Day 87 – 99

Day 87: Smoke

23/06/17 Friday 6:28pm
Hooray it’s the weekend but I’m still waiting for the term to end. Won’t even make it to Day 100 by the end of Term 2. Day 100 will be a milestone.

Here is what we learnt from the Latin Word of the Day segment presented by Mr Woolfe.

The Romans in the amphitheatre for entertainment, put deer into the middle of the stage then release wild dogs to eat the deer. Then after all the deer were eaten, they would release wilder wolves to eat the dogs. After all the wolves were eaten, they would release lions to eat the wolves. People from the other towns would come watch but they didn’t like them. So one day they just decided to massacre them as well.

One time all the lions fell asleep so they got really bored and decided to go pillage a town.

Half the physics class got homework detentions.
“I can’t believe.” – Mrs Cho
“Mrs Cho you need to believe in yourself.” – Chun Him

Mrs Cho explained transformers.
“You don’t live next to a power station.” – Mrs Cho
“There’s a power station next to my house.” – Matt Wo
“This is a transformer.” – Mrs Cho
“Autobot or Decepticon?” – Matt Wo

Ethan Chua has a 240 page exercise book.
“240? Why not 420?” – Iain
“It’s too thick like you Iain.” – Ethan

We pass around heavy pieces of iron to explain what is the middle of a transformer.
“David can I have it back now thanks.” – Mrs Cho
Chun Him rubs his shoes on the carpet while holding the metal block.
“Just wait Mrs Cho.” – Chun Him

Are you talking about physics? Or talking about rubbish?” – Mrs Cho
“We’re talking about both physics and rubbish because physics is rubbish.” – X
Class goes mad.

“Stop talking Julian.” – Nato
“Stop failing Nato.” – Julian
“Julian same to you.” – Matt Kaye

“Without volumetric analysis, we’d be drinking vinegar.” – Mrs Tabbagh, 2012

“I bet I could do the Further SAC without a calculator and still do better than you.” – Makar to Ethan
Two marks better?

Calvin and Mr Wong were discussing how Matt Kaye ‘would became’ a success.
“Matt Kaye became a success, but after 2016 things went downhill.” – Mr Wong
“Probably Mrs Cho’s 1&2 Methods Class.” – Joseph

“Everyone please listen carefully.” – Mr Wong
Jenny claps and kills a fly, and then makes a fuss about it.
I don’t know what Mr Wong was thinking after that.

Mr Wong explained a question which someone got wrong.
“David Choung did this.” – Mr Wong
“No, no, no, no.” – Chounggy
“Someone did this.” – Mr Wong

Mr Woolfe explained momentum to the class.
“If a truck was travelling 1 kilometre an hour along the road, would you step onto the road and put your hand out to stop the truck?” – Mr Woolfe
There is not much response from the class.
“I would.” – Julian
“Julian! What have you been eating for breakfast?” – Mr Woolfe
“But there’s enough time to slow down and stop. ” – Julian
“Julian?! Have you been doing a bit of this?!” Mr Woolfe imitates smoking
“I would go claim insurance and get more money if they hit me.” – Julian
“Yes, you could get more money so you can buy more marijuana.” – Mr Woolfe

Mr Woolfe’s iPad froze at the start of the lesson
“This thing just crashed. Marvellous. This is just what I didn’t need. Dog of a thing. Woolfe what are you going to do now?” – Mr Woolfe
“Joseph you got 48 IT but can’t even fix a computer.” – Julian
“Julian.” – Joseph
“48? Dangerous.” – Mr Woolfe
“It’s Telstra’s fault.” – Julian
“Telstra is the worst company in the universe. Don’t get me started or we’ll be here for 3 hours.” – Mr Woolfe

We learnt about friction.
“If you don’t have friction you can just give up.” – Mr Woolfe

“If you ever go into VCAA you’ll need to wear a gas mask because-” *imitates smoking action*

Day 88: Comments

26/06/17 Monday 9:47pm
Need to prepare for a few things and have a few things due.

“I’m away 2.5 days but we miss 4 classes! How terrible!” – Miss McClimens
“Do we still have to come to class?” – Nick
“I know it’s barely worth it if I’m not here. But yeah you do.” – Miss McClimens

“Look Mrs Mason, I brought my Chemistry book today.” – Anton
Anton immediately accidentally drops his chemistry book.
“Well done Anton.” – Mrs Mason
“Congratulations. You’re [omitted].” – Makar

“Obed liked a Facebook post that Christine wrote on Jesse’s Birthday and commented, Sorry I forgot it was your birthday. Happy Birthday.’” – Nick
“And I was to Obed, ‘Didn’t you come to my party 2 months ago?” – Jesse
“If I didn’t know better I would think you’re smoking something.” – Mrs Mason

Mrs Mason is halfway balancing two half equations on the board.
“Isn’t it the other side?” – Anton
“Oh yeah, you’re right.” – Mrs Mason
“What are you doing? Weed?” – X

“For the prac you’ll be working in groups.”  – Mrs Mason
“Please not David Choung!!!! He can’t even read a scale!!!!” – Makar to Mrs Mason and Chounggy
“Jonathan why so violent?” – Mrs Mason

Anton called his answer out which was a step ahead of the step Mrs Mason was doing.
“One step ahead of you.” Anton
“No flies on you. Do you understand what that means?” – Mrs Mason
“It was before our time.” – Makar
“It means you’re going so fast that there’s no time for flies to settle on you.” – Mrs Mason
“I still don’t get it. I’m in EAL.” – Anton

The video committee tried recording us, but most of us were too incompetent to follow what they wanted. All the ‘good stuff’ normally has to be authentic.
aka “Feeeeeeeeeeeeeeesyics.”

