1: Full of classes? (Official Finale)

23 Oct 2017 11:59 PM (Day 150)
There was only one ‘class’ for today. This school day was very ‘classy’, and more of a conclusion.
1234 – Final Chapel preparation
5 – Final Chapel

Many thanks to guest posters (independent posts): Miss McClimens, Miss Lynch, Josh Poynton, Danielle Hu, Miss Pho, Julian Yeoh, Mrs Mason & Mrs Higgins

Special thanks to Julian, Hern and Micah who have been helping type out and edit posts from Term 4.

Thanks to everyone who sent me content! Thanks to everyone who gave me content by being content. You guys are the reason the blog exist! Quite literally!

I enjoyed writing the blog everyday. It’s been an honour. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it.
So here we go. I see the finish line.
One last ride. One last post.
Let’s finish this.

The final words

The final last post, I savour the most,
all the memories this year.
Though all are treasured, not all are remembered,
So some I will make clear.

Physics? Disaster? Edrolo taught us faster,
Force equals n – B – I – L.
The boys at the back, always failing the SACs,
Constantly ‘tried’ to excel.

Neil Zhang gave his best, but could not contest
Chun Him’s ‘tickling fun’.
He cried for help, his final yelp:

Incomplete homework, unmarked EPIs,
The atmosphere, somewhat carefree.
Darren the dictator, Chun Him the chaser,
Physics? Far from democracy.

Guai Lou’s discriminated, then excommunicated,
“That’s bad!” remarked Mrs Cho.
Matt Kaye segregated, Nathan terminated,
All our ‘good friends’ had to go.

“Guess what? That’s right.”
His jokes were quite bizarre.
He’ll eat you, and proudly coo:

We’ll miss Mrs Cho, and her love for our class;
Chinese dramas we were never dissing.
“If you can’t study in school, study at home.”
Shortly half the class was missing.

Ben sleeping in class, Hern late for class,
Iain missing it all together,
Ethan being ‘sick’, Darren spreading viruses,
Everyone was under the ‘weather’.

Wong’s average was highest, never below,
He never stopped pushing our class.
No matter the circumstance, how difficult the challenge,
His teaching allowed us to pass.

We drew graphs in pen. Mr Wong unimpressed,
Our class was roasted severely.
The following day, his maths, a mishap,
Our comebacks were spouted quite freely.

“Beautiful equations, beautiful methods,”
Joseph’s CAS hacks saved time.
Logging negative numbers, taking people’s freedom,
Wong’s Methods was in its prime.

Expired food, marijuana cookies,
Eating in methods and spesh,
“Chocolate is a fruit!” Julian exclaimed,
arguing junk food was fresh.

Our spesh teacher, doubled as a preacher,
Woolfie took care of our health.
Though with certain things, his words had a sting,
But were surely of great wealth.

“VCAA are villains! Cambridge is smoking!”
“Kilbaha literally does kill.”
“100 practice papers!” Thought to be impossible.
But not for ‘Maths King’ Bill.

Mr Woolfe was a thrill, but always so chill,
Encouraging us to be our best.
Not to worry, and not to stress,
And to always get a good rest.

“I’ll put you to rest!” Darren expressed,
When Joseph said SAO was trash.
Julian agreed which made Darren’s heart bleed,
Their friendship gone in a flash.

Collision theory? Year 10 formal.
Mrs Mason taught Chemistry well.
Cared for her students, recharged us up
Akin to a secondary cell.

A baked carrot cake, three concordant titres,
Choungyy was a happy young boy.
Till Makar came, and made him his chem partner
And found someone he could annoy.

“I’M NOT IN EAL!”, “There’s nothing wrong with TAFE,”
Choungyy, best student by far.
Spesh, Meth and Chem, 72 girlfriends,
And SEAS would scale up his ATAR.

The world? turned upside down,
It going to be a bumpy night.
If not for the help of my English teacher
A 30 would be out of my sight.

Miss McClimens made English enjoyable,
Her kindness touched everyone’s hearts.
Her smile, her laugh, her compassionate nature,
How now can we bear to be apart?

Goodbye soccer square, goodbye common room.
Farewell to us Year 12s.
No more refreshing, no more posts,
The blog’s been put on the shelf.


And as Mr Woolfe says, “The end is your friend.”


2: Blog Blooms like a Guai Loutus (Unofficial Finale)

22 Oct 2017 11:59 PM (Day 149)
And the last day of classes come to a close. Full of classes? I think not. The blog’s come a long way since it first started.

Before School – Calvin
Obed and Prisca were throwing a water balloon around, like hot potato. It inevitably burst in Prisca’s hand and left both her uniform and the wall behind her, soaked. Mrs Mason came out due to all the loud noises in the common room, took a glance at her wet window and said ‘clean my window’.

SRC Meeting – Mikala
Today we decided that we would prank the new School captains by making them think that SRC is very formal (it’s not).

The SRC walk into Mr Bawden’s Office.
Mr Bawden was being way too nice and he welcomed everyone with a smile.

“Welcome Everyone to SRC, a special welcome to Tess the 2018 School Captain, and Tom…oh where’s Tom?” – Noelle, in a monotone voice
“He is at Jazz Choir.” – Tess
“Not good enough.” – Mr Chapman
“Letting you know that we will let that go this time, but being late to SRC is not normally accepted.” – Noelle
“Now to Jasheel to read the School Vision Statement!” – Noelle

Everyone starts laughing.
Jasheel was reading the vision statement while Mikala was crying in laughter behind him.
“You’ve had an entire year to memorise the vision statement Jasheel. Not impressed.” – Mr Chapman

Tess has the most confused face you have ever seen.
“Now for Jade to read the scripture.” – Jasheel
“Can everyone open up the scripture?” – Jade
“Give me a minute.” – Mikala
The entire SRC read the scripture barely avoiding laughter.

“Jade, could you open in prayer?” – Mikala
“Let’s pray. Dear God, we thank you for the opportunity we have had this year this year to be apart of the SRC, making an impact in our school. God we thank you that today we could prank our new school…”
Everyone cracks up laughing.
“…Captains. In Jesus Name, Amen.” – Mikala

“Oh wait we were still doing the prank?” – Mr Bawden

Mikala and Jasheel gave tips on how to run next years SRC.
“Wait, so this is our last meeting?” – Julian
“Yeah…haven’t you been listening?” – Jasheel
“I’m gonna miss you guys…” – Julian
“Julians gonna cry any moment now.” – Noelle

Carter Methods – Anton
Chun Him was not in class for period 1.
So we called him and it went to voice mail.
“Hello, David. I’m Castie, why didnt you come pick me up yesterday? Come to Waverley to pick me.” Carter using a girly voice to the phone.
Carter handing out awards for the class…..
“Always thank Maccas for the support. The McDonald’s award goes to the Big MAK.” – Mr Carter
An award for Finding Alternative Solutions was given to Bill Jiang and a picture of Mr. Wong solving a rubix cube by putting it back block by block was displayed on the board.

Carter Methods – James
Chun Him didn’t show up for methods period 1 (it was a double).
Anton and I tried to call Chun Him, but sadly he declined.
So I sent him a text message outlining the punishments awaiting him if he didn’t show up.
Then, Mr Carter called and left a voice message for Chun Him from ‘Kirsty’, Chun Him’s secret admirer.
We called Chun Him one last time, and he picked up the phone! Mr Carter pretended to be Kirsty once again, confessing her love for Chun Him and then handed the phone ‘back’ to Mr Carter.
Mr Carter told him to try and come to class.
Chun Him said he had a very bad stomach ache and that he needed to go to the toilet.
Chun Him hung up the phone.

Chem 2 – Calvin
We took bets on when Hern would arrive to our period 1+2 chem class. Guesses up to 10:15 were thrown around. He ended up coming relatively early, at the punctual time of 9:40.
“White, brown, Irish, Asian…I don’t care, just don’t eat starchy foods.” – Mrs Mason
“Did you know counterfeit Iberian pigs were painted black?” – Mrs Mason
“Iberian ham is ‘illegal, but delicious’.” – Mrs Mason

While quizzing about our futures:
“Be excited about what’s you do, unless its commerce.” – Mason
“How was CASPR? ‘It’s just what would you do in a situation”- Cynthia
“Punch a kid?” – Mrs Mason
“Have you ever wanted to punch a student?”
“Only twice” – Mrs Mason
“Hern, what do you wanna do next year?” – Mrs Mason
“PT at Sage.” – Mark
“Nah, actually I’ll do science at Monash.” – Hern
“Specialising at?” – Mrs Mason
“Uhhh commerce.” – Hern

When asking about our disappointments:
“I wish we did the sodium metal and water explosion experiment with a bigger piece.” – Jasheel
“Yeah, it’s always too small.” – Mrs Mason
“Well, if you make it too big, you’ll end up as a geography teacher.” – Calvin

Chem 2 – Darren
Marks highlight:
“Doing prac with Dillon and Darren with Darren saying “I’m fine” like 5 times before he dropped.”
Darren’s lowlight: “Doing…..or not doing the prac with Mark and Dillon.”
Jeraldine’s highlight: Sitting with Kaitlyn
Jeraldine’s lowlight: Sitting with Kaitlyn
“Hern what are you going to do in Uni?” – Mrs Mason
“Physiotherapy.” – Hern
Mark and everyone laughs.
“Where at?” – Mrs Mason
“Uhmm at RMIT.” – Hern
*Laughing intensifies*
Mason gets suspicious and questions Hern again. This time he wants to do science.
“What type of science?” – Darren
“Maybe commerce.” – Hern

