Day 11-20

Day 11: Kinetic  Energy/Momentum

2/13/17 Monday 6:43pm
I’m just going to write about our physics class today cause it would a really long post if I wrote about everything else today. It would be great to hear feedback on how long you think the posts should be. Thanks!
Also, I had another blood nose during physics. (I had one in methods last week)
2 Specialist Maths
34 English
56 Physics

Also it’s the first week back for me teaching chess to the primary students!

DISCLAIMER: There’s a lot of banter.

*I start having a blood nose*
*Mrs Cho notices*
“Joseph are you okay? Why do you have a blood nose?”
“It’s because he’s thinking about Joanna too much.” – Julian Yeoh
I didn’t get why that was so funny but I think I heard Mrs Cho laughing with the class as well.

“I didn’t do Physics 1&2 and I still passed,” Julian to David Lee
“That’s not a good habit.” – David

*Julian puts his jumper on backwards and doesn’t realise*
“Julian learn how to put your jumper on.” – David
“Learning? I spent less hours learning physics than the amount of marks on your physics test.” – Julian’s reply to David
Absolutely savage SRC.

“Have you tried firing a rifle in an amusement park?”**- Mrs Cho

Also, our physics class today mainly consisted of the chinks throwing paper at each other. I guess that counts as physics? It’s energy in motion.

*David throws a paper ball at Nathan*
*Nathan throws a paper ball at David*
*Mrs Cho notices*
“Nathan!” Mrs Cho exclaims.
“David threw it first.” replies Nathan.
“Mrs Cho… how could I even do throw it? He’s all the way over there, its so far” – David’s response

*Ethan also then throws a paper ball at Neil*
*Neil replies by throwing a paper ball at Ethan*
“See that Mrs Cho?” – Ethan Chua
“What? You threw the ball at him first.” – Mrs Cho
I guess that’s just action reaction force. Not sure what chuman was expecting.

“He stole my bottle Mrs Cho.” – David, on Julian stealing his bottle.
“I was looking at the board the whole time David.” – Julian
“Yeah he was,” Mrs Cho agrees.
“C’mon Mrs Cho how can that even happen? My jumper just walk away. It doesn’t even make sense, it’s not even science. It’s so impossible. My jumper just walked to the floor.” – David Lee
“C’mon David.” – Mrs Cho

**Mrs Cho was explaining recoil but even then it sounded extremely out of context.

Day 12: Unity and Coherance

14/02/17 Tuesday 3:59pm
Spesh test tomorrow morning!
1 English 2 Methods
34 Free
56 Chemistry

*Miss McClimens laughs* *Gives out valentines goodies*
“To tie this in with English, what language devices do these use? That’s right, puns.” *Miss McClimens laughs*

Everyone was amazed that you could write simultaneous equations using matrices.
After the lesson we graphed xy = 0 on the calculator.

Study free
“I’m single but I’m not in debt” – Julian Yeoh, on being single and not in debt

Calvin Hendoro kept eating the valentines day food before lunch.

Joon Kim went running around terrorising year 1 girls that were making noise outside the study centre.
“Chicken brain! chicken brain! toxic brain! toxic brain!” – The shouts of the Year 1’s

Mr Bawden came in the study centre to check on Joon’s tie because in the morning he didn’t have his top button done up.
He looked at his shirt and then said “Joon you’re a good guy.”.
When Mr Bawden left, Joon revealed that his top button was not actually done up but he just pulled his tie up.

Lunch: Tiggy/Soccer
Mr Hodge told me that he heard about my blog through facebook.
“You should make a special mention of me in your blog because I’m such an awesome person that helps out with PE and sports stuff.”

“We are trying to promote a spirit of unity and coherence. Yes, unity and coherence.” – Mr Hodge, who then proceeds to push and knock me over during the soccer game.

*Mr Hodge introduces Jonathan Makar to the Year 7’s*
“This is Jonathan Makar, if he gives you any advice don’t listen to him.”

