all have beautiful faces. Apologies that you’re looking at mine.” – Mrs Higgins
Why the self roast? Are you playing to lose? Or playing to win?

“Jasheel started coming up even before they announced he was speaker of the day.” – Khyl
Well done Jasheel, You deserve it. It was an excellent speech.
“We have such great debaters. Even I would be scared if I was going up against Jasheel and Calvin in debating…” – James
Well done Jesse. You also did good.

I sent Mrs Mason and Mrs Higgins an email.

PS: Huge shoutout to Jayden Lee for giving me a mechanical keyboard.
PPS: Thanks to all of you who patiently waited. I’m real busy and I don’t want to rush or degrade the quality of content so I have to prioritise. Furthermore I have to prioritise certain subjects over others.
PPPS: Here’s the email I sent:

Day 69: Complex/Imaginary/Fake GPU

26/05/17 Friday 9:27pm
I spent the day sleeping and  improving my CAS. My  CAS is getting more and more powerful. Heh. I really  can’t wait to try it out in the upcoming SACs.

I wasn’t at school today and apparently missed a lot  of blog content. I even missed physics in the morning.

Here’s something someone told me that happened in physics today:
EDIT: Here’s everything Julian typed up and I just went to fix up the capital letters and formatting

Mr Chapman walked into our class and did a lap around the class before leaving, practically saying nothing. I guess he wanted to observe  the legendary physics class. Unfortunately, like the previous visitors he wasn’t a citizen of our physics class and left shortly.

“You know that a copper and iron bar can be charged?” – Mrs Cho
No one answers.
“It happens when you stroke both of them together.” – Mrs Cho
All the back row bandits start laughing.
“Do you know why that happens?” – Mrs Cho
“It’s because when you rub them together, it stimulates an electric field.” – one of the back row bandits
The whole physics class loses it.

“The South pole is actually the North pole and vice versa” – Mrs Cho
“How can you prove there is a north and south pole if the Earth is flat?” – Hern
“shush you jia hern” – Mrs Cho

“Julian stop talking you’re just embarrassing yourself.” –  Ding.
“Shut up ding your fake gpu has no electric charge.” – Julian
“Julian stop turning around and pay attention.” – Mrs Cho
David realised that our notes have been stuffed up, we only got one every 2 pages. “Oh no! This is very bad.” – Mrs Cho
Ethan and Ding are shoving each other, “I’m not afraid of your fake GPU” – ethan

“The easiest way to stay in soccer squares is to make use of your oral skills and bs your way even if you’re supposed to be out.” – Ethan

Ding gets someone out and everyone goes crazy, “Ding’s left foot is a rocket” -Makar
“His left foot is stronger than his gpu” – Julian to Ethan
“that’s because his GPU is fake.” – Ethan

“You guys did very well compared to the other classes, I’m not surprised. Or am I? ” – Mr Wong

“I was actually late for my methods exam by 30 minutes. ” – Mr Wong
“What did you get?” – Danielle
“44 for Methods”
Class erupts with noise,
“Why do you even become a teacher?” – Calvin
“Yeah you could be finding the cure for cancer right now” – Julian
“I became a teacher to help people like you. You can go find that cure for cancer Julian.”
“I need to find a cure for my physics class first”
“You should be placing your hopes on someone other than Julian though”-  Calvin

“why were you even late to the exam in the first place” – Calvin
“well I was living with 3 other uni students and well…no one woke me up. I was so scared! I immediately called the school and ran as fast as possible.”
“All the way to the city? ” – A dumb SRC
“Of course not, to Box Hill station! Which was a really dodgy place back then.” *class laughs *
“Did you play lots of games in highschool?” -Julian
“Of course I did, I had no parents around and so much free time. I played a lot of quake and counter strike” – Mr Wong

“If you did so well in English, why are you teaching EAL?” –  someone
“I’m actually not an official EAL teacher”

“Stop saying my results are good, I don’t need your false sympathy” – X “Fine you didn’t do well enough” – Mr Wong

After school (Julian) 
Allen, the Chuas and I were reminiscing about the legendary champion of the physics class.

“Remember when our entire group tried to jump him and take revenge for our fallen comrades, and he left unscathed while four of us were on the ground groaning in pain.” – Me
“You never mess with DD he’s got that killer instinct” – Allen
“Aye his precision is top notch, he managed to strike me down while James was grabbing his leg!” – Dillon

For those in our physics class who don’t remember, think back to operation squirrel hunt last year.

PS: What would you say if I said I posted today’s post from one of the computers in school? EDIT:(I was going to but didn’t – Joseph)(EDITED 7:12pm 29/5/17)

29/5/17 Monday 6:53pm
Only had 2 classes today. Methods + Physics test. Apologies for the post on Friday, as a certain person didn’t know how to capitalise letters. (I’ll probs go fix it now actually)

Ball sports (Netball)
“There’s a lot of Year 12s missing, I can go shout at them later.” – Mr Hodge
“At lunch you can all go play soccer square.” *looks at the year 12s* “It’s a circle guys.” – Mr Hodge

A lot of people around here know me.
“Yeah we wanna win netball! Are you in Finney?” – Jason Lall to me
“No. I’m the Wycliffe Vice Captain.” – Joseph Wong

David Choung’s language on the court is very expressive and shows highlights his playing style.

“I can’t go tuna fishing anymore! I would bring you fresher sushi than Anton” – Jonas

“I don’t want you to give me the answer, but can you give me a hint that has the power to open up my mind?” – Julian to Mr Wong
Calvin gave a powerful hint.
“Why are you in methods?” – Calvin

Julian eventually gets the answer.
“I just feel like I served an ace in volleyball.” – Julian
“So it’s a new feel?” – Jasheel
“Jasheel!” – Julian grabs the school captain

“The way to improve is to expose yourself to more of these types of questions.”
“I’m going to expose myself to more methods papers.” – Julian

“The questions you are all doing are the ones that separate the people who are aiming for above 40. I hope by the end of the year on the exam you’ll be able to do some of these questions.” – Mr Wong

At this rate, we all probably will be able to. Everyone always seems switched on in methods.

“Do as well as you can do.” – Mr Wong

Based on the current SAC marks, Mr Wong’s Methods Class average is 10% higher than all the other classes.

Day 71: Brutal

30/5/17 Tuesday 7:22pm

“Do you want me to bring more expired stuff for methods?” – Jonas
“Yeah sure.” – Mr Wong
Jonas goes down and brings up more expired food for our class.

“I do not want you do be doing the blue sheets. They were meant to be done for homework.” – Mr Wong

“I just need to pop out and get something done. While I’m away, Julian is in charge.” – Mr Wong
“Don’t you have faith in your Wycliffe Vice Captain?” – Kathryn
Mr Wong is already halfway out the door.
“Joseph is in charge.” – Mr Wong while leaving the room
“Alright guys! Do the blue sheets because it’s better to do it now instead of getting a detention.” – Joseph
“I like this new Mr Wong better.” – Kathryn
“Yeah Mr Wong Junior.” – Jonas

Common Room
Mrs Mason: Miss Van Hulst if I can hear you in my office you’re too loud.
*Miss Van Hulst looks down in a sad manner*
*Person A puts hand around Miss Van Hulst to comfort her*
*Mrs Mason comes in again*
Mrs Mason: I love you Miss van Hulst

It was brutal. Got destroyed. Furthermore, the next part of the SAC is Period 0 tomorrow.

That’s right, tonight I’ll be studying All About  how not to get destroyed in the spesh SAC tomorrow.

Day 72: ‘A cohort of so many rare qualities’

31/5/17 Wednesday 7:07pm
To those of you who do not read, wait for the blog, listen to Mrs Mason or know anything of the school in which we live in – it is perhaps necessary to introduce myself. My name is Joseph Wong. My native habitat is the blog – in it I toil not, neither do I spin. I am a critic and commentator. I am essential to the blog – as ants are to a picnic, as the ball weevil to a cotton field.

Period Zero Spesh SAC
Unlike Margo Channing’s audition, everyone turned up on time  for the SAC.
“Kill the people.” – I guess that’s what spesh does (Today’s was really easy though)

In the same way Bill Sampson gave practical advice to Eve about the theatre, Mr Chapman gave out helpful advice about how to dress in school.
“You don’t put an elastic on your wrist. That’s where your watch goes.” – Mr Chapman
“You should only have two earrings in your head.” – Mr Chapman

Period 1 Free

I’m sure everyone was eager to see Mrs Higgins, with the same passion Lloyd wanted to visit Eve in the middle of the night.

I’m sure us Year 12 folk are the original and displaced personalities. We surely are a breed above the rest of humanity.

“Rah!” – Julian scares Danielle from behind.
“Julian I hate you” – Danielle hits Julian

“Kpop is trash.” – Danielle
“You’re trash.” – Julian

I left my computer on with the blog open, and Dillon Chua wrote an interesting post about physics. However it similar to Eve’s backstory, it was completely made up but very believable. (I saved it but probably not allowed to post it)

Period 2 Physics
Like Birdie, Mrs Cho isn’t afraid to speak her mind.
“Mrs Cho how much of the physics class failed?” – Matt Kaye
“You were one of them.” – Mrs Cho

After viewing our Gravitational and Electric field test marks, the whole class was pretty silent today. In a similar fashion of how the aged actor ‘earned his place out of the sun,’ the physics class got burned by their marks.