Chem 2 – Hern
As the class was discussing the topic of fats and food rancidity, Jasheel mentioned Iberian ham. Mrs Mason proceeded to Google it.
“Wikipedia is a wealth of information!” – Mrs Mason, admiring pictures of Iberian ham on the Wikipedia page

“There is a 98% chance that the last question in your chem paper will be based on a prac.” – Mrs Mason
“What’s the other 2%?” – Calvin
“Iberian ham.” – Jasheel

Mark and I made a pact as the class was going around, telling their “lowlights”. For the next round, we would be saying what our plans were for next year. I would say what Mark would do next year and vice versa, as a gag.
“Mark what are you doing next year?” – Mrs Mason
“He’s doing Commerce Specialist, at Monash.” – Hern
“Commerce? Boring!” – Mrs Mason
Mrs Mason went on to talk about how she would “bag” students who wanted to do a commerce degree after VCE.
Mrs Mason went around the class, then it was Hern’s turn.
“He’s doing PT at Sage.” – Mark, half smirking
At this point, I became confused as I didn’t know what PT stood for (physical trainer) and missed the reference to Sage Institute, never heard of it.
“What?” – Mrs Mason
“Uhh…I’m doing..physiotherapy.” – Hern
“At?” – Mrs Mason
“Uh RMIT.” – Hern, panicking
“Really?” – Mrs Mason
“Yes, I am very passionate about helping other people.” – Hern, struggling to contain a laugh
Mark wobbled with laughter, and Mrs Mason sensed something was amiss.
“Now! What do you really want to do?” – Mrs Mason
“I think I’ll do science.” – Hern conceded
“What kind of science?” – Mrs Mason
“I’ll probably do commerce.” – Hern, in a low voice
Mrs Mason groaned.

McClimens English S3 – Joseph
McClimens prepared food for us, (she is sooo extra)


“What did you learn from being sports captain?” – Joseph
“Not much.” – Baldry
“Honestly I didn’t really do anything. I would say my position was kinda useless.” – Baldry

We rolled up the blinds.
Mr Hodge spotted the food from outside.
“I’m coming!” – Mr Hodge mouths
Mr Hodge then made his class do a lap behind the PAC and Primary Art building. He then ditched his class to come to English and take some food.

“I have a class party for lit. It won’t be this lit.” – Josh LA

We did a kahoot on past texts. Guess who won? Miss McClimens. Nick came second and Joanna came third.


Recess – Julian
The cheeky chuas arrived at school, pretending nothing’s happened.
*The boys spot Dillon and shove him into the corner of the locker*
“Oi Dillon where do you think you’re going.” – Julian
“You really think you boys are gonna get away with dogging the boys the past week huh?” – James
*boys chant have to have to have to while Dillon pleads his innocence*
“Boys, it shouldn’t be me you’re mad at, NEIL ZHANG IS THE REAL VILLAIN” – Dillon
*Dillon’s reasoning seems to have touched the boys*
“Have to have to have to!” – Ethan
*boys then give Ethan the same treatment*
“Hey Chapman, do you reckon you could give these two buggers an in-house suspension so they can STAY at school?” – James
“Yeah I reckon they deserve one.” – Mr Chapman

Recess – Joseph
“I’m surprised that your Year 6 jumpers still fit everyone. Not surprised that it still fits Tiff.” – Mr Hodge

Some stuff I overheard in the gym toilets.
“Do you think that girls have standing toilets?” – Primary A
“Maybe.” – Primary B
“Do you think that girls also pee in standing toilets?” – Primary A

“Why do you stand so far out? Stand closer!” – Secondary A
“Why are you watching me.” – Secondary B

EAL – Anton
Makar and Dillon were lurking outside the door.
Mrs Yeo saw them and opened the door.
“Ni Hao Ni Hao!” – immediately Dillon gave his best effort to jumbo his broken mother language while giggling
“Hello, I need to ask you guys to leave. And I don’t know what he is saying.” – Mrs Yeo.
“Ok…haha….bye” – Makar, as they leave.

Wong’s Methods – Joseph + Julian
Mr Wong was discriminating Darren.
“Take back your peace offering and leave the class.” – Mr Wong
He didn’t even get to take back the food.

“Yeah, last ‘party’ we had was us doing Paper 1s for the whole period and then after the lunch bell rung, you said ‘lets eat’ .” – Calvin
Mr Wong awkwardly started opening food, but no one went up
“Don’t you guys eat at parties?” – Mr Wong
“Mr Wong don’t you even know how to run a party?” – Calvin
“Don’t people normally eat at parties?” – Mr Wong, confused
“Don’t you go to parties?” – Joseph
“I don’t know what parties are like!” – Mr Wong
“Remember the last time we had a party? The bell went before you let us eat!” – Calvin
“It wasn’t that bad was it?” – Mr Wong
“You and Mandy don’t get out much do ya?” – Kathryn

“Let’s play celebrity heads!” – Jenny
The class was in agreement with this idea. First up was Mr Wong and Julian. We gave Mr Wong ‘Julian’ and Julian ‘Mr Wong’.

Wong – Julian
“Is this person a student?” Yes
“Does this person wear glasses?” Yes
“Does this person do methods?” Yes
“Does this person do EAL?” Yes
“Is he in my methods class?” Yes
“Calvin?” No
“Is it Jasheel?” – Mr Wong
“But he does EAL right..?”
Mr Wong facepalms when he realises who it is.

Julian – Mr Wong
“Is he in EAL?” Yes
“Is this person smart?” Yes
“What?? No one’s smart in EAL. Bill and Hern do physics, and Sophie’s a girl, who the heck is he?”
“Does this person play badminton?” Yes
“Mr Wong.”

Candy – Mrs Cho
“Does this person teach physics?” – Candy

May- Mrs Delorenzo

Jenny – Mrs [censored]
“Is it a teacher that I don’t like?” – Jenny
Jenny proceeds to list names of teachers.
[censored] – Jenny
“How could you! She’s so nice!” – Danielle
Jenny finally guesses [censored].
“But I like Mrs [censored]!”
“No you don’t!” – everyone

Joseph – Joseph
“Has this person been in the blog before?”
“Is this person in Year 12?”
“Is this person a guy?”
“Is this person in all of my classes?”
“What?? No one is in all of my classes! It’s has to be Choungyy or Julian!” – Joseph, confused
“Oh wait! It’s me!” – Joseph

Chounggy – Sarah Lee
“Is she in Year 11?”
“Oh no.” – Chounggy facepalms
“Is it Sarah Lee?” – Chounggy
“How did he guess the right girlfriend?” – Danielle

Joy – Julian
“Is he a girl?” – Joy
“No.” – Julian
There was a mixed response of ‘yes’ and ‘no’ from the class.
“We can’t be too sure.” – Matt Kaye
“YES!” – Danielle in a very enthusiastic tone
*Julian starts shoving Danielle*
“It’s Julian.” – Joy

Jasheel & Calvin – Mr Daff & Jonathan Tissainayagam
Cynthia & Yan Ling – Mrs Natsis & Monty
Danielle & Jonas – Ethan & Dillon

“What did you vote for in yesterday’s poll?” – Joseph to Mr Wong
“I’m not sure.” – Mr Wong
Mr Wong takes his phone out and goes through his answers for the different polls.
“I liked your advice.” – Mr Wong to Julian
“Thanks, in Soccer Square, we baptise the losers by tickling.” – Julian
“Jezz’s quote though.” – Mr Wong as he proceeded to laugh
“Yes, very good memories. – Julian
“Although it’s not like Jasheel would have any memory of it.” – Mr Wong
“I’m done, I’m done. Have to have to.” Jasheel as he walks out of the classroom

Class photo: We tried to make a Pascal’s triangle with our hands, but ended up doing the Nazi salute instead. We then proceeded to carry Mr Wong in memory of him carrying us in methods.