Most of our class were cooperative when we needed content for the video.
“[Iain] do something silly!” – Crock holding the mic
Iain looked down and shook his head.
“Crock be quiet or I’ll slap you sideways.” – Iain
The whole class lost it, but it wasn’t stuff that could be used for the video.

Julian asks a question about internal resistance that Mrs Cho just explained.
The class joins in on criticising Julian on asking a question that was just explained.
“Very dumb.” – Julian
Ethan, what did you get on your last physics SAC?” – Julian to Ethan
The class erupts.

“…and it’s around zero point zero zero something. Very small.” – Mrs Cho
“That’s the same as what you got on the SAC.” – Ethan to Chun Him
“You actually dumb. You want me to teach you a lesson?” – Chun Him

PS: Binded copy edit? Bold letters were censored letters

Day 89: Goofballs

27/06/17 Tuesday 7:44pm
One day I wish I could go free for all and not sensor or omit anything.
(I choose what I can’t put in.)

Somehow Jonas?/Kathryn? got hold of Mrs Mason’s golf balls. We were playing with them and swinging them around during all of Period 3.
“If you want to defend yourself from David Lee just do this.” – Jonas does an action

“Are these good quality golf balls?” – Jonas to Danielle
“No.” – Danielle

Jonas brought in more expired food for the class.
“I wouldn’t have it or you may have to go to the hospital again.” – Matt Kaye to Jasheel

Mr Wong was explaining how to use the graph page to find the approximate area between two curves.
“This slow method.” – Joseph
I showed Mr Wong my CAS program of how I did it.
“…I want this.” – Mr Wong

Allen got Mark’s shoe stuck on the roof.
Mark got our soccer ball stuck on the roof while trying to get his shoe down.

“This block is stationary in the vertical plane. If it isn’t and starts to levitate we better check what’s in our cookies.” – Mr Woolfe

“Have you had your manuka honey?” – Mr Woolfe
“Yeah.” – Julian
“I’ve been told you should eat it with a plastic spoon because a metal spoons mucks it all up.” – Mr Woolfe
“I’ve been using a metal spoon all my life.” – Julian
“Oh no.” – Mr Woolfe

“And you should take your marine algae oil.” – Mr Woolfe
“I eat fish oil.” – Julian
“Don’t take that stuff, the fish eat the algae, but fish oil has mercury in it.” – Mr Woolfe
“My oil eats your oil.” – Julian

“24 squared?” – Mr Woolfe
“576.” – Bill
“26 squared?” – Mr Woolfe
“676.” – Bill
“Oh these Chinese brains.” – Mr Woolfe in awe of how fast Bill Jiang’s brain works
“He probably eats both oils.” – Julian

“You’re all going to turn up on time for period zero tomorrow?” – Mr Woolfe
There is silence.
“Any commitment?” – Mr Woolfe
There is more silence.
“This speaks volumes I must say.” – Mr Woolfe

Mr Woolfe kept getting notifications during the lesson. He looks
“Good grief. Medibank Private? Who cares.” – Mr Woolfe

The school phone rung. Mr Woolfe picked up and listened for a while.
“You winged the Wong number. He’s downstairs working his insides out.” – Mr Woolfe on the phone

X is constantly talking during Mr Woolfe’s class.
“There’s a teacher standing up here. Am I just standing up here for my good looks?” – Mr Woolfe
“Yeah.” – Julian
“I wasn’t very hot at your age.” – Mr Woolfe

X keeps talking while Mr Woolfe is teaching. Mr Woolfe took action.
“X I hope your wife doesn’t talk a lot or she’s going to be driven crazy…[omitted part]” – Mr Woolfe

“You all look coma toasted. You look like how I look during a staff meeting.” – Mr Woolfe

Day 90: Commitment

28/06/17 Wednesday 4:11pm
I have to make this decision before I change my mind. Blog will be tomorrow.

Have fun studying.
(Chemistry SAC + Physics SAC tmr for me)

Day 91: One hundred and eighty one

29/06/17 Thursday 7:10pm

I’m looking forward to Mr Carter teaching our methods class tomorrow. It will be a real ‘delight.’

Homeroom (Day 91)
Neither Mrs Mason or Mr Woolfe were there to supervise homeroom.
“You poor things have been abandoned.” – Mrs Tabone takes our homeroom instead
“You guys are 12C right?” – Mrs Tabone
“C for best.” – Joseph
“Yeah that’s right.” – Mrs Tabone
Thanks to Mrs Mason, 12C has better EAL skills than Chounggy.

Mrs Tabone marked the roll and got to Jonathan Makar.
“Jonathan? Oh Jonathan. How are you?” – Mrs Tabone
“Why didn’t you ask anything about anyone else?” – Jonathan

Ashlee had the privilege of reading the short DNS for us.
“Host families required for French exchange students. Anyone care?!” – Ashlee
Most of the class was shocked.
“I only heard the first bit.” – Mrs Tabone

“Orchestra rehearsal back on the first week. Anyone know what that means?!” – Ashlee
There is silence.
“…and that’s it.” – Ashlee

“Who’s on for devotion?” – Mrs Tabone
“Mark.” – Makar
Mrs Tabone asks Makar what his favourite scripture is.
Makar says his favourite scripture. (I think it was Isaiah 55:8-9)
“Mark, what’s your favourite scripture?” – Mrs Tabone
“I don’t have a favourite scripture.” – Mark
“Have you got anything to tell me?” – Mrs Tabone
Mark doesn’t even look up and has his head slumped on the desk.
“I’ve got a chem SAC next period.” – Mark
“Oh.” – Mrs Tabone

