Days off

Day Off 1: Filler

10/3/17 Friday 10:28pm
Well I guess since there’s no school it doesn’t count as a ‘day.’ Sorry for the late post, I was wondering whether to blog or not today. I didn’t really do much today.

Day 26 Homeroom
“What have you learnt so far in the year?” – Mrs Mason asked the class.
“Methods kids don’t know anything.” – Mr Woolfe

Day 24 Lunch
Hern made ramen in a cup because he didn’t have a bowl.

Day 23 House Meetings
Wycliffe skipped a whole page of the DNS.

Day 23 Spesh
“fog and gof is a disaster” – Mr Woolfe

Day 22 Free
Some girl in primary ran up to us during volleyball and said, “Hi stupid secondaries!”

Day 21 Lunch
During the Valedictory Committee meeting, when I heard that we weren’t getting mugs, I left the room straight away to complain to Mr Chapman.

Day 21 Lunch
Mr Bawden served an ace in volleyball

Day 20 Physics
Micah explained to Mrs Cho why he was right on the test so he got a mark.

Day 19 Physics
The condensation of my ice water in my bottle made my physics test wet.

Day 15 Chem
When Hern was sniffing the alcohols Mrs Mason joined in with him.
“Yeah this one smells likes a whiteboard marker.” – Hern
“Yeah it kind of does.” – Mrs Mason

Day 15 Recess
Ben didn’t have his diary so Mrs Cho just gave him the sticker and he stuck it to his car keys.

Day 8 House Meetings
I completely butchered the DNS that day. Yay.

Day 29: Darren’s Perspective
Micah sat at the very back for spesh.

Spesh was the only class that didn’t suffer heavy casualties, 12/15 people were present.

Me and Calvin made a 100V battery in chem, he wanted me to bring it up in physics so he can get quoted.

Me to Bill, what did Mr Carter say about the sat? (Since he marked already)
Woolfe walking past : It was a trainwreck!!

Mr Woolfe marking SATS: I get rotten answer, rotten answer, rotten answer then good answer. I then look at who it is and its Darren!

Day Off 2: Blog stats

Hi guys, I guess Friday’s post was pretty underwhelming. Today I have prepared something much more interesting.

Here are some statistics:

Total Visitors: 955
Total Views: 2249

Avg Visitor/Day: 41.5
Avg View/Day: 77.6

Total word count: 9841
Total reading time: 36 minutes (from
Total people mentioned in blog: 65

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Day Off 3: Parent Teacher Interviews

28/03/17 Tuesday 7:15pm
Shout out to Mrs Mason because she’s an awesome teacher! (Or was it because she asked for one)

Miss McClimens had a mini bowl of Ferrero Rocher on her desk. I took one and ate it.

In between interviews
Emily and Mrs Lim were looking at a book containing pictures of cats in the non-fiction section.

“He’s doing well, but he can be doing better.” – Mr Wong

In between interviews
“So are we getting valedictory mugs?” – Joseph to Mrs Godfree
“Yes you guys are! Its because all of you wanted them so badly.” – Mrs Godfree

“I’ll miss you guys so much when I leave.” – Joseph to Miss van Niekerk
Miss van Niekerk walks over to Mr Bawden.
“You see this student here, we’ve got to fail him so he can stay in school.” – Miss van Niekerk to Mr Bawden
“Sure, a year 13 program can be organised.” – Mr Bawden

“Can we please decide our groups? Because in Physics 1&2 we had Bill, Micah, Darren and me in one group. We all scored very high, I don’t think the other groups scored as high.” – Joseph
“No for the EPI(prac), we can’t have you Bill, Micah and Darren in one group.” – Mrs Cho

In between interviews
Mr Hoang was going around and taking the free titbits on other people’s desks. He took a jellybaby off Mr Mark’s table.
“Is this the only reason why you’re friends with me?” – Mr Marks
“No, it’s not the only reason why I’m friends with you. There’s many other reasons.” – Mr Hoang

