6: Spectator ion Higgins

Quite a while ago I asked Mrs Higgins and Mrs Mason to do a dual post for the blog! Here’s the email I received from Mrs Mason, containing the blog post.

From: Mrs Mason To: Joseph Wong
date: Mon, Oct 16, 2017 at 9:11 PM
subject: RE: Blog

Ok, so here it goes. I don’t even know if this is blog worthy. If it isn’t then just feel free to scrap all material and make your own up. Mrs Higgins totally flaked on me and gave me NO MATERIAL at all, so these are just my random collections from throughout the day.

Overheard throughout the day during Yr 11 and 12 Chemistry (and random other eavesdropping to get blog material):

All names have been removed to protect identities.

‘2+32… what’s that again?’ And people wonder why I suggest doing Methods alongside Chem is a good idea.

‘I’m the new Tupac’ What does one even say to this?

‘We have teachers like [omitted] who were part of the crusades in our school’ On the age of some teachers at our school compared to Mariah Carey

‘Have you got your books for next year yet?
‘Next year?’
‘Yeah, aren’t you repeating?’ Reinforcing that some people think they have superiority in Chemistry

‘What’s your issue?’
‘Just everything’
On the actual ability of people who think they have superiority in Chemistry

‘David Lee please come to the….. (over the announcements)
*Whole class starts laughing…* well, actually only the boys, why this is funny escapes me

‘I went to roll up my sleeve and stabbed myself with the scalpel… It was really sharp actually’
‘What did you think, it was a scalpel…’
On certain superior Chemistry students ability in Yr 8 dissections.

‘Why were you away on Friday?’
‘I had an ultrasound….’
It’s always interesting to hear student’s excuses for missing school, especially when you only hear part of the conversation.

‘My absorbances are off the chart’ this may be only funny to me in a geeky chemistry way

‘Does a double degree cost double the amount?’ On certain students realising they may need a scholarship to afford a double degree.

‘I wrote one sentence for my scholarship application. It said to write an essay.’
“Good luck”
On certain a student’s clear desire to win a scholarship at any cost.

I missed HG due to important *Exam procedures* so, unfortunately no material there. I have a greater appreciation for you trying to get down all the important quotes so as not to miss them. Although now I also understand why maybe you have missed so much *important information* (otherwise known as learning) in class trying to listen to everyone else (not the teacher??!!!) and get all the material down.

Hopefully you won Chess. Smashed it, in fact, even Bill.

Writing a blog post is super stressful. I have much respect for you.

Feel free to Edit at will. Even put some names to quotes, and see how you go.

Actually maybe don’t even post at all… I’m feeling nervous. Make Chapman do a post.


Here is my reply.

16 Oct 2017 11:47 PM (Day 144)
Thanks Mrs Mason for your post!  I shall write my reply now.

Ok, so here it goes.  I don’t even know if this is blog worthy.
Blog worthy? I can make anything blog worthy.
If it isn’t then just feel free to scrap all material and make your own up.
Scrap? The lack of self confidence already? Cheer up Mrs Mason. Was marking Ethan Chua’s exam that depressing?
Mrs Higgins totally flaked on me and gave me NO MATERIAL at all, so these are just my random collections from throughout the day.
Mrs Higgins, how could you! You even said you would write about roasting student’s parents! We’ve been planning this since last term! Have to have to have to.

Overheard throughout the day during Yr 11 and 12 Chemistry (and random other eavesdropping to get blog material):

All names have been removed to protect identities.
Well it looks like David Lee’s identity didn’t have to be protected.

‘2+32… what’s that again?’ And people wonder why I suggest doing Methods alongside Chem is a good idea.
2 plus 2 is four minus one that’s three further maths

‘I’m the new Tupac’ What does one even say to this?
“Have to have to have to!”

‘We have teachers like [omitted] who were part of the crusades in our school’ On the age of some teachers at our school compared to Mariah Carey
Was it Mrs Higgins?

‘Have you got your books for next year yet?
‘Next year?’
‘Yeah, aren’t you repeating?’ Reinforcing that some people think they have superiority in Chemistry
Bill Jiang’s methods? He is clearly superior in methods though.

What’s more likely to be said but wasn’t:
“What’s your issue?”
“Just everything Chounggy being my Chemistry partner’ – Makar
On the actual ability of people who think they have superiority in Chemistry over EAL students.

“David Lee please come to the….. (over the announcements)
*Whole class starts laughing…* well, actually only the boys, why this is funny escapes me
What would be funny if it was Chun Him giving Mrs Higgins a visit. I wonder what would happen there?

‘I went to roll up my sleeve and stabbed myself with the scalpel… It was really sharp actually’
You know who else got backstabbed today?
‘What did you think, it was a scalpel…’
Emotional pain hurts more than physical pain.
On certain superior Chemistry students ability in Yr 8 dissections.
Are you sure this is a representation of “superior” and not “rubbish”?

‘Why were you away on Friday?’
‘I had an ultrasound….to send my brother to the hospital
It’s always interesting to hear student’s excuses for missing school, especially when you only hear part of the conversation. King David.

‘My absorbances are off the chart’  this may be only funny to me in a geeky chemistry way
This is worse than Micah’s joke. How can you find this funny Mrs Mason? You know what else is off the charts? Mrs Higgin’s ability to ‘absorb’ that she was meant to help write the blog today.

‘Does a double degree cost double the amount?’  On certain students realising they may need a scholarship to afford a double degree.
Does a blog post that was meant to be written by Mrs Mason and Mrs Higgins involve double the people? Or just Mrs Mason? 

‘I wrote one sentence for my scholarship application. It said to write an essay.’ – Joseph
“Good luck” – Mrs Higgins
“Thanks” – Joseph

On certain a student’s Joseph’s clear desire to win a scholarship at any cost.
Good luck? Oh yeah thanks to Mrs Higgins for contributing content like this to the blog.

I missed HG due to important *Exam procedures* so, unfortunately no material there.
What’s more important? Your homeroom or *exam procedures*???? THAT MEANS YOU MISSED THE COUNTDOWN AS WELL. 
I have a greater appreciation for you trying to get down all the important quotes so as not to miss them.
Thanks, I do my best.

Although now I also understand why maybe you have missed so much *important information* (otherwise known as learning) in class trying to listen to everyone else (not the teacher??!!!) and get all the material down.
I do ‘learn’ a few things about people eg. Chounggy’s girlfriends. I do listen to the teacher sometimes? Like *important information* about the Year 10 formal collision theory.