Spesh (Day 91)
“What’s equilibrium?” – Mr Woolfe
“Balance. Something VCAA doesn’t have.” – Julian
“VCAA are sick.” – Mr Woolfe

Neil was talking during class.
“You quite finished there Neil? Do you want me to stick a bandage over your mouth?” – Mr Woolfe

Mr Woolfe explained Lami’s theorem.
“Laaaaaaaaami’s theorem. Velly Velly Indian Man. A lovely lovely lovely theorem.” – Mr Woolfe in an Indian accent

English (Day 90)
Miss McClimens was absent so Miss van Hulst took over our class. She wrote a letter for the class to read.
“Do you want me to read this in an American accent?” – Miss van Hulst
Miss van Hulst finishes reading the letter
“I’m much better than that American woman aren’t I?” – Miss van Hulst laughs

“You need to wreck these books with your annotations.” – Miss van Hulst

Julian looks down at his paper while Miss van Hulst is speaking.
“You young man. What’s your name?” – Miss van Hulst
“Julian.” – Julian
“Julian, eye contact, please. When someone’s speaking you should look at them. This is also a good lesson for when you get a wife. Wife like eyes. When your marriage is successful thank me.” – Miss van Hulst
“Did you think my eyes are closed because sometimes when I look down they look like their-” – Julian
“Are you calling me racist?” – Miss van Hulst
“No-” – Julian
“Are you saying I’m fat today?” – Miss van Hulst
The class is laughing so hard it’s hard for Julian to get a word in. Poor Julian, all these teachers have been roasting his future wife.

Excerpt from Day 89: 
[Julian keeps talking while Mr Woolfe is teaching. Mr Woolfe took action.
“Julian I hope your wife doesn’t talk a lot or she’s going to be driven crazy…I hope your wife is deaf. Not for your sake but for her sake!” – Mr Woolfe]

Chemistry (Day 90)
Makar was trying to fix his folder which was falling apart.
“What have you done to your folder?” – Joseph
“It’s what Mrs Mason’s done to my folder. She gave me too many handouts.” – Makar

“If you eat a page of your Chemistry book a day, you’ll improve your chemistry. Not only is it good for you, it’s got carbon dioxide which helps balance the pH of your blood. You know when you drink carbonated drinks when you’ve got a stomach ache? It’s like that, your blood accepts the hydrogens.” – Makar

“If I eat a chemistry page a day I’ll die.” – Chounggy

“Everything I say is true give or take 50%.” – Makar

“Chounggy how’s EAL?” – Makar
“I’m not in EAL!” – Chounggy
“The sooner you accept it, the easier it is to move on.” – Makar
“No.” – Chounggy
“Oh you learnt, ‘no’.” – Makar
“I don’t even know what to say to you.” – Chounggy
“Don’t worry, you just haven’t learnt it yet.” – Makar

Chounggy says the answer to one of the questions.
“David you’re wrong, it’s methy-” – Ethan
“You’re so stupid! You’re trying to patronize him for being wrong but you’re wrong and don’t even know how to do the question yourself! Are you [retarded]? I’m going to patronize both of you!” – Makar to Ethan and Chounggy

Day 92: Go all out. (Season 2 Finale)

30/06/17 Friday 7:00pm
Have a good holiday! Take the first week off, and study hard to the best of your ability!

Mr Woolfe and Mrs Mason weren’t here, so we were left with Mr Davidson instead.
“How’s Year 12 going?” – Mr Davidson
“Slowly.” – May

“Anyone doing anything on the holidays?” – Mr Davidson
There is no response from the class.
“Let me guess. Sleep. Work. Sleep. Work. Sleep. Work.” – Mr Davidson

“Hey, my hair looks like yours today.”  -Julian to Joseph
“What? That means my hair looks dumb today.” – Joseph

Julian has a Year 10 fanclub of girls. Apparently, he has proof as well.

Mr Siede took our class, because Miss McClimens was away on camp.
Half the class were away because it’s the last day of school. Jacob Poole joined our class. No one was doing any work anyway. Miss McClimens even prepared a bag of chips because it was “Tiff Week” but Tiff wasn’t even here.

“Is anyone going to do any work?” – Julian to the class
“No.” – the whole class
“Julian!” – Mr Siede
Since no one was doing work Mr Siede had a great suggestion.
“Should we pull a pilates session today?” – Mr Siede
Unfortunately, this wasn’t carried out. When the bell rang, Mr Siede walked out and Mrs Delorenzo walked in.

“Is anyone doing any work? Where’s everybody?” – Mrs Delorenzo
“Most people don’t come on the last day of school. It’s the holidays.” – Joseph
“You’re in Year 12. Those aren’t holidays.” – Mrs Delorenzo
“Mr Woolfe told us that we should take the first week of the holidays off, and then do work during the second week.” – Joseph and Julian
“No. Don’t apply that to your other classes.” – Mrs Delorenzo
From this logic, I can assume other classes, such as Biology, require more time to study compared to Specialist Maths.

“How do you get gastro?” – Jenny to Mrs Delorenzo

The majority of the class didn’t do any work and were mainly watching youtube videos and online shopping.
“Miss McClimens even left you guys a letter with the last line saying. ‘O-M-G. Aren’t they the best.’ 8 people from your class aren’t even here, and none of you are doing any of the work she left for you. ” – Mrs Delorenzo

Chun Him was courageous.