The soccer game between the Year 7’s and the Year 12’s was very crowded.

During the break, Neil Zhang took an ice block from the fridge in the study centre. He then put the iceblock on his tongue, which stuck to his tongue, then his tongue then started bleeding.

Day 13: Noise

15/02/17 Wednesday 3:29pm
Haha I’m still pretty nervous speaking to everyone during house meetings. It’s improving.
0 English – Nick brought brownies and Ben brought orange juice for the class to share
12 Spesh – I wonder how everyone did on the test.
34 Methods – “This question isn’t as precious any more.” – Mr Wong

House meetings
Mr Wong reads out the DNS.
“Does anyone have any questions about the DNS?” asked Mr Wong
A boy sitting at the front asks, “Where’s Mathspace?”
“Don’t worry about it, it’s not your concern. It doesn’t apply to you, only to the Year 9s.”
He replies, “I am in Year 9.”
Mr Wong apologises while some people start laughing. I stood there and didn’t really know how to help him.

After house meetings “I feel so bad for the Year 9 kid. Oh that was terrible.” – Mr Wong
(The kid was Ethan Ng, great guy)

“Mr Woolfe isn’t there a handout for this lesson?” – Julian
“Julian you’ve got blocked ears,” Mr Woolfe tells the class, “Julian always asks me the same questions that I’ve just explained… But I still love you Julian.”
*Julian walks up to the front to grab a handout*
“I love you too dad.” – Julian**

Kathryn and Jessica came in late and Mr Wong asked the class to stare at them with a straight face.

“So Jasheel’s answer is (5,-9), Joseph’s answer is (-6,6), does anyone else have an answer?
“I’m just going to say (0,6) for fun,” said Julian. Mr Wong looks at Julian, proceeds to write (0,6) on the board, then crosses it out immediately.

Julian was trying to fold his ears in. Jonas and Jasheel were cracking their necks and trying to wiggle their ears. Danielle was making elephant sounds.

** A reference to when Julian addressed Mr Woolfe, where Mr Woolfe replied, “Yes, Yes my son.”

Day 14: Water

16/02/17 Thursday 4:10pm
I wore my glasses today. ID photos came out today. I wish I could home after Period 2.
0 Methods
1 Physics 2 Chemistry
3 Bible 4 Chapel
56 Study Free

*Mr Wong holds up a white handout*
“I’ll be away tomorrow on PD. I’ll give you these precious questions. Do them sparingly, they’re precious.”

*Mrs Mason hands out ID card to Aidan*
“Ah I hate it!” – Aidan Chan
*Mrs Mason hands me my ID card* 
“You look quite studious in those glasses, your ID photo is different though”
*Darren takes a looks at my ID card*
“Your face looks like you’re about to murder somebody.” – Darren
LOL. I don’t know what to say about that.

“Oxidising agents sounds like a washing product.” – Jonathan Makar
“VCAA doesn’t accept AFL as an acronym.” – Jonathan Makar, on KOHES as an acronym

“Remember our Coles ad? Down down reductions are down, not prices anymore, down down reductions are down.” – Mrs Mason, teaching redox reactions.

The scripture verse didn’t come up. Mikala prays. Jasheel saves the day by bringing up a diary to say the scripture.

ACT III Chapel was pretty good.

Study Free
“Tea is just flavourless water. It’s just an excuse to drink food dye.” – Matthew Kaye

The common room’s freezer freezes water really fast. I made some ice cubes in around an hour and put them in my drink. I took the last one out and clutched it in my hand. I walked out of the common room, the sun was blazing. I held out my ice cube on my palm to see it slowly melt, water trickling down my hand. Suddenly a boy and girl, probably around Year 1 came up to me and asked in a mocking tone, “What’s so good about ice?” I replied, “It’s cool! See?” I held it out for both of them to see.

The girl laughed, raised her hand, then smashed the ice cube out of my hand onto the ground. 😦

Day 15: Further

17/02/17 Friday 4:03pm
For the past three days I’ve been posting this from one of the computers in the common room.
12 Physics
34 Chemistry
56 Methods Spesh – Clash Royale?