Hopefully you won Chess.  Smashed it, in fact, even Bill.
Bill cut everyone up.

Writing a blog post is super stressful. I have much respect for you.
You did a good job! You quoted and recorded people’s mistakes! That’s exactly what makes a good post! You respectfully cut people up without revealing their identities.

Feel free to Edit at will. Even put some names to quotes, and see how you go.
Yes I will totally ‘edit’ it.

Actually maybe don’t even post at all… I’m feeling nervous. Make Chapman do a post.
Don’t feel nervous; the only person who should be feeling nervous is Mrs Higgins.

Poll of the day


7: David and GoLIEth

13 Oct 2017 11:59 PM (Day 143)
Thanks to King Julian and Hern for helping make this post.

Physics (Julian)
There were less than 10 people who showed up on time.
“Where’s David?” – Mrs Cho
“Don’t need him.” – Darren
“Ben? Candy? Cherida? where is everyone? We have to do a practice exam!” – Mrs Cho
“They might’ve thought that they wouldn’t be able to study during physics, so they could be studying at home” – Julian
“Oh no, I feel so bad now…this is my fault.” – Mrs Cho
Seeing Mrs Cho’s disheartened expression, the physics class decided to work productively for an entire period. We started at 9:20. Cherida walked in late. Mrs Cho lightened up.
“Yay I’m not the only girl here!” – Mrs Cho
Ben walks in 25 minutes after we’ve started. The class giggles.
“Ben very spaz.” – Neil
Hern walked in a whole period late. The class starts laughing at Hern.
“Of course of course.” – Neil
“Have to have to have to.” – Ethan

Mrs Cho made us do an exercise that timed how many marks/questions we could complete within 20 minute intervals.
For some reason, this appealed to the class’s innate competitive nature, and we worked in silence and productivity (as shocking as it sounds)

We took turns revealing how much work we did.
Mak: (long pause and stammering) uh 20 marks
Ethan: 22
Cherida: 20
Ben: 20
Julian: 19
“Not good Julian, you need to finish at least 20 marks in 20 minutes.” – Mrs Cho
Ding: 14
“Oh that’s bad!” – Mrs Cho
The back row giggles.
Darren: 35
“Wow that’s very fast.” – Mrs Cho
Micah: 25
“Hah, he’s been one-upped again.” – Julian
Micah glares at Julian fiercely.
“I’ll eat you.” – Micah

“I’ve finished marking your exams. No chinese dramas.” – Mrs Cho
“Bill I destroyed you on the trial exam.” – Ethan
“Trial exam doesn’t count, I still higher rank.” – Bill
“Nononono I higher rank.” – Ethan
“Ethan don’t lie or I cut you up.” – Bill

Free 34 (Julian)
“Carisa who do you ship James with?” – Eric
“[censored]” – Carisa
James slams his head into his book covering his face.
“AHAHAH it’s been less than 5 seconds and he’s fully red!” – Julian
“Whaaaat I’ve never seen James embarrassed like this before.” – Eric
“Holy, his face is so red wow.” – Jiuun
“Leave me aloneee, I just wanna do my work without being ridiculed!!!!” – James

“Hey James what’s another way to say yes/no?” – Julian
“What?” – James
“Ya na.” – Julian
Eric and Jiunn chuckle a little.
“Alright I’ve had enough of this, it’s time to dish some back at you.” – James
“How does it feel to have no luck with [censored]” – James to Julian
“How awkward must it feel to [censored]” – James to Eric
“How does it feel to have Chun Him [censored]” – James to Jiunn

Julian Eric and Jiunn stare blankly at James.
“Oh sheeeeeee…” – Julian
“Stuff you James…” – Eric nervously
“Huh?” – Jiunn
It appears Jiunn is still in Mr Woolfe’s third category. He doesn’t know what just happened.

“Who’s playing bat tennis? Oh yeah you’re Wycliffe you won’t even have a team.” – Julian to Mr Wong
“How many times have you beat Wycliffe in badminton?” – Mr Wong

“Why do you have manlier arms that me. I’m always being one upped by everyone” – Julian to Danielle

EAL (Hern)
“Now how many of you found this Kilbaha argument analysis difficult?” – Mrs Yeo
“I lost my sheet” – Iain
“You’ll have to photocopy from your friends, every practice paper that I print, I’m killing a tree!” – Mrs Yeo

“The first piece is a lot easier to analyse, because there are a lot of techniques used, and the arguments are very clear. Wait till you do the NEAP paper!” – Mrs Yeo
“I did it last night, so hard!” – Bill

The school phone rang and Mrs Yeo answered.
“Ah yes, he’s here.” – Mrs Yeo on the phone
“Iain!” – Neil
“Iain?” – Anton
“Huh? Oh sure.” – Mrs Yeo on the phone
“Hern?” – Mrs Yeo gestured towards Hern
“OOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” – rest of the class
“Shhhhhh!” – Mrs Yeo

“Oh yeah, I was.” – Hern on the phone
“Uhh..like…9……40?” – Hern
The class erupts into laughter.
“Yeah I didn’t sign in, I’m sorry.” – Hern grinned and put the phone down.
“I thought they would call me!” – Chun Him
The class discusses the argument piece for the next 15 minutes.

The school phone rang, again.
“Hello? Yes, he’s here.” – Mrs Yeo on the phone
“Do you need to talk to him also?”
Snickers are heard across the classroom.
Chun Him got up from his seat.
“You know who you are!” – Mrs Yeo looked up from the phone
“David Lee!” – Iain exclaimed.
Chun Him went to answer the phone.

Chun Him murmured into the phone, looking at Anton.
“Is that even true?” – Mrs Yeo
“Obvious not” – Neil
“Huh?” – Anton
“He said he brought you to the hospital!” – Mrs Yeo
Anton chuckled in amusement.
“Who is the teacher?” – Anton points towards the phone

“It doesn’t matter who the teacher is you always do the right thing. That’s what I tell my children, both of them.” – Mrs Yeo
“Yes.” – Neil
“David” – Mrs Yeo
“David” – Neil
“David. I’m very disappointed.” – Mrs Yeo
“What?” – Chun Him
“I tell my two children, that no matter what happens, you do the right thing. You know why? When you do the right thing, all the time, every time, nobody can fault you. It is true! And if you tell a lie now, do you know if you tell another lie to cover this lie, and your lies grow bigger- look at King David!” – Mrs Yeo
“David!” – Neil
The class start murmuring David’s name.
“No, not this [David]. Not that you’re condemned forever, okay, King David told one small lie, he yielded to his temptation, he told one small lie and it became big big big and he ended up killing a man.”
“Okay? Please do the right thing all the time. You read 12 Angry Men right? I’m not saying Juror 8 is right, but you see he is brave enough to stand alone against the ridicule of everyone. I love that quote. That’s my favourite text by the way. Okay? Don’t yield to temptation of lying to linger your way out; it’s not good.”
The class keeps murmuring David’s name.
“Okay? Alright! Oh my goodness I sound like a mum.” – Mrs Yeo

“For a Year 10 history exam I wrote 3 words!” – Chun Him
“Oh dear me!” – Mrs Yeo

Spesh (Joseph)
I came for the blog.