“Mrs Cho can we do something? Because it’s the last lesson.” – Chun Him
“No. And David I have bad news for you.” – Mrs Cho
“Mrs Cho I already know. You don’t have to tell me.” – Chun Him

There are a bunch of punks in our physics class.
“Darren you think you’re so punk.” – Hern
“Hern you’re going to get moved.” – Darren
“Darren’s where’s the drugs?” – Iain

Darren has a question to ask Mrs Cho while she’s explaining the answer.
“Let me finish please.” – Mrs Cho
“But can’t you-” – Darren
“Let her finish.” – Matt Kaye
“Let her finish.” – Julian
“Let me finish please.” – Mrs Cho

“Some people thought it was D. But it was incorrect.” – Mrs Cho
“Ding.” – Julian
“D for Ding. But the answer was B.” – Mrs Cho
“B for Bill.” – Julian

Because Mr Wong was away on Year 11 Camp, The Legendary Mr Woolfe took our class.

“Are we getting the SAT back today?” – Jenny
“Yes.” – Mr Woolfe
“I’m going to die.” – Jenny

“It’s not too bad. I looked at your class’ results and I’m pretty jealous of your class’ scores.” – Mr Woolfe
“Don’t worry, Mr Carter feels the same.” – Julian

“I don’t feel like I need to go through the SAT with you guys, but if you want me to, I’ll do it. Who wants me to go through it?” – Mr Woolfe
There is silence. A few seconds later, Danielle says yes.
“Alright, I’ll go through it then.” – Mr Woolfe

“How did you get this wrong Julian?” – Mr Woolfe
“It was just a moment of autism.” – Julian
“Have you been eating from the cookie jar?” – Mr Woolfe
“I’ve just been having the wrong type of fish oil.” – Julian
“Have you had your manuka honey?” – Mr Woolfe
“I bought a wooden spoon to eat manuka honey.” – Jonas
“Yes. A metal spoon just ruins the effect it has.” – Mr Woolfe

Mr Woolfe takes a look at Mr Wong’s method.
“I don’t know what Mr Wong is doing there.” – Mr Woolfe
Mr Woolfe then explains using his method, which is much better because I used that as well.

Someone brought up Telstra.
“Telstra is the curse of civilisation. If you ever want to talk to someone from the Philippines, just ring up Telstra.” – Mr Woolfe

Mr Wong made some error on numbering the questions on the SAT.
“Mr Wong has got the Wong numbers.” – Mr Woolfe
“He’s been running too many marathons.” – Julian
“He’s been running too many mara…” – Joseph, waiting
“He’s been running too many marijuanathons.” – Julian

“Is Maccas or Hungry Jacks better?” – Jonas
Mr Woolfe was taken aback.
“Did you just swear at me?” – Mr Woolfe

“Who got this question wrong?” – Mr Woolfe
“I put C.” – Jenny
“How sad.” – Mr Woolfe
“Better put more money in the offering this week.” – Julian to Jenny

Jonas brought up a bowl of chocolate from the common room.
“Mr Woolfe would you like some chocolate?” – Jonas
“No thanks.” – Mr Woolfe
“It’s got raw garlic.” – Julian
“Does it have anything starting with M?” – Mr Woolfe

On a more serious note, Mr Woolfe told us about some effects smoking had on his brother-in-law.
“I don’t believe in smoking at all.” – Mr Woolfe

“If you long divide it’s a waste of time.” – Mr Woolfe
“I did that, and during the SAT Mr Wong was looking at my paper just kept shaking his head.” – Matt Kaye

“The calculator doesn’t do it because…it’s on something.” – Mr Woolfe
“It’s on my marijuana coding.” – Joseph to Julian

“My class demolished this question. I mean the question demolished my class.” – Mr Woolfe
“Did Dillon do it?” – Julian
“Well…I don’t think Dillon did much at all. No offence though.” – Mr Woolfe

“We all make mistakes. There’s no such thing as a perfect brain. We all have defective brains.” – Mr Woolfe
“But Bill and Micah…” – Julian
“Shh…their’s are defective as well.” – Mr Woolfe

Mr Carter walked into our class to put some papers in the cupboard.
“Mr Carter I beat most of your class.” – Julian showing his score to Mr Carter
Mr Carter gives the thumbs up and walks away.
“Sorry for disturbing your class Mr Woolfe.” – Mr Carter

“You gotta keep thinking the examiners are kindergartens. You have to spoon feed them the answer.” – Mr Woolfe to Jenny

Mr Woolfe gives some positive encouragement to Matt Kaye when he was questioning his ability in Methods.
“You’ll do well at the end. You’ll smash it.” – Mr Woolfe to Matt
“Then we have Mr Wong. You’ll fail if you don’t do this.” – Kathryn
“BAAAAAAAADDD.” – Danielle
“You will fail!” – Joseph putting his arms up

Our class thoroughly enjoyed having Mr Woolfe take our Methods class.
I’m sure most of the class would agree it was a delightful experience.

“I wish we had Mr Woolfe at least once a week.” – Jonas

“I speak professional English.” – Anton

Miss McClimens came back from Year 11 Camp and I greeted her telling her all about how ‘great’ our English class was.

While I was talking to Mr Wong who also came back, Miss McClimens went up to kick the soccer ball which was under my leg, but I did some move to stop the ball and she tripped and almost fell over.