When Mrs Cho doesn’t know what Chun Him is saying, she always glances at me.
Mrs Cho couldn’t understand what Chun Him was asking her so I explained it to him instead.

Period 3 English
It’s Joy week!

“Which character is the most fulfilled at the end?” – Miss McClimens
“Fulfilled?” – David Choung
“David doesn’t know what the word means.” – Julian
“No I do…” – David

“..Max Fabian isn’t married and doesn’t have any children.” – Mikki
“Maybe it wasn’t his choice.” – Jesse

When writing an essay, avoid repetition of words.
“Rah!” – Julian scares Danielle from behind
“Julian I hate you.” – Danielle
“How do you get scared? It’s like the 8th time already today.” – Julian

Period 4 Chemistry
“The Year 12 class I had before, some of them I was standing right on top of them because they would not shut up.” – Mrs Neil

“You guys can talk quietly about chemistry.” – Mrs Neil

*5 minutes later* People are quietly talking about chem.
“Guys can you please do your work.” – Mrs Neil
The class is silent.
*5 minutes later* Makar Ethan and I were calculating the velocity of the pitch drop.
“Thats enough discussion, go back to work.” – Mrs Neil
The class is silent.
*5 minutes later* Ethan later quickly asks Makar what products form in the reaction between methane and chlorine.
“C’mon guys lets keep working till the end of the session thank you.” – Mrs Neil
The class is silent.
*5 minutes later* For one second David looks like he’s doing something fishy on his laptop. Mrs Neil walks over and stands in front of David for a while.

When writing an essay, it’s best not to focus on the weak arguments, and furthermore it’s best to provide evidence when supporting your contention.
“Jasheel we were just talking about you. We were talking about how rubbish your study habits are.” – Tiff to Jasheel while walking into the common room
Jasheel, standing at his locker looked very confused. (I was also very confused. Perhaps it was a low level argument?)

“Makar is a femme fatale.” – Adam
“The essay topic is compare Mark Davies with Max Fabian.”

From what I heard, Dillon Chua said he knew what the topic for the English SAC was. All the boys gathered around him.
“To what extent was Bill here baby?” – Dillon

Mr Chapman passes by Miss McClimens and a group of  Year 12 students.
“Was the SAC all about Eve?” – Mr Chapman asked us
“Yeah.” – All of us
“Like Adam and Eve right?” – Mr Chapman
“Not really, more like Addison and Eve.” – Joseph

“I look forward to reading your blog, where the essay prompts aren’t posted online.” – Miss Lynch
Yeah last time I posted the youth crime Panachi article online right after the SAC to try give everyone trauma. Shoutout to Kieran Lee for always having a VET during our SAC, and doing it on a later day, hence having absolutely no advantage at all.

“AHHHHH! all the ticks in the very low band!” – Joseph
“Miss McClimen’s pink ticks in the boxes.” – Maddie
“No don’t say that!” – Miss McClimens
Talk goes on about how to encourage students who have scored a low mark.
“My sister got a 14/30 for her [assessment] and Mr X gave her a ‘Well Done’ sticker on her rubric. But then you can see half of it was peeled off because the teacher looked at the mark and realised it wasn’t well done.” – Y

(This was yesterday but it’s too good to miss out)
At recess James asked Chun Him how his Spesh SAC was, Chun Him replied by saying “Well I did a lot of study last night on Chapter 2-3. I spent the whole night and I thought it was pretty easy. But then at 10pm, I look and see, IT MY METHODS BOOOK!”

PS: Creative writing below



The video committee have gone to a great deal of

trouble, it’s going to be an

elaborate section, and it’s for you.



No, it’s not.

(He shows the blog link)

It’s for this.


It’s the same thing, isn’t it?




(he gives him his blog site)

Here. Put it in the video instead

of me.

Day 73: Feeeeeeeeesyics!!!

01/06/17 Thursday 6:30pm
I’m just going to apologise for what you’re going to read in the physics section. Regarding Dillon Chua’s post about physics, this post may ‘have made the whole thing believable.’

“Here’s a good example of…I don’t understand what this is. It’s a load of rubbish.” – Mrs Mason

“Every organic molecule is made of C-H. I lie. There’s tetra-fluorine but you won’t get that.” – Mrs Mason

Jonathan finished the question first before it’s even asked.
“I win.” – Makar
“Stop. And listen.” – Mrs Mason

“Jonathan’s always right.” – Makar
“Jonathan always thinks he’s right.” – Mrs Mason

David Choung asks a good question.
“Very inquisitive Choung, you’re going to pass this one.” – Makar
“Curious Choung.” – Makar
“Do your glasses actually have power?” – Makar
Makar puts Choung’s glasses on.
“Hey everyone I’m Choung!” – Makar
“Hey that’s benzene!” – Makar pointing at the board.

“Do we have any movie suggestions. We had some suggestions, but they have to be appropriate for watching.”
“The movies keep getting darker and darker. ”
“Low key lighting.” – Makar
“A suggestion last time was Fast and Furious. But there’s too many skimpy dressing girls.” – Mrs Singh
“Straight Outta Compton? Very educational.” – Makar
“I’ll read the Bible. We can lift our minds up from this.” – Mrs Mason changing the subject by starting devotion.

“My confession is I love you.” – Miss van Hulst to the whole year level.

At the end of lunch we play the lemon game. Darren is the one who stuffs up. Everyone starts shouting and tackles him to the ground and stacks on him.
Mr Chapman walks over and looks at Darren.
“Go again, he deserves it.” – Mr Chapman jokes

“What are you going do be doing in physics today?” – Mrs Mason
“The opposite of work.” – Joseph

The door was unlocked so we decided to go in and hid in the corners of the room just before Mrs Cho came in.
“Feeesyics!!!” – everyone cheered when Mrs Cho walked in

“Feeeeeeesyics!” – everyone exclaimed
“If you had a year 12 jumper what would you put on your jumper?” – Julian
“FEEEEEEESYICS!!!!” – everyone shouted

“Have you all started working on electric power questions?” – Mrs Cho
No one replies.

“Quick review. What have you learnt?” – Mrs Cho
“Feeeeeeeeesyics!” – everyone replies
“Apart from ‘feeeesyics’ what did you learn?” – Mrs Cho
“We learnt the right hand grip rule” – Joseph
“Can someone explain to me the right hand grip rule?” – Mrs Cho
“David was studying it in the break, he can explain.” – Matt Kaye
“What do the fingers represent?” – Mrs Cho
“Mag field mag field” – David
“Good good, magnetic field.” – Mrs Cho
“FEEEEEEEEEESYICS!!!!!” – everyone roared when David got it right

“Any tips for the SAC?” – Iain
“Just call up OPTUS.” – Joseph (Inside joke about the SAC)
“Want answers? Just look to your GPU. It’s fake, oh sorry.” – Julian
“Yeah Iain you buy fake GPUs and sell it off to people as the real thing. Smart guy.” – Joseph
“Julian what about your GPU?” – Iain
“My GPU is real.” – Julian
“Yeah but you have no processor?” – Joseph
“No processor, your GPU is useless Julian.” – Ethan

“Well you said it was physics-” – A
“It’s not physics. It’s-” – U
“FEEEEESYICS” – Everyone else

“Now lets look at how the current flows. Now lets look at this I 1-” – Mrs Cho
“Hiwan? HIWAN?” – everyone goes crazy
The class goes crazy
“So it’s going into this page for this I 1 current.” – Mrs Cho
“HIWAN?!!!” Everyone loses it

“So how does the length of the wire affect the magnetic field?” – Mrs Cho
Mrs Cho draws up an equation. ‘F = BIL’
“Force is equal to “B”, “I”, “L”. Equal to BILL.” – Mrs Cho
“Bill? Bill!? Bill!” – People start cheering for Bill Jiang
“Bill’s here baby!” – U
“Yeah I like that. It’s equal to Bill. And L is the length of the wire.” – Mrs Cho
“Bill your wire is very long?” – U
The class loses it.

“Magnetic force depends on tesla, current in amps, and L is length of the wire.”
“Why isn’t it d, for distance?”(It’s a standard convention)
“I think it’s just L. Because L is length.”
“I think it’s just BIL because BIL is good.” – Mrs Cho
“So it’s easy. To pay, you need to pay the bill.” – Mrs Cho
“Bill wants to pay the Okami bill.” – O
“Did you pay Bill for his wire?” – I
“What?!” – Mrs Cho
“Joseph you recording? Sheee-” – H
“Bill is the force as well.” – O
“Big L, big force.” – E
“Bill is your force very large or small?” – H
“Bill do you use the right hand grip rule?” – E
Class loses it again.
“No Bill uses the two finger rule.” – T
Everyone just goes crazy.
“Bill are you like mass times speed of light?” – U
I think we’ve all lost the plot of how magnetic fields work.

