Day 109: Word Front

11 August 2017 7:15 PM
There was a lot of good content today, sorry I couldn’t keep up haha.
(Today I had every class so I’m pretty worn out.)

Words are double edged swords.

I am meaningfully going over interesting new gems. Thoughtful hope rises over unseen glimmering horizons. Don’t ever pretend right? Even some say, “I only need a good ATAR.” It’s not everyday valuable experiences return. You’d think heightened intelligence never gives hindered understanding.  Remember this saying – “In flames, everything excels. Learn eagerly, minimize passing time yearnfully.”

I could always nail the faults in nonsense. Don’t mess over things in very academic times. Instead, outline neatly.

Day 108: d x ΔT

10 August 2017 6:18 PM

“Reaction 1?” – Mrs Mason
“Bromine.” – Micah
“Shouldn’t it be HBr?” – Obed
“Oh yes, because if you add Br2 there should be Br2.” – Mrs Mason
“Reaction 2? Neil?” – Mrs Mason
“NaOH.” – Neil
“What!!!” – Micah

“Why can we have a double bond isomer?” – Mrs Mason
Makar is walking into the classroom while the question is being asked.
“Because the double bond restricts movement.” – Makar
“This guy’s too good.” – Micah

“Neil you think you passed? Sorry I shouldn’t have asked that. Bad luck.” – Makar to Neil

“I don’t know why Mr Munyard has 78 slides.” – Mrs Mason
“I don’t know why Mr Munyard teaches Chem. He’s got no track of time that guy.” – Makar

“What’s the molar concentration of cheese snacks?” – Makar
“1289.” – Mrs Mason

“You can find the molar mass of pizza. You go back to the factory.” – Anton
“But one pizza might have two olives, one might have three.” – Mrs Mason
“ooooohhhh” – rest of the class
“Don’t generalise pizza. All it wants is for it to be eaten.” – Makar
“Yeah just burn it and combust it.” – Micah

“You know there’s this new Jewish guy making new physics formulas? Let’s see, Force equals- let me think of the most obscure thing ever. Force equals temperature times distance. If it’s moving with lots of heat when it hits you at a high speed, it will stun you.” – Makar

Darren’s answer is not correct.
“That’s right. I’m never right.” – Darren sighs
The whole class hears him and laughs at him.

“Oh no, it’s this free where everyone does nothing and Mrs Mason always tells us to be quiet.” – Jeremy

Day 107: Chounggy Error

9 August 2017 5:41 PM
Well at least Methods is over.


Makar: Blue
Mrs Mason: Red

“…and the boiling point…”
“You could boil water in the Himalayas and save energy. Climbing would use too much energy. Actually, it would be pretty inefficient. Just like your methods score” – Makar to Ethan
“I used to think I could see through glass and no one else could. I don’t know why.”
“Can you have a pure biscuit?” – Joseph
“Yeah. You can have Hg7. First you start off with a Mars Bar, then you move onto Mercury. You just fill the thing with mercury.” 
“Would you die if you just ate mercury?” – Ethan

“…experimental error…”
“I call that… a Chounggy error.” 
“…random error…”
“The worst error of them all. The Chounggy Error. It happens when you draw Chounggy as your lab partner.”

“…Second type is the bomb calorimeter…”
“Do you know what bomb stands for?”
“…the way the bomb calorimeter works is…”
“Do you know what bomb stands for?”
“What?” – Ethan
“Brother Ockhmedbasta!!!
“…then you press the ignition button…”
“Allah Akbar.”

“…and you don’t want extra food…”
“Do you know who would want extra food? Mark.”
“…and Bob’s your uncle.”
“Bomb’s your uncle?” – Anton
“Don’t make fun of my uncle.”
“…and then we finish the course…”
“And then we panic.”
“Makar! Be more positive.” – Jesse
“Sorry I meant…then you panic.”

I was trying to help set up part 2 of a video that we watched last week.
“Do you mind if I go through your internet history?” – Joseph
“No, I don’t have porn or anything.” – Mrs Mason

Day 106: Foreshadow

8 August 2017 8:37 PM
It’s a pretty busy season for all of us at the moment.

“Let’s do maths during the break.” – Mr Wong

We’ve been doing revision for the SAC tomorrow.
“The SAC is tomorrow.” – Mr Wong
“What??” – Julian, confused

“How do we prepare for the SAC?” – Joseph
“You do the questions.” – Mr Wong
“Can we prepare for the SAC?” – Joseph
“I’m not going to answer.”
“No answer? No method? No marks!” – Julian
“You just want me to say it.” – Mr Wong
“You’re not being a very helpful teacher Mr Wong.” – Julian
(Mr Wong once said, “You can’t prepare for the SAC.”)