Glen Waverley
Julian, Micah and I went to Glenny’s Kebabs for some cheeky HSP.
We saw a certain Korean “EAL” student at Glen Waverley while we were walking back to the station.
“I wagged school today.” –  Korean “EAL”
“You’re done. You’re on the blog.” – I shouted while he was walking away so he could hear.
He turned around but I couldn’t hear what he said. Probably something he learnt in EAL.


Day 93: Bland

20/07/16 Thursday 8:15pm
Very bland first day back.

Methods (period zero) – Mr Wong baked melting moments for the whole class
Physics – Mrs Cho taught a good lesson.
Chemistry – Mrs David’s took our class
Recess – The freezer froze up and bunch of people were throwing ice around
Bible – “Have an attitude of gratitude.” – Mrs Tabone
Chapel – “Wasn’t that great guys?” – Julian
Lunch – Played soccer square.

See how bland that was? I would end it there but…

Common Room (Period 5&6)

I talked to Mrs Mason about my goals at the end of the year and some of my incomplete holiday homework for English. Mrs Mason peeked into the common room.
“Julian what was the English holiday homework?” Mrs Mason asked Julian in front of everyone who was in the common room.
“…Write two essays, the first prompt was ‘Despite being a comedy, All About Eve conveys important messages about life. Do you agree?’” replied Julian.
“Okay Joseph, start writing,” Mrs Mason said to me.

I sat on a table with Joon, Danielle, Julian and Bill. I made an attempt to start and began writing a bit. Miss McClimens walked into the common room and joined our table.
“Miss McClimens, ask Joseph what he’s doing,” Julian said.
“You should ask what he’s doing,” Joon joined in.
I slumped my head on my work and didn’t reply. Julian asked again.
“I’m doing the All About Eve essay,” I finally responded.
“Oh,” – Miss McClimens starts laughing.

We started talking about movies and books. Then for some reason, Joon showed Miss McClimens and Julian a video of an elephant ejaculating. The conversation takes a very strange turn afterwards.

Some of the boys from Mr Woolfe’s methods class come down into the common room.
“What class are you taking a break from?” – Mrs Mason to Hern
“Spesh.” – Hern
“It can’t be spesh, Joseph’s been here since period 5.” – Mrs Mason
“You’re not in spesh.” – Julian to Dillon

“All cows are female and all bulls are male.” – Danielle
“I thought cows and bulls were different species.” – Julian
“Go learn some anatomy.” – Mrs Mason
“Have you seen a seahorse give birth?” – Julian to Mrs Mason
“No I haven’t.” – Mrs Mason

“Elephants don’t have dongers.” said Danielle.
“Yeah, they do!” – Joon
“How do you think they reproduce?” Mrs Mason asked.
“But like I haven’t seen one.” said Danielle

“But like it’s different from ours,” said Danielle.
“Yeah it is, If this is ours,” Joon holds up a pushpin,”this is theirs,” Joon holds up a water bottle.

“Me in Chinese School was like a spastic on cocaine.” – Julian
“Julian, nothing’s changed.” – Matt Kaye

PS: Alright that’s enough I have to go do work now.

PS: So shall we continue?

I give up now.
I won’t be doing any schoolwork anymore. Shall not and never will

At the very end of the year
All of it won’t matter to me.

My weaknesses and flaws?
I’ll look back and regret this whole year.

If I don’t change this habit and start doing work to improve
I’ll actually still do well at the end of the year.

I could start working hard now and
I would say that it’s time to put in all my effort,
but not today.
I always delay doing work
I don’t want to waste my time on useless things.
I’ll endure this routine.

It’s just easier to not do any practice papers at all,
and though
a huge amount of my work is still incomplete
from all my procrastination,
I’m going to take a never-ending break

This terrible attitude of laziness.
I give up now

21/07/2017 Friday 4:48 PM
Day 94: I guess I have everything backwards

Day 95: Basket

24/07/17 Monday 9:23pm
Just came back from the careers expo. Been at school all day.

I walk into class 5 minutes late.
“It’s Grace Madoosoodun week.” – Miss McClimens to me
“I see.” – Joseph
There is strange silence.
“Happy Grace Madoosoondun week!” – Joseph, while looking around
“She’s not here.” – Miss McClimens
“Oh.” – Joseph

Yay, Miss McClimens was asked to help mark the VCE English Exams at the end of the year.
Miss McClimens told us that she has to mark 100 essays in a day for 3 weeks straight, on top of her normal classroom teaching.
“I asked one of the markers whether I had to mark 20 essays in an hour. She said, ‘No, it’s 30 essays in an hour.’ ” – Miss McClimens

“95% of the students get between 21 and 49 because it’s within two standard deviations of the mean. To get under 21 would be really hard to do.” – Mr Wong
“We can challenge that.” – Calvin
“I would rather you not. I would rather you guys go up to here.” Mr Wong, pointing at 49

Mr Wong explains how to find expected value of the probability function.
“Is there a function on the CAS to do it though?” – Joseph
“Yeah, but do you know how to do it?” – Mr Wong
“No.” – Joseph
“Then too bad.” – Mr Wong

Mr Wong asks Calvin to read out a probability question.
Calvin reads out the question.
“I don’t get it.” – Jenny
“Read it again.” – Mr Wong to Jenny
“Okay.” – Jenny
There is a few seconds of silence.
“I meant, read it out loud.” – Mr Wong
“Legit?” – Jenny
“So everyone can see it again.” – Mr Wong
Jenny start reading.