Micah triumphantly walked into the room.
“The maths king has entered the room.” – Micah
“I only know one maths king, not my car – Julian
“Whose car?” – Micah
“Trevor car.” – Julian

“Who’s the maths king? Who’s the maths king?” – Julian to Micah
“I am the maths king.” – Micah
“No, you’re too weak.” – Julian to Micah

Julian attempts to imitate Pennywise the clown’s dance (from IT)
“How do you like my rain dance?” – Julian to Micah
“Some demonic thing.” – Darren
“The only thing is demonic is that rat tail of yours! Your mullet!” – Julian

Julian leaves the room.
“Who’s the maths king?” – Joseph
“Bill’s the maths king.” – Micah to Joseph

Julian came back in.
“What’s that grin?” – Micah
“A grin belonging to someone who has witnessed an overthrown king!” – Julian
“There was no position in the first place.” – Micah
“The position is written on Bill’s back!” – Julian
“They call me Micah Wong!” – Micah
“Micah Wrong?” – Joseph
“I’ll put you to rest.” – Micah

“Julian what did you get?” – Micah
“54/80.” – Julian
“Predictable.” – Micah
“I received Mr Woolfe’s outstanding praise.” – Micah
“That’s because you performed better than expected, therefore outstanding. Bill on the other hand did not receive an outstanding because the king is expected to…” – Julian
“No I did. Anyone who gets over 75/80 deserves an outstanding.” – Mr Woolfe
“Ooooooh” – Micah
Julian mumbles to himself in annoyance that his argument has been defeated.
“Julian you’re a bit stressed. You need some….rest.” – Darren

“Micah you win.” – Julian
“What?” – Micah
“You win.” – Julian
“There was no competition in the first place.” – Micah
“I see. I see.” – Julian
“I’ll give you the my maths advanced award from Year 10. It’s not worth anything.” – Micah
“Alright.” – Julian
“…In your hands it’s not worth anything.” – Micah

“I circled the right answer but put down the wrong one.” – Micah
“It’s like you want to dethrone yourself.” – Julian
“What throne?” – Micah
“The throne Bill is sitting on.” – Julian
“A chair? That’s a very low budget throne.” – Darren
“You know what else is very low budget? Actually it’s high budget and low quality. SAO.” – Joseph
“At least it’s an anime that’s getting a third season.” – Darren
“Yeah Joseph SAO is goood!” – Chun Him
“I don’t want you on my team, but I’ll take your help.” – Darren to Chun Him
“It’s a masterpiece.” – Darren
“It’s a masterpiece in how not to produce an anime.” – Joseph
“You should watch SAO.” – Chun Him
“Why?” – Julian
“…Because it’s cool.” – Chun Him
“Cool?” – Julian
“Cool?!” – Joseph
Darren looks disappointed.
“Having David on my side makes me look bad.” – Darren
“David. Have to have to have to.” – Julian
“Is team kill!” – Chun Him

“So why is SAO good?” – Julian to Darren
“I’ll wait till it’s my playing field to give you an answer.” – Darren
“Where’s your playing field?” – Julian
“Anywhere that doesn’t have David.” – Darren

“What’s your name?” – Julian to Micah
“I am MICAH WONG!” – Micah
“Micah Wrong?” – Joseph, using the same joke
“Look at this joker.” – Micah
“What’s your name?” – Micah to Julian
“Julian.” – Julian
“That’s a dumb name.” – Micah

“Darren let me see your exam score.” – Julian
“I need something of equivalent exchange.” – Darren
“I’ll show you my exam score.” – Julian
“How is that equivalent to my mark? I think it will be a shame.” – Darren
“David what did Darren get?” – Julian to Chounggy
“I don’t know.” – Chounggy
“Did he get less marks than the amount  of girlfriends you have?” – Julian

Julian asked to look at Bill’s practice exam. Bill gave his exam to Julian
“Your paper is too good to stay in my hands for longer. I’ll taint it.” – Julian to Bill

[content censored]
“Don’t put that on the blog.” – Mr Chapman

[content censored again]
“Don’t put that on the blog.” – Mr Chapman

Poll of the day!



8: 中国戏剧 vs アニメ(english sub)

12 Oct 2017 11:41 PM (Day 142)
What sometimes takes hours to write, only takes minutes to read.

Period zero Methods
Julian, Jasheel, Calvin, Joseph and Mr Wong were still doing maths on the whiteboard when Mr Murphy and Mrs Delorenzo walked in. It was already 9 o’clock, and we were holding up their homeroom. There was a heap of equations and graphs on the board.
“Even I don’t know how the answer is > 2.” – Mr Wong
Mrs Delorenzo and Mr Murphy stare at us and the board.
“How are you going to write the English language on the board?” – Mrs Delorenzo
I don’t see how that made sense? Unless if I severly mishead something.

“I reckon zero squared is zero.” – Mr Murphy
“I reckon the future doesn’t exist.” – Joseph to Mr Murphy
“I think the same thing too.” – Mr Murphy

“What is c? Is c greater than 2? Is it one? What is it really?” – Mr Murphy
“Why don’t you use more grown-up numbers?” – Mrs Delorenzo to us

12C Homeroom
Mr Woolfe marked the role. WE GOT OUR WHOLE HOMEROOM PRESENT!!!
“That took us the whole year.” – Darren

“Mr Chapman is away. For history.” – Mrs Mason
“No great loss.” – Mr Woolfe
“Ooooooooooooohhhh.” – rest of the class
“Pardon me. I just sinned.” – Mr Woolfe

“Apparently going to bed early gives you a higher ATAR.” – Makar to Mr Woolfe
“I’ve been starting to go to bed at old man’s time.” – Mr Woolfe
“4am?” – Makar
“I went to bed at 9:30 twice in a row.” – Mr Woolfe
Mr Woolfe then went on to explain the benefits of sleeping early.