Mrs Cho shows us an electric coil which is apparently ’round.’
“You call it round?” – U
“It’s round.” – Mrs Cho
“No it’s a square.” – U
“Soccer square!” – O

“Mrs Cho did you know its Iain’s birthday today, he’s actually remained quiet, so lets sing happy birthday.” – A
We all sing happy birthday to Iain. It’s not even his birthday.
“Hip Hip Hooray!” – everyone

“So for solenoid its much easier to grab your solenoid than grab a wire.” – Mrs Cho
“Mrs Cho, so with an electricity wire, do you recommend that we grab the wire and use the right hand rule to see which way the current is flowing?” – A
“What no you don’t grab the wire!” – Mrs Cho

NOTE: When I write ‘everyone’ I do not meant the whole physics class, I mean the large majority of the physics class. (It’s just easier to read and type)

Below is a riddle for people who play soccer square.

“In physics I’ll probably use X again.” – Joseph
“Why? I don’t like it when you use X.” – X
“Because Chapman reads the blog-” – Joseph
“Stuff Chapman!” – X

PS: Our year level is a very loving, caring, united community who strive to achieve our best in all our efforts and perseverance, with the words we say and the actions we choose. I guess I don’t write much about those people LOL.

Day 74: Chemical Sheeeeeeeft

02/06/17 Friday 6:51pm
These two days have been one of the most interesting. Hope you guys have a good weeeeeeek.

Someone asked Mrs Mason what she thought about yesterday’s blog post.
“Physics? I just have no words. I just had to shut my laptop.” – Mrs Mason
“Say it right!” – Danielle
“Feeeeeeesyics.” – Mrs Mason
The class laughs.
Mark hasn’t read yesterday’s blog yet so he brings it up on his iPad.
“We’ll read the Bible first because the Bible is more edifying than that.” – Mrs Mason to Mark

“Joseph, what do you have today?” – Mrs Mason to me
“Feeeeeeeeesyics.” – Joseph
“No.” – Mrs Mason
“Darren, what do you have today?” – Mrs Mason moves on to Darren
“Feeeeeeeeesyics.” – Darren
“Nathan what do you have today?” – Mrs Mason to Nathan
“Feeeeeeeesyics.” – Nathan
“What’s so special about physics?” – Mrs Mason
“It’s the only class that’s worth it.” – Nathan
“It’s worth it!?” – Mrs Mason
“When I get the results back at the end of the year, the first scores I’m going to check is physics.” – Mrs Mason

“Anyone doing anything on the weekend?” – Mrs Mason
“Feeeeeeeeesyics.” – Joseph

We end homeroom in prayer.
“…..and help someone to learn something in physics….” – Mrs Mason

We indeed did.

Candy was away and Grace Ong joined our class and sat next to Cherida.
“Are you sure you want to stay here?” – Joseph

“You all have to be here to do the SAC. You must have a medical certificate or you will get zero.” – Mrs Cho
“If Iain’s not here for the graduation photos he doesn’t graduate.” – Matt Kaye
“(omitted part)… very very dumb.” – Iain

“I haven’t marked Ding’s paper.” – Mrs Cho
“It’s okay Miss. I don’t want you to mark it.” – Ding
“You won’t have to mark a blank paper Mrs Cho.” – Julian

“So we use the right hand slap rule.” – Mrs Cho
“What if you use backhand?” – Chun Him

Matt Kaye puts has his hand up for a long time, but Darren puts his hand up and Mrs Cho answers him.
“Mrs Cho I sense racism. I held my hand up longer than Darren and you still picked Darren instead!” – Matt Kaye
“No don’t make me feel bad.” – Mrs Cho puts her hand over her face
“Discrimination.” – Matt Kaye
“No no no I’m not.” – Mrs Cho

We were going through the right hand grip rule.
“You’re using the wrong hand Mrs Cho.” – Matt Kaye
“No she’s not.” – everyone else
“No I’m not.” – Mrs Cho
“Oh no. Baptism of fire into the physics class. I have now reached the level of the rest of the physics class.” – Matt Kaye
“You reached the standard of your last physics SAC.” – Julian
“Yeah I’m just reaffirming my point.” – Matt Kaye

Nathan put his hand up, but Mrs Cho doesn’t answer Nathan until a period of time.
“That was one minute 15 seconds!”
Darren quickly puts his hand up.
Mrs Cho facepalms.
“Nathan first!” – Mrs Cho to herself
Mrs Cho answers Nathan’s question.
“Now Darren.” – Mrs Cho
“Oh my goodness don’t trick me.” – Mrs Cho
“Mrs Cho you always trick us on the physics test!” – Julian
“FEEEEEESYICS!” – backrow

Matt Kaye gives the answer to Mrs Cho, and she writes it on the board.
“It’s wrong Mrs Cho.” – Matt Kaye
“I trusted you!” – Mrs Cho
“Well you can see whether you want to trust someone who doesn’t know their left from their right.” – Matt Kaye
“Now I’m one of the physics class. I’ve downgraded.” – Matt Kaye

Our class was anxiously awaiting for a visitor but he didn’t turn up.

Mr Wong was late to class, we were all already seated and waited for him.
“Bad…..” – the whole class stared at Mr Wong as he walked in late.

“…and we call that the chemical shift.” – Mrs Mason
“chemical sheeeeeeeeeft.” – bunch of people
“No.” – Mrs Mason facepalms.

We move on to learn about shielding.
“Physics people don’t ask too much about this section.”  – Mrs Mason
“Feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesyics.” – people in physics
I don’t know how to describe Mrs Mason anymore, ‘I have no words’ to capture her expression.

Afterschool (Mrs Mason’s office)
Mrs Mason is the ‘best’ VCEEEEEEEEEEE coordinator.

“…Chemical sheeeeeeeeeft.” – Anton
“There’s no e sound in shift.” – Mrs Mason
“Chemistreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.” – Anton
Mrs Mason slumps on her table.
We start to leave Mrs Mason’s office.
“Goodbyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” – Anton
“Have a good weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekend!” – Joseph
“Go home!!!!” – Mrs Mason

PS: Two marks are better than one.

Day 75: Need a short break.

05/06/17 Monday 5:37pm
Busy. Got 2 methods SACs and Physics SAC this week. Need to concentrate and do work (SO I DON’T BE STUPID AND FAIL THE SACS LOL), posts will be much better than this on Wednesday. Yeah Wednesday will be a good day. Stay tuned for that.

“It’s Maddie week this week!” – Miss McClimens
Today’s English class that was too amazing and I can not find the proper words to describe it. (There’s no purple dogs though.)

Our awaited visitor arrived
“Feeeeeeesyics!” – some of the class
He shook his head.
He got the class’ attention and told the class that the standard of behaviour needed improvement.
“…and you’re meant to be learning physics. Pronounced correctly.” – Awaited visitor
Mrs Cho looked very pleased to see him.

Physics will now be a much more conducive environment for learning and working.

PS: We got a brand new fridge in the common room

Day 76: Chop Chop

06/06/17 Tuesday 8:44pm
Who keeps refreshing the page lol. Well I hope the wait was worth it. Stay tuned for tomorrow.

Methods SAC
“Everyone was stuck on the first question and I couldn’t bear the pain looking so I stopped walking around to look at everyone’s paper and stood [at the front of the room].” – Mr Wong sounding sad

Period 3 Free
“I was going to do work but I feel too sad about what happened in methods. I might just take a look at the SACs instead.” – Mr Wong sounding sad

A bunch of kids came in and stood at our sink stealing our soap.
I walked over and asked them what they were doing.
“We need some soapy water. [person] told us to come here to get soap.” – kids
“Go somewhere else.” – Joseph
“We don’t even have enough soap left for ourselves.” – Jaymie


“Sheeeeeeeeeeeilding” – some of the class
“Stop.” – Mrs Mason

“Did you know you can make rats pregnant?” – Makar

Mrs Mason wants us to draw the structural formula of something
“I don’t want you to be my other class and stuff it up.” – Mrs Mason

Ethan and Neil are the last ones drawing the molecule.
We all crowded around them and took sides as to who we thought would finish it first.
“Neil, how much do you want to study in Australia?” – Makar
“Whoever loses has to pay for China Bar.” – Joseph
Ethan writes a “C” in the right place.
“Ooooo.” – people crowding around
Ethan writes the last “C” in the correct place.
We all cheer for Ethan.
“[ommited part]…..Goodbye Neil!” – Makar

Some of the class make some noise.
“This is not physics.” – Mrs Mason

“Don’t have too many chops in your equation. It’s a one chop shop.” – Mrs Mason

“You may have heard of free radicals in-” – Mrs Mason
“The media.” – Matt Wo

“Carbon 5 plus. I found it myself the other day…on the internet.” – Makar

Mrs Mason draws up a molecule on the board and explains chopping molecules to us.
“Ironically oxygen is a free radical. The thing that’s keeping us alive is slowly killing us.” – Mrs Mason
“How did people in the Bible live longer?” – Nick
“When you get to Heaven you can ask God that.” – Mrs Mason
“Did you know God can give you aids?” – X
“Well, what he means is that Mrs Tabbagh said if you don’t wait, and have sex with other people, it’s like having sex with all the people they had sex with.” – Y
“This is why you only have one partner. Delayed gratification.” –  Mrs Mason
“Is there more than one option?” – Anton
“No you only pick one partner to have sex with.” – Mrs Mason
“No, I was talking about the molecule.” – Anton

“I don’t want to turn this into a biology class.” – Mrs Mason

“You slowly chop it.” – Mrs Mason
“Like food studies.” – Makar
Mrs Mason said something about a carrot but I don’t know what.
“Who poisoned George? Do you remember?” – Makar

“How does carbon dating work?” – Nick
“When they love each other.” – Makar

“43. 43. I win already. You all lose!” – Makar shouting the answer

“It’s going to be a goldmine for Chapman.” – X

PS: Shoutout to Mr Wong for the goods.