“David and Iain, your catch up SAC is Period 1 tomorrow.” – Mrs Cho
“Period 1? Why not period 2? I want to sleep in. I have a free in the morning so why can’t it be Period 2? Mrs Cho, I’m not coming to school tomorrow.” – Chun Him
“No the time is set, there is no one to supervise you during Period 2.” – Mrs Cho
“Mrs Cho I have a very big problem.” – Chun Him
“You have a very big problem.” – Iain

“No negotiations.” – Bill
“But I’m still sleeping.” – Chun Him
“You need to get up then.” – Mrs Cho

I missed the last lesson on mechanical waves because I was away.
“We’ll start off with people who know the content.” – Mrs Cho
“David what did we learn last lesson?” – Mrs Cho
“Different of waves.” – David
“What?” – Mrs Cho
“Waves.” – David
Mrs Cho looks very confused.

“Maybe I’ll get Ethan to move.” – Mrs Cho
“No, no, I’ll behave.” – Ethan

Mr Carter comes into our class and apologises for interrupting. He then explains how the date for Iain and David (Methods) SACs have been moved.
“See me afterschool David.” – Mr Carter
“Mr Carter-” – Chun Him
“David. Afterschool.” – Mr Carter closes the door and leaves

Careers Expo
Darren and I walked into 0012 and 0013.
“No Monash or Melbourne? What a waste.” – Darren
“Yeah.” – Joseph
We found them in the room beside though.

“I found my course and I only need a 91 for it.” – Joseph
“Do you have any other preferences?” – Mrs Higgins
“No.” – Joseph
“Go around all the unis and looks for other preferences. What if you don’t get into your course?” – Mrs Higgins
“I’ll get into my course.” – Joseph
“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” – Mrs Higgins
“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” – Mrs Mason
“You don’t even have a basket.” – Mrs Higgins
They both leave me.

Mrs van Niekerk walks in.
“Have you found out what course you want to do?” – Mrs van Niekerk
“Yeah, I plan to do Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering at Monash.” – Joseph
“Good! Put all your eggs in one basket.” – Mrs van Niekerk

I straight away told Mrs Higgins the advice I received.
“What does she know? She puts all her books on one shelf.” – Mrs Higgins

“After English, Further Maths is the most popular subject in the state.” – Mr Carter advertising further

PS: Miss Pho is one of the craziest people you’ll meet.

Day 96: Closed

25/07/17 Tuesday 5:07pm

Closed until I get my life back in order.

Day 97: Who This

26/07/17 Wednesday 5:40PM
Guest writer.
I don’t have many quotes since I didn’t know I’d be writing this until after school. Also if you don’t like a prolix style of writing then maybe skip this day, sorry.

Guest Writer schedule:
English (period zero)
Double Free

I walk into class and sit at the back.

Miss Lynch usually shows us a video of puppies to start the morning but the computer was acting up so the class was puppy-less for today.

Class progresses as per boring normal with a few people (I think it was Ethan, Grace.L, and Lani) having to read the two paragraphs aloud that were set for homework.

Tarity and Jonas, House captains of Wycliffe and Tyndale respectively leave early to prepare for house meetings. I envy them, wishing I was a captain for the sole purpose of leaving class early. Thoughts like that is probably why I’m not a captain.

House meetings
I stand at the back and listen closely to my diligent and hard working house captains. I notice Captain Calvin isn’t here then remember he’s dealing with the UMAT today.

Most of the meeting I’m outside with the other boys of my year level deciding on events for House Athletics. This year I break my multi-year streak of not participating by being drafted into the 200m event.

People are still deliberating on events but when the bell goes, so do I.

We had a room change from O103 to the small room at the hall’s end, I think it’s like the leaps room or something, I don’t know, all I know is it’s too small.

From memory the seating is: Teagan, Josh.LA, Jasheel, Lani, Joy, May, myself, and later Candy who came in a little late for it was not clear to where our room changed. Why is the seating important you ask? It’s not, I’m just bumping up the word count for the sake of it.

Daniel and April aren’t here since they’re involved in the ‘Carousel’ musical production thing (tickets on sale now – buy them, or don’t, whatever, don’t let some text on a screen control you).
Since Daniel and April weren’t present our teacher, Mr Chapman, says:
”Stock and Crock aren’t here…Stock…Crock…Stock, Crock, and two smoking barrels.”
He looks to me specifically for validation, hoping dearly that someone in the room would understand his obscure reference and find it funny. I force out a two-syllable “Har Har.” In case you’re wondering, the joke is a reference to the film ‘Lock, Stock, and two smoking barrels’, a great crime-comedy film that I would recommend to people if you’re into that sort of genre. If you’ve already seen it than see ‘Snatch’, it shares the same director and the style is pretty similar.

Mr. Chapman also relays the delight of his daughter in finding out that I, a student of his class, is the cousin of Andrea Hah, the first woman on Australian Ninja Warrior to scale the warped wall. If you’re wondering about my physical prowess and achievements I’ll tell you that once I twisted my knee trying to scale a waist high wall – truly I’m a modern Spartan, an Adonis of epic proportions and worthy of the title: Apex predator.
Back to the Ninja Warrior thing, apparently Mr. Chapman’s daughter likes the show and my cousin or something, I don’t know, I wasn’t really listening.

The remainder of the class was quite ordinary but I’ll share a quote that I recall:
“When I first came to the school someone asked if I was partly British.” -May
We laugh.
”If anything [I] looks more British.” -May
I don’t laugh.

Nothing of significance happens at our table and we’re largely studious.

Mrs. Mason periodically has to silence the room when we grow too loud and eventually she tells Jacob and Naomi.O to leave the common room for she’s warned them enough and they’re too loud. I, ever unscrupulous, stifle my laughter as they leave because sometimes the misfortune of others makes me laugh. Is that wrong of me? Yes – yes it is.