I showed Miss van Hulst a magic trick.
“Do it again!” – Miss van Hulst
“Sorry I can’t” – Joseph
“Do it again!” – Miss van Hulst
“Well you see, like English, I can’t use the same word again or it loses it’s effect. If I did this trick three times it would just lose it’s meaning.” – Joseph

We were talking about how we use social media.
“There’s all these people who post a photo of what they just last ate on social media. I don’t want to see a photo of what you last ate!” – Mr Woolfe

“Yeah it’s that teacher.” – Joseph to his mum when walking over to Mrs Mason

Day off 4: Anzac Day

It’s technically the 5th day off because Monday and Tuesday were a holiday but not part of the term break.

Btw today’s “post” (Term 1 Statistics) is in the top right corner. (Yes its probably worth reading. It’s quality.) [If you’re on mobile click the menu symbol]

Have fun studying for the Methods SAT tmr if you’re in methods.

Day off 5: Miscalculations

12/06/17 Monday 6:04pm
EDIT: I also miscalculated that this is the 6th day off so far.

Bill, Dillon, Anton, Chun Him, Edward and I went to Sofia Burwood for lunch.
However, Iain Ding, Jia Hern Lee and Ethan Chua dogged the boys and didn’t show up so we couldn’t order the special deal that needed at least 8 people.

Sofia Burwood
We were talking about what jobs we work/used to work.
“I already quit my job then my manager called me up and asked whether I could work and I was like ‘Go away!’ ” – Bill
“Darren still works there right?” – Chun Him
“Darren works 20 hours a week.” – Bill
“He’s going to fricking die!” – Chun Him

We ordered a lot of food and thought we couldn’t finish it.  We did order food for 7 people because we still thought Hern was going to come.
“If Hern was here we can finish all of this!” – Chun Him
“Hern dogged the boys.” – Dillon
“Pull Okami Round 2.” – Joseph
“Yeah just eat some food then go to the toilet.” – Edward
“No no no.” – Bill

“This reminds me of IKEA days.” – Dillon
“Well, actually this is the Bikie Gang.” – Joseph

Anton is the king of collecting stuff from the streets.
“I took 2 tables off the street. (Hard rubbish) They looked so new.” – Anton
“The tables looked so new, when he came home I thought did you rob someone and break into their house? – Chun Him
“Is all the furniture in your house taken off the street?” – Edward
“Like 80 percent of our furniture.” – Chun Him
“The street is my IKEA.” – Anton

“My engineer is so good. I put two tables on my bike.” – Anton

“What do you eat for lunch in school? Butter bread?” – Anton to Bill
“No no no. Peanut butter and bread. It’s so nice.” – Bill
“Edward do you eat lunch?” – Joseph
“Well, my lunch is always gone by the end of the day.” – Edward

Bill got the receipt for the bill. He looked speechless.
“What happened?” – everyone
The bill was much higher than what he predicted.
“The garlic bread. I thought it was free. And the drinks. I miscalculated.” – Bill
“I stuffed up. I thought garlic bread was free! Cause at the start the guy asked if you want it, so I thought it was free.” – Bill
“You got scammed.” – Joseph
Dillon laughs.
We paid everything in the end though.
“I’m terribly sorry I buy you lunch another day.” – Bill to me

We plan to bring the leftovers to school tomorrow. (2 Large pizzas, some pasta, and chips)
“If we can’t finish we can just give to the common room people.” – Joseph
“But Calvin and Mak Zhang…They just steal food!” – Chun Him

We heard the sounds of plates being dropped and shattered.
“Oh sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….” – All of us
When we exited the restaurant we saw at least 20 plates had been dropped and shattered on the ground. (The waiters were trying to clean up the mess they made)
“I went Sofia 3 times…all three times they dropped plates!” – Chun Him
“It’s all part of the show.” – Dillon
“It’s not a true Sofia’s experience if they don’t drop the plates.” – Edward