Day 77: Some Like it Hot

Guest Blogger: Miss Rebekah McClimens

When I step out into the Melbourne cold from the warmth of my car, I have only two things on my mind: the cappuccino in my hand and the blog I will write today. Juggling all the daily necessities of a teacher, I make my way down the path to school, coffee in my hand, walking with purpose and determination.  I imagine I’m one of those busy New York girls in the rom-coms, rushing through my day, solving problems all around me and writing for my evening deadline. As I step foot into the world of the blog, I remember Joseph’s advice which could have come straight from the mouth of a Mid-Twentieth Century gonzo journalist: “Write what you see.  If it’s funny; that’s good.”

I quickly fall into step with Joshua Leiva-Acuna who’s also headed to our Period 0 Yr 12 English class. He flashes his sweet smile and Tiff joins us saying, “This morning is so frazy.”

McClimens: Did you say crazy or freezing? Or both?

Tiff: Yeah, pretty much both.

We cheers to that, her red bull colliding with my coffee to kickstart the day that lies ahead.

Yr 12 English Period 0
Joseph is careful what he says, knowing all conversation is fodder for the blog.

We sing Happy Birthday to the lovely Jacinta and enjoy a yummy breakfast provided by Joy Wong while we get down to work.

Snippets of overheard conversation as I head to the PAC:
“I shouldn’t have to tell you that you’re not allowed to use that in class”

“Everybody bring an iron”

What is the world coming to?

Performance of Macbeth Periods 1 and 2
Mrs. Cutler and I are waiting for students to arrive while we listen to the cast play 70’s love songs on the PAC piano.  We laugh, mainly because we always laugh when we’re together, but also because we’re talking about the strange things that we’ve discovered in our mailboxes.

Shoutout to Chapman and Josh Molyneux who help us set up and pack down the PAC while Mr. George is away winning a Platinum Shield.

The company is the same one we use every year, and one of the actors is the same, but one is new and we can tell he must have been hired after one look at his headshot-he is very good looking, but he’s also a great actor.

The performance begins, and I’m about to point out to Mrs. Cutler how much Caylie Ellen Moore is enjoying the Porter scene, when the extremely-good-looking actor throws in a little crowd participation, singling Caylie out and getting in her face.  She will have a smile on her face for the rest of the day.

Coming back from the PAC, I run into Mini Makar and Chibster looking for Chapman.

Chibster: I want to ask Chapman if I can grow dreadlocks.

McClimens: Do you see the irony in asking Mr. Chapman that question?

Still making my way back to the office, I pass Preston and Calvin.

Preston: Miss McClimens will you help me with the lift?

McClimens: You mean the one from Dirty Dancing?

Calvin and I laugh, Preston just looks confused, and I sing, “I’ve had the time of my liiiffe” while I open the lift for Preston Pig.

Year 10 English
McClimens: I’m glad we have English right after that performance so we can debrief.  Any questions or comments? What did you think?

Beatrice Chen (with a shy smirk and tentative tone): Did that guy realise how good looking he is?! (Gaining momentum) I mean, did he have to lift his sleeve to scratch his shoulder?! Did you see him just sitting there in that chair?!  Was he doing it on purpose?!

McClimens: Now, is this just an observation the girls . . .?

Derek Ilango (before I can even finish the question): Nope, we saw it too.

In humble admiration, Derek admits gracious defeat on behalf of the guys.  I agree he was very good looking before we proceed to have an intelligent conversation about the structure and themes of the play.

Sereto is smiling at his Surface Pro.

McClimens: Sereto, are you being an Ethan Chua?

Sereto: No, we can’t anymore-everything’s blocked.

McClimens: I know!  Yesterday I tried to Google “the Bible” and it was blocked!

As I go to type Sereto’s name into my phone notes, it autocorrects to “sweetie”.  Yep, same thing.

Mrs. Brockwell:  All my Year 10 girls could talk about was how hot Banquo was!!


In the staff room:

Anonymous Teacher: I was once on a blind date that was going so badly, and he asked to stop off at Myer and buy work socks on the way home! What could I say?

Yr 12 Oral Presentations
I’m cross marking with Helen Van Hulst, so you know there’s gonna be some zingers. I’m just going to say she laughs and cries within the hour.  We all have a good time and the students are pleased with their presentations.

After School
Walking past the lockers I run into Makar and Joon and some Yr 12 guys. I’m happy and my reasons are two-fold: 1. I’m always happy to see Joon and Makar 2. I can’t imagine a blog about my day that doesn’t feature Joon and Makar.

Makar: I referenced Build-a-Bear in my Yr 12 Oral.

I should be worried, but I’m not.  I know Makar smashed it.

Joon (kicking a brick pillar holding up the Oval Wing):  If I kick this, will it fall down?

Everyone: No

Joseph: because . . . physics.

Team Leaders’ Meeting
What happens in Bawdo’s office stays in Bawdo’s office.

I will provide you with this peak behind the proverbial curtain though:

Mr. Bawden: Bo Zhang, will you close in prayer? In the English please.

Bo Zhang has prayed in Chinese before, but this time he prays in the English:

Chapman: I’m also getting pretty tired of Bek and Asher’s American Prayers.


A little over 9 hours later, I find myself walking back along the same path, but this time I have a buddy: Lum Lum.  We laugh and talk about the day, and she says she’s glad Joseph’s not in her Further class because some crazy things would end up in the blog.

When I step out of the Melbourne cold and into the warmth of my car, I have only two things on my mind: the cappuccino I’ll have tomorrow and the adventure that was today.

Day 78: Adventure

08/06/17 Thursday 10:09
I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s post! Shoutout to Miss McClimens for the awesome post!
Oh and I’m going to jail tomorrow.

“Why do girls have to queue longer for the toilet?” – Julian
*after some explaining*
“Oh I thought it was because they’re putting on makeup or something.” – Julian

We had a combined homeroom with Mr Sheen. Everyone was talking, absolutely nothing happened during homeroom.
“Is your homeroom normally like this?” – Joseph to Ethan
“Yeah nothing ever happens.” – Ethan
We spent the whole time talking, there wasn’t a DNS being read. Apparently there wasn’t even a DNS.

It’s time for the captain photos so some of us start leaving class. I don’t notice so I continue doing work instead.
“Joseph aren’t you a captain?” – Mrs Mason
“I’m only Vice.” – Joseph walking out of the room

I heard Mrs Mason roasted Wycliffe after I left. Good one Mrs Mason. I hope you didn’t put any chemical sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeefts questions on the SAC.

We found out that Iain’s GPU didn’t work. Iain has a fake GPU.

Graduation Photo
Iain and I got pulled out from the front row because of non symmetrical and height issues.
“It’s probably due to the lack of sleep we both have.” – Joseph

“Everyone say hi!” – Cameraman
“Feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesyics!” – Majority of people
“Everyone say I’m gorgeous!” – Cameraman
“Feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesyics!” – Majority of people

GAT information session
“If you fail the exam you become an exam supervisor.” – Makar

We were early and had to wait outside because they were filming Wormhole.
A bunch of people were playing group paper scissors rock. Bill lost.
“Not now guys. You can tackle Bill at lunch.” – Mr Chapman walks over
People still continue playing paper scissors rock.
“That’s enough.” – Mr Chapman
“Enough for what?” – Chun Him

“Cool.” – Jasheel

Julian dogged the boys.

“Do you only eat pies?” – Mrs Higgins to me
“Well yeah.” – Joseph
“Why?” – Mrs Higgins
“Because they’re cheap.” – Joseph

Mrs Mason’s and Mrs Higgins office (Period 5)
“Joseph you’re stressing me out!”  – Mrs Mason
“Why?” – Joseph
“I don’t know you just are.” – Mrs Mason walks out of her office
Mrs Mason walks back into her office.
“It’s probably the pie you’re eating. I’m hungry.” – Mrs Mason
She then goes to take out a raw carrot and start eating it.
“…Isn’t rice cheaper? Don’t Asians usually eat rice for lunch?” – Mrs Higgins
“Yeah but a pie is more convenient.” – Joseph
“I see. Do you heat it up on the toaster?” – Mrs Higgins
“No I put it in the microwave.” – Joseph
Wow. Imagine sandwich pressing a pie.