At the end of the free Jonas joyously announces: “Finally recess!” And I join in with his glee. Lani shoots us both down with a: “No it’s not.” For a moment, the briefest five seconds, the hopes and joy of Jonas and I are shattered as we try to remember what class we have. But then Lani corrects herself, realizing it is in fact recess.

Girls at the table I’m sitting at talk about valedictory dresses. It makes me realize how convenient suits are:
Colour? Black, Navy, Gray, or Charcoal – realistically anything more may come off as garish. Not to say some guys in the grade can’t pull it off, I just know I can’t.
Lapels? Notch, Peak, or Shawl – I don’t think shawl is really suitable though and in the end notch works just fine.
Vents? None, one, or two.
Single or double breasted?
Tie colour?
Pocket square or no pocket square?
Cuff links or buttons?
Cut? American, English, or Italian. In my opinion American is fine but if I were perhaps more muscular I’d go for the Italian.
Pants pleated or not?
Okay that’s enough. If you’re wondering if I looked up that information I can truthfully tell you I didn’t need to. Why? Because I’m weird and I spent a decent amount of time in year 10 reading about suits.

Let’s go ahead and skip this session because I really can’t think of anything to write from it. The only thing I’d mention is I was feeling mighty tired and the teacher had to tell me to stay awake. Ironic since we’re learning about sleep.

Tiffany wanted me to finish the Wonder Woman drawing I’d started in her diary at her behest so I multi-tasked class work and doing that. I’m an adequate artist so it wasn’t too much trouble – don’t worry teacher, the better 50% of my attention was on class work.
…But then once that Wonder Woman piece was done I still wanted to draw, and so, I also drew some other stuff.

I didn’t bring lunch since I thought I was going to go home but I decided to stay and do some work. I’ll admit, I didn’t accomplish much work since I was half falling asleep and hungry.

But here’s some quotes that I overheard/remember:
”Prisca is a [white person]” -[]

“I love the stainless steel chopsticks.” -Prisca (and Maddie)
”But they can burn your mouth if they’re in something hot.” -[]
”Yeah but I’m not stupid.” -[]

“That’s the cheap white one.” -x
“You’re the cheap white one!” -y

“You’re a ning nong.”

“He doesn’t know the difference between a microwave and a microwave.” -Prisca

“My water just broke.” -I have no idea who said this I just heard it from across the room.

Double Free
Mrs. Mason has to come in every now and again to shush us but at one point Miss McClimmens enters and when Mrs. Mason comes again I quickly say: “It’s not our fault” indicating that McClimmens is talking too and she’s a teacher so you can’t get her (and us) in trouble.

When the noise increases again Lani rises from her seat a bit and loudly shushed the room. She was sitting near the door where Mrs. Mason comes from so everyone just assumed it was a teacher. The people on Lani’s table, including me, were amused at this new found power.

The people at my table and Miss McClimmens try and decide a new name for me. They suggest: Peter, Henry, Chase, or Landon. I don’t like any of them. But, I don’t even like my own name so there’s no winning.

Mrs. Higgins comes in with 3 copies of a VTAC magazine and tells us to leave them around the common room for people to read but if we leave with them we have to pay for them. Yes, because this VTAC magazine is so enthralling I’ll be bringing it with me for some home reading.

More quotes:
“I have to pick up 400 teabags!” -Ben

“Popplestone? What did Popplestone pop?” -Prisca, before laughing at her own words

Someone at my table was asking how many ml’s were in a shot glass. Prisca says “42” after a moment on her laptop, I add “.6”; evidently we both quickly sought Google for answers.

Prisca does a Gollum impression. It’s, well, it’s not the worst…

Just before the sixth session bell goes I leave.

This is the end, thus ending my reign as writer for Joseph’s blog. If you didn’t like what I wrote and you know who I am, don’t talk to me about this, because truly, from the bottom of my heart, I don’t care. Bye.


27/07/17 Thursday 7:27pm
Primary chapel (English canceled)
Double free

“Sorry for being away, I had an allergic reaction. My face was so puffy.” – Mrs Raben

Primary Cchapel
Yesterday Miss McClimens told us she wouldn’t be in class because she’d be speaking in primary chapel, so we canceled English and came with her instead!

It felt so nostalgic walking into chapel like a little primary this morning.

Mr Belousoff’s grade 3 class led worship this morning with really cute actions. It was adorable.

The primaries answered Miss McClimens questions with so much enthusiasm. I bet she wishes we would be more like them.

After chapel Miss McClimens showed us a cool magic trick.
“Woooahh!!” – Everyone
“I’m the magician, I chose the card.” – Julian

We had a sub, so Aidan watched anime and Mark dabbed.

“In Chem, Mrs Mason asked to give examples of fats and Hern screamed my name!” – Mark
“He’s not one to talk.” – Jez

“I used to have recurring dreams about tooth decay. I’d reach into my mouth and pluck my teeth out.” – Pamela
“I always have bad dreams about getting left, and my friends ditching me.” – Aidan
Pamela later googles ‘what teeth dreams mean’. The results show ‘teeth dreams meaning death’.

“What does LGBTIQ stand for?” – Mr Nash
“Bill!!” – The boys

“Let’s say I was married and was attracted to someone else’s wife…which I’m not! If you were thinking about them in an inappropriate way—“ – Mr Nash
“Ohh!!” – Hern quickly and keenly *erotic noise while stretching his back*
Everyone goes crazy at his perfect timing.