Physics – Julian
Ding arrives late to class.
*chinks cheer in unison at the return of their fallen member*
“Where’s Neil?” – Julian
“He’s not part of our village anymore” – Ding, sadly

Seeing the grass is greener on the other side, the Physics Class is experiencing mass immigration. Unfortunately Chancellor Cho is refusing the illegal immigrants entry.
*The chinks of mainland physics cheer when Mark, Danielle, Dillon, Allen, Jasheel, Nick, Choungyy enter the class*

“No…this is too distracting, sorry you will have to leave.” – Mrs Cho
“But it’s the last day Mrs Cho!” – Danielle
“Yeah Mrs Cho, we weren’t going to do any work anyways!” – Julian
“Nooo these people are not part of physics!” – Mrs Cho frowning
“They’re part of your 1/2 Methods class!” – Joseph
“Not all of them are…like Jasheel.” – Mrs Cho
“But they’re still part of our family, and family face struggles together!” – Julian
*chinks cheer*
“Also you can’t kick Danielle out, you love Danielle!” – Julian
“You guys really know my weaknesses.” – Mrs Cho, starting to smile
“Chinese dramas?” – Joseph + Julian
“You guys really make me struggle.” – Mrs Cho trying to keep a straight face
“Not as much as David struggles.” – Julian
“That’s very mean Julian.” – Mrs Cho
“Then why are you laughing?” – Julian

*class roars with laughter as Mrs Cho facepalms into her desk*
*Chun Him grabs Julian from behind and pulls him over the table to teach him a lesson and starts ‘tickling’ him while the class roars in laughter*
“Fine. If anyone needs help or has questions, come to the front. You can also email me over the holidays.” – Mrs Cho
“Is Julian the hype-man for physics or something?” – Mark

Ben and Hern arrive late, because they were cooking ‘money bags’ and spring rolls for the class party.
*chinks cheer*

A whole group of us started calling Neil on facebook.
“He says he’s in tuition.” – Chun Him

Hern was feeling thirsty, because there were no drinks left in the class party. He saw the distilled water tank and tried to drink some. The chinks caught on and started chanting “chug chug chug chug”.
Hern started chugging.
“He’s practising for his future job.” – Ding
Julian walks in with the drinks.
“What in the name of EAL is Hern doing.” – Julian

“These spring rolls are really good. Ben you’re my favourite ‘good friend’.” – Julian

“Let’s play a game. Predict your physics study score.” – Mark
“40…” – Ethan
“Bill do you think that’s right?” -Mark
“No, no, no, is huge joke.” – Bill
“Micah what about you?” – Mark
“50! 50! 50!” – chant the chinks
“40.” – Micah
“Bill looks like you’re aiming a bit too high.” – Mark

Julian and Ding start shoving each other over some low quality banter. Nick takes this golden opportunity to shove a waterbomb down Julian’s shirt and pop it.
*The immigration office goes wild*
“WASACK!” – Julian
“Oh what have you guys done!” – Mrs Cho
*chinks chime Julian in unison*
“Julian why you always have to make a mess.” – Mrs Cho
“Yeah Julian!” – everyone
“All good, I’ll grab paper towels to clean it up.” – Nick
“Thanks Nick, very good boy!” – Mrs Cho
“Yeah Nick!” – everyone
“Guess who’s not my favourite Guai Lou.” – Julian

Halfway through the class, the immigrants decided to water bomb Jonas. They went to the study centre and violated Jonas. Mr Chapman then arrived, just as David was about to throw another water bomb.
“Put it away David.” – Chapman
“Aww…” – Chun Him
“Put it away.” – Chapman
“Okay…” – David, as he tried to hide the balloon from sight

“I mean get rid of it.” – Chapman
By now Chun Him has emotionally attached himself to the water bomb, and slowly empties it in the sink.
“Sad reacts only.” – Hern.

The immigrants moved back to the land of honey and milk.
“Bill v David round 2!” – the chinks chant
“Nononono-” – Bill
The chinks try to set them up for an arm wrestle.
“Nononono soccer square 1v1!” – Chun Him
Darren and Matt Wo have an arm wrestle → Darren wins.
They rematch with their left hand.
“Oh [censored] you’re definitely left handed.” – Darren
Matt Wo wins.

Physics – Micah
Julian pours himself a glass of milk, only finishing halfway before putting it on the table and joining the boys once again.

Unbeknownst to Julian, Micah swoops in and grabs Julian’s milk and furiously chugs it down with an uncharacterised glee. Content and finishing the milk, Micah wipes his mouth, places the now empty cup of milk back to its original position and swags away.
Julian comes back, realizing his milk has been drained. Trying not to reveal his surprise, his slowly surveys the boys but just accepts this unusual phenomenon, shrugs, and joins them once again… Micah watching in the distance with a stupid smug grin on his face. After few minutes after, Julian approaches Micah.
“You don’t finish your milk do you?”- Micah
“Yeah, that cup over there is mine”- Julian
What?- thought Micah, as the cup was already empty.

Later, Julian gets ANOTHER cup and pours another glass of milk, again only reaching halfway before giving in to the temptation of “banter.” And once again, Micah swoops in and chugs the remaining milk. So fast did he chug that milk trickled down to his chin, dripping onto his tie and jumper, dribbling onto the floor.

“Micah you have milk on your face.” – Joseph remarks
“I KNOW.” – Micah replies with a hidden smirk
Julian returns to his empty cup once more, this time he twists about, looking for the culprit but doesn’t make any verbal complaint. In the distance, Micah erupts in laughter. Julian approaches.
“What’s so funny?” – Julian
“Nothing… I mean something.”- Micah suggestively eyes the milk
Micah just carried on cackling in his own sordid prank.
-A short story in the midst of the physics banter… The End.

Class photo from a while ago:

“Screw it! I’m going to play soccer square.” – Chounggy
“What about your back?” – Joseph
“It’s the last ever soccer square. I have to play.” – Chounggy

Bill and Dillon stuffed up in the lemon game.
Dillon and Bill 1v1
Bill kicked the ball ‘in’.
Bill served to Dillon’s left side.
“Dog serve, dog serve.” – Dillon, catching the ball.
Bill served again. Dillon successfully returned the ball.

Bill bombed

Van Hulst English – James
Miss van Hulst was reading 60 tips for the exam to our english class.
And when she got around halfway through,
“You have to, have to, have to remem-” – Miss van Hulst
“Have to have to have to.” – James + Joon
She just looks confused at the class.
“Okay okay okay.” – Miss van Hulst

Singh’s Further Maths – Josh LA
Eric came into our class and Singh tried to kick him out but he ended up staying.
“I won’t eat any of the food.” – Eric
“It’s just that I might say things to this Further Maths class that I don’t want to say to you.” – Mrs Singh
“But Mrs Singh, you’re Eric’s favourite teacher.” – Matt Peddell
*Everyone went ballistic*
“That’s not going to work Eric, who’s your second favourite teacher?” – Mrs Singh
“He doesn’t have another favourite teacher.” – a voice from the class
“Mr Dekker.” – Eric

Chem 1 – Joseph
Dillon, Allen and Julian joined our class.

“Ethan, welcome back! Are you feeling BETTER?!” – Mrs Mason
“Yes, yes, much better.” – Ethan
“Dillon what were you sick with?” – Mrs Mason
“I had pneumonia.” – Dillon

“If you could be an element on the periodic table what would you be?” – Mrs Mason
We went around the ‘circle of love’ and expressed our answers.
“Helium because it’s noble.” – Steph P
“Caesium because I’m explosive.” – Micah
“Carbon because everything is based on me.” – Choungyy
“Hydrogen because I’m number one.” – Dillon
“Sodium because I’m unstable.” – Julian
“Krypton so I could beat superman.” – Obed
“A molecule because I’m too complex.” – Cherida

Dillon shared his lowlight of chem.
“When Jonas’s test tube exploded right in front of my face.” – Dillon
“Even my group was better than that.” – Makar shakes Chounggy and Ethan
“Was it the same day Darren fainted?”
“It was.” – Mrs Mason
“What’s wrong with that chem class?”
“Which class is better? Compare them.” – Makar
“They’re…Actually I can’t say because Dillon’s here.” – Mrs Mason
“That’s why you can say because it’s unbiased because you have people from the other class.” – Joseph
“Your class is more interesting.” – Mrs Mason
“Their class is more…more…more…I can’t think of anything to describe them.” – Mrs Mason
“Their class is a lot more…faint.” – Obed

“Make sure you don’t melt the marshmallow onto the bunsen burner.” – Mrs Mason
Joseph melted the marshmallow on the burner.

Economics – Danielle
Dillon wagged this week and only came today.
“Dillon you’re here! It’s a miracle!” Miss Adamek
“A wild poof.” – Mark

Spesh – Joseph + Julian
The spesh class decided beforehand to provide fruit for Mr Woolfe so he wouldn’t feel left out while we were all sinning eating food. So we all brought one fruit and put it on his desk.
Julian enters class last and puts an apple on his desk
“Aw thanks, that’s very nice on you.” – Mr Woolfe
“There’s more where that came from.” – Julian
Julian puts a packet of Tim Tams on his desk.
“Eulrgh!” – Mr Woolfe, as he puts his arms up in the surrender
“Another one!” – Julian
Julian puts a packet of spicy kettle chips on his desk.
“What have I done to you!?!?!?” – Mr Woolfe as he backs up into the whiteboard

We asked Mr Woolfe to give us some advice.
“Never ever give up, no matter what. If you fall down 7 times you get up 7 times. If you keep cracking at it, eventually you’ll get there.”

Darren was trying to throw lollies and Julian was trying to catch them with his mouth.
“Stop throwing them in the bin, just eat them. – Darren
“No way that’s grotty as man.” – Julian
“Germaphobe…lame.” – Darren
“Julian, this is SAO.” – Joseph throws a lolly towards Julian
Julian catches it and dunks it into the bin.
“I’ve had enough.” – Darren
Darren takes a lolly, wipes it on the ground then tries to shove it into Julian’s mouth.
“Eat this!!” – Darren

The 4 girls in spesh decided to have a quiet game of Big 2.
Joanna was teaching them the rankings. She left the table to get a piece of paper to write down the rules.
When she came back, her seat was occupied none other by the legendary Chun Him.