“We got a period zero tomorrow.” – Mr Woolfe
“Ohhhhh…..” – everyone
“I feel sleepy thinking about that.” – Julian
“If you go to bed after midnight you’ll turn into a pumpkin.” – Mr Woolfe
“Why aren’t I a pumpkin then?” – Julian
“Just sleep half an hour earlier and when you wake up, you’ll all think, ‘Ohh, we’re going to period zero spesh now!'” – Mr Woolfe
“No one thinks that.” – Julian
“Oh. I must be living in a fantasy land.” – Mr Woolfe

If you want to see the whole methods department blow up, for your method just write:
*writes “NormalCdf(168,∞,100,8)” on the board*

Day 105: Strange

7 August 2017 7:01 PM
Shoutout to Jasheel for scoring a goal at Wavo Cup today.

Danielle pulls out Mikala’s name from the jar.
“It’s Mikala week!” – Miss McClimens
“Tell us something that we don’t know about you. Something that will suprise us.” – Miss McClimens
“Hmmm. I don’t know. I’m not very entertaining. I don’t know.” – Mikala
“What’s your favourite food?” – Matt Wo
“Like…all of them.” – Mikala
“What’s the strangest food you’ve tried?” – Nick
“Scorpion.” – Mikala

“Did you know apples cause cancer?” – Makar
Ethan looks very confused.
“That’s if you smoke beforehand.” – Makar

“Look at that white rice!” – Joseph
“Where’s the black rice? Rice equality!” – Makar

“In Engineering if you didn’t like the lecturer you would click your pens.” – Mrs Mason
“Let’s try that with Mr Carter.” – Makar

“You’re all going on an excursion.” – Mrs Cho
“YEAHHHHHHHH!!” – everyone shouts

“Are we going through the SAC today?” – Hern
“Ben hasn’t done it.” – Mrs Cho
“Ben you grinch. You ruined Christmas for us.” – Hern
“Ben we sell you.” – Chun Him

Day 104: Calculate

4 August 2017 4:16 PM
Shoutout to our Wavo Cup team for winning even though our bodies were half dead.

“Latin’s grammar is on steroids.” – Mr Woolfe

“You can talk when you pass the SAC.” – Nathan to Chun Him
“If I pass the SAC you can sactap yourself.” – Chun Him
“Hey! What happened?” – Mrs Cho
“He want to do something, not very appropriate at home.” – Chun Him
“Right hand grip rule?” – Julian

“Matt!” – Mrs Cho
“Sorry, I’m being naughty today.” – Matt Kaye

“What does the calculator say?” – Mrs Cho
“The calculator says we need a break.” – Julian
“Ohhhhhhh.” – rest of the class
“You need to throw away your calculator.” – Mrs Cho

“Many of you have detention today! Show me your homework!! Everyone else just relax. David, Bill Hern, Julian!” – Mrs Cho

Mr Carter comes into the class to return Hern’s CAS calculator. There is a very interesting ‘graph’ on his calculator.
“Get rid of that picture.” – Mr Carter
“Ohhhhh.” – rest of the class
“It’s a graph.” – Hern
“OOOHHHHH” – rest of the class
“It’s called a detention.” – Mr Carter
“OOOHHHHHHHHHHH” – rest of the class
Mr Carter walks out of the room.
“Bill, Hern is smarter than you in methods now because he knows the equation.” – Matt Kaye
“I invented it in year 10.” – Bill
“OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” – rest of the class
“Bill, the area of your graph is 0.” – Hern
“OOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” – rest of the class
“I’m so innocent now.” – Mrs Cho
“Mr Carter said to me ‘you don’t want to see what it is.'” – Mrs Cho
“Mrs Cho, you sure?” – Chun Him

“I’m very tempted to give you a detention.” – Mrs Cho to Hern
“You sure you don’t want to search?” – Chun Him
“Very disgusting drawing.” – Iain

“This is a prism.” – Mrs Cho
“A prison? David Lee.” – Julian
“Julian. We need to have a chat.” – Chun Him

Matt Wo goes up to Mrs Mason and asks her about the pronunciation of the letter “H”
“Back in history, if you were high born you say “H” with the “hh” sound, if you werelow born you say “H” without the “hh” sound.” – Mrs Mason
“YOU UNCULTURED SWINE!” – Micah to Matt Wo

Mr Wong’s phone kept going off during class.
“It’s probably Mandy.” – Mr Wong
“I hope so.” –  Calvin
“Ooooooooohhhhh.” – rest of the class
“Who said that!” – Mr Wong
Mr Wong goes to check who it is.
“It’s for my friends wedding. It’s not Mandy, but it’s nothing.” – Mr Wong
“Why do you have the need to explain to us?” – Julian

“Mr Wong why did you beng my textbook? That’s two dollars gone on my second hand selling.” – Julian
Mr Wong gives Julian’s textbook back.
“Did you know it’s proven that if you own something you see more value in it?” – Mr Wong
“Is that why you see value in this crap class?” – Julian
“Did you hear that everyone? He just called you a crap class.” – Mr Wong
“That’s why you’re bringing down the average.” – Matt Kaye
“Julian do you have a reply?” – Jasheel
“No. I’m speechless.” – Julian

Mr Wong asks a question.
“What is it. Julian.” – Mr Wong

“I’m here to guide you through the statistical morass. Do you know what morass means? A great big mess.” – Mr Woolfe

Shoutout to Mr Woolfe for giving me some of his home made carrot juice.

PS: Hern’s reply