Day 01-10

Day 1: Full of classes?

30/Jan/17 7:18pm
There was only one class for today. This school day wasn’t too ‘classy’, more of an introduction.
1 Special Chapel Assembly
2 Homeroom – yay mrs mason
3 English, didn’t do much -yay miss mcclimens
4 Year level meeting
56 VCE Seminar

I’m yet to complete the chemistry homework, will complete that tonight so Mrs Mason doesn’t give me a detention.

Good first day.

Day 2: Homework

31/01/17 6:54pm
Well last night I started and finished the Chemistry holiday homework. It took a long time.
1 English – “Please if you already haven’t, read The Lieutenant”
2 Methods with MR WONG – He actually checked homework
34 Free – spent in the library
56 Chemistry

Methods – “Today we’re going to try get through 1A 1B 1C 1D and 1E” – Mr Wong

Chemistry – Mrs Mason went to check my holiday homework and I flipped through my induction booklet to show that none of the questions were completed.
“No excuses, get out your diary”
However I pulled out my chemistry book to show that I had completed all the homework in my book instead of the booklet.
I think she understood the joke.
“Don’t ever do that to me again.”

Day 3: Maths

01/02/17 6:22pm
First period zero of the year today! ID photos as well.
0 English – Miss McClimens brought muffins for the whole class!
12 Specialist Maths – First Class
34 Mathematical Methods – “Primitive” addition of ordinates
56 – Free spent in the study centre

Specialist Maths – “Specialist Maths is far more interesting than methods” – Mr Woolfe
Methods – “You can’t root a negative number.. no Joseph, be quiet.” – Mr Wong, on rooting negative numbers. (He knows you can, but not in methods)

English with Miss McClimens is fun and engaging.
Specialist Maths questions take ages to complete.
The pace of methods homework seems really fast.

Day 4: Honour

2/2/17 5:02pm
Many people asked me what I was going to write today. That’s pretty encouraging.
0 Methods
1 Physics – Mrs Cho used the phrase “so therefore” at least 6 times
2 Chemistry – “VCAA very spaz” – Jonathan Makar
3 Bible – Don’t move the microwave
4 Chapel – seflie spirit vs servant spirit – Dan Lian (always first speaker of the year)
56 Free – went to sit in Mr Woolfe’s method’s class

Chapel –
*worship ends* *people start sitting down*
“Don’t sit down just yet. Could you please stay standing for a moment.” – Mikala Swift

I enjoy seeing my friends everyday.. it’s an honour.” – Jasheel Reddy

It’s an honour seeing you everyday as well.

Free –
Went to sit in Mr Woolfe’s method’s class. His class is quite large and there isn’t much space in 0105.

Methods people are still shocked that you can square root a negative number.

Day 5: No English

2/3/17 Friday 5:07pm
12 Physics – Mr’s Cho is a good physics teacher.
34 Chemistry – 5×5 = 30 because sig figs
5 Methods – “Don’t bag long division” – Mr Wong, on polynomial divison.
6 Specialist Maths – We always somehow look tired on Friday Period 6

Our first video in physics has been strange. It was in french so we used automatic captions then translated captions. One of the subtitles was “This will probably help promote Nazism.”

Specialist maths is always high.
“The calculator doesn’t have cis(θ). It’s nasty. I programmed mine so it works though,” said Mr Woolfe.
“Why doesn’t the CAS calculator have cis(θ) though?” asked Julian Yeoh.
Mr Woolfe replied, “Because the CAS is on marijuana. I’ll help take the drugs off it for you.”
The class enjoy having Mr Woolfe as a teacher.

PS: I left my iPad, methods book and spesh books in the study centre by accident.

Day 6: Physics

6/2/17 Friday 4:13pm
School is pretty normal. I had 2 frees in the morning so I woke up at 10:59am.
3 English – Everyone is rostered to take turns bringing in food for Period zeros.
4 Chemistry – VCAA changed SLC from 24.5 to 24.8
5 Methods – Mr Wong is a good teacher.
6 Physics – VCAA says to use 9.8m/s^2 instead of 10

Our class always claps for people when they answer a question from the board.

“Mrs Cho don’t look at me.” – David Lee, when asked for his answer to physics.
“Repeat what you said Julian… actually you don’t have to because its probably bad.” – Mrs Cho
Bill Jiang was playing flappy bird during physics class.

Physics test on Thursday.

Day 7: Quad Maths

7/2/17 Tuesday 5:23pm
I’m looking forward to having this day every 2 weeks.
34 – Methods
56 – Specialist Maths

Methods – I was late to class today. Its a tradition for Mr Wong to tell the class to be silent and look at the person who is late with “criticizing” eyes.
When I was standing outside the door I could see him telling the class to do that because I was late.
So when Mr Wong opened the door I quickly ran in, covering my face with my methods folder so I wouldn’t have to see anyone.