The door of the spesh room happened to be open.
Jayden Lee was doing a Physics SAC and asked for help.
“What’s the formula for acceleration?” – Jayden
“What? You’re doing a SAC now!?” – Joseph
“Please just help me.” – Jayden
“u = v + at.” – Joseph
“d = something t squared.” – Julian
“½ = bh.” – Micah

“Mr Woolfe! I come bearing gifts for you just like the wise men did for Jesus. The wise men gave Him the gift of myrrh.” – James
“I humbly give you the gift of tangy chips!” – James gives Mr Woolfe a half opened packet of tangy chips
“Are these actually tangy chips?” – Mr Woolfe looks inside the chip packet
“Ugh.” – Mr Woolfe gags
“I am so humbled by your gift that I must give it back.” – Mr Woolfe


Afterschool – Joseph
“And that’s why you don’t get married to a woman. They talk too much.” – Miss van Hulst
“Alright. Thanks for the advice.” – Joseph
“That doesn’t mean you should marry a man either.” – Miss van Hulst

Afterschool – Julian
Everyone had a massive water fight to celebrate vent all our stress and frustration from VCE.
Chun Him, having instigated almost every scuffle/tickle/“tickle” in the past was naturally public enemy number 1. He would get dogged in almost every single way he has dogged others. Mr Chapman eventually told us to cease fire, but the moment he left we continued our battle. Eventually somebody called on a stacks on Chun Him, and it would be a cardinal sin (Neil Zhang) to not respond to the call, so we had our final stacks on for the week on Chun Him. Mr Chapman eventually came back and ushered us to go home.

Behind the PAC
“So many good memories here.” – Chun Him

Mark starts teasing/bagging Chun Him just before he goes home.
“Mark, you want me to teach you lesson? Remember last time my house?” – Chun Him
*boys start laughing at the recalling of Mark’s [de-petaling].”
“No David, you can’t do that to Mark!” – Danielle
*boys laugh harder at the irony*
“Yeah I still haven’t got you back for that.” – Mark
Mark takes out opens his water bottle, and throws all the water at Chun Him.
Chun Him is drenched.
*awkward silence*

Polls of the day


“Don’t try for the GAT.” – Mrs Mason

Mr Woolfe gladly ate KFC.
“Chocolate is a fruit!” – Mr Woolfe
Mrs Mason got a new job, working for the Government.
“I’m in love with VCAA!” – Mrs Mason & Mr Woolfe

Mr Carter told a joke and the class laughed.
Micah conquered the world on his glamorous throne.

Jiunn showed up to homeroom on time.

“It’s no one’s week!” – Miss McClimens

Joon Kim told Mr Chapman to do his top button up.

Jonas brought in food that wasn’t expired into the class.

“Make sure to draw your graph in pen.” – Mr Wong
“I need to put in more effort for Methods to do better this year.” – Bill
“It’s okay if I’m not rank 1 for methods.” – Bill

Joseph’s CAS crashed.
Joseph’s program crashed everyone’s CAS.
Jasheel underclocked his CAS.

Mrs Singh didn’t have to use her whistle to get everyone’s attention.
The girls packed up Bible.

“I’m out of practice.” – Mr Low
Mr Ramsay closed chapel without giving a post-sermon.

Chun Him was announced as next year’s school captain.
Iain Ding was awarded the Aston shield.

“Hats are now optional.” – Mr Chapman

No one used the microwave in the first 30 minutes of lunch.
Calvin didn’t ask for other people’s food.

Soccer Square
Nick Neil and Chun Him formed a pair.

Soccer square healed Choungyy’s back.

The school captain knocked out the boys.

“I AM NOT THE BEST!” – Micah
“This class was never a disaster.” – Micah
“Ethan. I apologise, you are much better in Physics than me.” – Bill
“Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll cut everyone up on the exam.” – Ethan

“David go sit next to Iain!” – Mrs Cho
“You guys should all watch Chinese drama!” – Mrs Cho
“We have finished the course faster than I planned.” – Mrs Cho
“The class did expectedly well in this SAC!” Mrs Cho
“Edrolo is the most useless thing the school taxed us for.”  Physics class 2k17

“SAO is trash.” – Darren
“You’re wrong! SAO is a masterpiece!” – Joseph

Hern came on time for Chem and his other subjects.

Makar was happy to be paired up with Choungyy.

Micah was expelled from Hogwarts.

“Commerce is the best science.” – Mrs Mason

Make poverty history
“For our next project, I’d like to draw attention to the hard-working immigrants who have had their jobs stolen.” – Adam

Julian brought in some marijuana cookies as a parting gift to Mr Woolfe.
“No food or drinks ever in my class.” Woolfe
“Bill gimme some of your red bull to teach statistics.” – Mr Woolfe
“Whose car?” – Julian
“Trevor Car!” – Micah

Choungyy is single.

Other interesting events
Mrs Higgins handed in a blog post on time.

Julian beat Mr Wong in a badminton match.

Ding beat James in the 100m sprint.

Joseph won swimming carnival.

Darren passed the anime club captain to James.

Janelle decided that she would keep asking for shoutouts.

Our jumpers had hoodies.
“These jumpers are very water resistant.” – Bill Jiang

Bill Jiang got cut up by Further Maths.

“Guess what?” – Micah
“What?” – Joseph
“That’s wrong.” – Micah

Mr Hodge promoted a spirit of unity and coherence.
Wycliffe won a house event.
The sports captains collapsed from exhaustion.

Polls of the day


PS: Day 149 will be posted tomorrow. (It’s really taking a long time)
Thanks to Iain, Hern, Julian, Darren and Choungyy for helping edit this post

2.5: 2017 VCE – 84,000 words.

Hello everybody!
Due to the amount of content and due to time constraints, ‘today’s’ blog post will be up sometime this ‘weekend’. (It will be much more quality this way.)

It will be the unofficial ‘finale’ of the blog, because Monday doesn’t have any ‘official’ classes.

Stay tuned and have a good weekend
Joseph Wong

PS: Send me something funny that happened today!

Poll of the ‘day’

3: Blog Art Online

19 Oct 2017 10:48 PM (Day 147)
Believe it or not, this post is longer than yesterdays.

Period zero Chem
“…We can skip physics then.” – Matt Wo
“I have a great excuse. It’s because I want to go home.” – Micah
“We’re going to get Saturday’s aren’t we.” – Micah
“What did Mrs Cho say? Word for word: If you can’t study here, you can study at home.” – Matt Wo

“Bill’s not coming today either.” – Joseph
“Oh.” – Micah
“That’s a sign.” – Joseph
“I’ve decided.” – Micah
Micah and Matt Wo decided that they would not come to physics.

Micah looks at his 92%.
“I bet you Jasheel got 100 on this, because you can never beat Jasheel. I can never beat Jasheel.” – Micah

“So why are you so smart?” – Matt Wo to Micah
“You see my ICAS test? I never got anything higher than credit.” – Micah

“…then you could produce something that allows you to photosynthesize as a human being.” – Nicholas
“You would get a lot of money from that as well.” – Mrs Mason

Other Chem class
“You should tell Ethan and Dillon to tell their parents to stop asking their parents to email me that they’re sick. We know they’re not sick. At least Neil’s parents are honest and said he’s studying at home.” – Mrs Mason

“Hello spesh king.” – Makar to Micah
“Bill’s the spesh king.” – Micah
“Just take off his jacket and wear it.” – Makar

Our graduation lunch will be held at Yum Cha
“Why Yum Cha and not Food Star?” – Makar

“Mark are you coming to the lunch?” – Mrs Mason
“Why did you even ask?” – Makar

“Micah, are you coming to the lunch and presentation night?” – Mrs Mason
“No.” – Micah
“No? What if you get DUX?” – Mrs Mason
“Jasheel will get it.” – Micah

“Were you rank 1 in methods last year?’ – Makar
“Of course.” – Micah

“There was a meme I tagged Chounggy in, it was one of those ‘who would win’ memes. It was a picture of a curved spine vs a heavy backpack. Chounggy gave a sad react. I was going to comment, ‘SEAS, SEAS, SEAS.’” – Makar

“How do both texts show that hope only brings destruction to the characters” – Essay prompt
“Pretty much just like how this life is not worth living.” – Ben

“Josh LA is auditioning for a new TV show.” – Miss McClimens
“WHAAAT!!??” – the whole class goes into a frenzy
“Just kidding.” – Miss McClimens

“I always thought the word detrimental meant ‘impactful’ but I didn’t know it was in a negative way. One time in Health I used the word: ‘If you eat good fats it will be detrimental for your health.’ Miss Chan was like what the heck.” – Maddie

Miss McClimens retold a story of an encounter with a Year 7 student.
“I saw you drive to school!” – Year 7 student
“And also I saw you laughing.” – Year 7 student
“I was probably laughing at something funny.” – Miss McClimens
“No but you were in the car laughing by yourself.” – Year 7 student
“He was probably thinking: ‘Who’s this pscyho lady? Why is she laughing to herself!?” – Miss McClimens

Carter’s Methods
“If you’re getting an Arts degree, you should get a part time job as well, since you’ll have so much spare time.” – Mr Carter

More than half the spesh class was missing.
“Each lesson we keep losing more and more people.” – Darren
“It’s Term 4 Week 2 syndrome.” – Mr Woolfe

“Answers are wrong, this is stupid.” – Julian
“Just skip it…” – Micah trying to do his work
*Julian checks with Mr Woolfe, Julian is correct*
“You’re really getting sharper and sharper Julian, I’m proud of you!” – Mr Woolfe
“Did you hear that Micah? I was right! I’m closer to my raw 35 dream.” – Julian
“Wow…I almost care.” – Micah

“Are we having a class party?” – Joseph
“Let’s go to Maccas.” – Darren
“McDeath.” – Mr Woolfe
“Oh.” – Darren
“I heard they have a veggie burger.” – Mr Woolfe
“Let’s go then!” – Darren
“Darren, Darren. You sin.” – Mr Woolfe