We needed to rip the day counter down to 7.
“Who hasn’t ripped the numbers?” – Mrs Mason
Mrs Mason looks around.
“Jiunn.” – Mrs Mason
“Huh. What? What’s happening?” – Jiunn
“This shows how little you’ve been to homeroom.” – Mrs Mason
“Do you know that there are three types of people in the world. Those who watch things happen, those who make things happen, and those who wonder what happened!” – Mr Woolfe to Jiunn
The class laughs. Not how people laugh in physics; that’s on another plane of existence.
“I suggest that you upgrade your type.” – Mr Woolfe

Jiunn goes to pull down two of the numbers, but ends up pulling down the whole thing instead.
“Jiunn! You pulled a Micah!” – Mrs Mason

Our physics class walked into the room. Mr Carter was still in the room. (It’s his homeroom)
“Have you finished marking our practice exams?” – Julian to Mrs Cho
“Half way.” – Mrs Cho
“Stop watching Chinese drama.” – Julian to Mrs Cho
“No, I don’t watch Chinese drama.” – Mrs Cho
“Stop watching anime Julian.” – Mr Carter
“Woaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!” – everyone
There is a moment of silence.
“At least I learn more from anime than I do in your class!!!!” – Julian
“OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” – Everyone goes crazy.
“Well played 1-1.” – Mr Carter
“Absolutely brutal.” – Matt Kaye

“I forgot to check. I was marking all your exams.” – Mrs Cho
‘Too much Chinese drama.” – Julian
“No. So sad. I haven’t watched any.” – Mrs Cho
“Mrs Cho. Lying is not good.” – Chun Him to himself

Mrs Cho held up a page of the practice exam. On that page was a picture of a baby.
“The baby looks demonic.” – Julian
“Yeah I don’t like it.” – Mrs Cho
“Is that you as a baby?” – Iain to Julian

“You have your spring at rest.” – Mrs Cho
“Ding is always at rest.” – Julian
“Hey! Don’t be rude.” – Mrs Cho
“Julian’s brain is always at rest.” – Darren
“Darren, I’ll put you to rest.” – Julian

“Some of you used charge equal to 1.6 times 10 to the power of 16, but it’s meant to be 1.6 times 10 to the power of 19. That someone is you Micah!” – Mrs Cho
“I always make mistakes but then I check and correct them-” – Micah ‘justifying’ his error
“Oh yeah, you try to explain.” – Chun Him, not accepting Micah’s ‘justification’

“You scored trash.” – Makar to Ethan
“You got the same score as me. You got trash as well.” – Ethan

Past students from our school who joined the Christian Union came to speak to us.
“Any last questions?” – Mrs Singh
“Julian go ask them if there’s an anime club.” – Dillon
“Yeah Julian, go ask.” – Ding
“Yes Julian, if you don’t, later we….have to have to have to” – Ethan
*boys in the front start chanting have to have to and force Julian’s hand up*
“Have to have to have to!” – all the boys
The guest smiles awkwardly and picks Julian.
*julian reveals a cheeky grin*

Mrs Cho went to sit behind to Julian and Hern.
“I’m here to make sure you are good boys!” – Mrs Cho to Julian and Hern
“I’m here to stop you from watching chinese drama!” – Julian
“Nooooo I don’t watch.  Seriously!!!!  It’s very bad and addicting….” – Mrs Cho
“….Actually….There’s this really good chinese drama my friends have been telling me to watch. I think I might watch it after you guys are gone” – Mrs Cho
“Go for it, you deserve it Mrs Cho” – Julian

Miss van Hulst presented an excellent message about how single people can live a life that honours God.

“David don’t touch the iron. It’s hot!” – Mr Carter to Chun Him

“If anyone knows a 45 to 60 year old Christian, rich…black guy, wait, doesn’t have to be rich, just Christian, let me know.” – Miss van Hulst

Today they announced the new house captains for next year.
“Have you noticed Finney has 3 Asian captains, and is also the yellow house?” – Hern

Study Free 5&6
Mr Woolfe’s Methods class came down for their break.
Ethan Chua commented to Bill how he’s better than him.
“I got 98. Don’t be retarded. If anyone beats me I cut them up.” – Bill Jiang to Ethan
“Write down I beat Bill in physics.” – Ethan to Joseph
Joseph starts typing (what’s written above this line)
“Hey don’t be spaz.” – Ethan, because I did not write “Ethan beat Bill in physics”, and instead quoted him instead.
Bill Jiang also notices me typing and started backspacing on the blog. I immediately stopped him.
“You try edit the blog? I cut you up.” – Joseph to Bill

“Give out a special shoutout to the Huns.” – Mark to Joseph
Mr Woolfe’s methods class went back to ‘class’.
“Iain’s spaz. Someone stole my pen.” – Joon

Mr Chapman walked into the common room, looking around at people.
“Yes?” – Joseph
“Has anyone seen Tarity?” – Mr Chapman
“I think she’s gone home.” – Princey
“How about Allison? Do you know what class she has?” – Mr Chapman
“Methods?” – Joon
“Yeah methods.” – Joseph
“It’s impressive that you know. I’ll catch her after school. Just tell her to see me after school if you see her.” – Mr Chapman

Mr Chapman walks out of the common room.
“Doesn’t he have class now?” – Princey
“He ditched his own class to come down here?!” – Joon
“What a guy.” – Joseph

9: It’s okay

11 Oct 2017 10:06 PM (Day 141)
Had Spesh and Methods Paper 1 during class today so pretty hard to find content for a post since the whole class time was doing the paper. But
It’s fine now. Why? Because I am here!

Mikala brought scones with cream and jam and juice for our final period zero breakfast.