Before School
James attempts to explain the circle game to Mrs Cho
“So if I put my hand here, with my fingers in this circle shape below my waist, and you look at it, I get to punch you.” – James to Mrs Cho
*Mr Chapmans walks up from behind and overhears.*
“So Mrs Cho, next time you give back his SAC marks you should do that.”

“Okay everyone show me your physics homework.” *Mrs Cho walks over to Ben*
*Ben shows her his exercise book*
“No Ben, that’s further maths.”
*Ben shows her a different page*
“No the homework is not that one, that’s what we did in class. Detention.”
When Ben hears the bell he quietly leaves the class, avoiding a green sticker.

I forgot to bring my homework so Mrs Cho was going to give me a detention but then I did all the homework while she was going through revision.

Mrs Cho was shooting rubber bands during class to explain elastic potential energy. She failed a few times, where the rubber band didn’t even leave her finger.

Mrs Cho Addresses Iain Ding by saying “Ding.”
“Oh Ding is here.” *points to Iain* “Oh yeah he’s here.”

Mrs Cho finds Ben and gives him a green sticker.

“If you drink NaO and hydrogen gas at the same time, wouldn’t you get water and salt?” – Jonathan Makar
“Don’t try that at home.” – Mrs Mason
“Then I’ll just try it at school.”

Hern and Iain walk into and visit our chemistry class after period 3. “We’re on a 15 minute break,” said Hern.
“What type of VCE subject would have enough time for a 15 minute break?” asked Mrs Mason.
“Further Maths.”

Hern later performs chemical analysis by sniffing the alcohol we’re using in our prac.

“I will show you the power of Hong Kong Wing Chun.” – Matt Wo
“Matt are you okay? We’re not trying to start a gang war.” – Mrs Mason

Day 16: Quiet

20/02/17 Monday 7:12pm

I just got home.
12 Free
34 Eng Chem
56 Meth Physics

Before School
Met up with Mr Hoang for 5 minutes to share some card tricks with each other.

Study Free
Calvin was wearing 4 house badges and the performing arts captain badge on his jumper.

Two more days to go. Miss McClimen’s laugh is the best.

Mr Low just sat there while the class did their own thing.
Mrs Mason if you’re reading this, all you have to know is that the class was obviously doing work and were not mucking around at all. Makar and Ethan were very peaceful towards each other today. Yeah that sounds about right. I’m serious I’m telling the truth.

Allen was spinning a rugby ball and I was eating cup noodles then the ball hit my noodles some hot soup splashed on me but luckily enough I was wearing a raincoat so I was okay.

I handed my English SAC book to Miss McClimens during lunch.
“It was worth the wait.” – Miss McClimens, looking at my SAC book cover.
(My SAC book’s front page consists of a photo of my face covering the whole page.)

“I’m going to check homework tomorow.”
*I laugh a bit*
“Joseph don’t laugh, I’m going to check homework. Make sure you do the homework.”
Well I laughed cause he still hasn’t checked homework from the start of school even though he says he will. Uhh was I meant to say that?

“And you have to finish until 4D.” – Mr Wong
Julian does some calculations to see whether it’s worth completing tonight.
“Yeah I’ll just cop a green sticker.” – Julian

I got up to help and explain a question to the class on the board.
(Which was factorising x^4 + x^2 – 2). I guess I’m Mr Wong as well.
Also I got to call Julian “Bad” cause I was up the front.
Also, “You can’t square root negative numbers. Shhhhhhhh” – Mr Wong while looking at me and Julian.

I’m not even sure how to write what happens in this class anymore; It mainly consists of students yelling at each other? Who knows what goes on.

Btw, Range is the x axis in physics. How great…

After School
I tried eating and ice cube but it stuck to my lip and then my lip starting bleeding. I guess Neil Zhang isn’t the only one.

