Term 1 Statistics

Here are some statistics from Term 1 (Day 1 – 42)

The stats with an * are from wordcounter.net
Total Words: 17,249 words*
The Shannon Homeless (“Lets bring a little warmth to the homeless.” article is 830 words. You could have read that article 21 times instead of reading my blog. I’m sure Maddie would enjoy it.

Total Characters: 91,868 characters*
That’s the length of 656 twitter posts. You could also write the alphabet 841 times.

Reading Time: 1 hour 3 minutes*
Instead in that exact amount of time you could have finished “Disney’s Dinosaur”.

Hand Writing Time: 22 hours 31 minutes*
Are you serious. I hand wrote most of the blog then transferred it onto wordpress.

The word “Julian” is mentioned more times than the word “was”* | 158 vs 133
The word “Mrs Mason” is mentioned more times than the word “is”* | 124 vs 123
Actually this displays the lack of grammatical effort I put into my posts.

I’ve given 11 shoutouts. 
Someone please tell me whether it’s meant to be “shoutout” or “shout out”.

The phrase: “in your blog” has been mentioned 10 times.*
The phrase: “your blog” has been mentioned 20 times.*

Put this in your blog.

Nearing the end of Term 1, I had so much traffic that adverts started to appear on my blog. WordPress leeching off my blog.

Also, here are a bunch of graphs that I made cause I’m Microsoft Excel King.

Well its a bit annoying that WordPress doesn’t allow me to upload an full image, so it’s hosted on google drive instead lol.

Click to enlarge, zoom to enlarge.