“I don’t know how much cream to put.” – Joseph, putting cream on his scone
“The more the merrier.” – Maddie
“Like the more work the better?” – Joseph
“No it doesn’t apply to that.” – Maddie

I looked at the jug of juice, but did not see any cups.
“How do you drink this?” – Joseph, not noticing the cups behind the jug.
“You take a cup and put it to your mouth.” – Miss McClimens

“You need to know how to differentiate yourself…” – Miss McClimens
“dy/dx.” – Matt Wo
“That was almost as bad as your methods joke yesterday.” – Julian to Joseph

“Where’s David?” – Joseph
“Hello hello.” – Joseph spotting Chounggy
“Hello.” – Julian to Chounggy
“Hello.” – Joseph to Chounggy
“Why did you have to put a poll as well?” – Chounggy

“…and Julian you can pick a topic…” – Miss McClimens
“Choice is an illusion.” – Joseph
“Free will is an illusion…like our ATAR.” – Josh LA

The scheduled rematch for Mr Wong vs Julian was happening today after lunch.
“Mr Wong, you’re going to win!” – Joseph
“I won’t even let him win a set. I’ll beat him with his own racket.” – Mr Wong

Chounggy beat me and got [62]/80 for his practice exam.
“Wouldn’t it be better if you got 72?” – Joseph to Chounggy
“Oh, I know what 72 is.” – Mr Wong
“I heard it was 73.” – Calvin
Chounggy looks at us in disbelief.

While we were playing soccer square, I was contesting the ball with Anton. We both went for it at the same time and I ended up headering my head into his nose. His nose started bleeding heaps.
“It was the safest play.” – Joseph (got possession of the ball)
“No it wasn’t.” – Anton (got possession of a blood nose)

Miss McClimens walked over to the soccer square.
“Miss McClimens, does my nose look crooked?” – Anton
Miss McClimens takes a look and comments that it does look a bit crooked.
Anton then explained how my head smashed into his nose and then he started bleeding like crazy.
“You need to go to the sickbay!” – Miss McClimens
“It’s okay, I’m seeing a doctor later.” – Anton

After Lunch
A whole bunch of us were still playing soccer square when Mr Chapman walked over.
“Go to the study centre if you’re waiting to get picked up.” – Mr Chapman
Mr Chapman noticed Chun Him’s incorrectly worn PE uniform.
“David get your uniform right.” – Mr Chapman
“Never mind.” – Chun Him
“What’s this?!” – Mr Chapman pointing at Chun Him’s shorts.
Chun Him looked at his black shorts.
“It’s not even close to the school shorts.” – Mr Chapman
Chun Him fumbled around for a second and pulled out his school pants from his bag.
“No I have it here!” – Chun Him holding up his school pants.
(If you’re holding it up you’re obviously not wearing it? This logic is astounding.)
Chun Him was also wearing the black school shoes instead of runners. Mr Chapman pointed down at them.
“You’re even wearing the wrong shoes…those are school shoes!” – Mr Chapman
“It’s because [insert uninterpretable mumbling here]” – Chun Him
“Make sure you wear the right uniform.” – Mr Chapman
“I will I will.” – Chun Him
“Get it right!” – Mr Chapman
“I will I will.” – Chun Him
“You…have to have to have to.” – Mr Chapman

Badminton (Gym)
Julian and Mr Wong start the first set. The score finishes with 21-12 to Julian.
Julian went to take a 5-minute break. Mr Wong went to take a drink.
“Mr Wong? I thought you said earlier you weren’t even going to give him a set?” – Joseph
“It’s okay.” – Mr Wong, calmly
“Mr Wong what’s happening?” – Joseph
“It’s okay.” – Mr Wong, calmly
The second set was less intense, with Julian throwing the game; Mr Wong won 21-9.
“Do you want to keep it at 1 all?” – Mr Wong
“Nah we have to finish this right here right now.” – Julian
They commence the final set. The score reaches 15-20, matchpoint to Mr Wong.
“This is it.” – Mr Wong
An intense rally ensues. Mr Wong hits a dropshot to Julian’s backhand while he is on the other side of the court. Julian dives for the shuttle, just reaching it in time, then hits it upwards. Alas, the shuttle arrives at a perfect height for Mr Wong to smash it. Mr Wong smashes the shuttle down. Unfortunately, he overhit it. It lands out. Julian has saved match point. What a legendary rally. 16-20.
Julian saves another close point. 17-20.
Julian makes an unforced error, hitting the shuttle into the net and loses. 17-21 to Mr Wong.
Mr Wong reigns victorious. 12-21, 21-9, 21-17

Poll of the day

10: Beautiful Jokes

10 Oct 2017 (Day 140) 9:36 PM
And still fitting in a Physics Exam. Not much time to edit this though.

Waiting for Homeroom
Mrs Mason was late to homeroom, so we were waiting outside the classroom.
We looked at the stairs, awaiting Mrs Mason’s arrival.
“I hear Mrs Mason’s voice.” – Mark
Instead of Mrs Mason, Dillon Chua appears on the top of the staircase.
“How disappointing.” – Mark

Micah spoke about how he had his Japanese Oral yesterday.
“How was it?” – Mrs Mason
“They didn’t smile when I cracked a joke. They’re just doing their job I guess.” – Micah
“What jokes did you make?” – Darren
“Guess what?” – Joseph
“NANI?!” – Darren
Micah still hasn’t told us his joke. It’s probably only funny in English.

Waiting for English
“David has a da wei.” – Matt Wo to Chounggy
“He has a big heart.” – Josh LA
“What does da wei mean?” – Joseph
“Matt told me it meant big heart.” – Josh LA
“A big heart? That’s why he has 72 girlfriends!” – Julian

We continued to tease Chounggy about his 72 girlfriends.
“Nah. Nah it’s not true.” – Chounggy
Sarah Lee happens to walk by and notices us.
Julian waved to Sarah.
“Hi David!” – Sarah waves to David Chounggy and ignores Julian
“OHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!” – Josh LA
“OHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!” – Matt Wo
“OHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!” – Joseph
“OHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!” – Julian
“OHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!” – Josh LA, Matt Wo, Julian and Joseph (several times)
“See!” – Josh LA
“Don’t put this on the blog!” – Chounggy to me
“It’s fine. It’s the last 10 days. I go all out.” – Joseph

English (Day 2 of Julian week)
Miss McClimens gave out Drumstick icecreams to our whole class!