Also I heard that Miss Van Hulst showed my SAC book to her class. zzz…lol

Day 17: Tomorrow

21/02/17 Tuesday 4:00pm
Shoutout to Tiffany Moniaga cause she asked for one. I hope everyone’s ready for English tomorrow.
34 Methods
56 Spesh

I was late to class today because my bus was late.

Mr Wong checked homework. He gave out detentions, but no green stickers.
I guess Julian hasn’t copped a green sticker yet.

*Holds up VCAA exam questions*
“These questions are very very precious. Once you’ve seen it it’s not new to you any more. That’s why it’s precious.”

Lunch – Volleyball
Jeremy hit the ball into Miss van Hulst by accident then she started fake screaming in pain.
David Lee faulted 5 times.

“We’re having a topic test on vectors soon. I haven’t decided the date for it yet. Bill you can decide when we do it. When do we want to do it Bill?”
“Next year.”
The class cheers.
“No sorry we can’t do that.”

“Do you want the good news or the bad news first?” Mr Woolfe asked the class.
“The bad news,” responded the class.
“Vector proof is the hardest topic in specialist maths.”
“The good news is that they only ask very very easy questions.”
The class cheers.

*Mr Woolfe finished explaining a question on the board then he looks around*
“Oh and everyone’s gone to sleep now.”
You can ask Darren whether he was sleeping in class.

Break during Spesh
I went to to common room and not surprisingly Maddie is there cause she lives there.
“You know what you should write on your blog today if you got nothing to write? ‘Everyone’s screwed for English.’ ”

All the best to everyone who’s preparing for English right now.

Day 18: Rooke’s End.

22/02/17 Wednesday 5:56pm
Yenioo Kamara. Goodbye my friend. Goodbye Daniel Rooke.
0 Spesh
1 Free 2 Physics
3 English 4 Chem
56 English SAC

Like Talbot Silk, Bill Jiang was one for adventure. He came to Period 0 twenty minutes late.
“I ought to give you a detention Bill,” mumbled Mr Woolfe, “but I won’t.”
Today, Bill had escaped the dreaded noose.

“Mention me in your blog in a positive manner,” requested Joon Kim.

“I’m healthy and not in debt.” – Julian Yeoh, on being healthy and not in debt.

Similar to when the natives had left Rooke’s home, today was quiet and uneventful. Perhaps foreshadowing the trauma yet to take place during period 5 and 6.

Additionally, from observation, Micah is done with our physics class. Perhaps he was an outsider like Rooke, in the sense that he surpassed all this classmates with his genius intellect.

Miss McClimens informed the class, “You’ll be able to have a 5 minute break during the SAC before writing your statement of intention.”
“Do we get a break in the SAC?” Julian Yeoh immediately asked.

Julian was a representation of Anne, where the rest of the class symbolised Rooke, always having to answer Anne’s questions.

The class commented how Julian kept either forgetting everything, or just not paying attention in class. In the same way Rooke pondered about Tagaran, Julian was always dreaming in class.

“What are spectator ions used for?” asked Mrs Mason.
“They’re useless, replied Makar, “They don’t do anything, like Mark Davies.”
“Hey, don’t be mean to Mark, I like Mark Davies,” responded Mrs Mason.

English SAC
Miss McClimens gave out Minties for us to chew on during the SAC.
“There was a study that said peppermint stimulates brain activity.”
During the SAC, I ate a block of ice, the crunching noises were quite loud.
After I had finished writing, I folded an flower out of the Minty wrapper.

After School
“English just rips your heart out!” Mathew Kaye proclaimed.

“How did English go?” I asked Tiffany.
“I did as well as I could have without reading the book,” replied Tiff.

“Feature me in your blog bro,” were the words Mak Zhang spoke, where soon after when I left the table, he published my unfinished blog without my consent.
I quickly deleted the page but accidentally refreshed without saving so I had to retype everything.