Julian had one of those large erasers with the word ‘BIG MISTAKE’. I wrote ‘SAO’ in pen on a piece of paper. I took Julian’s eraser and tried rubbing out ‘SAO’.
“I can’t rub out this huge mistake!” – Joseph to Darren
“Darren! The mistake is so big that you can’t even rub it out!” – Julian

“Got EM REALL GOOOOD.” – Micah
“Aye it was pretty decent wasn’t it” – Julian
“The story I sent you before was pretty decent” – Micah
“I’ve got no time man” – Julian
“Come on…! You’ve only touched on the surface!” – Micah
“Wow…I almost care” – Julian, still salty about the previous burn

Matt Wo came running into O012 to tell me about how Micah’s story was the same as SAO’s.
“Micah’s story is based off SAO. The main character is only saving the world for someone he loves. So even Micah’s story is the same as SAO. Therefore Micah supports SAO.” – Matt Wo, panting for breath.
“Does that mean I can insult Micah’s story as well?” – Joseph

“Kieran do you think SAO is cool as well?” – Joseph
“It’s very cool.” – Kieran

Joseph spotted a free seat next to Mr Hodge, who was sitting in a row students weren’t meant to sit in (near the back).
“I’ll allow you to sit here because I like you.” – Mr Hodge

“Sports captains? What do they-” – Joseph
“They’re sport captains.” – Mr Hodge
“So what do they do?” – Joseph
“They’re sport captains.” – Mr Hodge

“Wait what, Andrews the sport captain??” – Mark
“Yeah good one mate” – Julian
“Do sport captains even do anything.” – Mark
“I’m willing to bet SRCs do more.” – Julian
“Julian you weren’t even voted.” – Chun Him

“Study hard.” – Andrew
“Participate in everything.” – Tiffany
“Be involved with the school musical!” – Kathryn
“Love life because it’s your life.” – Obed
“Don’t stress.” – Jasheel
“Always be prepared to give good tips when asked.” – Mikala

“Do you know what SAO is? Did Darren tell you?” – Joseph to Mrs Mason
“SAO? He said it was an anime.” – Mrs Mason
“Well, he left out something important. SAO is a trash anime.” – Joseph
“Darren? How could he leave out important details. I’ll let him know next time I see him in chemistry.” – Mrs Mason

Thanks to Kaitlyn Chan for giving me lunch. (Cause yesterday she offered to bring me lunch cause I always don’t eat.)

Joseph asked Isaac whether he liked SAO. He said he did.
“SAO? What’s SAO?” – Kaitlyn
“Sword Art Online.” – Isaac

“Nice video in Chapel.” – Joseph to Kaitlyn
“Thanks.” – Kaitlyn
“It would have been more interesting if they showed what happened after you guys went to help the homeless.” – Joseph

Period 5 Free
The bell rang. Loads of people were still in the common room 5 minutes into the free.
“Should I go to Methods?” – Kaitlyn, 15 minutes into the free
“Well its already this late, so if you’re going to wag a class, do it properly.” – Joseph
“I’m a good student, but I give bad advice. I’m even a captain!” – Joseph

History Class Feature – Jasheel Reddy
A bunch of Year 8’s walk into room helping to carry Chinese food for our Chinese Revolution celebration feast.
“This is why you should do history.” – Jasheel
“We do this everyday.” – Mr Chapman
“I’ll definitely be doing history then!” – Year 9 kid

Mr Chapman opens all the food containers in the middle of the table.
“Wow, this must be like what Mao ate.” – Lani
(During the Great Leap Forward, 20 million peasants were starving to death. In response, Chairman Mao went on a “private diet.” – and gave up pork for a few weeks)
“Except the sweet and sour pork.” – Mr Chapman

We started eating the food and talking about stuff.
“When I was ordering I asked for fried rice, and the lady said normal or special fried rice … I took the special.” – Mr Chapman

Mr Chapman also bought some ‘spicy’ Chinese noodles.
“These noodles aren’t even hot.” – May
“My son Archie is such a wimp. We bought salami and he complained it was too hot!” – Mr Chapman

Joy started smelling one of the sauces expecting sweet and sour sauce.
“Why did they give us tomato sauce?” – Joy
“They saw your white bald head.” – April, addressing Mr Chapman
“It’s not white, it’s pink!” – Mr Chapman

We started asking Mr Chapman about the lives of teachers.
“What do you guys talk about in the staff room?” – Joy
“Politics.” – Mr Chapman
“What happens when someone has an opposing opinion?” – Lani
“[censored]” – Mr Chapman
“Do teachers talk about the blossoming romances of students in the staff room?” – Lani
“Yeah, they’re funny … When I heard about May and Joon I was really disappointed.” – Mr Chapman jokingly

Caitlyn Jenner and transgender people came up.
“I don’t think guys who change to girls can get pregnant” – Crock
“I think I agree…” Pause. “It’s a bit strange…” – Mr Chapman

Someone started talking about neighbour disputes.
“Our neighbour robbed us … he took our nerf guns and ate our ice cream.” – April

Talk about volunteering at church and teaching kids at sunday school came up.
“I generally do like my kids …. Just not other people’s kids.” – Mr Chapman
“Generally or genuinely?” – April
“Genuinely” – Mr Chapman ‘clarified’

Everyone began taking out their phones to see if the Year 12 Video was on youtube.
“Wow, everyone has their phones!” – Mr Chapman
Luckily no-one got detentions that day.

We all decided to take a class photo (minus three people). But it’s okay, we had a photo of Chairman Mao to represent them.

“Do Year 12 history. It’s better than physics.” – From the 2017 History Class.

Intersession between Period 5 Free and Physics
“Mr Woolfe was waiting for you!” – Emily to Kaitlyn
“We told him that you were finishing your food in the study centre and would come up later.” – Joanna
“He even marked you present!” – Emily
“OH NO!!!” – Kaitlyn
Darren walked in.
“You didn’t come to Methods.” – Darren
“YEAH I DID!” – Kaitlyn
“I didn’t see you.” – Darren
“Who did you sit next to?” – Darren
*Kaitlyn pauses for a while*
“He said that this was expected from you already because of your disappointing scores in methods. He didn’t even expect you to come because of your poor performance.” – Allison
“He didn’t really say that.” – Allison, joking

2/3 of the physics class were absent. The whole back row was empty.
*2 minutes into class*
“Where is Joseph and Darren?” – Mrs Cho
“They’re wagging in the study centre.” – Julian
“Noooo, that isn’t right…there’s only 2 classes left, I hope they still come 😦 “ – Mrs Cho
“Yeah you want me to get them? If they get hit by a truck it’s your fault btw.” – Julian
“Okay go get them for me!” – Mrs Cho

“Oi Joseph, Darren, Mrs Cho wants you to come to class” – Julian
“Give me 3 minutes. I need to finish reading what Jasheel’s writing for the blog.” – Joseph
*Darren groans*
“Really?” – Darren to Julian
“Yes, she says if you get hit by a truck it’s her fault. So come to class.” – Julian
“Alright, just let me go to the toilet first.” – Darren
Julian thinks big daz is trying to give him the slip.
“I’ll follow you my friend!” – Julian
“Are you [censored] serious.” – Darren
“Yeah man, true friends stick together.” – Julian with his arm on Darren’s shoulder
*Darren groans and shoves Julian away*
“Don’t follow me. I’m gonna go get hit by a truck.” – Darren

*Joseph, Darren and Julian arrive at class and sit in the front by themselves*
“I’m sorry” – Micah, as he gets up from the middle row and joins them in the front.
“What’s this? Micah don’t leave me!” – Matt Kaye
Micah ignores Matt Kaye and sits down next to Julian.
“This is discrimination!” – Matt Kaye
“This isn’t discrimination. This is mass immigration.” – Julian
“No, you’re marginalising us for being a minority group.” – Matt Kaye
“Not our fault you don’t practice Chinese New Year. We’ve gotta move back to our roots” – Julian
“Sorry my fellow Guai Lous.” – Darren
“Why does everyone call me Guai Lou?” – Ben Roe
“Haven’t you heard? Guai Lou means good friend.” – Julian
“White demon.” – Matt Peddell
“It’s just because we’re the minority group here.” – Matt Kaye
“We’re not discriminating. It’s your marks that are causing you to be marginalised in the rankings.” – Darren
“Mrs Cho! I’m being discriminated against again.” – Matt Kaye
“That’s bad.” – Mrs Cho, not even looking up
“I’d say that’s an improvement” – Darren
“That’s it. Time to make a complaint to Nash.” – Matt Kaye
“Yeah, we Guai Lous should stick together.” – Ben
Matt Kaye and Ben Roe walked out of the physics room.
“Why are you still here?” – Darren to Matt Peddell
“He’s been accepted because he thinks SAO is trash.” – Joseph
“SAO is trash.” – Matt Peddell
“Ah I see, you’ve successfully assimilated.” – Julian

“We need to find some people to succeed our soccer square legacy. You know, pass the torch” – Julian
“None of the year 11s play though, maybe they Year 6s?” – Joseph
“(sighs) What about you Darren, who are you going to pass the torch to?” – Julian
“What?” – Darren
“Who’s gonna be the next anime club captain?” – Julian
“Hmmm [censored]” – Darren
“Wait, now that I think about it, you’re actually the ultimate weab. You watch SAO, you have stacks of merchandise, and you’re the captain of the anime club.” – Julian
*laughter followed by an awkward silence*
“What’s wrong Darren, no reply?” – Julian
“Yeah Darren, isn’t this your playing field?” – Joseph
“I should’ve stayed in the study centre.” – Darren

“Excuse me?” – Mrs Cho
“You’re excused” – Julian
Joseph took Julian’s eraser and tried rubbing out the words ‘SAO’ again (same paper from spesh).
“It’s too huge!” – Joseph
“[censored]” – Darren

“Your tea tastes like trash.” – Matt Kaye
“Well one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” – Julian
Joseph held up the ‘SAO’ paper to Darren.
“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” – Joseph as he starts laughing
An enraged Darren grabbed Joseph’s practice exams and shoved them into the bin.
Joseph started laughing like a maniac.
“His face is as red as James!!” – Julian
“Joseph!” – Mrs Cho
As you can see, both Joseph and Darren crack differently.