“I convinced myself that I would eat healthy. But sack it. It’s my week. I can eat whatever I want. Yesterday I opened my fridge but there was no icecream left. So this is great!” – Julian

“….He’s from Minnesota.” – Miss McClimens
“I like Minnesota… You can park in the middle of the shopping centre.” – Matt Wo

“Hey David can I drink some of your water?” – Joseph
“Yeah David, I’m thirsty.” – Julian
“No. You can [censored]” – Chounggy
“David does not have the right to remain silent because anything he says can be or will be used against him.” – Joshua LA

“How many girls are you seeing this weekend?” – Julian to Chounggy
“Julian. Are you asking that in your life?” – Chounggy
“That’s a weak comeback.” – Julian
“No! I’m not seeing anyone. I don’t have any experience.” – Chounggy, quietly

“It’s true! It’s true!” – Matt Wo
Miss McClimens happens to be walking over.
“What’s true?” – Miss McClimens
“David Choung has 72 girlfriends.” – Matt Wo
There is a short silence. Surely Miss McClimens would settle the myth of Chounggy’s girlfriends.
“I heard 73.” – Miss McClimens
“OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” – Josh LA, Julian, Matt and Joseph

Walking back after English
Yan Ling didn’t eat her Drumstick icecream. A certain teacher walked past us.
“An icecream? At this hour of the day? Or is it a microphone?” – Mr Carter, noticing the icecream in Yan Ling’s hand.
Yan Ling put her arm forward, kindly offering the unopened Drumstick icecream to Mr Carter.
Mr Carter didn’t seem to notice. It looked like Yan Ling was about to politely ask Mr Carter if he wanted it but then:
“You should be in my class! Then every time I make a joke you can go ‘BBBBBZZZZZZZ'” – Mr Carter, pretending to have a microphone in his hand.

Mr Wong went through the multiple choice of the practice exam.

“How did you do question 7?” – Mr Wong
“Prdiscrete.” – Joseph
Several more answers such as “methhack’ and ‘Joseph’s program’ are relayed across the room.
“Nice. Nice. Does everyone remember how to do this question? I’ll show you.” – Mr Wong proceeds to setup a table on his CAS.
“Why are you using that method?” – Jasheel
“Too slow.” – Calvin
“I acknowledge that for this question Joseph’s program is the top way to solve it, I’m just showing the next best way to do it if you don’t have his program. I especially don’t want you to use the method where you times everything then add it all.” – Mr Wong
People laugh at Julian.

Mr Wong continues to explain the alternate method.
“It’s old fashioned. Here’s the old fashioned way.” – Mr Wong showing his CAS method.
“Do you want to race?” – Matt Kaye, wanting to compare Joseph’s program and the “old fashioned method.”
“Sure.” – Mr Wong

“Ready, set go!” – Mr Wong
5 seconds pass.
“Done!” – Jasheel
10 seconds pass.
“Done! – Matt Kaye
Mr Wong was barely halfway into completing the question.

Mr Wong is in the midst of explaining his method for a different question.
“It’s such a beautiful method.” – Mr Wong
Mr Wong uses his method and gets to the last step, but the calculator doesn’t accept his input.
“Beautiful method.” – Calvin
The whole class makes fun of his ‘beautiful method.’
“Well it’s always good to test your own method before I teach it to you guys. I actually use another method.” – Mr Wong
The class starts laughing at Mr Wong.
Matt Kaye used Mr Wong’s method on his CAS, and it worked.
“Your method works.” – Matt Kaye
“I knew it worked.” – Mr Wong

The Wycliffe captains were waiting outside the teachers office for Mr Wong. Mr Wong finally came out.
“Do you want to meet in a more discrete place?” – Mr Wong
“How about something more continuous?” – Joseph
There is silence as I assume no one understands.
Groans from Tarity, Khyl and Naomi could be heard.
“HA..HA..HA..Ha…Ha…Ha…………” – Mr Wong dissing my joke.

Our class got our Chemistry Practice Exam scores back.
“Ethan scored the highest out of the multiple choice section from both classes.” – Mrs Mason
A bunch of the class congratulate Ethan. I assumed that he did very well.
“Can I see?” – Joseph to Micah
I take a look at Micah’s score. It’s [93].
“Nice.” – Joseph

Curious to know what Ethan scored, we ask him.
“What did you score?” – Micah to Ethan
“[78]” – Ethan
“Oh.” – Micah and Joseph
“I saw you in the practice exam just sitting back, relaxing on your chair.” – Micah
“Yeah, I was just dreaming. You have to be chill.” – Ethan

“Can you feature me in your blog?” – Grace Leong
“You have to say something interesting though.” – Joanna
“I can’t think of anything. I’ll come up with something another time.” – Grace Leong
“Okay.” – Joseph
“I want to be on the blog because when I look back I can say I went to Waverley Christian College.” – Grace Leong

I decided to type up the blog afterschool to save some time.
“I didn’t get content today. We just roasted Chounggy.”- Joseph
“Just put that in.” – Emily
“Good idea.” – Joseph
Chounggy got roasted for having 72 girlfriends.

Calvin was sitting next to me while I was typing the blog up.
“Micah had his jap oral yesteryday. When he told a joke his examiners didn’t smile.” – Joseph
“When I had my oral my examiners laughed.” – Calvin
“It probably wasn’t a funny joke then.” – Joseph, insulting Micah’s joke.

‘Joke’ of the day

11: Signalling the end.

9 Oct 2017 9:43 PM (Day 139)
Here we go. It’s the final countdown. There’s only 10 days left.

Before School
I stumbled into a conversation with Joy and Darren who were talking about ATAR scores.
“99.95 looks good. It’s aesthetic.” – Joseph
“99.95 is odd. 98.00 is pretty good as well because it’s even.” – Joy
“If you meet a 99.95 student do you feel superior or inferior?” – Darren to Joy
“But if you like got 99.95 and don’t take med you’re like giving up an opportunity for other people.” – Joseph
“Well if you get 99.95….take art.” – Darren
“Good job opportunities. Wait, what jobs?” – Darren

I walked into homeroom slightly late.
“I slept 2 hours on the weekend.” – Nathan
“Nathan! That’s not healthy. You know your brain can’t survive on that.” – Mrs Mason
I smile to myself. It’s doable.