We watched Jasheel try to throw a forehand frisbee.
“Jasheel’s good.” – Mr X
Jasheel stuffs up the throw.
“Well I was hoping he stuffed up. You can’t have someone that’s good at everything.” – Mr X laughs

“I have a weird question to ask you. Is it weird if I just come and watch soccer square?” – Miss Pho
“No, not at all. It’s a spectator sport.” – Joseph
“Oh alright, I just like watching it. So it won’t be awkward if I just stand where you guys stand and just watch?” – Miss Pho
“Nah it’s fine.” – Joseph
“Sweet. I’m going to do that.” – Miss Pho

Day 79: Prison

9/6/17 Friday 11:06pm
Just got home from EPIC. Will try and write this quick as possible. Apologies for any typos.

I’m sitting on the bus without anyone sitting next to me.
Mrs Cutler puts the first aid kit on the seat next to me.
“Do you mind taking care of him?” – Mrs Cutler
My bus partner was a first aid kit.

For the sake of privacy for the prisoners, their names will not be mentioned.

“You’re going to learn more today than any lesson taught to you by your teachers in school.” – Prisoner 1

“For VCE I did physics, chemistry, methods, spesh because those were the ‘cool’ subjects, but I didn’t really like them, and fell into drugs instead.” – Prisoner 2

“What’s your favourite TV show?” – Miss van Hulst
“Adventure time.” – Prisoner 1
People cheer.
“And I also like the Gilmore Girls.” – Prisoner 1
“That’s very sad.” – Miss van Hulst
People start laughing. Miss van Hulst high five’s one of the other prisoners who agree with her.

On the panel we also had a prisoner who looked like Ed Sheeran.
“Have you ever thought of ways of breaking out?” – someone asked
We laugh and the prisoners laugh, as the prison officers are sitting down listening as well.
“Well I probably know at least 2 ways to break out-” – Ed Sheeran looking guy
“I’m not sure about that.” – Officer 3
“Well I’m obviously not going to, I’m a better person now.” – Ed sheeran looking guy

“Why did you choose this job?” – Joseph to the officers
“I got sick of being a teacher.” – Officer 1
“I got sick of working in hospitality.” – Officer 2

The main message given to us by the prisoners was:
– Choose the right decisions
– Mix with the right people
– Don’t do drugs

Bus back to school
We stopped at Macca’s for one and half hours to have lunch and discuss our thoughts.

Mrs Mason’s office (Afterschool)
This section is always the best honestly. Thanks for putting up with us. Mrs Mason is the best VCEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE coordinator in the school.

Makar and I went to visit Mrs Mason. Anton came along as well. Nathan was there at the end.
“What did you guys learn?” – Mrs Mason
“Don’t do methods spesh chemistry physics or you’ll end up doing drugs.” – Makar
“Don’t sell your soul to the devil.” – Mrs Mason
“I already have. I do chemistry!” – Makar

“Mr Woolfe in homeroom was talking about eating fermented food and Japanese food, called Nato. (Nathan Landsmeer was there so it was funny.) He even said there were brain cells in your gut! I was thinking, ‘Mr Woolfe is this backed by any research?’” – Mrs Mason

Something came up and we started talking about “feeesyics.”
“Even [someone/s] in my Year 11 Chemistry class is starting to say it as well! ….(ommited part)” – Mrs Mason

“Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeses Mason.” – Joseph
Mrs Mason picks up her stapler.
“Joseph!!!” – Mrs Mason starts firing staples at me
Mr Chapman happens to be in her office as well.
“I didn’t see anything.” – Mr Chapman
“Have a good weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekend!” Anton
Mrs Mason fires more staples at Anton and starts to chase us out of her office.
Kathryn walks up to us.
“Kathryn how are you! A normal person!” – Mrs Mason
“Normal? How is that possible?” – Kathryn
“Just take a look at these people standing here!” – Mrs Mason

Mrs Mason does her usual check and looked around the common room and spots Isaac Leong.
“Isaac, I hardly speak to you. How are you?” – Mrs Mason
“His name isn’t even Isaac!” – Joseph/Anton
“What? Stop confusing an old lady.” – Mrs Mason
I forgot the rest of the conversation with Isaac

“Who else don’t I know?” – Mrs Mason spots Mak Zhang
“Mak I don’t know you. Mak is-” – Mrs Mason
“You don’t even know me miss.” – Mak
“You’re very smiley Mak.” – Mrs Mason

Mrs Mason then spots Emanuel eating lasagna.
“Is it good?” – Mrs Mason
“No.” – Eman
“Why are you eating it then?” – Mrs Mason
“I like lasagna.” – Eman

“See you at the GAT.” – Mrs Mason
“When’s the GAT?” – Anton
“8 o’clock?” – Nathan
“Go home!” – Mrs Mason

PS: I’m the famous blogger, not the infamous blogger. (I wanted to clear that up.)

Day 80: The world’s turned upside down

13/06/17 Tuesday 8:39pm
Hope everyone has fun making fun of people studying for the GAT.

Before School
I was contemplating whether to come to school for the Black Digger’s performance. It was 8:40am when I got out of bed. My bus was at 8:51am. I set off from my house at 8:49am.
I ran to the bus stop. I made it just as the bus was leaving. If I had set off 5 seconds later, I would’ve missed the bus.

“You need to put the modulus sign when you antiderive 1/x or it’s wrong.” – Julian
“So aggressive here.” – Mr Wong
“Yeah but it’s mathematically wrong if you don’t put the modulus sign.” – Joseph
“We don’t do this in methlods.” – Mr Wong

Spesh maths is just more superior than methods.
“Well you could write it as -f(x)” – Mr Wong
“Well technically there’s a better way to do it.” – Joseph
“It’s from Further. You need to calculate the GST and find the interest rate of the graph.” – Calvin
“You just put the modulus sign.” – Joseph
“Yeah, but we don’t do that in methods.” – Mr Wong

We were talking about the preparation for the GAT tomorrow.
“I’m going to do 2 practice GATs tonight and waste 6 hours.” – Matt Kaye
“There are better ways of using your life.” – Mr Wong
“I think he was joking.” – Danielle
“The GAT is very important.” – Matt Kaye

Jasheel said something that lowered Julian’s self-esteem.
“Go back to doing practice GATs.” – Julian to Jasheel.
Matt Kaye thought Julian said, “Go back to Pakistan.”
“Go back to Pakistan? That’s a bit racist.” – Matt Kaye
“Pakistan?” – Jasheel
“I said practice exam.” – Julian

“We shouldn’t wear our Year 12 jumpers on activity day. Because if we accidentally stuff up or do something bad they’ll know our nicknames.” – Jonas
“Yeah, that kid over there Jashbrown…” – Jonas

“Did you know the sum of all positive integrands is -1/12? – Julian to Mr Wong
“Integrands?” – Jasheel
“Integrands?” – Joseph
“Yeah the sum of all integrands is -1/12.” – Julian
“Integrands?” – Jasheel
“I mean integers.” – Julian

“I’m finished, Mr Wong!” – Julian calls Mr Wong over.
“You see everyone’s still doing the question because they didn’t use CAS.” – Mr Wong
Mr Wong makes an announcement to the class.
“I hope you didn’t put it into the CAS like Julian.” – Mr Wong

We finally took our class photo.

Mr Hodge dogged us again and kicked us off the oval.
“You’re done, Mr Hodge.” – Joseph

However, we uncovered a much more interesting game. That point at the end was amazing. Words can’t describe it.

We got back our marks for Part B. Most of the class look pretty sad.
“You guys look like a bomb has fallen on you. Like a nuclear bomb has gone off right on top of you.” – Mr Woolfe to the class.

Mrs Mason walks into our spesh class and stands there for a while.
“May I interrupt your class?” – Mrs Mason
“Yeah sure.” – Mr Woolfe
“We need to bring these tables to the gym. Do you want that to happen now or in 20 minutes time?” – Mrs Mason
Mr Woolfe thinks for a while.
“Is your class happy with sitting on the floor?” – Mrs Mason

“The GAT is more important that Specialist Maths.” – Mr Woolfe
“No it isn’t.” –  Mrs Mason
“The GAT’s not important?” – Joseph

We were carrying tables from our spesh room to the gym for the GAT tomorrow.
“Come, sit on the table and we’ll carry you there.” – Yi Fan
I sat on the upside down table, Chun Him and Yi Fan lifted it off the ground and carried the table and me to the gym.
Mrs Mason was watching. I think she was just confused.

“Do you know what movie we’re watching on Thursday?” – Joseph to Mrs Mason
“Yes, but I’m not allowed to say, it’s sworn secrecy.” – Mrs Mason
“It’s OUR celebration day and we aren’t even allowed to know what movie we’re watching?!! What even.” – Joseph

Julian showed Mr Woolfe the proof how all positive integers, when added up equals -1/12.
“And if you take this set…” – Julian
“Julian what marijuana are you on?!” – Mr Woolfe
“Then subtract these sets from here…” – Julian
“What marijuana cookies have you been smoking?” – Mr Woolfe
“…And then you get -1/12.” – Julian
“Julian you deserve a 40 for Specialist Maths. What marijuana cookies are you on? What have you been smoking?” – Mr Woolfe

Gym (Afterschool)
Matt Kaye and I went to the gym foyer and spotted Mrs Higgins talking to Mr Hale, with a bunch of primary students hanging around.
“I’m going to waste 6 hours tonight to do 2 practice GATs.” – Matt Kaye
“Just don’t do any study at all.” – Joseph
“Don’t listen to these Year Twelves.” – Mrs Higgins to the primary students
“What’s that 48? No work?” – Joseph

Mrs Mason’s office (cut down version)
“Suddenly all these teachers know about the blog. I hope teachers don’t act weird around me because of the blog.” – Joseph
“I don’t act weird around you. I’m very honest.” – Mrs Mason
Clearly Mrs Mason isn’t acting because she’s Mrs Mason.