“Mrs Yeo read your blog and said, ‘Stop bullying my EAL students!’ “ – Julian
“Chounggy?” – Joseph
“I read it too, reminded me of my methods class last year.” – Mrs Cho
*Joseph starts laughing*
“Do you remember confiscating 7 iPads?” – Joseph
“Yes. Very bad.” – Mrs Cho
“And when David stole [person A’s] iPad, and airplayed it…for the class to see person A [censored]” – Julian
“Oh no, that was terrible.” – Mrs Cho frowning while trying not to laugh
“What is it like to have him for 2 years in a row Mrs Cho?” – Julian
“When I first had him in Year 11, I wondered why he was doing all these hard subjects.” – Mrs Cho
“What? He’s rank 5 in spesh though!” – Julian
“HUH?” – Mrs Cho
“Excuse me?” – Micah
“Say what?” – Micah
“Yeah that’s right.” – Joseph
“David’s really good at maths now.” – Darren
“Yeah, David used to help me in methods” – Ben
*Mrs Cho stares blankly at the class*
“He’s just not very good at Eng—” – Ben
“He’s also rank 3 in EAL. Beat Hern on the last SAC” – Julian
*Mrs Cho looks severely confused*
*class starts giggling*
“I remember one time David asked me to do his EAL homework for him. I had to finish off a half done essay and make it look like it was his work. (starts laughing) I may believe you about his Methods and Spesh, but for him to do be ranked that high in English is impossible.” – Ben
“Julian!!!!” – Mrs Cho, starting to realise the situation
“Alright, I was bluffing. He’s actually rank 3 in spesh” – Julian
“YEAH NAH.” – Micah
“Micah, what do you mean?” – Darren
“(Micah just play along)” – Joseph quietly
“NO WAY. I remember a while back I saw – I mean I shouldn’t have seen it, BUT I SAW IT ANYWAYS, he got a 0” – Micah
“He means David lost 0 marks!” – Julian to Mrs Cho
“NO! I mean 0/48 marks, it was horrifying!” – Micah
“Julian!!!!!!! Stop tricking me!” – Mrs Cho
*Julian couldn’t handle it anymore and burst into laughter*
“Yeah he’s in the bottom quartile in his subjects” – Julian
“Of course!” – Mrs Cho, finally understanding Julian was tricking her earlier
“I thought maybe something was wrong with my teaching. But then I talked to other teachers about it. We teachers need to share about our pain.” – Mrs Cho facepalming
*everyone starts laughing*
“She doesn’t even hide her surprise.” – Joseph as he bursts into even greater laughter

“We should have a class party to reward those that came to school. Don’t tell the people who are skipping on my class. I’m really going to miss you guys.” – Mrs Cho
“Let’s watch Chinese dramas for our class party tomorrow.” – Joseph
“Yes let’s watch Ip Man 3.” – Julian
“No we can’t, I’ll get fired!” – Mrs Cho
“No Mrs Cho! It’s Christian!” – Ben
“Do you even know what it is?” – Julian
“It teaches you to fight for what you believe in!” – Joseph
“Defend your faith!” – Micah
“Defend your country against Mike Tyson the Hei Guai.” – Julian

“The Year 12 absences were more than the Year 7-11s combined.” – Mrs Lim, Student Attendance Officer (SAO)

Poll of the day

4: Words o̶f̶ ̶w̶i̶s̶d̶o̶m̶

18 Oct 2017 11:59 PM (Day 146)
I had 4 pages of quotes today. Also, thanks to James and Julian for infiltrating the EAL class.
TLDR: Scroll down to EAL.

Wycliffe House Meeting
“Who’s your favourite teacher?” – Joseph to a Year 7
“Miss Pho.” – Year 7
“Why?” – Joseph
“Because she doesn’t teach. She just talks.” – Year 7

Words of wisdom
“Get in trouble with the boys whenever you can. 10 years from now, no one remembers what you learnt in Year 7 history, everyone remembers what you got in trouble for in Year 7 history. so don’t be afraid to get a few detentions.” – James

“Make sure you do a maths, it is very useful. if you love maths, make sure pick one. It is the best subject.” – Bill

“Don’t stress now…stress later.” – Darren

“…Don’t do Chem.” – Makar

“I really liked house athletics, and participating in all the events that I could! So… 1 event.” – Aidan

“My favourite memory was knocking out the school captain.” – Jeremy

“Listen to Mrs Mason. I only started doing that a week ago.” – Emanuel

“Cherish your friends because they always stick with you to the end no matter what. And also, gaming is life.” – Eric

“Don’t draw your graphs in pen or Mr Wong will give you zero marks.” – Joseph

“Make sure to maintain your social circles, it’ll ease the pressure from studying.” – Rhonda

“Let me give you guys 3 simple guidelines for VCE. Don’t procrastinate as much as me. Don’t club as much as me. And remember your ATAR doesn’t define you.” – Jacob

For me personally, year 12 is like being tickled non-stop. It’s basically torture and you just want to get it over and done with. So it’s probably best to just laugh and enjoy the tickling. Don’t stress yourself too much, now that my exams are 2 weeks away I wish I messed around more and spent more time having fun. Now that schools almost over I kinda get the feeling that you don’t really regret what you did, but more what you didn’t do.” – Julian

“Listen, I’m gonna give you some real advice here. See all those fobs at the front of the classroom that tell you not to stress? Don’t listen to them. They’re trying to sabotage you and get the lead. Stress now and study hard to get a good ATAR. “ – Mak

“Pray to God everyday, it leads you a long way.” – Micah

Period 1 Free
Calvin and Matt Kaye were playing with one of the tyndale balloons.
“Let me 1v1 you. Bill vs David round 2.” – Matt Kaye to Calvin
“Race vs race.” – Matt Kaye
“Why would you even bring up race? You could have brought up that we’re in different houses but what even?” – Calvin

Walking to Physics
I found out what Bill’s word of advice from someone else before I spoke to him.
“If you like maths then make sure you take at least one maths.” – Joseph to Bill
“What? How you know? You hack?” – Bill
“Yeah I hack. I cut you up.” – Joseph
“I cut you up in chess.” – Bill

Half the physics class was missing.
“Mrs Cho, they follow your advice of staying home to study.” – Julian

“If I do one back clap push up you have to say SAO is gay.” – Julian to Darren
*Julian does one*
“I said two claps” – Darren
“Your upper body form looks so awkward” – Ben

“SAO is trash.” – Joseph to Darren
“You’ve never watched SAO in it’s entirety. Therefore you have no right to insult or make any comments about it.” – Matt Wo
Darren seems pretty happy for once.
“Yeah Joseph! Where’s your comeback?” – Darren
“If I’m fed trash why would I keep eating it?” – Joseph
“The first arc and fifth arc was pretty good.” – Micah
“You watched more than one season??” – Julian
“SAO is not that bad.” – Micah
Seems like Darren’s found his true playing field. (and a better “teammate”)

“What’s SAO?” – Matt Kaye
“Some trash anime.” – Matt Peddell
“Anime is pretty much an excuse to watch loony toons.” – Matt Kaye

“Why are all the Davids in our year level a meme?” – Matt Wo

“Physics is life. Imagine Year 12 without physics.” – Matt Kaye
“It’s more about the class. Were you in Mrs Cho’s class last year?” – Matt Wo
“Yeah, I asked her, what do you prefer teaching? Physics or Methods. And she said physics. I am faithful to Mrs Cho.” – Matt Kaye
“Why?” – Matt Wo
“Because she’s a good teacher.” – Matt Kaye
Joseph was writing down this conversation while it was happening.
“You’re going to be immortalized in the blog.” – Matt Wo

Bill went up to Mrs Cho to ask for help.
“Bill is a Chinese drama.” – Joseph
“Has Bill got the girl yet?” – Matt Wo
“That’s later in the plot.” – Joseph
“When Bill and David collab together.” – Matt Kaye

Bill came back and sat next to me and read what I wrote.
“Bill got the girl yet? Who say that? I cut them up.” – Bill
“Hey Bill you should get some advice from David Choung.” – Matt Kaye

Darren went up to Mrs Cho to ask for help for a question.
A bunch of us insulted Matt Kaye.
“Mrs Cho! I’m being discriminated against!” – Matt Kaye
“I’m busy.” – Mrs Cho