“Are you eating a kiwi?” – Danielle to Kaitlyn
“Yup.” – Kaitlyn
“Wait..eating the hairy stuff too?! You’re not even using a spoon!” – Danielle

“We’re like a big family.” – Jaclyn
“Yeah, a family with 2 good looking parents!” – Miss Van Hulst looking at Mr Dekker
Mr Dekker has nothing to say, he just smiles awkwardly and waits for the moment to pass.

Lunch- Wavo Cup
Year 12’s (Khyl, Anton, Eric, Andrew, Jacob, Allen) vs. the teachers.
Year 12’s were down 0-3 at half time.
They came back with 2 amazing goals, and the crowd went wild. It seemed like there was hope for them with the momentum and adrenalin running. Unfortunately, they lost 2-4.

Mrs Tabone was on the hunt, rescheduling detentions left and right.

“Were you smart in Hong Kong?” – Danielle to David
Jasheel and Jonas have a little chuckle.

Day 99: Clearer

28/07/17 Friday 7:20pm
It was worth.

Walking to locker (before school)

“Why are your glasses yellow?” – Joanna Zhang
“They’re yellow?” – Joseph
“Yeah.” – Joanna Zhang
“No, they’re not.” – Joseph takes the glasses out from the case
“Showing off your new glasses are you?” – Mr Chapman
“They’re purple.” – Joseph
“Your glasses make you look like a nerd.” – Joanna Zhang
“Wow. Thanks.” – Joseph
“Hi nerd.” – Matt Wo
And it was at this point I knew I was going to write the blog today.

It’s 9:05 when Mrs Mason comes up.
“Mrs Mason did you forget our homeroom?” – Joseph
“Yep.” – Mrs Mason

“Why are your glasses yellow?” – Darren
“Darren stop reading my sheet. It’s spoilers.” – Joseph

“Darren, what did you have for dinner?” – Mrs Mason
“Rice.” – Darren
“Rice? Just rice?” – Mrs Mason
“No with dishes.” – Darren
“Nathan, what did you have for dinner?” – Mrs Mason
“Sausages.” – Nathan
“Just sausages?” – Mrs Mason
“No.” – Nathan
“Mark what did you have for dinner?” – Mrs Mason
“Rice.” – Mark
“Rice?” – Mrs Mason
“With dishes.” – Mark
“You Asians.” – Mrs Mason

Today’s devotion (presented by Mrs Mason) was “Be a person of integrity.”

“Danielle nice job yesterday.” – Mrs Mason
“It wasn’t me.” – Danielle

“Back when I took English if you got a GPA over 4.0 you wouldn’t have to take the exam. That’s an A, which was 90+ at my school. The teachers weren’t allowed to tell us whether we scored an A or not.” – Miss McClimens
This is a conversation that happened between Miss McClimens and her teacher.
“I know you can’t tell me whether I have to take the exam.” – Miss McClimens
“Yeah, I can’t tell you that you don’t have to do the exam.” – Teacher
“Yeah, I know you can’t tell me whether I have to do the exam or not.” – Miss McClimens
“Really, I can’t tell you that you don’t have to do to the exam.” – Teacher
“Oh, I see. I get you.” – Miss McClimens

“But I really wanted to take the exam at the end of the year, so I was really sad.” – Miss McClimens
“You can take my exam if you want.” – Mikala
“Yeah sure, sure.” – Miss McClimens

Miss McClimens writes ‘subjagation’ on the board.
“It’s subjugation, spelt with a ‘u’.” – Julian
“Oh okay, my bad, my bad.” – Miss McClimens corrects the spelling.
“GPA 3.9!” – Julian
“Oh no, I have to do the exam.” – Miss McClimens

“Can someone read out the definition please?” – Miss McClimens
“Subjugation: The action of bringing someone or something under domination or control.” – Joseph
“Mr Bawden.” – X
The class is in shock.
“Oh no, did I say that out loud?” – X

“What if your essay question wasn’t talking about subjugation and compliance but it was talking about subjugation and compliance?” – Miss McClimens

“We have to see this picture of Jasheel.” – Miss McClimens

“We’ll go around the classroom and say one word to describe Grace for Grace week.” – Miss McClimens
“Very good.” – Chounggy
“That’s two words.” – Matt
“EAL! Chounggy!” – Julian

“I hope you guys are being good.” – Mrs Conibear (walking out of the classroom)

“Who’s missing?” – Mrs Cho
“Where’s Matt Kaye?” – Joseph
“I’m right in front of you. I don’t think your glasses have made you see any better.” – Matt Kaye
“Mr OPSM not good enough.” – Chun Him
“Joseph, where’s your comeback?” – Iain

“Micah cheated because he went to Hogwarts.” – Matt Wo
“Book of Troth. Hello Mr Owl! I stole Dumbledore’s owl to get the answers.” – Micah

Matt Wo asks a question and holds up a piece of paper from the 3rd row back.
“Matt I’m blind. I’m old.” – Mrs Mason who can’t see the question

“Don’t break my favourite rule. I’ve had it since I was in Year 10.” – Mrs Mason
“You’ve got an advantage for the SAC. You have a wise ruler.” – Makar

“Why don’t you have veins in your arms anymore?” – Julian

“How many hours do you spend studying in a day? More than one hour?” – Mr Wong
Jasheel is the only person who puts his hand up.
“Jasheel, very good.” – Mr Wong

“Make sure you draw the asymptotes over the axis.” – Mr Wong
“Can we use a different colour?” – Matt Kaye
“There’s only one colour. Pencil.” – Mr Wong

Mr Woolfe started doing push ups and jumping jacks in the middle of the class.