“I need a life plan.” – Julian to Mrs Higgins
“Work hard and study hard and then you’ll get good results.” – Mrs Higgins
“What’s that? 48? No work?” – Joseph
“Shhhhhhhhhh!” – Mrs Higgins

Miss Pho spots me walking outside the staff room.
“I’m not going to say hi to you.” – Miss Pho, who has been talking about the blog to several teachers.
Thank you for your positive comments though Miss Pho. It is really appreciated.

PS: Shoutout to Eric Che for one of his videos reaching over 40k views.

Day 81: Google Earth is not a holiday

14/06/17 Wednesday 8:19pm
I wish our clever young readers would remember my homely definitions of the blog and blog material; that is, blog material = quotes in their best order; the blog = the best quotes in the best order.

“Where is Mrs Mason?” – Joseph to Mrs Tabone
“She’s out saving the world.” – Mrs Tabone
I first thought it was an exaggeration, but then realised it was an understatement.

We played soccer square. We did not have a few qualms.

WRITING TASK 2 (Word for word) (Bit short and cringe tbh) (skippable)
What has the world come to? The world’s turned upside down. Technology that we have created with the purpose to communicate better and faster has ultimately degraded the quality of our conversations online. Most communication online now is just meaningless noise.

Take a look at snapchat; this generation sends meaningless photos and meaningless words just so they can keep their snapstreak. How meaningless!
We are lucky to be living in a world where we have technology to help us communicate with each other, but this generation has turned messaging into noise that has no purpose…or instead into a wicked purpose. Not all of us, but enough of us.

Take cyber bullying for example; cyber bullying is the direct result of the abuse of technology that is meant for communication with each other. Social media was created so we could all connect, but for others, it is a platform to attack and degrade people they don’t like. Some people spend their whole time on technology bullying people for ‘fun’, but this ‘fun’ affects the quality of life of the victim they attack, and sadly many have taken their own life because of being perpetually bullied online.

We all have the choice to make right decisions. We cannot just say anything to anyone without a justified reason or we are choosing to take a step in the wrong direction. Everything we say should have a purpose. It should be meaningful, bring people together, uplift and upload others.

We should not misuse the tools and technology given to us to bring down people but instead to bring up people from the dumps and give them words of encouragement. Why do so many of the youth from this generation misunderstand this?

We are setting the example for the next generation in everything we do, especially our use of technology. That’s why we need to communicate clearly and respectfully online, being aware of everything we type and post, to set the example for the next generation.

Every day we speak to people. Every day we can choose to speak life into our society. We must make noise. But not the type of noise that condemns and destroys, but cheers and shouts proclaiming unity to stamp out depression and unite the people. Our choice now shapes the future.

Words will either sharpen people or slice them apart.

Shoutout to the Parents’ Association for providing us with sausages.

“The GAT’s just a waste of 6 hours of your life if you’re not sick during exams at the end of the year.” – Mr Hodge

A bunch of us were going through the answers in the common room. There was lots of shouting happening.

Specialist Maths have the happiest students.
“You put only one of them correct? Too bad.” – Bill Jiang
People who didn’t try for the GAT are more likely to report lower GAT scores than people who did.
“It’s only the GAT.” – Dillon Chua
People who prioritise non-material aspects of life have the highest life satisfaction.
“It’s only the GAT.” – Joseph

Julian and I set up the volleyball net, however it was just us two around.
“Are you setting the net up just so you and Joseph can play?”
“Yeah.” – Julian
“That’s so sad.” – Mr Hodge
When Mr Hodge critisized the square, he was most likely wanting to ridicule us, not share our interest in the square.

Julian, Jasheel and I played soccer sphere for all of periods 5&6.
We had a few spectators, Prisca, Maddie and Bec.
During primary little recess, a bunch of primary kids joined us.
“Are you playing soccer tennis?” – primary kid.
There was one kid that played really well. Julian asked who he was.
“I’m Makar’s cousin.” – Makar’s cousin
Friendship is gratifying and rewarding.

Friendship is protective and reassuring. I was standing around 6 metres away from Mr Hodge he was looking at me, and somehow accidentally kicked the soccer ball into my face.
“How am I still upright?” I thought to myself.
I fell over laughing because I was confused about my situation.
Mr Chapman made a heroic effort and came over to help me up.
He is a self-made man and worships his creator.
“He’s really looking for that promotion isn’t he.” – X
Mr Chapman is portrayed as an elegant, formidable, and compassionate teacher.

Jasheel miskicked the soccer ball in completely the wrong direction . His only flair was his nostrils.
“Jasheel you’re School Captain! Oh well, it’s alright because you’re not Sports Captain. Not like our Sports Captains are that good at sport anyway.” – Mr Hodge
I tried to see the world through his eyes. I couldn’t.

Friendship is challenging and somewhat daunting.
I put my cup containing grape juice on the table. Julian came and sat on the table, in front of my drink, then nearly spilt it over by leaning backwards.
“Julian!” – Joseph
“Why did you put your drink there?” – Julian
Familiar spaces are rendered strange and remote.
“I put my drink there first! And where else am I going to put my drink? On the floor?” – Joseph
“Yeah.” – Julian
I have no idea about the nature of his activities.

“Did you know Mr Hodge kicked a soccer ball into my face today?” – Joseph
“Well, now you can see what his view on promoting unity and coherence is in the year level.” – Mrs Mason

It’s time for me to go, and Althea was waiting for me outside the common room. Mrs Mason spots her.
“Althea do you have new glasses? – Mrs Mason
“Yeah.” – Althea
“Althea come here.” – Mrs Mason
Althea walks into the common room.
“Do you know what happened? I saw her walking past but I didn’t say hi because I don’t really know her.” – Mrs Mason to me
“Like how you don’t know Isaac Leong?” – Joseph
“No not like that!” – Mason
“Alright.” – Joseph
“Then I keep walking and hear, ‘feeeeeeeeesyics.’ (spoken softly). I pretended not to hear and just kept walking.” – Mrs Mason
“Yay. I can leave a legacy.” – Joseph
“What have you created?” – Mrs Mason
“Unity and coherence.” – Joseph
At least she wanted him to be happy.
“Alright I need to eat my lunch.” – Mrs Mason

PS: Tonight I’m on Diet II and will be eating Type U IX 170°C No Pre-soak chips.
PSS: I forgive you Mr Hodge

“We have to live today by what truth we can get today and be ready tomorrow to call it falsehood.” – William Jones

Day 82: Hidden Figures

15/06/17 Thursday 8:14pm
Bit lazy and tired, have a headache. Feeling (Euler’s method)/10

“All of you physics people I don’t want to hear any feeeesyics.” – Mrs Mason

Makar didn’t hand in a legitimate excursion notice.
“Makar let me call your mum.” – Mrs Mason
Mrs Mason then said something about Makar’s parents breeding an irresponsible son.

“April’s not here today, she’s on Family Feud. Do you watch Family Feud?” – Mrs Mason
“No.” – Mr Woolfe

“Did you see the meme I posted last night?” – Makar
“Weakest meme on the page.” – Mark Davies

Mrs Mason finally reveals the movie we’re watching. Some are happy, others are dissapointed.
“Be positive, you’re in a dark room with your friends.” – Mrs Mason
“I’ll be in a dark room by myself.” – Micah

I passed Mr Carter while walking towards the lights.
“They’ll be lots of logarithmic functions.” – Mr Carter
“Bowling? Okay.” – Joseph

Walking to Knox
“Oh sheeeeee I forgot my house key.” – Chun Him
“You can just break your door again.” – Jeremy
“I break it 2 times this week already.” – Chun Him

Here is a conversation between Ben and Chun Him about Chun Him’s dead fish.
“The fish you touch is dead! Oh my gosh Ben! Literally dead! Why you touch it and it become dead?” – Chun Him
“You forgot to feed them.” – Ben
“I forgot to feed all of them. All the ones, I forgot to feed the one you touch is dead! Next time I go to your house…I piss in your pond!!” – Chun Him

I’m absolutely trash at bowling. I scored 63.


I’m not going to quote anything. All you need to know is:
– I ate one of Mrs Mason’s dumplings (she wanted me to)
– Don’t drive vehicles into dams
– If you call Telstra you’ll probably end up speaking to someone in the Phillipines.
– Small doses of H202 is alright for you
– To cure a cold you can use zinc
– Mrs Mason, Mrs Buckmaster, Mrs Tabone, Mrs Tabbagh, Mrs Cuddon, Mrs van Niekerk, Mr Woolfe and Mr Sheen are amazing people

Lots of the maths shown in the movie was legit.
We learnt Euler’s method in Specialist Maths.
Range of a projectile = v^2 sin(2x)/g

That supervisor would’ve got a raw 50 for IT because of her fortran skills.