Specialist Maths – “You all look half dead,” – Mr Woolfe to the class, when trying to teach 3 chapters in one lesson.

Day 8: House meetings

2/8/17 Wednesday 5:40pm
Shout out to Prisca Hadikusumo for being an awesome person. Also I’m still puzzled about who put the Mountain Dew in the freezer, which made the drink ‘undrinkable.’
0 Spesh
2 Physics
3 English 4 Chemistry

I crashed Darren’s CAS calculator by inputting the graph of:
y = |||||x-2|x-3|x-4|x-5|x-6|
(This is a modulus in a modulus in a modulus in a modulus in a modulus.)

I’m not sure what the condition of his calculator is now.

House Meetings:
“We’re not really focusing on winning but more on participation and having fun. Our goal is to make house meetings better and more fun.” – Khyl Pirie
“Yeah but we also want to win.” – a subtle comment from Mr Wong, showing the true intentions of Wycliffe’s aim for this year.

Can you travel negative 80km/hr? Of course you can.

“What are you aiming for methods this year?” – Julian Yeoh to me
“Okay I’ll aim for a 40 then.”
“Why are you aiming so low? You can do better.”
“Well I’m aiming just under what the higher people will get, you know, so I know what to expect.”
“Julian, I’m aiming for 20 in spesh.”
“I’m aiming not to pass the unit.”
“Go away.”

“Write on your review sheet on how you’re feeling about VCE.” – Mrs Mason.
*Micah proceeds to write i/10*
He was probably feeling pretty unreal and complex.

I however, wrote 1/10.
“Joseph do we need to have a chat?” – Mrs Mason

Day 9: VCAA

2/9/17 Thursday 4:57pm
Pretty annoyed with the physics test cause I was careless and screwed up.
0 Chem
1 English 2 Spesh
3 Bible 4 Chapel
6 Physics

I helped type notes for the Lieutenant themes. Not sure about the quality though.

“How are you feeling today?” – Mrs Mason to me
“Worse than yesterday.” – Me to Mrs Mason

Wellbeing level: 0.5/10 (It’ll improve over time I hope)

“And the textbook uses bold letters to denote a vector, they don’t use tildes.” – Mr Woolfe
“Why doesn’t the textbook have tildes?” – Julian Yeoh
“Because they’re smoking marijuana.”
*imitates smoking*
“…Linear dependency? The examiners know students don’t like it so they put it in the exam. They’re sadistic, VCAA, they like to torture you.”

VCAA sound like a lovely bunch.

I don’t even want to talk about the test today.

I accidentally left my bag open so my mug smashed into pieces.
Amazing way to end school.

PS: This is the graph of y = |||||x-2|x-3|x-4|x-5|x-6|
I guess its not really that impressive

On the other hand, this graph looks way cooler

Day 10: Assorted Mix

10/02/17 Friday 4:01pm
12 English
3 Physics 4 Methods
5 Chem 6 Spesh

Before school:
*I tell Maddie that I’m always not sure what to write about English for my blog* She replies:
“Well if you want to write about our English class you could just write:
*Miss McClimens laughs*
*two minutes later*
*Miss McClimens laughs again*
*every 5 minutes*
*Miss McClimens laughs*”

I guess thats kinda true.

Miss McClimens laughs.

Homeroom: Mr Sheen left our homeroom as assistant homeroom teacher to join 12B.
Guess who’s our new homeroom assistant teacher? Mr Woolfe. It’s going to be even more interesting now.

Most of the people also don’t want to talk about their test results either.
Bill Jiang was playing chess during class.

*The class is doing work silently*
Julian enters class 10 minutes late. Mr Wong tells him, “You’re late. We’re doing a test.” A few minutes later, someone asks Mr Wong for help. It was at this moment Julian knew that he had been fooled. It was not a test.
On another note, Mr Wong actually read my blog post but only the bits with “maths” cause he said he only liked maths.

*class sits quietly doing chem homework*
“Obed are you doing any work?” asked Mrs Mason.
“Well I’m asking Jesse a question about menopause,” replied Obed.
*The class continues to do work*
“Mrs Mason…” *proceeds to ask another question about menopause to Mrs Mason*

Also during the lesson Jesse somehow gets something in her eye.
Mrs Mason spent five minutes to get the eye cleaner thing to work.
It actually worked.

“Pythagoras theorem works in three directions!” exclaimed Mr Woolfe.
“But we learn that in year 9,” said Julian.
“You’ve completely deflated me. Julian you know how to deflate a bloke.”

Mr Woolfe proceeds to the next section.
“These questions are too easy. They are an insult to our Korean superior brains.”
*move onto next slide*
“Well now what is this rubbish.”

After school
I’m writing this from the study centre. Whoever is reading this, have a great weekend!