Walking out of Physics
“It’s good as, all the top maths people have they’re own phrase.” – Joseph
I listed them to Darren:
‘I’ll put you to rest.’ – Darren
‘I’ll cut you up.’ – Bill
‘I’ll eat you.’ – Micah
“In that order it’s brilliant.” – Joseph

“Bill’s life is a Chinese drama. He won’t get the girl until the last episode. But they’ll leave it at a cliffhanger so they can get more viewers and money.” – Matt Wo to Micah and Joseph

Anton offered Darren chocolates.
“It’s trash. Like SAO.” – Anton
“Thanks for the chocolate.” – Darren

Kaitlyn Chan’s ‘lunch’ was on the table while she was kneeling down eating it. Darren was standing beside me.
“….I’M ¼ BLACK!” – Kaitlyn
“Wow.” – Joseph
“And I’m ¼ HONKANESE!!!” – Kaitlyn
“Did you just insult two cultures at the same time?” – Joseph

“For the blog put down that Darren likes watching [censored movie]” – Kaitlyn
“No that’s untrue!” – Darren
“Darren you’ll never marry anyone.” – Kaitlyn
“If you don’t end up getting married you’ll end up with Isaac.” – Kaitlyn
“I’ll put you rest. I’ll cut you up. I’ll eat you.” – Darren
“Woah Woah! See! He’s into [strange stuff].” – Kaitlyn
“You’re on your knees. That’s [strange stuff].” – Darren
“Why are you kneeling on the floor anyways?” – Joseph
Kaitlyn stood up while accidently spitting food out onto the floor.
Kaitlyn started hitting Isaac on the back. Joseph and Darren joined in as well.
“Darren help me with methods.” – Jiunn, unobservant with his surroundings
“There are three types of people in the world.” – Darren to Joseph
“Ahh… I get it.” – Joseph, understanding the joke
Isaac eventually stood up out of the chair.
“You’re ¼ black and ¼ honkanese, so what’s the other half?” – Joseph
“I’m ½ Scandinavian.” – Kaitlyn

“Are you ready for muckup day? Bill vs David Round 2, and me and Cattermole rematch.”
– Josh LA

“Do we want to have a class party?” – Miss McClimens
“It’s basically a party every lesson anyway.” – Maddie

Julian scared Danielle from behind. Danielle was not happy.

Miss McClimens gave us an essay to read.
“Whose essay is it? It’s not Micah’s because this person put dots on their i’s.” – Julian
We found out it was Grace Leong’s essay.
“I like her handwriting.” – Joseph
“Yeah it’s really nice.” – Danielle
“She wanted to be on the blog; she’s on it now.” – Joseph
Joseph took another look at the essay.

I already had 3 pages of quotes for my blog.
“I need more paper to write the blog.” – Joseph
“Now you know how Jasheel feels when he writes an essay.” – Julian

More than half the class were missing.
“It’s worse than physics.” – Joseph
“That’s a disgrace.” – Mrs Mason

“When you see something bolded on the exam, make sure you read it carefully. It means it’s important information.” – Mrs Mason

“Down down, reduction is down.” – Mrs Mason
“Down down, oxidation is down.” – Makar
“Down down, the economy is down.” – Makar
“Down down, Makar has down syndrome.” – Chounggy
Makar stared at Chounggy in disbelief.

“What’s DxD?”- Makar
“It means D times D.” – Chounggy
“2 times 2 is 4-” – Makar
“2 plus 2 is four minus 1 that’s 3 quick maths.” – Joseph
“2 times 2 is 4 and 2 times 2 is 4. Therefore DxD = 2D.” – Makar
“That only works if D is 2.” – Chounggy quietly

“….high pressure.” – Mason
“You can get an explosion-” – Mrs Mason
Some random primary girl started doing star jumps in front of our window.
“…Or star jumping primaries.” – Mrs Mason
“Let’s just nuke the school.” – Makar

“I didn’t know H2 gas doesn’t produce carbon dioxide.” – Makar
Mrs Mason writes on the board: H2 → CO2
“Where are you getting the carbon from? There’s this thing that you learnt in Year 9. Mass conservation. The law of conservation of mass where mass is neither….” – Mrs Mason
“But the H2 can produce energy and that energy can produce CO2. That’s why it’s the law of mass energy conservation.” – Joseph
“0 Mason. 1 Joseph.” – Nick
“When you find out how to do that, remember us and give us portion of your money. Remember that you came up with that idea in this class.” – Mrs Mason
“Then how did Jesus turn water into wine?” – Makar
“If Jesus could, Why can’t I? Just write that on the exam.” – Makar
“Also when you find that out remember us and give us a portion of your money.” – Mrs Mason

“The big bang. Aka the Middle East.” – Makar

Chemistry (the other class)
The chemistry class told Mrs Mason, Mak Zhang’s ‘words of wisdom’.
“Mak Zhang!? What a disgrace!” – Mrs Mason

Valedictory Committee Lunch
Mrs Hoffman and Mrs Godfree prepared a delicious lunch for the committee.

Mr Bawden tried to make a punny joke when handing me one of the bags.
[censored] – Mr Bawden
“Do you think it’s blogworthy?” – Joseph to Mr Chapman
[censored] – Mr Chapman to Mr Bawden
[censored]? – Mr Bawden
[censored] – Mr Chapman
“Don’t put this in the blog.” – Mr Bawden

Period 5&6 Free 
I was typing up the blog while Emily was beside me.
“Her handwriting is good as! The g is so cool.” – Joseph, showing Emily the essay
“Hey Joseph, you’re still talking about it.” – Danielle, overhearing from her locker

Adam walked over to my while I was typing the blog.
“Hurry up and put something decent in the blog.” – Adam
“I thought this week these posts have been good so far.” – Joseph
“Well…they were alright.” – Adam
“I want Adam to be vilified by the online community.” – Matt Wo

“What was Makar’s advice that he gave in house meetings?” – Joseph to Mrs Mason
“Something something something….Don’t do chemistry. I said, “WHAT?” and then he stopped talking.” – Mrs Mason
“Why did you interrupt him? You should have let him finish.” – Joseph
“Because that was the worse piece of advice I’ve heard in my 18 years of teaching.” – Mrs Mason

“Adam what are you doing?” – Mrs Mason
“Going home.” – Adam
“Good.” – Mrs Mason

I waved at Kaitlyn, who was sitting next to Jiunn.
“I’m still babysitting him.” – Kaitlyn

“You have nice eyelashes.” – Kaitlyn
“I can’t see them.” – Joseph
“Jasheel, does he have nice eyelashes?” – Kaitlyn
“Yeah.” – Jasheel

“Does anyone want a vegemite sandwich?” – Jasheel
Joseph, Cattermole and Kaitlyn all responded with a “No.”
“Vegemite is the food of gods.” – Jasheel

During period 5/6, James and Julian decided to infiltrate the mysterious EAL class.
“Hello Hello” – James & Julian
Mis Yeo stares blankly at us as James and Julian walk into the air-conditioned room.
“There’s nothing relevant for you to learn though.” – Mrs Yeo
“That is irrelevant. It would be an honour to experience the adventures of the EAL class” – James
“I’ll have to throw you out if you distract the others.” – Mrs Yeo
“And we shall only have the utmost respect for you if that is how events were to unfold.” – James

Mrs Yeo was reading about an article that criticised tall-poppy syndrome, and how the media was making it worse.
“What is the author trying to make the reader feel? How would the reader feel if they pursued their education only to be marginalised as an ‘elite’ by society.”
“You would want to quit uni.” – Anton

“EAL is not a disadvantage, it is a privilege.” – Mrs Yeo
*James and Julian chuckle*
“Why are you laughing James? You think she’s joking?” – Anton
“Your essays are a joke” – James
“Hey!!! *quotes the text they were analysing* don’t use free speech to discriminate, insult or demean those who work hard” – Mrs Yeo
“Yeah James, don’t insult the ELIGHTS!” – Anton, pronouncing the word “elites” as “elights”

“Is your sister Catherine Yeoh? The one in Year 9?” – Mrs Yeo
“Yeah the one with the really big eyes.” – Hern
“Oi sack off you have small eyes too.” – Julian
“He seems to be keeping an eye on your sister Julian.” – James
“Yeah you better watch out” – Mrs Yeo
“Hern-” – Julian
“You should probably take it outside” – Mrs Yeo
“Have to have to have to” – James, Julian and Anton
*Julian tickles Hern until he goes red*

“Who’s your favourite student?” – James
“Not saying. I love them all” – Mrs Yeo
“What about LEE CHUN HIM?” – Julian
“Oh you…I read the blog yesterday, don’t pick on David!” – Mrs Yeo
“Nah, we’re all best mates with David” – James

“Oh you guys know about normal and standard distributions? You do methods?” – Mrs Yeo
“Oh boy, James O’Neill right here is the rank 1 in Spesh maths.” – Julian
“Witness true greatness.” – James
“I can believe that.” – Mrs Yeo
“Do you remember my brother a few years ago? Lachlan O’Neill? He was a gun at spesh and methods, but I’m the new and improved version.” – James
“I’m not sure…I don’t think I taught him.” – Mrs Yeo
“You sure? You were still teaching EAL back then.” – Julian
“Hah, very funny. I remember all my students, you can’t trick me.” – Mrs Yeo
“Yeah shh Julian, just like in Black Diggers, you can’t erase the past.” – Anton
“Haha not bad Anton, Anton has a really good memory for quotes, especially in All About Eve.” – Mrs Yeo
“Memory is pain trying to resurrect himself” – James