Day 83: Catch Up/Tired

16/06/17 11:00 AM Friday
When I woke up at 8:30 AM I was deciding whether to go to school or not. I guess you know what I decided then.
11:25 AM   – Well now that I’ve had enough sleep its time to destroy some textbook questions.
11:30 AM – Opened SEQTA to check my English score. Bit lower than what I hoped.
11:30 AM – 11:42 AM – Finished  Methods 11C
11:42 AM – 11:57 AM  – Finished 11D
11:57 AM – 12:42 PM  – Finished 11E. Started on 11F
12:42 PM – 1:00 PM – Taking a lunch break ( in the middle of 11F)
1:00 PM – 1:30 PM  – Played Piano
1:31 PM – 1:37 PM  – Finished 11F
1:40 PM – 2:10 PM – Working on English Oral Presentation
Coding should be compulsory in primary schools.
2:14 PM – 2:40 PM – Finished 11G
2:55 PM – 3:12 PM – Started on Feeesyics Chapter 7 Review
3:12 PM – 3:40 PM – and
3:40 PM – 4:23 PM – Scrolling through my newsfeed
4:30 – 5:00 PM – Started on 11H and Spesh 10A
5:08 PM – Started doing Chemistry questions
I have no idea what I’m doing on these questions.
5:10 PM – Started talking to the Concert Band Captain online
5:34 PM  – She went to go eat dinner so I went back to Chemistry
5:45 PM – 6:41 PM – She came back and we watched Doctor Who online over the internet

6:50 PM Going for dinner then watching Wonder Woman with the boys
7:07 PM Posted the blog.

Have a good evening all.
PS: I missed every single subject I had today.

Day 83 (Part 2): Unplanned

Day 83 Part 2: Unplanned (Friday)

The following is what happened in the evening on Friday when I went for a movie with the boys.

Coles (buying snacks for movie)
“We were talking about how China had the one child policy in Chemistry. All you have to do is invite David Lee to your house.” – Makar
I wish I was there to hear what Mrs Mason had to say about that.

Shane Fischer is informed about Chun Him’s Specialist Maths scores.
“David, say for instance I wanted to come back and do VCE, would you recommend me taking specialist maths?”
“Ok ok.” – Chun Him

We were discussing planned things in life.
“Do you ever think about it that one of you weren’t planned?” – Makar to Ethan and Dillon
“Everything in life is always planned.” – Shane
“Ethan’s showing that he’s the planned one by getting higher scores.” – James

Wonder Woman
Yeah, it was a good movie.

After the movie (walking to hungry jacks)
A lot of people needed transport home.
“My parents eating dinner they won’t take us home.” – Dillon
“My parents are sleeping.” – Ethan
“Do Expect us, white people, to take you home?” – James to Ethan and Dillon
“The worlds turned upside down.” – Makar
“Bounce on back to Forest Hill.” – Makar to Dillon

“Easiest way to piss off Choung is to say ‘You’re in EAL.’ ” – James
Iain and David Choung were born here. You should ask them about it.

Hungry Jacks
“Should ask Khyl to give me a job here.” – Iain
“Easy money easy money.” – Ethan

“I bet you don’t call your parents because every time you call your parents you get spanked.” – Makar
“Whoever calls gets called gets spanked by the other brother.” – James

Makar to Dillon: “Better zip up your joey pouch. What are you a kangaroo? Ribbit.”
It was time for the Chua’s to go. They walked to their car.
Dillon’s door was locked but Ethan’s door opened
James: “Dillon was the unplanned one.”

Shane to Chun Him: “Do you want to watch Baywatch at 11 o’clock?”
“Cannot, cannot, I got tuition.” – Chun Him
“What tuition?” – Shane
“Spesh.” – Chun Him
“Spesh? Doesn’t look like it’s helping.” – Shane
[“Is your tutor even a tutor?” – James]

Shoutout to James O’Neil for driving me back home. He has a very high aptitude when it comes to driving.

Day 84: No Comment/Birthday (Part 2)

19/06/17 Monday 10:20pm
I just got back, I started writing this at 9:05pm

Mr Woolfe method’s class was still checking their scores for Part D and Part E of the Methods SAC.
“How did you go, Ethan?” – Joseph
“No comment. No comment.” – Ethan
“Did you get over 70 percent?” – Joseph
“No comment. No comment.” – Ethan

Mr Woolfe explained how they used Euler’s method in Hidden Figures, which was the method of approximation to transition from an elliptical equation into a parabolic equation because there was no precise method to calculate it.

“How did you find the movie?” – Mr Woolfe
“I found it a bit boring.” – Julian
“Maybe it’s because people nowadays enjoy high action videos games where people get slaughtered. Come back to the realm of reality.” – Mr Woolfe
“It’s still better than the Sword Art Online movie though.” – Julian
“Julian…That’s not true!!” – Chun Him

Mr Woolfe went on to explain how gravity is a constant acceleration.
“If I jump out of that window, which I have no reason to do so, I’ll keep falling with a constant acceleration of 9.8 metres per second per second. Then I’ll hit the sidewalk and break every bone in my body.” – Mr Woolfe
“What if you jump off an aeroplane?” – Julian
“Julian what type of cookies do you have in the jar!?” – Mr Woolfe
“Realistically if you jump off an aeroplane they’ll be air resistance when you’re falling. If you don’t want to die, you open your parachute.” – Mr Woolfe

“This isn’t on the course but we’re learning it because it’s really helpful.” – Mr Woolfe
“So why is this in the textbook but not in the course?” – Julian
“Because VCAA is a stupid organisation. All they do is give a vague description, a very vague description of what might be on the course, so the publishers of the books think, ‘Oh, it might be in the course.’ So they put it in just in case.” – Mr Woolfe

“Is this term 12 weeks?” – Darren
“I’ll just die on the spot. Darren, there’s never been a 12 week term.” – Mr Woolfe
[“Imagine a 13 week term.”] – Darren (forgot but it was something like that)
“Darren don’t say it. When I was your age we had 13 week terms…but we only had 3 terms.” – Mr Woolfe

Happy Jenny week!

“An essay a day keeps failure away.” – Miss McClimens

Miss McClimens was speaking about in parent teacher interviews she was booked with a child that she didn’t even teach.
“I don’t actually teach your child, but I’m happy to see you!” – Miss McClimens
People also for some reason booked her for Biblical Studies.
“What do you say in Bible? Your child doesn’t know Jesus!?” – Maddie

“What’s your insight on the characters?” – Miss McClimens
“There’s too many.” – Maddie?

David Choung is an absolute legend.
The time is 1:05pm
“Does the bell go at 1:10?” – Chounggy
“Yeah.” – Miss McClimens
“Oh no…” – Choungyy
“Why, do you have to go?” – Miss McClimens
“My bus leaves at 1:10” – Chounggy sounding very sad
“Awwwwwww…..” – The whole class empathises with Choungyy
“Do you need to go? When’s the next bus? You can go now!”- Miss McClimens
“Thanks.” – Choungyy *Choungyy quickly packs up*
“Run David!” – Miss McClimens and the class
What a way to end David week.

Soccer Square
Miss Pho was watching soccer square. Mr Siede insisted that they make a team to play but she politely declined the offer.

Ethan gets out.
“No comment. No comment.” – Joseph to Ethan

“How are you?” – Mrs Cho
“Tired. It’s Monday.” – Joseph
“Me too. I’ve been marking exams the whole weekend.” – Mrs Cho

Mrs Cho told us some of the feedback that she got about our class and her teaching. I will not disclose this information though.
“Joseph!” – Yi Fan
Yeah probably me LOL. Oh well, facts are facts.

“We are your best VCE Physics class.” – Matt Kaye
The whole class bursts out laughing at this ‘fact’.
“I see potential for 50’s in this class…” – Mrs Cho
“Micah! Micah! Micah! Eyyyyyyyy!” – whole class cheers
“And I see the potential for high 40’s too!” – Mrs Cho
The class goes silent.
“You definitely can pass if you put in a good effort then you’ll get good results.” – Mrs Cho

Ethan Chua answers a question. Everyone applauded and cheered.
“Please don’t cheer and applaud when someone answers a simple question.” – Mrs Cho
“Are you trying to undermine Ethan’s answer?” – Julian
“No comment. No comment.” – Joseph to Ethan
“Discrimination!” – Matt Kaye
“No! I don’t discriminate.” – Mrs Cho
“I don’t mind you making a few jokes here and there, but please if we are going to learn all the content in time, you need to listen and be quiet more.” – Mrs Cho

A bunch of the back row move to the back of the room because she has finished explaining magnetic generators to their group.
“What are you doing?” – Mrs Cho
“No.” – Hern
The whole class bursts out laughing.