“How was your SAC?” asked Mrs Mason while signalling the thumbs up or thumbs down motion. I gave the the thumbs down.
“Did you eat lunch?”
I paused.
“Joseph!” asserted Mrs Mason.
“Yeah I ate lunch,” I replied.
The conversation then moved on, centring around the topic of people not eating lunch.
“I’ve got to start grilling people for not eating their lunch!” exclaimed Mrs Mason, “I’ve got to drill it into them.”

Like Governor James Gilbert, she would ensure that every student was part of the imperial machine.

Day 19: Radiation

23/02/17 Thursday 5:25pm

Shout out to Mark Davies, he’s more than a spectator ion.
Shout out to Dillon Chua, who wanted me to write that I had gained access to leaked English SAC scores, and to post that he got 100%.
Shout out to Ethan Chua cause he’s a real cheeky lad.

0 Chemistry
1 English 2 Spesh
3 Bible 4 Chapel
5 Free 6 Physics

*Micah Wong passes David Choung a tissue*
“Tissues are like clouds, that’s why you should put your head in the tissue.” – Micah Wong

Makar and Obed weren’t in class today. It was very quiet. Mrs Mason actually got through the whole lesson without any interruptions. There were no questions about menopause.

“Lets congratulate Makar for coming to school.” – Mrs Mason, when Makar came to school forgetting he had chemistry today, missing period zero chem.

“Filling in forms is not rocket science but it is a life skill.” – Mrs Mason

“There was a kid I knew a few years ago who told me, ‘If you haven’t completed your homework, say you were doing something Christianlike instead. The teachers love it! Like for instance if you hadn’t completed your maths, just say you were busy volunteering at your youth group.’” – Miss McClimens

“Dr T is rubbish, it’s for the birds. It’s all backwards. You should do things the Woolfedog way.” – Mr Woolfe, on the topic of transformations

David Choung was answering heaps of questions today. Mr Woolfe complimented him on his superior Korean brain. The class even applauded him, he was really on a roll.
On the other hand, Bill, Darren and I were working on some ridiculous geometric proof question.

The Bible reading didn’t display on screen again. Jasheel promptly moved the chapel to a time of worship. Good thinking.

“I’m going to do something interesting for your blog,” said Jonathan Makar to me.
“Allah Akbar,” Makar muttered as he spastically pressed the keypad of the microwave, opening and closing the microwave door.


We had a test today. The height of the slide was 4.2m not 3.2m

“Our year level is going to go far in life” – Maddie, Tiff, Anton, David, Matt Kaye

PS: The sound of drumming filled the air, but I, Joseph Wong, was not there.

Day 20: S15

24/02/17 Friday 3:53pm
12 English
34 Physics Methods
56 Chem Spesh

“I did the opposite of the homework that was assigned” – Julian Yeoh

“Everyone remember the Shannon homeless article?” asked Miss McClimens.
“He didn’t even look homeless, he was pretending to be homeless, he probably wrote the article himself. Triggered.” replied Maddie.

“I swear Julian is high 100% of the time.” – Joy Wong

Today we got out test scores back.
“How do I say, some people’s score were depressing, very depressing. Very extreme, some amazing, some very, hmmmmmm.” – Mrs Cho

“Am I scary? No, I’m nice. I’m really not scary. I’m really very nice.” – Mrs Cho

“If you’re going to get a green sticker don’t even bother showing me your work, it’s a waste of time.” – Mr Wong to David Choung who was waiting to show Mr Wong his homework.

Mr Khor plays volleyball very well.

Mrs Mason forgot to bring the electrochemical series table.
“That’s blog material.” – Makar

“I’m going to get 100 on the exam.” – Makar
“Everyone hear that? Makar is going to get 100 on the exam.” – Mrs Mason
Makar then proceeds to answer a question wrong.
“Lesson learned, don’t trust Makar’s answer.” – Mrs Mason

“What’s your wellbeing level?” Makar asked Micah.
i” – Micah Wong
Yay people got the joke.

We had a test, but it didn’t count.