“How much study did you do Darren?” – Mrs Mason
“I got robbed a whole week because I was sick.” – Darren
“Wave 4?” – Joseph
“Don’t spread it to everyone again.” – Mark

Methods (PWO)
“I’ll send you a link to a channel with some useful videos on how to fully utilise the CAS. Mr Carter keeps ranting on about them.”
“My youtube channel is called “Peter Woolfe.” They’re written by a guy called Peter Fox!”
“This guy said was inspired by my videos, so he decided to make tutorials as well. Not that I’m bragging but I’m telling you the history of it.” – Mr Woolfe

Mr Woolfe’s surface pro is unable to connect to the internet.
“Is anyone’s internet working? Anyone with a tablet can check it?” – Mr Woolfe
“Yeah it’s not working.” – Hern
“Is it all cactus?” – Mr Woolfe
“Just play the dinosaur game.” – Julian

“VCAA you know, they’re just intellectual boffons.” – Mr Woolfe

Physics (Heavily omitted content)
Julian was sitting next to Bill, talking loudly.
“Julian be quiet.” – Bill
“Bill’s a bird.” – someone
“Bill’s not a bird, he goes after birds.” – Julian
People start chuckling.
“Julian what does that mean?” – Ethan
“Julian what does it mean?” – Mrs Cho
“At least Bill has someone to go for.” – Matt Kaye to Julian “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” – rest of the class

“Julian, you’re the meme of the day today.” – Darren
“What does that mean?” – Julian
“Julian. Shut up!” – Bill, trying to talk to Ethan about physics
“I think Julian missed his session with Peter Nash.” – Hern
“Julian forgot to take his pills.” – Iain

Bill, whom is sitting next to Ethan, asks him about one of the practice exam questions.
Ethan replies Bill with an explanation.
“Be quiet.” – Bill to Ethan
“But you’re talking to me.” – Ethan
“You’re talking to [girls name]” – Julian to Bill
“JULIAN! SHUT UP!” – Bill.

“Don’t waste time.” – Mrs Cho to Bill
“Don’t waste time talking to [girls name]-” – Julian to Bill
Julian has the face the consequences and suffer Bill’s ‘wrath’.
“Have to have to have to.” – Ethan
Everyone else cheers as Bill gets out of his seat and grabs Julian then unleashes his fury.

I moved towards the back of the room, waiting for more unpredictable mishap.

“Joseph, don’t put me in the blog.” – Bill
“It’s okay, I’ll just censor stuff.” – Joseph
“Just say Mr B.” – Neil
“Just put Mr Green [helmet].” – Hern
The people who understand the joke go spaztic.
“Mrs Cho do you know what is green [helmet]?” – Chun Him
“It’s basically when-” – Iain
“Everyone please!” – Mrs Cho shushes the class

Chun Him says something to Mrs Cho which is inaudible English.
“David what are you saying?” – Matt Kaye
“I’m asking a question.” – Chun Him
“The real question is…when will Bill ask the question!!!” – Julian
Sounds of laughing hyenas fill the room. Cheering and the shouts of ‘have to have to have to’ drown out all noise in the room.
“Have to have to have to.” – various people while Bill gets up again and unleashes his wrath on Julian.

Mrs Cho notices the irresponsible work ethic of our class.
“If you can’t study at school I suggest staying at home and studying-” – Mrs Cho
“Mrs Cho….Are you encouraging everyone to not come to school?” – Chun Him
“Oooooooooohhhhhhhh.” – rest of the class
“No- what I said was-” – Mrs Cho
“But Mrs Cho…you say if you can’t study at school….you should study at home!” – Chun Him
“OHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!” – everyone starts applauding

Neil told us that he wanted to sell his DDR3 laptop RAM but had no success.
“Hard to sell my RAM because it’s DDR3.” – Neil
“Most laptops these days use DDR4.” – Iain
“DDR-” – Ethan
“Ethan!” – Chun Him
Out of nowhere, for no reason, Chun Him interjects.
“You’re going to get it.” – Chun Him looks like he’s about to get out of his seat and do something to Ethan.
The people surround Chun Him’s reaction, even though its completely for no good reason.
“What?! I didn’t say anything.” – Ethan in protest
“Have to have to have to.” – Julian
“Don’t listen to him. Julian’s the devil.” – Ethan
“I support David. Don’t worry David, I support you.” – Julian to Chun Him
“You can’t trust Julian.” – Ethan
“You can trust me David. [CENSORED]” – Julian to Chun Him
“Don’t put that in.” – Julian to Joseph
“It’s alright. It’s just a joke.” – Joseph
“Julian, you voted yes.” – Iain
“Iain!” – Julian
Julian gets out of his seat and unleashes his wrath upon Iain Ding. Unlike Bill’s wrath which was only a few seconds, Julian went to go tickling Iain for a full minute.

“You know what? I asked Hern is the app 2017, then he replied, ‘⊕⊇←♥⊕⊗⌉ äτχ‘ ” – Neil
“Have to have to have to.” – everyone else to Neil
Ä⇐ςχψ ραá⊗⊕⊇⊆←↔⊥⇐⌈⌊” – Hern
“Come come, we’ll tickle you.” – Chun Him to Hern
ã⊗↵⇑ ϖℜ⊂〈 ♠♦ ℑΛΛ” – Hern

Ethan Chua wasn’t very good at rock scissors.

Poll of the day:



Day 138: Term 3 is excellence trying to resurrect itself (Season 3 Finale)

22 Sept 2017 Friday 10:32 PM
Thanks to Julian who wrote the blog yesterday!

On a different note, imagine that you walked into the Physics Exam without a cheat sheet. Let’s say you’ve only got one and a half hours to do the exam.

Well, I’m writing’s today’s blog without what I wrote down because I lost the sheet and I’m really tired cause I just got home. Here it goes. A true test of brainpower.

Before school
“Anton asked me what I was dressed up as. I gave him a hint: The domain is R.” – Julian
“I see.” – Joseph
“To infinity and beyond!” – Julian

“Bill dressed up as his future…A rich man.” – Darren

“You know how hard it is to move in this? It’s very fragile.” – Micah
“BEHOLD MY FINAL FORM!” – Micah starts “transforming” and then starts crawling on the floor

“Who are you dressed up as? An average student?” – Mrs Mason to Khyl
“Umm, yeah I guess so.” – Khyl
“I’m dressed up as an above average student.” – Joseph

“Last chance, does anyone want to say the scripture?” – Mrs Mason
“Alright lets here it.” – Mrs Mason
“K-K-K-K-K-K-K. Where’s it from again? Joshua something 8 to 9.” – Micah
“Joshua 1, 8 to 9.” – Mrs Mason
“Oh boy, oh boy. Do not-” – Micah
Micah starts slamming the table repeatedly with his fist.
“let this Book of the law depart from your mouth. Meditate on it day and night.” – Micah
Micah continues to slam the table.
“Darren, don’t put me off.” – Micah
“So that you may be careful to do everything in it.” – Micah
“Then you will be successful. And prosperous.” – Micah slams the table again
“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Oh boy, Oh boy. Do not be afraid. Do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go!” – Micah
Everyone starts clapping.
“Shall we accept that?” – Mrs Mason
Everyone agrees yes.
“What house are you in?” – Mrs Mason
“Tyndale. The aliens.” – Micah