“[censored]” – Anton
“No effect on me.” James, looking very composed
“Impressive” – Julian
3 seconds later James goes as red as a tomato
Anton and Julian burst out into laughter
“I don’t even understand how!” – James

[censored(in Cantonese)] – James
Mrs Yeo is aghast at James’ superior vocabulary
“Who taught you that???” – Mrs Yeo
“David Lee. It means I love my friends” – James
*Anton and Julian start laughing*
“And also [censored (in Chinese)]” – James
“Oh my goodness!” – Mrs Yeo, with her face on the desk, hands covering her ears
“My good friend Neil taught me that one, it means physics.” – James
“No James, it’s very bad, don’t say it again!” – Mrs Yeo
“They also call me “good bloke” in Cantonese, which is Guai Lou!”
“No James that means white demon!” – Mrs Yeo
*Anton and Julian are laughing hysterically*

Anton, James, Julian, Joseph and Joon played soccer square.
Ethan Pirie (Khyl’s year 6 brother) and his mate joined in. Ethan was like a ball of energy, fearlessly exchanging banter with the year 12s.
“You should probably pair up with your mate, or you’ll find it hard to stay in” – James
“Nah I don’t need him to beat you guys” – Ethan
Surprisingly, Ethan proved himself somewhat correct
“You suck!” – Ethan to Julian, Anton, James and Joseph after getting them out
The Year 12s decided it was time to stop pulling their punches. They weren’t afraid to unleash their signature techniques onto the poor Year 6s.
“Please let us pair up” – Ethan
The year 6 duo went on a bad streak.
“You’re so cruel!” – Ethan to Julian
“Mate…you should play with your brother Khyl, he’s the real savage” – Julian
“Savage??? What does that mean? Does that mean he’s got MAD SKILLS?” – Ethan
“Yes, he sends us running after the ball every time” – Julian
“I don’t understand the rules, it isn’t fair!” – Ethan
“Mate, you’ve got 6 more years to learn the rules! Be honoured, you’re playing with the founders of Soccer square!”

“What piece of advice did you give to the kiddies?” – Joseph
“I didn’t.” – Chounggy
“The Year 10’s looked like they were having fun so I just left them.” – Chounggy

‘Advice’ of the day

5: This is my field

17 Oct 2017 11:44 PM (Day 145)
We’re almost at the end!

Arriving to my locker
I was greeted by Darren giving me a Dare Iced Coffee. Thanks Darren. You’re more quality than SAO.

“Very nice.” – Bill greeting me
“You cut everyone up.” – Joseph, praising Bill’s outstanding 7.5 wins out of 8 yesterday (He came first overall)

I didn’t get much sleep last night, so I knew today would a tough day to remember quotes.
“I’m really tired do you think you could help take down stuff for me?” – Joseph to Julian
“Yeah that’s alright. I’ll ask Hern to take stuff from EAL.” – Julian
“Hern has EAL right now.” – Joseph
“That’s alright, I’ll just send him a text now.” – Julian (clearly audible to the whole classroom)
Mr Wong glared at Julian.
“I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that” – An alpha badminton player

*Jonas is up and restless, punching holes in the wall with a pin*
“Jonas come sit down and do some work.” – Mr Wong
“This is actually so satisfying, this pin is really good.” – Jonas
“I think we’ve lost Jonas. VCE has gotten to his head.” – Mr Wong
“He’s gone. Like Jezz.” – Julian

“So you can use the double derivative?” – Mr Wong
“You want to use a gradient table? Beautiful methods?” – Joseph

*Joseph showcases his new CAS hacks*
“Oh yes, my CAS is ready!” – Julian
*calvin notices and joins in*
“Oh yes, hand me the stuff.” – Calvin
*Jasheel joins in*
“Give me the goods.” – Jasheel

“Still disappointed that Mrs Higgins didn’t come up with any content.” – Joseph
“It is the law of the jungle. Those who cannot provide content become the content” – Julian

“2 plus 2 is four minus one that’s three.” – Joseph to Chounggy
“You’ve tagged me in 20 of those videos already.” – Chounggy to Joseph
Jasheel joins in ‘rapping’ with Joseph.
“…see your girl in the park, that girl is an uckers..” – Joseph and Jasheel to Chounggy
“David are they bullying you?” – Mr Wong
“When the ting went quack quack quack…” – Joseph
David didn’t respond and sat there in silence.
“..I trap trap trap on the road…” – Joseph
“Joseph.” – Mr Wong’s signal for Joseph to be quiet

“Could you check the answers Julian?” – Mr Wong
“Sure, let me grab my phone…that’s in my locker” – Julian

Walking back from methods
I asked Mr Wong who he voted for on the poll yesterday.
“I voted for Chun Him.” – Mr Wong

Walking to spesh
I walked up to spesh with Julian and Darren.
“If there’s no content, we can always make content by [saying/doing silly things].” – Joseph

It was 32 degrees.
“Mr Woolfe can we turn on the heater?” – Julian, the moment he stepped into the classroom
“Julian you’re overdoing it.” – Joseph

Chun Him wasn’t in spesh, along with half of our class.
“David’s not here. It’s your playing field now.” – Julian
“Oh you’re right.” – Darren
“Why is SAO so ‘cool’?” – Joseph
“That would take a very long time to explain.” – Darren

“Hey Darren…do you think we’ll still keep in touch after school ends?” – Julian
“Yeah sure.” – Darren
“Why’s that though? We don’t have any social connections aside from school.” – Julian
“Well nah…we can just meet up and binge SAO.” – Darren
“That’s exactly why we wouldn’t keep in touch -_- “ – Julian
“Hey come on man, don’t team kill me like that.” – Darren
“What about what you did to your ‘teammate’ David?” – Julian
“David was a let down. I didn’t want him on my team. He was no help at all.” – Darren

A few minutes pass.
“What’s so good about SAO?” – Julian
“It’s… great.” – Darren
“That’s basically what Chun Him said!!!.” – Julian
“Hey, It’s a good representation of-” – Darren
“[censored]” – Julian
“Trash.” – Joseph
Darren didn’t seem happy at all.

“Are you ranked higher than me in spesh?” – Joseph to Darren
“You’re better at spesh than me.” – Darren
I took out my practice Paper 1 Exam.
“Your SAC marks are higher.” – Darren
I showed Darren my Paper 1 Exam Score. 19/40, compared to his 31/40
“19/40.” – Joseph
“Very funny. Good joke. It’s just like IT again. You’ll just pull something out of the bag out of nowhere.”
“Yeah I want to be like Yukihira Soma.” – Joseph

“You need some sleep.” – Darren
“You need some…rest.” – Joseph
“SAO is cutting edge.” – Darren
“I’ll cut you up.” – Joseph
“I’ll eat you.” – Darren

“Isn’t it funny how the [pre-physics] methods class last year…is struggling in methods this year.” – Julian
“Too many legends in one class.” – Darren
“7 iPads confiscated in one period.” – Joseph
“An airplay of [an anime couple]. ” – Julian

“Do you remember Daniel Lim? He was in your chemistry class.” – Julian
“Oh Yes, he was a lovely boy, he became a chemical engineer.” -Mr Woolfe
“He said you were his favourite teacher, and the reason he got through chemistry.” – Julian
“Awww that’s real nice to hear.” – Mr Woolfe
“Do you remember my brother, Silas Chau? He was in your methods class, and he managed to scrape past a 25 after receiving personal help at your house.” – Darren to Mr Woolfe
“Oh, I have a feeling I might remember him, how badly was he doing?” – Mr Woolfe
“Not too bad. He was averaging like 10% on each SAC.” – Darren
*class chuckles*
“Looks like there’s hope for Ding and Chun Him” – Julian

“If David(Chun Him) gets a 15 for spesh let’s throw a celebration.” – Julian
Darren misheard ‘15’ for ‘50’.
“50? There won’t be any celebration.” – Darren, instantly
“Who am I kidding, there wouldn’t be a celebration either way.” – Julian

“Hey Mr Woolfe let’s all go for dinner after exams are over to celebrate.” – Julian
“Yeah that sounds great.” – Mr Woolfe
“Doesn’t this sound perfect Darren?” – Julian
“Anything’s perfect if you’re treating.” – Darren
“Wasack???” – Julian
“We should get Neil Zhang to shout.” – Joseph

“If either Bill or Micah get 50 you’re shouting.” – Julian to Mr Woolfe
“Oh yeah, I’d be really impressed if they could achieve such a feat.” – Mr Woolfe
“Wait you actually wouldn’t mind shouting?” – Julian
“Well yeah, as long as there’s vegetarian options. If they got 50 I’d be too freaked out to respond.” – Mr Woolfe
“Oh and you would be getting a pay raise anyways.” – Julian
*Mr Woolfe laughs*
“Have you ever had a student that’s gotten 50?” – Julian
“Oh No, but I’ve had one that came incredibly close. His name was David Lee.”
*Julian and Joseph crack up a little bit*
*Mr Woolfe grins at their reactions*
“Nah but this David Lee was on the opposite spectrum I’m telling ya. He was like a computer and a sponge, he’d register anything that I ever taught him, and he’d rarely ask any questions. He was really shy and quiet, and he was so humble too. He got a 47, I was so proud.” – Mr Woolfe

“Pray for me I’m going to a staff meeting.” – Mr Woolfe

Poll of the day