“Where are my creds?” – Darren
Shoutout to Darren for having the original idea of going around Knox City getting free food because he was the first one to do it on his birthday.

Mrs Cho tried loading a video but it was extremely slow and wasn’t loading.
“It’s slow. Like our class.” – Julian
“No, it isn’t.” – Darren
“What?” – Julian
“There’s a difference between slow…and not moving.” – Darren

“Ethan did you get over 80 percent for methods?” – Bill
“No comment. No comment” – Ethan
“Ethan did you get over 50 percent?” – Joseph
Ethan pauses for a while.
“No comment. No comment.” – Ethan

KNOX CITY After school
Happy Birthday to Anton Lee!

Eric, Edward, Iain and Anton went around Knox after school getting free food and drinks (Boost, Subway, Chatime etc).
I had work, so I joined them later at San Churro (I spelt it wrong the first time)
Anton went to Sushi Sushi and got us a heap of sushi.


Anton bought 18 churros for $15 (normally $34.50)

There were very interesting conversations which probably shouldn’t be mentioned but the blog is the blog.
Ethan’s method’s score was revealed. No comment. No comment. (Obvs not going to say)

“Daniel Cattermole dogged the boys and ditched because he didn’t want to travel to Knox by bus because he prefers walking.” – Edward

“Eat your greens boys.” – Iain who picks up shredded carrot to eat.
“I can’t eat any more sushi, I’m on my diet.” – Iain
We finished eating the sushi and the churros.
“Add insult to injury, leave the sushi sushi stuff here.” – Eric
“Yeah better leave that insult to injury” – Joseph
We obviously cleaned up though.

My mum invited Edward and Anton to have dinner with our family because it was Anton’s birthday and my birthday.

More good free stuff
($40 off)   $8 Stonegrill Darling Downs Waygu (Paesano Restaurant)
And Anton’s meal got discounted as well. Happy Birthday to us!

PS: And that took more than an hour to type up. Hooray! Makes sense because somehow it’s over 1000 words. It takes even longer to do really good posts. Furthermore, I still have omitted a lot of stuff. Time to sleep. Much time for work. LOL.

A blog a day keeps sadness away.

Day 85 Part 1: Tomorrow

Blog will come tomorrow. I’ve still got to finish writing my English Oral which I’m presenting tomorrow.

Average blog post word count over 85 days > oral presentation word count
The world’s turned upside down.

Day 86: Double Whammy

21/06/17 9:25pm Wednesday
Alright hello, everybody. It’s 8:03pm now. Not one of my best days/posts. I looked in the mirror and I can see my eye bags. Just made myself a cup of green tea. Due to all this lack of sleep, I can’t even remember my notes for Day 85.

“It feels like a dream.”

Day 85 Part 2: 37 Seconds

Somewhere throughout the day
Mark and Joon are struggling to finish their black diggers oral on time.
“Why are you complaining? I always get Neil and David as my partners. Absolutely useless.” – Makar

“Good book. Way of Kings.” – Micah Wong did hand actions and enthusiastically promoted the awesome and amazing book he finished reading

“I was supervising exams and I went around and stuck stickers on everyone’s backs without any of them noticing. All 28 of them. A kid came up to me and told me that I should be a spy.” – Miss Pho

Poor Jasheel.

Mrs Mason sends Neil on an errand to ask a teacher to help photocopy chemistry booklets for the class. He comes back and we get the booklets.

“Why are you always eating a mandarin in my class?’ – Mrs Mason to Makar

Mrs Mason was still confused about the correct pronunciation of Cherida’s name.
Cherida? Cherida. CheridaCherida? Cherida? I don’t know.” – Mrs Mason

“Dillon.” – Mrs Mason
“Dillon?” – rest of the class
“Oh sorry I meant Ethan.”
“Ethan’s much more responsible.” – Mrs Mason
“Looks like he was the planned one.” – Joseph

We were learning some stuff that was taught last year.
“It’s somewhere in the back of your head.” – Mrs Mason
Makar violently brushes the back of Ethans head.

Makar asks a good question then Mrs Mason starts to share it with the class.
“Nah don’t share it.” – Makar

“…and that’s the retardation factor.” – Mrs Mason
“Retardation. Ethan knows all about that!” – Makar
“…mark the origin.” – Mrs Mason
“What’s your origin? Singapore?” – Makar to Ethan

Mr Zhang photocopied our booklets only on one side, so we were missing half of the notes.
“From one Zhang to another.” – Makar
“You should have asked a more responsible teacher.” – Mrs Mason

“Spelling is important.” – Mrs Mason
“Chounggy spelling!” – Makar

We took a break. Ethan, Neil and Chounggy were back on time before Obed and Nick.
“What’s this? You guys are back and Nick and Obed are late? The world’s turned upside down.” – Makar

“Why do they call knockout blackout? Why isn’t it called whiteout? They’re giving negative connotations.” – Makar

“Choung? Correct? I haven’t heard those two words in the same sentence in a very long time.” – Makar

“I was born here!” – Choung
“Nah sorry, I tried that with customs and it didn’t work.” – Makar

“Should we force kids who fail SACS to drink bleach?” – Makar
“Jonathan!” – Mrs Mason
“I’m just trying to be creative.” – Makar
“I don’t want this class going to the level of physics.” – Mrs Mason

We had a 37 seconds silence in memory of Jasheel. We were going to have a full minute but the boys were too incompetent to stay still for a whole minute.

Day 86: Continue

We read out the DNS and the ski trip is mentioned.
“This dumb ski trip will freeze you to death!” – Mr Woolfe

We have a new segment in homeroom: Latin Word of the Day
The Word of the Day is: Sincere
Made up of the latin words “sine” and “cera”

Its origin was in Rome, where when making urns, if it was made perfectly it would be without wax, because wax was used to fill up any holes or blemishes on the urn.

“sine” means “without” and “cera” means “wax”
sine cera = without wax

“Does that mean a candle can never be sincere?” – Joseph
“Yes thats right! Watch out for those candles because they’ll burn your house down.” – Mr Woolfe

We pushed Ethan into our spesh class and urged him to stay.
“No no. I’m getting PTSD.” – Ethan

“They would tie you up in a bag with a snake then throw you into the water. They were brutal. It was terrible. But their language is amazing.” – Mr Woolfe

“Today is the shortest day of the year. In Hobart, there were a bunch of fat old ugly people who stripped down into the nude and jumped into a river! They’re mad! I watched it live on TV but luckily the camera angles were appropriate.” – Mr Woolfe

“I went into a Korean grocery store to by some things. The cashier couldn’t really speak English but he knew the prices. I said, ‘Nato? Nato, nato.’ and he was like ‘Oh nato. Three dollar ninety.’ So I gave him the money and he said ‘thank you’ in English, which is funny because I replied ‘gamsa.’ which is thank you in Korean.” – Mr Woolfe to Edwin and the class

Mr Woolfe asks the same question three times but no one gives him a response.
“No one’s responding because everyone’s half dead.” – Mr Woolfe

“Why are you all sitting in the backrow today? Now I have to walk further to get to you.” – Mr Wong
“It’s good exercise.” – Jasheel

“What’s the antidiff of loge(x)? We don’t know. We can’t do it.” – Mr Wong
“Yeah you can. It’s like x + xloge(x)” – Joseph (Correction: it’s x*loge(x) – x + c)
“Oh yeah you can do that in spesh. We don’t learn this in methods.” – Mr Wong

“…and you can’t antidiff loge(x). It’s a dead end.” – Mr Wong
Mr Wong writes “DEAD END” on the board.
“No it isn’t.” – Joseph

“I taught Matt Kaye in Year 7! Look what you became. Success!” – Mr Wong
There is silence, then everyone bursts out laughing, even Matt Kaye.
“More like, what have you become?” – Calvin
“Is this why you teach EAL Mr Wong?” – Julian
“Yeah. Julian you would know all about it.” – Mr Wong
The class is amazed at Mr Wong’s comeback.
“Chounggy would know all about it too.” – Joseph
“I’m not in EAL!” – Chounggy
“Chounggy are you in EAL?” – Jasheel

Mr Chapman sees me preparing for my oral and comments on last night’s blog post.
“Your oral isn’t going to get you anywhere in life. The blog however will.” – Mr Chapman
“Well at the end of the year the blog is not going to do anything for me, but my ATAR will.” – Joseph
Well, he’s right though. Your ATAR only matters for one day, then no one will care about it after. But the blog will always remain, a reflection of what Year 12 was.

Jasheel didn’t go because he’s been concussed and was just hit in the face with a soccer ball.

Miss McClimens and Miss Lynch make an awesome duo.

3:00pm – 4:30pm

Anton reads my oral to Mrs Mason.
“Our generation needs to be able to speak the language of computers and architecture.” – Anton to Mrs Mason
“Okay” – Mrs Mason
“You better get going!” – Anton
“Anton you took all of this out of context!” – Joseph
“All I did was rearrange the order of the sentences.” – Anton

Shout out to Mrs Mason for helping explain to me how to name all the functional groups.

PS: Alright, everyone, I need to chill. Time to play some Words with Friends. Feel free to try beat me cause you won’t. (oops soz no chill I’m tired.)