“Anyone have any fundraiser money to give in?” – Mrs Mason
(This is for our homeroom, not for the free dress day.)
“Me.” – I take out my wallet and put in 5 dollars. I leave my wallet on the table, with 20 dollars visible inside.
Micah is sitting next to me. Mrs Mason walks away from us and goes around the classroom collecting money.
“Is it okay?” – Micah takes the 20 dollar note from my wallet.
“Yeah sure.” – Joseph
“Micah?” – Mrs Mason comes over to us again, not knowing that the money is from my wallet.
Micah puts in the 20 dollar note.
“Actually, can I donate 15?” – Micah while looking at me.
I don’t show much expression back.
“Alright.” – Mrs Mason fumbles around and takes out a 5 dollar note and hands it back to Micah.
“Actually, is 10 okay instead?” – Micah
I just start laughing a bit.
“Micah make up your mind! So what am I doing now? You put in the 5 and I’ll give you 10 back.” – Mrs Mason
Micah puts in the 5 and Mrs Mason gives him a 10 dollar note.
“A generous donation Micah!” – Mrs Mason walks away
“Yeah a generous donation.” – Micah hands me back the 10 dollar note
“Just wait until Mrs Mason reads this on the blog.” – Micah

Chounggy is wearing his round “fashion” glasses again.
“Are you meant to be Harry Potter?” – Grace M and Jesse to Chounggy

“Do you want to hear a creepy story? One time, Ezra Holt sent me a picture. He messaged me, ‘Guess where I am?’ ” – Miss McClimens
“And he sent me a picture of my house.” – Miss McClimens

“My dad works for a toy company, so my house has all these random toys.
Danielle dressed up as Finn from Adventure Time and brought in a plush version of Jake the Dog. When you pressed its tummy it spoke.
“It’s not working anymore, but he still can speak in Spanish. I’m not sure why Spanish though” – Danielle

“My drink bottle looks better than yours. It doesn’t have the plastic cover around it.” – Joseph
“Well, my bottle cares about the environment.” – Chounggy
“Do you?” – Joseph
“No.” – Chounggy

“You have to pass the topic sentence.” – Miss McClimens
“I just want to pass my exam to be honest.” – Nick

Talk about the Shannon Homeless article comes up. Of course, Maddie is quite triggered about it.
“The person who wrote the Shannon homeless article is married to the person who wrote this year’s article in the SAC about youth crime. They’re married! And they both write trash articles!” – Maddie

Allen knocks on the door, holding a trash can.
“Ben forgot his trash can.” – Allen
Ben “puts on” the trash can.
“I can’t sit down now!” – Ben tries to sit down.
“It’s cutting off circulation in my arms!” – Ben

A crowd of people were gathered outside Mr Chapman’s office.
“Could we take a group photo with us?” – Julian
“EVERYONE GET IT THE PHOTO.” – Janelle ushering us
“I’m standing next to Jasheel, because if I’m going down, I’m going down with him.” – Mr Chapman
Some people immedieatly started throwing water bombs at Mr Chapman. Someone poured water on him as well.
Mr Chapman just walked away, towards the science wing. (Who knows where he was going.)

We had a “few” visitors who weren’t in physics come in.
“Why is the class so big?” – Mrs Cho
Mr Carter happened to be in the room.
“Everyone who isn’t in physics get out now.” – Mr Carter
“Booooooooooooo.” – everyone
“Wait, Mrs Cho can vote. Do you want everyone to stay?” – Chun Him
“No! I want everyone to leave.” – Mrs Cho
“Booooooooooooo.” – everyone
Everyone who isn’t in physics starts to leave.
We lose half of the population in the class.

Neil realises that his pencil case is missing.
“Jasheel took it.” – Julian
“Jasheeeeel. Jasheeel.” – some of the class
“Bad boy Jasheel.” – Hern

Neil insults Chun Him.
“Have to have to have to.” – Chun Him + others
Chun Him starts tickling Neil and jabs him with a plastic sword. Neil starts squirming in his seat while the people sitting next to him hold him to his chair.
“Have to have to have to.” – Chun Him + others

At the end of the period, we wanted to take a class photo.
The bell rang; Nathan already left the room and was trying to come back in.
“Nathan you don’t belong here.” – rest of the class, holding the door closed.
We took one group photo.
“Take another one, with everyone dabbing.” – someone
“Have to have to.” – everyone else
We took too long and ended up holding up the class waiting to use the room.

For our ‘party’ Mr Wong made us do 40 minutes of 2016 VCAA Methods Exam 2, and by the time we were able to eat food, the bell had already gone. Good planning. He kept saying for the past few weeks to take a class photo, but we didn’t even take one today. What an amazing way to end the term?

Julian challenged Mr Wong to a badminton match and lost both sets.

Bussing to Forest Hill
Cattermole, Edward, Emily, Anton, Matt Wo and I start walking towards the church. (From the PAC)
The time was 1:43 PM. We needed to catch the 736 (towards glen) coming at 1:48 PM.
Edward pops into the Art Tech to check on Emanuel. We wait a while and Ed comes out.
“Is Eman coming?” – Joseph
Ed holds up two fingers.
“Two minutes.” – Edward
“We don’t have two minutes.” – Joseph
“I’ll just stay with him and we’ll catch the next bus. You guys go ahead first.” – Edward
As we come out onto the main road, we see that the 736 is already there (7-eleven stop). The light happened to be green, so we sprinted across and just made it in time. I tried getting on really slowly, as to delay time for everyone else.
After we all get on, the bus turns and waits at the intersection of School and High Street Road.
We spot Ed and Eman walking out to the main road. They spot us. We point to the next stop.
They started running, but they weren’t going to make it in time to the next stop.
Anton pressed the “STOP” button on the bus.
“What’s happening?” – bus driver as we wait at the stop.
Edward and Eman come running onto the bus.
“Sorry” – all of us to the bus driver.

Post script
Well I’m done. I could write more, more about all the cups of water on the stairs, more about how our year level dressed up, more about all the chalk words on the walls immediately erased. I “have to” write more about the legendary Feesyics class, where Chun Him “unleashes” himself, but I’m out of time and out of energy. That only took one and a half hours. Everyone have a good holiday! Study hard, but rest well. 11:59 PM